Georgia on my mind

Beverly Wittler


I love trips to Florida, South Carolina, and I even enjoyed one trip to Louisiana. But I am very happy with my home state for lots of reasons. First the weather makes me happy. Enjoy the rare snow fall, like listening to the rain but really love when Mother Nature sends summer to us. My garden begins to thrive, I can walk early in the morning without a jacket. Now need a hat once the sun comes out though … my dermatologist’s strict rule. Have to put away my sweat pants and get out the capris, and of course switch on the AC unit. I know I’ve mentioned we grew up with no AC, just big fans in our old rental house, but I don’t think it was as warm back in the forties and fifties.

Another thing I like about Georgia is pecans, and Vidalia onions. Even get to see commercials on TV about the pecans, and still remember picking them from our grandparents’ trees in Washington, Georgia. Neat to see the Georgia onions on the grocery shelves this time of year too. Can’t recall ever going to Vidalia though. I do love going to Tybee Island, another Georgia joy! My first in-laws introduced me to that awesome corner of Georgia that I fell in love with the first day. We stayed in the Baker’s ‘cabin,’ two streets back from the beach but it was a great house and massive too. There was no AC there either, but we were very comfortable sleeping on the second floor as the first floor was reserved for cars and bikes. We could walk to the beach, and as soon as I got the big beach towel arranged, my three sons would dash into the ocean. We loved dining at Williams Seafood, and were sorry to hear it burned down and won’t be rebuilt. Later Norman and I would take them to the pier to fish. Then along came our darling daughter who also fell in love with Tybee Island, and beach fun. I’m glad I introduced them early on to the joys of swimming, playing outside, and enjoying their wonderful state.

Another thing I love about Georgia, (and maybe other states have similar joys) but I get to hear the most wonderful music listening to our local radio stations. Thanks to WJGA for playing “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” and then another wonderful song “I Can Help.” That always reminds me of Norman becoming a part of our family, and becoming my sons’ replacement Daddy. Sometimes they play so many of my favorites, I almost shed a tear. They joke that they play ‘whatever they like’ but they actually play whatever I like. I’m very blessed to have that neat piece of Georgia.

Love all the wonderful barbecue restaurants too, especially Fresh Air in Jackson where I ate my first smoked meat and Brunswick stew. Henry County also has some awesome stew and tasty barbecue restaurants. I love celebrating with a family meal and then heading to Indian Springs for some nature walks. We used to take an empty gallon jug to fill up with some of their ‘egg water’ which contains sulphur and has a weird smell. My Mom would let hers sit in the fridge for a few days and then the odor and strange taste would go away. (She and my Grandmother both thought it had medicinal healing qualities.) I like the little golf course there, but I miss the swings and slides though. Maybe they weren’t safe enough? Now I have to pay to enjoy that peaceful heavenly place … sigh. Glad I didn’t have to fork up any cash back in the sixties!

What is the last thing I love about Georgia? The people, the kind souls, and our small businesses too. I am one blessed lady!

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.