Boy Scouts help Locust Grove fight illegal dumping

Special to the Times

Local Boy Scouts are helping the City of Locust Grove fight storm water contamination.

In recent months, Eagle Scout Ben Brooks and Boy Scout Troop No. 265 have installed 170 markers cautioning residents against illegal dumping.

Boy Scout Troop No. 265 recently volunteered with the Locust Grove Stormwater Project to install markers on storm drains warning against illegal dumping. Special photo

The Scouts employed the motto “only rain down the drain,” installing markers on storm drains around the city, and in the Patriots Point and Carriage Gate neighborhoods. The city has exceeded its goal of installing 100 markers each year.

Locust Grove (Geographic Information Systems) GIS Stormwater Specialist Shane Hallford hopes the marker program will increase awareness among citizens that, “What happens upstream doesn’t stay upstream. Only rain should go into the storm drains.”

“Toxins from our cars, pesticides and fertilizers kill fish and other wildlife,” said Hallford. “Not many people realize that eroded soil contaminates our waterways as well, which affects the habitat of fish and plant life.”

The marker program is required as part of Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer Systems regulations for cities and counties. Common stormwater contaminants include grass clippings, leaves, motor oil, and chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Tips for reducing stormwater contaminants include: washing cars over grass or gravel; keeping vehicles well-maintained; cleaning up pet waste; installing a rain barrel or rain garden; using lawn and garden chemicals sparingly; being careful not to overwater lawns and gardens; not draining pools, spas or fountains into a storm drain; and watching out for illegal dumping, backups or running drain pipes in dry weather.

For more information, call 770-957-5043, visit www.locust Learn more about the Locust Grove Stormwater Project at