Hey Henry - 09.19.18

Hey Henry, Alexa added a puppy to the shopping list. I’m not sure which aisle those are on at Publix.

Hey Henry, I have to wonder if we the American public haven’t been duped for decades. President Trump got the economy going in less than two years and for decades we hear how bad it is or is going to be. So, out of all the talented people ever to be in government and a flim flam business man does wonders.

Hey Henry, let me get this straight - the deficit has jumped due to the Republican tax cuts to the rich and corporations so they want to trim Social Security and Medicare. However, despite their trillion dollar deficit, the Republicans want to give the rich and corporations another tax cut? They must think that ordinary Americans are a special kind of stupid. Vote in November.

Hey Henry, healthcare, healthcare, and more healthcare. If everyone would pay something, not their entire bank account, but something and I mean everyone, we wouldn’t have a disastrous healthcare problem. Stop running elections on healthcare and fix it.

Hey Henry, rumor is that Social Security might bestow a 2.8 percent raise on benefits this October. Last time a raise was granted they took most of it in Medicare cost increases. I’m curious to see what they will pull over our eyes this time.

Hey Henry, remember in the fourth grade going in the hall, sitting on the floor against the wall, head tucked into knees, practicing the mushroom drill? The world is more dangerous today than ever and we practice nothing.

Hey Henry, when you put the word truth with Donald Trump, you get an oxymoron.

Hey Henry, I have few gripes about America, but the healthcare and cost associated with being well or sick is enough to make anyone move to Canada or France.

Hey Henry, my son transferred to a new high school Monday. One of his teachers neglected to introduce him to the class or hand him a syllabus. Has courtesy left the classroom. Now, one day later he doesn’t like her, and neither do I. If I hear one teacher comment they are so busy they don’t have time, I’ll scream. It’s called being polite and welcoming. Education needs a revamping, how to buy a car, balance a checkbook, buy a house, eat a salad with the proper fork, fix a lawnmower, plant a shrub. Made my point.

Hey Henry, many thanks to Henry County for the renaming of Locust Grove to The Henry County Warehouse district and for all the traffic it will bring on roads barely functioning now. Planning ahead would be too much to ask.

Hey Henry, the one invention doing the most good and the most damage to American society is the television.

Hey Henry, I lost my college class ring years ago. I know exactly where and when, but did anyone try to locate me (very easy to do) and bring it back? No, they did not because the pawn shops pay more. I must be an oddball because I would have made sure I found the owner, it’s called the right thing to do.

Hey Henry, don’t be fooled by an anonymous New York Times op-ed or a book written by a washed up investigative Watergate reporter. You can not deter or convince Trump voters to abandon him. Forget it.

Hey Henry - 09.12.18

Hey Henry, in response to the comment about pulling up closer to the car in front of you - if a car rear ends you at a stop light and pushes you into the car in front of you, guess who gets that ticket? All of the cars that rear ended another car. So keep 1-2 car lengths (depending on speed) while driving and stopped.

Hey Henry, I just wanted to give a big thank you to the two nice ladies who stopped to help an old white haired lady who tore up two tires on LG/Griffin Road. They even stayed until help arrived.

Hey Henry, the people in our country have become so divided, contentious and unhappy. If you are one, you may want to visit the site www.conventionofstates.com.

Hey Henry, I used to complain about how people drove their cars at night until the day came when I was one of those people. My reflexes are diminished as is my eye sight. Now I understand the erratic driving. Shame on me for not seeing the light.

Hey Henry, to the person who said SPLOST IV brought us warehouses, etc. Actually it brought you 911 radio replacement, new ambulances, fire trucks, new fire stations and Animal Control renovations. It paid for construction equipment, jail renovations, new police cars and I could go on. You would have gotten none of that without SPLOST. Let that sink in.

Hey Henry, I would much rather see a pterodactyl than your old gray head in 20 years. Keep the tats coming ladies!

Hey Henry, regarding the installed traffic light at McDonough Parkway and Hwy. 20. When will it be turned on? How hard is it to flip a switch?

Hey Henry, beware of a new scam where you are told that you have won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. They then ask you to send them a money gram. Thank you to the gentleman in CVS that helped convince our mom that it was a scam. We will be forever grateful to you and Shirley.

Hey Henry, who did the jobs immigrants now do? I hear the tired argument who is going to do the jobs Americans won’t do. They did them before this immigration explosion so let’s start teaching young people the work ethic because it has been neglected too long.

Hey Henry, I am convinced that the person who is “convinced that the length of a person’s side mirror on their truck is inversely related to the size of their IQ” is an idiot.

Hey Henry, most people can’t afford to buy gold. Buy silver and stock it away - bars, coins and artifacts. My uncle bought a new pickup truck by running a coffee mess in a Detroit manufacturing plant way back in the sixties. He had cigar boxes of silver coins when the U.S. stopped minting them. Those really were the good ole days.

Hey Henry, wouldn’t it be nice if headlights and high beams were all a uniform brightness. With all the new type headlights available it is almost impossible to tell high beams from a Star Trek Beam. Flash someone to dim their lights, and the next second you are facing a 767 landing light.

Hey Henry, Elon Musk builds flamethrowers, electric cars, flies rockets, wants to own a candy company, and merge a human brain with a computer - and you’re surprised he smokes marijuana? Duh!

Hey Henry - 09.05.18

Hey Henry, the McDonough Library had a great summer program for children and this year it also included fun activities and prizes for adults. Thank you to the staff for wonderful programs all year!

Hey Henry, they should call Henry County the home of warehouses and hotel buildings. Henry is becoming an eyesore!

Hey Henry, I watch Washington politicians on TV and wonder, do they really know what’s going on in America? My mother based everything on the price of a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. Do the elite in Washington know how much each cost?

Hey Henry, to those speaking about disabled veteran license tags - I’d just like to remind you that freedom isn’t free. By the way, I have a disabled veteran tag and I drive a very nice truck. But it didn’t cost $70,000.

Hey Henry, I was following a middle school bus recently on Old Jackson Road and saw two students on the right side throw trash out of their windows. I was kind of shocked and disgusted. I hope the administrators at the schools take this opportunity to talk to their students about this. This county is your home - take some pride in it!

Hey Henry, so releasing billions in “frozen assets” to a rogue state before it lives up to an “agreement” is not giving them money. Thanks for my first lesson in the Stacey Abrams School of Finance and Logic!

Hey Henry, does Henry really need SPLOST V? No. If you want more warehouses, more traffic, more congestion then maybe yes. Past SPLOSTs have added all of the above. I don’t believe it’s fixed much.

Hey Henry, have you driven down Burg Road since SPLOST fixed it? It’s rougher now than it was before. They surfaced through the potholes, and somehow invented asphalt washboard! They removed all drainage and driveway pipes and our taxes went up because of it. People drive 50 miles an hour through here! It’s stagecoach back in the 80’s.

Hey Henry, regarding tattoos - I can cut my hair but those tattoos are permanent. Also, that butterfly will look like a pterodactyl in about 20 years.

Hey Henry, the McCain funeral was the biggest political rally yet with all the multi-millionaires in attendance. Name one accomplishment he achieved. I can only think of one - a career politician whose wife’s net worth is 100 million. McCain’s military service is commendable, but 40 years in Washington doing what? No president has had a funeral anything close to McCain’s.

Hey Henry, “I like people who weren’t captured,” just like Patton slapping the private in World War II. Millions of veterans will not vote for Trump next time around, myself included.

Hey Henry, I was in college on the old G.I. bill and a young whipper snapper student in one of my classes voiced her opinion of how upset she was that veterans were paid money to attend school. I politely mentioned that “each and every one in this class can receive the same benefit I receive. Go down and enlist.”

Hey Henry, my home and auto insurance company pulled three fast ones on me since I began coverage through them 20 years ago and last week I fired them! Shop around folks, don’t let these hoodlums take advantage of you.

Hey Henry - 08.29.18

Hey Henry, it would be nice if the City of McDonough would spend some of their surplus money and resurface Racetrack Road or at least re-stripe the lines.

Hey Henry, the value of my property is falling. Anyone know why?

Hey Henry, I wonder how many Stockbridge residents now working for a city of Eagles Landing have been active in the past for the good of Stockbridge.

Hey Henry, thank you to McDonough police officers, A. Militello and R. Scott, who made an awesome Neighborhood Watch presentation to our subdivision on August 16. We appreciate you!

Hey Henry, President Trump talks a good line about patriotism, the troops, our flag, our strength and our heroes, but he can’t hold a candle to Captain John McCain, United States Navy Vietnam POW. His true colors will show soon when eulogies pour in for Senator McCain. If he had one ounce of character President Trump would speak highly of McCain. We shall see.

Hey Henry, the SPLOST V Committee is coming to a location near you soon. Dates and locations are available on the County website and on the front page of this week’s Henry County Times. Let your voice be heard about projects that are needed.

Hey Henry, a big shoutout to McDonough Mayor Copeland for his morning walks around the Square. You’re setting a good example for us all Mr. Mayor!

Hey Henry, we have criminals in America but, we don’t need to import more. Stop this nonsense. Remember Kate and Mollie. Vote in November.

Hey Henry, the fastest way to get rid of “entitlement attitude” is to do away with Welfare and Medicaid. The government (taxpayers) don’t owe you anything. End the freebies!

Hey Henry, if you don’t like the tattoo’s on a young lady, get over it. Your mama probably said the same stuff about you when you grew your Elvis sideburns!

Hey Henry, Henry BOE - how about backing the teachers instead of being afraid of parents. Teachers are constantly being overburdened, nit-picked and unsupported. We’re not preparing our students for their future, where there are due dates, mandatory expectations with real penalties for not meeting them and where being smart is the cool thing to be.

Hey Henry, congratulations on printing the article by Jack Bernard on Trumpicans. It cast the Times with the brigade of Fake News champions and Trump haters. Wow! This is just what we need. More controversy. Have you read your masthead lately?

Hey Henry, better Hillary Clinton than a treasonous narcissistic lying cheating thieving megalomaniac criminal. Oh wait, he has not been charged ... yet!

Hey Henry, we should be proud illegal immigrants want to come here, but we should also be proud to not let them come.

Hey Henry, thank you to Clint and his crew for taking care of Old Kelleytown Road and the neighborhood there. Ya’ll do a wonderful job!

Hey Henry - 08.22.18

Hey Henry, young people don’t care about how America used to be, but older Americans sure care about how it is going to be.

Hey Henry, if nothing else, President Trump is a doer. He is a get-it-done President, so all the naysayers can throw insults and critique him to doomsday, but you won’t deter him. I predict great things are in our future.

Hey Henry, is anyone besides me getting up to a dozen bogus phone calls a day? Who are these people and how did they get my number? It’s annoying to no end. Someone step in and stop it!

Hey Henry, why do some people stop one or two car lengths behind the car in front of them at a red light? But while driving they are glued to your bumper! It is so stupid. People - pull up closer to the car in front of you.

Hey Henry, I believe those of us who recycle should get a tax credit. Instead, I have to pay for recycling services to come to my house or go to the unsafe and overfilled Henry County Recycle Center. This is so backwards.

Hey Henry, to all you self-appointed traffic engineers in the county who complain about roadwork going on. Got a better way to do it? Let’s hear it. Pack your patience.

Hey Henry, thank you Lt. Wes Hollingsworth, Fire Prevention Officer with the Henry County Fire Department for 34 years of service to the citizens and business owners of this county. Job well done! Enjoy retirement and thank you for everything you have done.

Hey Henry, once we start inconveniencing parents due to their behavior or their student’s behavior, we’ll have better educational settings, progress, etc.

Hey Henry, I find nothing more attractive than a beautiful woman with tattoos covering her arms and neck. Hmm, so appealing.

Hey Henry, Iran received its frozen assets back in the 2015 Obama administration nuclear agreement. They never gave Iran $80 billion. That fiction is just another Trump lie.

Hey Henry, to those concerned about the starving horses; if they are in a pasture with grass they are not starving. My own horse is being rehabbed and cannot eat grain right now or else it will get worse and die. Get your facts straight first.

Hey Henry, to all of the Trump haters. What do you think this country would be like if Hillary had won? She was unable to do her job as Secretary of State. We could go down the line of all her failings, but stop and think, could she really do the most important job of being President of the greatest country?

Hey Henry, can we please have the patios at restaurants be smoke free just as the inside? They tend to become the smoker’s lounge defeating the purpose of dining outside in fresh air.

Hey Henry, I’m convinced that the length of a person’s side mirror on their truck is inversely related to the size of their IQ.

Hey Henry, the government created the entitlement mentality America is faced with. It will never go away or be resolved, never.

Hey Henry - 08.15.18

Hey Henry, thank you to the lady who found my wife’s ATM card in the machine and returned it to the bank. Thank’s also to the two young ladies who helped my wife out of her car after she was involved in a single car accident last monday. It just goes to show you that there are still some very kind people in this county!

Hey Henry, I was driving on Hwy. 81 in McDonough and saw a starving horse with it’s bones visible standing in a pasture. Is the new trend to not give your horses grain? If you see back and hip bones as well as ribs, then your horse needs grain. How can people just turn a blind eye to all the starving horses in this county?

Hey Henry, Alexa just doesn’t understand me.

Hey Henry, I have seen a few service members who did not stand and salute when colors were rendered on their bases. In particular the U.S. Navy, but did they get booted out of the service - why heck no. So, let the football players kneel during the anthem, if it’s good for the military, it’s good for football.

Hey Henry, I always jokingly challenge the voting requirement of showing your drivers license. Without hesitation I get the exact same answer every year - no I.D. and you can’t vote.

Hey Henry, I’m all for a good protest, but I was wondering, do the protesters have jobs, get time off from their job, receive some type of government handout, get paid to protest or just feel the need to blame America for their situation?

Hey Henry, would anyone want a 75 year old pilot in the cockpit of your weekly airline trip? So why are senators and congressman in Washington running our government when they should be in a rocker on the front porch. Place a limit of 65 on anyone serving our government.

Hey Henry, whether you agree or not Trump has done something. Michelle and Barack jet setting and making the talk show circuit is not in keeping with doing something. Eight years President Obama had and in less than two Trump has accomplished milestones. How can any Democrat not see this?

Hey Henry, General MacArthur wanted to expand the Korean war by attacking the Chinese in China and using nuclear weapons. Please explain to me how those actions would have worked out well for the US.

Hey Henry, if Trump is a fake president then I say we need more fake presidents like him that actually keep their word. By the way, I admit it: I voted for Trump because the Russians told me to.

Hey Henry, conservatives and Republicans are so far to the right that anyone who is independent in the center is considered leftist. Why should I keep my opinions to myself? At least I have an open mind instead of accepting someone else’s dictates.

Hey Henry, citizens need to be aware that the IRS phone scam is still going on.

Hey Henry, if Facebook is good for nothing else, at least it’s a reminder of how dumb the people in this county can be.

Hey Henry, want to fix morning traffic? Put your kid on the bus and stop making excuses why your precious one can’t get up that early or stand outside.

Hey Henry, skyrocketing 401(k)s? The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 2.8% for 2018. That’s hardly skyrocketing.

Hey Henry - 08.08.18

Hey Henry, as an American independent I can no longer sing “and crowned thy good with brotherhood.” This is because, as a nation, we are divided by hate. Shame to all.

Hey Henry, how on earth is 38-39 students in a middle school classroom a good call? What were you thinking in raising class size limits?

Hey Henry, who has the longest Pinocchio nose? A car salesman or an insurance salesman? They are both the same length.

Hey Henry, do the Democrats suffer in silence as their 401 skyrockets or do they complain to their boss? Trump is making us too much money, make it stop.

Hey Henry, school grade time again! Unfortunately not much has changed since the last report. Henry County has 29 Elementary Schools of which 50% have a D or F rating. The overall Henry grade is 71.6, a very low C. I would urge anyone who is interested to look at schoolgrades.georgia.gov/henry or schooldigger.com.

Hey Henry, President Truman should be blamed for North Korea. If he had not fired General MacArthur there would be no North Korea.

Hey Henry, it’s great that Henry offered a football camp at JP Mosley this past Saturday, except it seems that no one knows how to use a trash can.

Hey Henry, the last administration sent over $80 billion to Iran. All we have to do is borrow enough for the wall from them.

Hey Henry, insurance companies are filthy rich, but when it’s time to file your claim, watch out. I don’t think you’ll ever hear someone totally happy with their insurance after a claim is filed. Why do they cheat us so much? If all the deadbeats would purchase auto insurance the rates would do down.

Hey Henry, these idiots getting out of their car and dancing while it’s still moving are scary. These are the people who will be running this country when I’m retired and gone. God help us all.

Hey Henry, we never heard about fake news until we got a fake president.

Hey Henry, what's up with Hey Henry lately? Seems to be leaning left politically. If so, knock it off! You should not be for one party or the other. I am an Independent voter and would not be altered one way or the other by a paper or the news. I will do my research and vote for whom I feel is most qualified. My candidate must be for our Constitution as it is written and only for American freedom.

Hey Henry, my son lost his hearing, still has shrapnel coming out of various parts of his body and other health issues fighting for your right and freedom to express your opinion. He drives a $5000 vehicle and works at the VA hospital in Johnson City, Tenn., with other veterans helping them with their disabilities. Not all disabilities and wounds are visible. But those wounds were received standing in the gap for you and me.

Hey Henry, we as proud parents would like to tell our son Donny how proud we are of him for putting in 30 years with the Henry County Fire Department!

Hey Henry - 08.01.18

Hey Henry, to the person who suggested cutting back on the entitlement programs for able body adults - please explain why I should give up the Social Security and Medicare that I contributed to my entire working life so that the rich and corporations can get another tax cut and to fund a Trump monument wall. I have a better idea: if you want a wall, why not take your shovel down south and start building a berm?

Hey Henry, what happened to my Republican party? I am so sick and tired of the negative campaign ads. Our candidates used to talk about what they were going to do for the people. Now, they are too busy attacking their opponents to tell us anything. This behavior is forcing me to become an Independent!

Hey Henry, if I vote for a well qualified candidate based on skin color, I am a racist. If you vote for a well qualified candidate based on skin color, you are an activist. Go figure.

Hey Henry, listen, do you want to know a secret? Can you imagine that Paul McCartney is 76? Has it been that long ago since I held your hand, or since you loved me do?

Hey Henry, Henry County is well known all over the United States. Ain’t it great?

Hey Henry, amen to the comment about the VA medical care. The biggest scam perpetrated on the American public is the VA disability scam. And every veteran knows about it. I see a $75,000 pickup with a VA disability license plate and I could chew nails. You hurt your foot in the barracks 50 years ago?

Hey Henry, only the county government and the county schools could start the school year with full blown work on the round about at old Jackson Road and South Bethany on the first day of school. Looks like that many workers could have completed the round about before school began.

Hey Henry, it’s election time and you can see Black, Hispanic, Gay rights and many other groups having voter registration drives, but where are the White Conservative groups? We complain about elected official’s but fail to exercise our Freedom to Vote. Why don’t we vote? Why not vote and change things. This is not for or against any group but please vote and protect America.

Hey Henry, I understand that Brian Kemp is for strong borders. I had no idea that we needed a wall around Georgia. Somebody better close Hartsfield and the port of Savannah, too.

Hey Henry, anytime I read a politician’s bio or fact check and they owe mucho back taxes it throws a red flag up for me. Seems to be contagious sometimes how politicians owe back taxes and never pay up, but poor old Joe is running around trying to borrow money and avoid a jail term. Double standard?

Hey Henry, to the person who broke into my home on the evening of July 6; I hope that what you took was worth what you’ll face when redemption day comes.

Hey Henry, I think the border wall should be at least 75 feet. Now that will make you think twice about trying to scale it.

Hey Henry, when I see an adult riding a motorcycle with a youngster on the back I cringe. Get upset, call me a fanatic, but we need a law, No young kids riding on the back of motorcycles, ever!

Hey Henry - 07.25.18

Hey Henry, society has learned nothing in the past 50 or 60 years. Young people talk to adults, regardless of age, in a manner bordering on disrespect and arrogance. Not just to strangers, but to their own parents and grandparents. I dare not think of where I would be today if I had uttered one word of disrespect to any adult.

Hey Henry, the Republican Party has buried its dignity and decency, so what is their next move? Will they blame it all on the witless Trump?

Hey Henry, to the person who suggested that everyone who wanted a wall built, sign up for a special tax to be deducted from our paychecks - I have a better idea, how about we cut back on the entitlement programs for able body adults and illegal immigrants who are receiving benefits yet haven’t contributed anything. If that was to happen then we could build the wall and give taxpayers another tax cut.

Hey Henry, a huge thank you to the great crew on the McDonough chipper truck! I had half a tree fall in my backyard last week and although I had most of it cut up, I didn’t have it out to the curb when the truck showed up. I ran out and asked if they could wait for me to pull it around and they not only waited, they came and pulled it to the street for me. As a senior female I really appreciated the help.

Hey Henry, riding with a 15 year old with learners permit in his or her wallet is akin to riding back seat and launching from an aircraft carrier in a Mach II jet.

Hey Henry, if you think prison reforms criminals, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I would like to sell to you.

Hey Henry, America already has a government run medical system, the Veterans Administration (VA). Patients die waiting to be seen, treatments are delayed, hospital management lies about the length of waiting times and number of patients per doctor and yet they buy artwork to adorn the lobbies of the hospitals instead of hiring more doctors to ease the backlog of patients waiting for treatment. With a single payer system there will be no incentive to provide a higher quality of care but one to provide a greater quantity of care. If and only if the government can properly manage the VA should we go to a single payer system for medical care.

Hey Henry, a huge thank you to several East Lake Kroger customers who stopped and helped my husband after he fell in front of the store. He did fracture a vertebrae and couldn’t have gotten up without your help. We’re so thankful that there are still helpful folks in Henry County.

Hey Henry, we no longer have an EPA, we have an IPA. IPA stands for Industrial Protection Agency. We no longer care about the environment.

Hey Henry, in regards to the comment - we have been meddling in the affairs of every country on earth along with England since before the 20th century - please provide specifics instead of trying to normalize Trump’s treason.

Hey Henry, take all the billions spent on war and use it to solve the healthcare disaster in America. The greatest country on earth with the most advanced medical care and half the people can’t use it.

Hey Henry, we continue to hear about Russia and the meddling in our election. What, exactly did Russia do? I have yet to understand what they actually did. Did they rig the voting machines, throw away some ballots, bribe the news media or what?

Hey Henry - 07.18.18

Hey Henry, I love living in Henry County, What I don’t like is trying to get somewhere.

Hey Henry, in response to the comment about the girlfriend not writing the serviceman for two years and him thanking her publicly for not stringing him along. Hey Bob, is that you from 1968? This is Mary. You never put your return address on the envelope. How could I write you back?

Hey Henry, who can we Republicans vote for now that we know both candidates are corrupt?

Hey Henry, in response to no one kneeling at the Soccer World Cup - maybe they didn’t need to take a knee because their police officers do not shoot unarmed members of certain segments of their society with impunity. Peaceful protest of police brutality was hijacked by the leader of this country and turned into something else.

Hey Henry, treason is defined as giving aid and comfort to our enemies. Our intelligence agencies have found evidence that Russia has attacked our election process, so Trump’s siding with them is treason.

Hey Henry, we must decide soon just what type of Country we want to become. Yesterday, my wife and I were going to a local supermarket. We had our toy poodle, (service dog), with us and were refused entry. How, is it that in Georgia you can openly carry a gun and police are not allowed to question you regarding a permit but those with guns can get into a store no questions asked?

Hey Henry, Russia meddling in our affairs. Oh, shame on them. We have been meddling in the affairs of every country on earth along with England since before the 20th century.

Hey Henry, I buy toys for my grandchildren and right out of the box they break or break on the first attempt at playing with them. We are really being taken for a ride and parents and grandparents are not getting rich off trade with China, but someone is. I hear the owner of a Chinese car manufacturer is upset because we won’t import his cars. Can you imagine the reliability of a Chinese car?

Hey Henry, have you ever known someone that would rather climb on the roof to tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth?

Hey Henry, Washington dislikes Trump because he has disrupted the gravy train all politicians live in. Some up there have made a career and spent a lifetime of double talking and lying to the American public. Send all of them packing and let’s start a new Washington lifestyle. New faces and new ideas. The current crowd was all washed up years ago.

Hey Henry, give a criminal the opportunity to steal and they steal. Give a criminal a lengthy prison term and they stop stealing. Enough of slaps on the wrist. Henry County is a criminals paradise and who suffers? Certainly not the thief.

Hey Henry, I don’t dwell on the past, but I sure do miss it.

Hey Henry, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden - come on Democrats, can we get some fresh new ideas and faces to run against the evil Trump empire? We are going backwards fast. We better come up with something and someone quick, cause we are going to get creamed again in 2020.

Hey Henry - 07.11.18

Hey Henry, thanks to the person who threw their trash in my yard. One of the items was a winning $10 lottery ticket. Better check before you litter next time.

Hey Henry, watch for flying saucers in McDonough.

Hey Henry, in response to the comment ‘we’ are torturing children and families that are entering our country illegally. Maybe you are part of the problem. I am not part of ‘we’. The only ones torturing the children are the parents who are breaking our laws by coming here illegally. Maybe ‘we’ should be checking out your legality here!

Hey Henry, a big thank you to the person who left money in the floorboard of my truck at Wal-Mart on July 4. They could look at my truck and say, yeah, she needs money. There are still angels in the world.

Hey Henry, will China control our economy from now on? When, if ever, will we be released from the grips of inferior products and even higher inferior prices?

Hey Henry, the new cell phone law might be a habit hard to break. I was driving the other day and my wife called and without hesitation I answered the phone and proceeded to jabber away, oblivious to the new law just enacted. If a policeman had seen me I couldn’t plead not guilty. Ignorance and ignorance of the law is no defense.

Hey Henry, since we do not enforce the speed limit laws in Henry County, maybe we should take down all the speed limit signs and donate then to a county that does.

Hey Henry, my father in-law told me many, many years ago how much he enjoyed going to funerals. At the time it just didn’t register with me. I was in my mid twenties, but 45 years later I get it. He meant life is short and you get to see old friends you haven’t seen in years, even the friends that can't chat. Life is short.

Hey Henry, I had a girlfriend while I was stationed in Florida and she dumped me. I wrote to her for two years off and on and she never once wrote me back. I went overseas and not one word from her. I want to publicly thank her for not stringing me along.

Hey Henry, for everyone in favor of building a wall - how about a special tax from your paycheck? Let’s say, ten percent every pay period. All you have to do is sign up. Any takers?

Hey Henry, don’t shoot me, I’m not casing your neighborhood. Don’t tailgate me because my car is going slow - I’m teaching my daughter how to drive. But I do say thanks for everyone giving me lots of examples to show her what not to do.

Hey Henry, another shutdown on I-75 and another traffic circus at the McDonough Square. We keep pouring tax dollars into useless traffic pattern changes when what we need is a BYPASS! It worked for Covington. Are they better than we are?

Hey Henry, I have been watching the World Cup Soccer Games and I noticed that each team sings their national anthem before the games. I haven’t seen anyone take a knee.

Hey Henry, well I had a rainy day when I found out that some nice person did turn my umbrella back in to the counter at Gritz. I hate eating Crow so I was glad to learn that Gritz doesn’t serve it! My apologies and thank you to the person who turned it in.

Hey Henry - 07.04.18

Hey Henry, I know very little about our laws in America, but when someone sneaks across our border how are they afforded our legal system and considerations that pertain to only U.S. citizens? If I sneak into Mexico will I get a box lunch or a jail cell?

Hey Henry, I totally agree with the comment about Social Security not being set up to be your only source of income. It was set up to be a supplement to your income when you retire. So many people have not prepared themselves for the day they stop working. Notice to all young people - get into your company’s 401K or start putting money away.

Hey Henry, to the Gritz customer who decided to keep my umbrella they found in the booth, rather than turn it in to the counter. I hope you have plenty of rainy days ahead to use it!

Hey Henry, “Torturing,” “Nazis,” really? If you can’t present facts, attack the person.

Hey Henry, we elected the current cast of characters in Washington to represent us and what do they do? Fight and insult each other like two fifth graders.

Hey Henry, to the person that commented “no Marta.” You probably complain about traffic and pollution and never rode on Marta either. I rode Marta for many years and never had a problem. You don’t want minorities moving in, that’s your problem. Come live in the 21st century, you might like it.

Hey Henry, immigrants, illegal or legal, are not taking away jobs from Americans nor are they committing crimes. Trump is blaming them like Hilter blamed the Jews. Yet he hires more foreigners to work at his companies than he does Americans. Makes you wonder why he does that if foreigners are so bad.

Hey Henry, if you go to the Henry County Recycling Center be careful of the pot holes, broken steps to the containers, oil spills from leaking equipment and standing water when it rains. It appears that the County doesn’t want to spend any money on this facility since it is losing money.

Hey Henry, two motorcycle manufactures are moving their operations overseas in light of the President’s tariffs. Does anyone really believe the motorcycles are made in America? Go ahead, move overseas, the parts are made there anyway and then assembled here. Who’s kidding who?

Hey Henry, yes, fireworks are now legal in Georgia, but there are restrictions. Any day until 9 p.m., July 4th until midnight and New Years until 1 a.m. Please be considerate of others.

Hey Henry, throw a child into the political mix and you have sympathy for all illegal immigrants, but it doesn’t work for most Americans. Build that wall and make it quick.

Hey Henry, over the last 40 years the only time the Republicans have cared about deficit spending is when there is a Democrat in the White House.

Hey Henry, for everyone in favor of illegal immigration - how about a special tax from your paycheck to support this illegal activity. Let’s say, ten percent every pay period. All you have to do is sign up. Any takers?

Hey Henry, young people don’t care about how America used to be, but older Americans sure care about how America is going to be.

Hey Henry - 06.27.18

Hey Henry, put immigration on the ballot and let the American people voice opposition or approval for immigration, illegal or otherwise. Let’s hear from the people that matter in the United States.

Hey Henry, to those folks complaining of the natural boarders in a subdivision (a rarity by the way) - a healthy environment will keep you alive. Trees provide oxygen and work very hard to clean the air and to cool the atmosphere down. If you look where you are going, you will avoid stepping on a snake. If you do not like the natural environment, then move to downtown Atlanta. Why move out to the country and start complaining about the wildlife?

Hey Henry, in response to the comment about a bus service in Henry County, I give a resounding No! No MARTA here please. We have a good quality of life here. One of the reasons we moved to Henry County is because there is no MARTA service.

Hey Henry, to the person commenting about us Yankees being so loud - Huh? What was that? Say that again, Huh? Huh?

Hey Henry, we have become a country where more people than not believe the job of government is to take care of the people. This is untrue. Read the Constitution. The politicians are taking care of themselves. Look at how wealthy some are.

Hey Henry, why do our school buses have no air conditioning when all the surrounding counties do?

Hey Henry, I have been recycling ever since I moved to Georgia and before that when I lived in New Hampshire. I believe it is a responsible thing to do. I made many trips to the recycling center, but now have a local waste company picking it up. I live on a fixed income as many seniors do. The last billing statement I received has now raised my recycle pickup to double what it was and more than the price of the regular garbage pickups per week. This seems outrageous to me. Don’t they get money for all the recyclables?

Hey Henry, I’ve been watching this since the late 1960’s. The only way to get a Democrat to care about deficits is to have a Republican in the White House.

Hey Henry, I hate to break this to you, but Social Security was never meant to be your only source of income in the golden years.

Hey Henry, am I the only person who views the old house located on Highway 81 in McDonough as an eyesore? It has been sitting on steel beams for what seems like ten years slowly decaying every day. There used to be a County ordinance requiring a bond to be provided so the County would have a remedy.

Hey Henry, our ancestors came to America to find a better life. Today we are torturing innocent children and their families who are trying to find a safe place to raise their children. The Republican party and Donald Trump are acting like Nazis.

Hey Henry, what has happened to the construction of the Campground Road Extension and the Jodeco Road widening? Work seems to have completely stopped.

Hey Henry, be thankful for all you have and all that you don’t. Love your neighbor!

Hey Henry, throw a child into the political mix and you have sympathy for all illegal immigrants, but it doesn’t work for most Americans. Build that wall and make it quick.

Hey Henry - 06.20.18

Hey Henry, who would tell the hard working people outside what to do if we didn’t have people sitting in air conditioned offices all day?

Hey Henry, I would like to apologize to the lady in the parking lot at the Publix at Lake Dow. I was backing out of a parking space and she must have been in my blind spot because I didn’t see her. I could tell by the look on her face and the movement of her mouth that she was very upset at me. Again, I’m sorry.

Hey Henry, I’m convinced that the stoplight at McDonough Parkway and Hwy. 81 was put up to replace the monuments that are being torn down all over the country!

Hey Henry, to the person talking about Thailand and the purse snatcher being hung - yes, thank God we live in America. That is what needs to be done here. If they had laws like that here, we could stop all these crimes instead of slapping people on the hand.

Hey Henry, why do all you Yankees have to be so dang loud?

Hey Henry, to the person that wants a bus service in Henry County - move to a county that already has one. Maybe we don’t want it.

Hey Henry, I wish I had a penny for every billion dollars wasted by our government.

Hey Henry, I saw Forest Turner at Shingleroof Campground one year. He was a speaker there and he put the fear of God in me. He said, “you young fellows do not go to jail.” And he told us why.

Hey Henry, a friend just signed up for Social Security benefits and after deducting $134 for Medicare he was left with $1600.50 a month. The official government letter from Social Security stated, we round down to the dollar. So, that means instead of rounding up, they take your 50 cents, for life. If he lives 20 more years Uncle would have taken $120. How many million Social Security recipients have this happen? Do the math.

Hey Henry, why can’t we get a grocery store in Hampton?

Hey Henry, Henry county is so overpopulated that law enforcement simply can’t keep up with the amount of people breaking driving laws. Kudos on the new hands-free law, but if it’s not enforced (like using turn signals and headlights to name a few) then it’s really just a piece of paper.

Hey Henry to those who wish they had a Democrat back in the White House. Remember that our health insurance has gone up every year since Obama was in. We signed deals with Iran - one of the biggest terrorist countries in the history of mankind and he downsized our military. I think Trump is awesome. Trump 2020.

Hey Henry, Trump and the Republicans are generating record deficits and the labor force participation rate continues to decline. Trump wasted our money in Singapore and now he is separating children from their parents so that he can build his wall. Yes, he is still a disgrace and embarrassment that gets worse every day.

Hey Henry, hanging purse snatchers wouldn’t upset me too much. What I’d really like to see is for thieves to be sentenced to hard labor, pay them for it, and then snatch the money away.

Hey Henry - 06.13.18

Hey Henry, I sincerely want to thank the perfect gentleman who paid for my purchase at Ace Hardware on Friday, June 8. You really made my day! Chivalry is still alive.

Hey Henry, why don’t we have a YMCA in this county? Other counties have them and it’s a great boost to the quality of life there. We’ve got the means and the space for a facility - why do we have to go all the way to Covington to get to the closest YMCA?

Hey Henry, illegal and legal immigration is a monetary situation. Anyone can plainly see it, just follow the cash flow. Who benefits from immigration?

Hey Henry, another senior discount bites the dust. My local grocery chain has joined the ranks of those that no longer offer senior citizens a 5% discount one day a week. I worry about the seniors in our community who will be adversely affected by this corporate decision. Every penny counts for seniors living on fixed incomes.

Hey Henry, decades ago Thailand was experiencing hundreds of purse snatchings a day. The President of Thailand went on national TV and said the next purse snatcher caught will be tried, convicted and hung on live TV the very next day. Sure enough, they caught a purse snatcher right away and he was tried, convicted and hung the next day. Purse snatching statistics went to zero immediately. Thanks goodness we live in America.

Hey Henry, the economy is booming, unemployment is way down and Trump just met with North Korea’s leader and you call him a disgrace. Hilarious!

Hey Henry, are we ever going to get bus service in Henry County? It’s long overdue and I don’t own a car.

Hey Henry, a special thank you to three Post Office employees for stepping up to make our school’s Career Truck Day for K-2nd graders a success. When others were dropping out, Amelia Randall, Teresa Garland and Eric Mims stepped up. Thank you all for helping out despite the very last minute request. The kids loved every minute of it!

Hey Henry, who is Trump kidding? He’s not negotiating with North Korea. China is the closet ally of N. Korea and supplies them with raw materials and food. President Trump is talking to China because Kim Jong Un gets his marching orders from China.

Hey Henry, I was turning around on South Ola to help a turtle cross the road. I looked in my mirror as a lady in a big black truck ran right over that young turtle. Folks, please pay attention to the road in front of you; these small animals don’t deserve to die like that. Don’t have a wreck avoiding them, but do the best you can.

Hey Henry, most colleges do teach facts, but for some reason, professor hippy long hair likes to put his twist on it and influence young minds to suit the left he leans towards. I challenge anyone to sit in on a college class some day.

Hey Henry, we can love our children and the Second Amendment at the same time. There are hundreds of gun laws on the books. The Santa Fe, Texas shooter broke the law by possessing a handgun as a 17 year old and also broke the law by possessing a sawed-off shotgun. Criminals don’t obey gun laws!

Hey Henry - 06.06.18

Hey Henry, people who sit in an office all day in the air conditioning, don’t have a clue what real hard labor is.

Hey Henry, the media and the Party of Death (see: abortion) set out the day after the election to delegitimize this President. Fine with me as long as there is a special prosecutor and equal negative press for the least perceived impropriety for all future presidents.

Hey Henry, why is the City of McDonough allowing tractor trailers to come through the Square in the city and turn down 20 when they can’t even make the turn? They need to ban tractor trailers from coming anywhere through the Square.

Hey Henry, Trump is by far the biggest disgrace in our history in the highest office in the country.

Hey Henry, I want to say a special thank you to four wonderful teachers who made a difference in my career and life. The best teacher team I could ever ask for. Amy, Kayla, Leslie, and Linda you all rock! I will miss you all, but I’m only a phone call away! BA

Hey Henry, was that “natural environment” there before you moved in? If so, you made the choice to live there knowing the creature possibilities.

Hey Henry, it’s that time of year. The box turtles are migrating and getting crushed in our roads. In one year Missouri had 2-3 deaths caused by drivers hitting turtles and cutting their tires. Why don’t we all try to help save this little turtle so they may once again thrive?

Hey Henry, why doesn’t the county have a large, multipurpose building to accommodate events such as high school graduations? I’m not talking about the Performing Arts Center. These kids go to school thirteen years, and deserve better than graduating out in the heat and humidity all the while not knowing what the weather will be like.

Hey Henry, the majority of Crumbley Road is a driver’s dream. I would venture to say it is the best or one of the best marked roads in the county. Night driving on Crumbley in the rain is a joy for old night-blind drivers. The accident rate might go down if all of our roads were so clearly lined and marked.

Hey Henry, everyone that uses a cell phone while driving needs to get ready. The Hands-Free Law will go in affect in July. It’s time to hang up and shut up! The ones that really surprise me are the older drivers on phones with kids in the car.

Hey Henry, how about the candidates who did not win the primary pick up their signs and stop littering our county?

Hey Henry, we asked for a traffic light at McDonough Parkway and 20/81 and got it. But we forgot to ask that it be a working light!

Hey Henry, I voted for President Trump, but sometimes he makes me wonder if he’s sane with his statement “I always wanted a purple heart,” and his other one this Memorial Day. He has no clue about the sacrifices of our military, nor does he care, it’s obvious.

Hey Henry, I think these people who jog and ride bikes on a main road have no sense. The way people drive around here it would be safer to find a track or a park to walk at.

Hey Henry - 05.30.18

Hey Henry, my yard is overrun with copperheads because of some “natural environment” mess that runs behind my property. Yet the county leadership has told me they can’t (or won’t) do anything about it. I wonder what they’ll say if someone in my family or my pet gets bitten. Stay tuned.

Hey Henry, my wife and I frequently have words, but I seldom get to use mine.

Hey Henry, have thank you notes fallen by the wayside? In my generation there was no question of whether you sent a thank you note or not. What has happened to that rule?

Hey Henry, if there are cameras at red lights, why not put them on stop signs? If they placed one on Macon Street at the three way stop sign the county could pay off a lot of debt.

Hey Henry, I love Food Depot on Hwy. 155 North in Stockbridge. Helpful employees and a clean and great produce department.

Hey Henry, my wife and I pay out the nose for healthcare coverage and I am patiently waiting on our Obama care. Is it ever coming?

Hey Henry, so the government of Stockbridge is spending hundreds of taxpayer dollars per hour for each of several lawyers to prevent the citizens of Stockbridge from determining what is best for them. And they wonder why people want to form their own city.

Hey Henry, shame on the small business owner on Hwy. 42 that makes the young girl stand by the road with a sign. Do you not realize how dumb drivers are? All it would take is for someone to lose control of their car and wipe her out.

Hey Henry, every single student in America should spend a year of school studying the Constitution. The government likes keeping us ignorant and ill-informed, that’s how they control the masses and do whatever they want to.

Hey Henry, if we would love our children as much as we love the second amendment and stop the millions the NRA gives to Congress perhaps they would stand up and support sensible gun laws. Over 80 percent of the people support complete background checks and prohibiting military hardware in the hands of the public.

Hey Henry, I hear the President’s name in the media, not daily, but second by second. In our history has there ever been such a disgrace for the highest office in the country. Other countries must be in awe of how we treat the leader of the free world. It makes me sick.

Hey Henry, why all the fuss about China dominating trade, the seas, and becoming the world power. We made them what they are by giving them our economy, selling us back our goods at inflated prices. A simple screw that the head breaks off when a screwdriver twists it makes me think boy, are we getting the screws.

Hey Henry, we have important elections coming up. The gender and race issue has already been raised on local and national news. Let’s not become more divided than we are. Vote for the most qualified whoever it is and leave hate out of it.

Hey Henry, most colleges teach facts, just not made up “alternative facts.” Leaning to the left or right comes from people thinking for themselves instead of accepting dictates.

Hey Henry - 05.23.18

Hey Henry, a well deserved thank you to the McDonough Lions Club for another wonderful Geranium Festival. It was organized perfectly including a shuttle to and from the Square, great venues and lots of people. It was a sunny, fun day for Henry County citizens and visitors.

Hey Henry, I heard that N. Korean Leader Kim Jong Un asked President Trump if he knew of a good hairstylist.

Hey Henry, children growing up in the fifties and sixties basically raised themselves. On your bike in morning, then eat lunch, off again playing baseball, exploring, having a smoke, and better be home for supper when Dad shows up. Shame on us for creating an environment where a child can’t be safe 50 feet from his front yard. Yes, to me those were the good old days.

Hey Henry, our supposedly serene, ideal community has become a shoplifters dream. They should hire more police officers and station them at every big store in Henry County. We need to stop this blatant, in-your-face stealing while patrons and employees gladly step aside and let thieves walk out without any opposition whatsoever.

Hey Henry, I am so proud of my grandson who worked odd jobs, and is saving his money and is buying his own old pickup truck. His high school friends asked him, “are your parents helping you?” He replied, “no, I am doing it all on my own.” Teach your kids that this is the real world, and nothing is given to you.

Hey Henry, you want to taunt, ridicule, make fun of, embarrass and humiliate someone for wearing a Make America Great Again ball hat? It should be a mandatory 30 days in jail, that goes for any other cap also. Stop this nonsense!

Hey Henry, too many people in authority have risen above their level of incompetence. The really sad part is that we keep re-electing them.

Hey Henry, Russia is very dependent on oil revenues so increased oil prices due to Trump's misinformed Middle East meddling are making Russia great again while hitting ordinary Americans in their pocketbooks. Want to tell me again about what a genius Trump is because he looks pretty dumb from where I am sitting. Then again, maybe he has a vacation home waiting for him outside of Moscow.

Hey Henry, if you don’t want trash in your car why do you think I want it on my lawn?

Hey Henry, looking at the School Board minutes there sure were a lot of new county office positions created while class sizes have gone up along with a number of new hires from Cobb County.

Hey Henry, I enjoyed looking at last week’s Hey Henry comments. Nothing gets my blood flowing like the right, aka dumbed down Americans.

Hey Henry, I graduated college not too many years ago and the Republican party was frowned upon. We need to reverse the crazy notion of colleges teaching our children left leaning beliefs. Teach the facts or earn tenure somewhere else.

Hey Henry, it’s not who shows up for your funeral, but who doesn’t show up.

Hey Henry - 05.16.18

Hey Henry, too many people in authority have “risen to the level of their incompetence.” The Peter Principle is in full force all over America.

Hey Henry, some people would complain about a free lunch.

Hey Henry, a huge thank you to the Henry County Times for placing a lost pet ad for my yorkie. I never did find him, and he is missed. My husband recently surprised me with a new yorkie puppy. While he doesn’t replace Harry, Yogi is a joy. Thank you so much! There are still people that care.

Hey Henry, so, Henry County has the chance to join a new metro county transit system. That’s great. Don’t mess it up like the last time we had this chance.

Hey Henry, I keep asking why county school buses fuel up at the most expensive gas station in town. It never makes it to Hey Henry. Wonder why?

Hey Henry, I would like to give a shout out to Mayor Copeland for all of his work for the historical community!

Hey Henry, why is it all over the county you see construction work started, but then everyone disappears for months. Just like the light they put up in Locust Grove and took it down. What was the purpose in that?

Hey Henry, to the person who said tax churches - churches are already taxed. Churches are people and most (if not all) of the people in my church are taxed.

Hey Henry, if a politicians lips are moving, he/she is lying! The worst are those proclaiming their Christianity or doctorates in religion.

Hey Henry, gee, I wish Hillary would end up in prison for all her law-breaking. Talk about a Teflon-Dawn!

Hey Henry, it is your civic duty to vote, obey the laws in Henry County, support our police and maintain a harmonious environment for all the citizens. If you choose not to do so, why are you here?

Hey Henry, I know it’s illegal to shoot a squirrel chewing the molding on your house, but can I shoot a rat with a furry tail? I lost my glasses.

Hey Henry, disagree with Trump, dislike Trump, hate Trump or just dislike any Republican. President Trump will be the one man that saves our country from not only illegal immigration, but nuclear destruction.

Hey Henry, to the person who said mind your own business in reference to all the out of state license plates seen in Henry County. So, these are not people not paying tag fees, but friends and relatives visiting sick relatives? Yep, sounds like we have another distinction. Henry County - the sick people capital of Georgia.

Hey Henry, at my parents house Soap Sally lived under the steps going upstairs. So I worried about Soap Sally. And where that comes from I have no idea.

Hey Henry, this country is becoming everybody else’s country except Americans. My mother was born in Germany, my father was born in England. I was born in America. I am a pure American. Let that sink in!

Hey Henry - 05.09.18

Hey Henry, if it were physically impossible to lie, would anyone ever get elected to public office?

Hey Henry, all of the experienced, talented doctors are leaving medicine and they aren’t being replaced. Don’t get sick. Stay healthy or you’ll regret it.

Hey Henry, I had a motorcycle for sale many years ago and a young teenager agreed to buy it. His dad called me that day and begged me not to sell it to him. Now, you have to admire a father like that. I made an excuse and didn’t sell it to him.

Hey Henry, to the person who made the comment about out-of-state license plates and how many he/she saw - you don’t know the reason why someone has out-of-state plates. Maybe they are here helping out a sick relative. Why don’t you mind your own business?

Hey Henry, I have to agree with the comment about residents not paying the tag fee. I see just about every state in the union here in Henry County. You don’t see this many out-of-state plates at the busiest vacation spot.

Hey Henry, I feel so humble and poor being on social security. All the money the government gives away and wastes and once in a while we get a $7/month raise like we did last year. They don’t give a hoot about the retired codgers, they really don’t.

Hey Henry, many years ago they found a skeleton in the basement of Vanderbilt University. It was behind a large column. They sent the remains to the forensics lab on campus to identify the remains. Low and behold, it turned out to be the 1957 hide and go seek champion.

Hey Henry, want to shorten your life span? Let the VA take care of you. Don’t believe it? Ask a vet. But not one receiving money for some trumped up disability.

Hey Henry, I wish they would hurry up and find something on Trump. We need a Democrat in there even if they take office after his impeachment. He’s a Teflon Don, nothing seems to stick. I have my fingers crossed.

Hey Henry, most of my friends keep mentioning moving out of Henry County. Are we going to lose our tax base?

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about the firefighters driving the truck - they drive it so just in case they get a call, they can run out and roll. They keep their gear in the truck just in case. There are usually three firefighters so that they can do this. Otherwise, how about you bring the firefighters their food?

Hey Henry, it took long enough to get a traffic light at McDonough Parkway and 20/81. I guess it will take them another two years to turn it on.

Hey Henry, like people said at the board meeting, stop special tax treatment, start taxing the churches!

Hey Henry, in response to if the rich had not let others work to make them rich. You’ve got to be kidding. It’s that thought process that makes the public think the rich got rich off the backs of others. The rich get rich by innovation, drive, determination, loyalty, and it goes on and on. Do poor people give you a job? Bill Gates created hundreds of millionaires. So, lets junk the computer and start using pens and notebook paper.

Hey Henry - 05.02.18

Hey Henry, when your wife mentions traffic getting to and from work on a daily basis, you know it's serious business. Better listen up Henry, it’s gotta be fixed.

Hey Henry, I don’t care how many additional drive through lanes fast food restaurants build - if you only have one window to hand the food out, you still have a bottleneck. They haven’t solved anything with that. The line will only move as fast as you can get the food out!

Hey Henry, how’s this for ringing true. Build it and they will come. Hey Henry, stop building!

Hey Henry, to the grandma whose grandson plays on a little league team. News flash! It’s not about your feelings - it’s all about the kids. Cheer for their team but you don’t have to act like an uncontrollable jerk. You certainly are not providing a good role model for anyone, so either sit down and act like a lady or leave!

Hey Henry, a huge thank you to the Community Service detail. Recently someone illegally dumped tires in our neighborhood. We were distraught over what to do. Someone suggested calling Community Service and when we did, they responded quickly to remove them. It was like that attorney commercial “one call, that’s all.”

Hey Henry, I know of a county not far away that is a ghost town compared to Henry County. The locals don’t want any growth, new stores, gas stations, fast food, apartments, grocery stores, subdivisions, paved roads or flea markets and that is what makes it so appealing.

Hey Henry, instead of chasing ghost stories about President Trump the justice department should be prosecuting half of Washington for violation of the Hobbs Act.

Hey Henry, now if you really want to see which is the stronger sex, watch a husband and wife who both have the flu!

Hey Henry, would any of you who try to turn left out of the Publix on 81 East without going to the light please explain why you do that? It’s really dangerous besides being just plain annoying.

Hey Henry, people think driving an expensive car is a sign of success. Not true anymore. I’m successful and I choose to drive an old pickup truck with a tag fee of $45. An old Honda Accord or Crown Vic will run circles around a Mercedes or BMW.

Hey Henry, I get the impression while reading Hey Henry that the citizens of our county are not overjoyed with the population explosion we are experiencing. This happens all over America. That beautiful, quiet place everyone moved to eventually becomes the place everyone wants to move away from.

Hey Henry, why must fire services drive the big ladder truck and park it at the entrance of Walmart just to go grocery shopping? And really does it take three firemen to buy groceries? I bet this one won't get published.

Hey Henry, if you do not have your cats and dogs fixed - then you are the problem! Shelters are overflowing, because you didn’t take responsibility. Also, stop breeding Pit Bulls - the shelters and streets are filled with them.

Hey Henry, the Democrats should be tried for treason. They are vicious in their quest to impeach Trump. This isn’t America anymore.

Hey Henry - 04.25.18

Hey Henry, people moving to Georgia aren’t paying the tag fee, they don’t change/register their plates to Georgia. The only people having to pay are Georgians that purchase a vehicle. Given the out-of-state plated vehicles that are actually living in Georgia all over the roads, there’s no consequences for breaking the law.

Hey Henry, if you think men are the stronger sex, watch a man react when his wife says, “What did you just say to me?”

Hey Henry, what is with the vote to raise class sizes and downsize teaching staff? There is no research that supports this, and a financial claim is bogus due to our budget having more than enough money to fund sports, etc. Fine arts are also being lessened. This is going to hurt our students’ ability to compete!

Hey Henry, if Henry County is going to close the Henry County Recycling July 1 they should open some small recycling centers throughout the county for citizens to be able to use like they do in Butts, Newton and Spalding counties.

Hey Henry, could anyone imagine J. Edgar Hoover making the talk show circuit? Too much glitz and glamour today.

Hey Henry, a huge thank you to HC Fire Captain Ron Reagan and his team for their awesome help and follow up work after a fire at our home. This man is an asset to our community and we’re lucky to have him.

Hey Henry, if a Democrat had been elected in 2017, what if anything would be different? For one thing more of our tax dollars would have been given away.

Hey Henry, you have got to love the Jim Nabors, AKA Gomer Pyle joke. “You lived here your entire life?” NOT YET.

Hey Henry, I recently heard a well known talk show host say that a company doesn’t owe you a pension just for working there. I tend to agree. Not everyone retires with a gravy train pension from some government entity.

Hey Henry, thank you to Henry County DOT for cleaning the ditches on South Ola Road. Your forward thinking may have avoided a possible deadly accident during the recent rainstorm. Your work is appreciated by many who travel the roads in District 1.

Hey Henry, my grandson plays little league baseball. Did you know that if you yell and rattle the batter or voice your opinion about the game that you will be escorted off the field? I just love the way we have become so concerned about OUR feelings.

Hey Henry, I would like to repeat my earlier statement regarding AR-15 assault rifles. They have no business in the hands of civilians.

Hey Henry, when progressives and the news media speak about a one-world government, what they are really talking about is a one world dictatorship. Take the United Nations, it started out good but look at it now.

Hey Henry, if the law applied to everyone instead of only the common man, half of Washington would be in jail.

Hey Henry, many others would be rich on their own merits, if the “rich” had worked for their own families and not used others to do it for them.

Hey Henry - 04.18.18

Hey Henry, television at one time was on the sixth grade level. Washington politics has taken over grade school and television is now on the semi-adult level.

Hey Henry, in the past I have had issues getting help unloading at the Henry County Recycling Center. Today three young men had my truck unloaded before I was out of it and on the ground. Great job guys and thanks Henry County. This is a wonderful service you provide to us, especially for our yard waste/debris.

Hey Henry, can we please re-stripe Flippen Road between Walt Stephens and Hwy. 138? It is nearly impossible to see at night.

Hey Henry, what a welcome site it is to see the new fire station being completed on Kelleytown Road. No fast food, but something we can all be thankful for.

Hey Henry, is guarding the border with U.S. troops really necessary? You better believe it, if it stops just one person from illegally entering the country.

Hey Henry, the governor recently signed a law making it illegal to use a cell phone while driving. It’s time to shut up, put up, and drive like everyone should have been doing all along.

Hey Henry, a big thank you to the Spalding County firefighter that paid for our order at Floor and Décor. Not only did he pay our bill, he gave us his gift card that had a large balance because it was going to expire. We have been doing our floors one room at a time. His kindness and generosity paid for us to floor a whole room. May God bless him for his kindness.

Hey Henry, congratulations Henry County, you have the worst and most irritating traffic flow on the south side. I-75 through Henry County from Locust Grove into Atlanta is a huge bottleneck of traffic chaos all the time. The I-75 Express Lane was the worst idea ever!

Hey Henry, those of you offended by Confederate soldiers shouldn’t live in the South. History is history, stop trying to re-write it.

Hey Henry, I recently witnessed another accident when exiting the South Point shopping center onto Hwy. 81-20. We need a red light there before someone gets killed, if there hasn’t been already.What are we waiting for? Especially with Dave and Busters coming to this area.

Hey Henry, I find Trump’s troubles to be the same or not as bad as Clinton’s years ago. The media was never obsessed with the Clintons’ misbehaving.

Hey Henry, in response to a recent vent - Clinton was impeached, I guess that’s the same thing as nothing being said. Carter, Reagan and both Bushes never committed adultery and were never divorced. Learn your history Trumpites.

Hey Henry, my college degree was thousands. The 44 year education I received from my wife, priceless.

Hey Henry, why is it that certain automobile owners will put a black and blue sticker directly on their license plates when that is a violation of the law? They should just put a sticker on their car that simply says “Don’t bother stopping me, I am above the law.”

Hey Henry - 04.11.18

Hey Henry, a big thank you to the Breakfast Club at Miller’s Store on Hwy. 155. The continued support and friendship of this great group of guys gave my husband the will to get out of his death bed to drink coffee and play marbles. God Bless each and everyone of you.

Hey Henry, I think that they should open up the reservoir in Locust Grove on Indian Creek Road so that senior citizens can fish there.

Hey Henry, very heartfelt thank you to Community Service Department for cleaning up South Ola Rd. You are few, but you do a marvelous job that is appreciated by many.

Hey Henry, if your children are only seeing how to behave from our President, then you are not doing a very good job being a parent. And as a parent, don’t forget to put it in context from the past 12-15 years.

Hey Henry, “I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labour of the industrious” ~ Thomas Jefferson. Just think, it’s still a problem 200 years later.

Hey Henry, it would seem the word would get out, “don’t move to Georgia.” The surprise of a $2,000 tag fee would scare me away too.

Hey Henry, just because you moved here recently doesn’t mean you get to decide whether a hundred year old statue of an honorable soldier gets to remain on the McDonough Square.

Hey Henry, how about giving the proponents of the City of Eagles Landing a fair shake in your articles. The proposed City has followed all laws regarding de-annexation and annexation. The independent viability report states the City will be profitable. We want high end restaurants, parks and libraries.

Hey Henry, what an absolute disgrace for young people to be subjected to the behavior of the President of this United States acting without integrity, moral conviction and with a cavalier attitude for wrong doing. Growing up I had profound respect for the President. Today’s politicians are a disgrace.

Hey Henry, my wife has worked for the same company for many years. Recently she received a substantial thank you bonus and her company is making increased profits lately. I have to think this has Trump all over it.

Hey Henry, I have never understood the hatred expressed by voters for the rich. I love the rich. They start a business and provide you with a job where you can live comfortably and complain without being fired. Without the rich, we would be naked and afraid.

Hey Henry, the sign at the entrance of the Salvation Army Service Center in McDonough clearly states not to drop off items at the gate after hours. It’s obvious that many people in Henry County can’t read/follow directions.

Hey Henry, who do you think is organizing the marches? Liberals. They organized those stupid women’s marches too. Yes, I’m a woman and I think those women showed most everyone how dumb they really are. And no, my husband didn’t make me say this, I thought it up myself.

Hey Henry - 04.04.18

Hey Henry, sanctuary cities should be exempt from any and all federal funding. Any US taxpayers who wish to support illegal immigrants/immigration could send their money directly to the city. I’ll bet that sanctuary cities would change their status quickly.

Hey Henry, the intersection of Crumbley Road and Hwy. 155 is a disgrace to the DOT. Put a traffic light up!

Hey Henry, in response to the comment about the increased traffic with the new schools in McDonough - You are not going to like it, but the land on the other side of the school will have almost 300 rent adjusted apartments on it if the developers plan gets approved. Expect another 600 cars with more undeveloped land in another proposal. Think its bad now?

Hey Henry, our kids are on their way to school. Are they anticipating an experiment in chemistry class, learning more about American history or solving math problems? Are they prepared for that English exam? Or are their thoughts on where they could hide in those classes to survive a killer with a military assault rifle?

Hey Henry, the best time of my young life was four years in the U.S. Navy. I should be thanking America for letting me join.

Hey Henry, does anyone feel cheated by the government for not investing and letting Social Security funds grow instead of doing nothing but borrow from it, threaten us with it, tell us it’s broke and giving us the tiny carrot at retirement after deducting it from our paychecks after a lifetime of employment. No way some math wizard in Washington didn’t know we could be receiving four times the benefit if it had been managed properly. It is intentional for only one reason, to keep the masses under government control.

Hey Henry, if you’re old enough, remember watching Milton Berle, George Gobel, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, George Burns, Ed Sullivan, along with countless others and being absolutely bored to tears.

Hey Henry, after they finally got a traffic light put up at McDonough Parkway and 20/81 after years of needing one, I guess it will take them another three years to turn it on.

Hey Henry, I want to thank the driver that didn’t run all over me, after I regretfully pulled out in front of them on Eagles Landing Parkway. I truly apologize.

Hey Henry, I’m a pig when I say that women shouldn’t wear yoga pants. I’m a pig when I look at women in yoga pants. Oink-oink!

Hey Henry, President Trump is on a roll, but the Demorats just can’t give him credit. He’s destined to Make America Great Again. I don’t give a hoot if he’s womanizing. Every man in a position of power has done the same. Clinton had a field day doing just that and not a word was said, Hillary even attacked the accusers.

Hey Henry, imagine the surprise and shock on a 19-year-old face when he got a draft notice circa 1966. Could or would the youth of today even come close to the duty and sacrifice of the youth in the 1960’s?

Hey Henry, tell your children that President Trump’s behavior isn’t normal. Kids are growing up without a clear understanding of what is acceptable and what is not.

Hey Henry - 03.28.18

Hey Henry, if you haven’t been out and about lately, our county has an abundance of new restaurants. All types of cuisine. It’s great to live in HC!

Hey Henry, forcing students to “Walk Out” to support gun control is a violation of their individual rights. There were students who disagreed with the walk-out and should not have been forced to participate. School officials and politicians need to stop using students/children to force their agendas. Editors note: According to J.D. Hardin, Communications and Community Relations Coordinator for Henry County Schools, no students were forced to participate in the walk out. The choice was left up to the individual students. Administrators/Principals were advised that there should be no adverse consequences for students over their choice.

Hey Henry, if there were such a thing as a “fake noodle,” would it be called an “impasta?”

Hey Henry, to the person who “begged to differ” about thanking those who served in “other conflicts.” I beg to differ with you. Why would we not thank them for their service to our country when they were ordered to serve at the discretion of the government? It was certainly not their choice. I will personally shake the hand of any brave active duty military or veteran, regardless of campaign era.

Hey Henry, I think the problem with the abandoned house on Fairview Road is the asbestos siding. Safe removal of the material would cost considerably more than normal demolition.

Hey Henry, regarding the 100 cities who oppose the de-annexation of Stockbridge. I find that odd. Isn’t that what our founding fathers did - de-annex? I think that when a local government no longer fits the needs of its citizens, citizens should be allowed to choose. Cities - put yourself on notice - listen, discuss and inform your constituents - ask us instead of believing you think you know what is in our best interest. Personally, I am glad that we have the option of going to the State and asking for relief.

Hey Henry, to the person who commented that only WW II vets deserve our thanks - I was both shocked and disgusted by your comment. I served my country and would proudly do so again. All we could do is go and do what we were told. Whoever this person is, how dare you. Shame on you. I hope you are not a vet. If you are, you disgust me. And if I knew who you are, I would still salute you, because I am a veteran and I stand by all my brothers and sisters in arms. And may God have mercy on your egotistical and self centered soul. Because you sir or ma’am, definitely need it.

Hey Henry, I can sympathize with student survivors and want all children to be safe in schools, but I wonder who is organizing them and keeping them safe at the Washington march.

Hey Henry, when is the county going to remove the anonymous Confederate soldier on the Square and replace him with a modern Veteran. Now that’s progress.

Hey Henry, Will Rogers said he never met a man he didn’t like. I have a hard time wrapping my head around that.

Hey Henry, bring back Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow and Douglas Edwards for a refreshing 15 minutes of news a day. This 24 hour news cycle is over the top!

Hey Henry, one good thing about the growth. We have lots and lots of tax money going, well going somewhere.

Hey Henry - 03.21.18

Hey Henry, how can Henry County sell an abandoned house in Fairview for taxes that has black mold in it? Shouldn’t the house be condemned? Especially with people living near it.

Hey Henry, concerning the North Henry County area - We are getting passed over as far as road repairs go. I feel like the residents here are giving tire and alignment repair shops plenty of business. Please fix our roads! We feel like the grass along the fence, that never gets cut.

Hey Henry, I can’t wait until the new schools are finished by the McDonough Post Office and see how they figure out what to do with the traffic in that area.

Hey Henry, teach your children and grandchildren how to repair things. You can go to college all day long, but if you can’t fix the toilet you’ll look wimpy to the new wife. There is something noble about the handyman.

Hey Henry, for all you folks with prestige tags, you’re driving everyone nuts trying to figure out what in the heck your tag means. Do everyone a favor and put a small sign on your trunk with your license plate deciphered.

Hey Henry, we’re the only country that can’t speak our own language.

Hey Henry, in the piece I read in the Times last week it stated that our police officers were having to fight to have their medical bills paid when they were injured in the performance of their job functions. They should be compensated 100% and then some for the job that they do.

Hey Henry, I remember when Henry County’s claim to fame was being the 8th fastest growing county in America. A sensible person would have thought, “I don’t want to move there.”

Hey Henry, I beg to differ about thanking veterans. I think you should thank World War II veterans. They saved the entire world - all the other conflicts are just meddling in other countries’ business.

Hey Henry, we choose our own destiny. If your destiny isn’t fulfilling or gratifying, the blame lies with you.

Hey Henry, nobody cares what you think of our clothing choices. If I’m going to or from the gym and need to stop and buy a gallon of milk, I’m not about to go home, shower, put on street clothes and go back out again just so your delicate sensibilities aren’t offended by my workout clothes. You have an inflated sense of your own importance.

Hey Henry, who says Trump is the worst liar? I think he’s one of the best liars, right up there with Hillary and Obama and every other politician we’ve put in office.

Hey Henry, June Cleaver, Ozzie and Harriet is progress? What else shall we bring back? Hoop skirts and horse and buggies? Maybe it’s time you moved to the Villages.

Hey Henry, to the person who said thanking veterans’ embarrasses them - my grandfathers and uncles served, I served. I can say with confidence that a “thank you” doesn’t embarrass any of us. It actually feels nice because so often, we don’t feel appreciated. So, to the citizens of Henry County, don’t stop saying thank you - it makes our day! Semper Paratus.

Hey Henry - 03.14.18

Hey Henry, to the person who said we will not quit building apartments until all Henry is filled with Democrats - are you implying that only Republicans buy and live in their own private home? Narrow minded thinking like that proves you don’t get out much.

Hey Henry, Ms. Yoga pants thinks crude and crass clothing is progress. A return to the polite and respectable days of June Cleaver, Leave It to Beaver or Ozzie and Harriet would be progress for our country.

Hey Henry, if I’m not mistaken, President Eisenhower sent back over a million illegal immigrants during his tenure as President. How many times have you heard, “It can’t be done?” It can’t be done because someone doesn’t want it done.

Hey Henry, Donald Trump is the best thing to happen in Washington since George Washington. He is doing exactly what he promised on the campaign stump. Would Hillary have done the same?

Hey Henry, whoever came up with a merging lane should be picking up trash on all county roads. What a stupid idea.

Hey Henry, at a recent BOC meeting, commissioners voted to penalize employees who opt out of the “voluntary” wellness program by subjecting them to a $40/month surcharge. Doesn’t sound very voluntary to me!

Hey Henry, Trump gets relentlessly bashed because he has earned it! The only things he’s good at are filling his own pockets and surrounding himself with incompetence. He is the world’s worst liar and is ruining this country.

Hey Henry, when you see a veteran, let’s please stop “thanking them for their service” it’s really not necessary. They don’t want your thanks and are embarrassed by it to some degree. Flashback to the sixties when we had the draft. The media dreamed up “thank you for your service” to justify the endless wars we keep getting drawn into. Bring every military person home and don’t send another dime overseas!

Hey Henry, to the new school superintendent: we adore our EBD and MOID classrooms in our school. These programs are beneficial to all of us. Before making these changes talk with the teachers, both ESE and general education, about the benefits of ability and disability diversity. These moves are not in the students best interest and isn’t that what we are here for?

Hey Henry, three things don’t lie: little kids, drunks and spandex.

Hey Henry, regarding Trump’s wall - I would suggest it be built on the East side of California (between California and Texas) not on the west side. Since California has become a “Sanctuary State” I think we should accommodate them. Our flag would look better with 49 stars.

Hey Henry, all President Trump needs to do in the upcoming meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is offer every citizen of North Korea a 50 pound bag of rice and a motor scooter and he can take the entire country without firing one shot or launching one missile. The entire country is starving.

Hey Henry, can someone please find and repair the raw sewage smell on King Mill Road?

Hey Henry, regarding Bradford pear trees - break out the chainsaws!

Hey Henry - 03.07.18

Hey Henry, ladies - wear those yoga pants proudly. It seems like many Hey Henry readers want us to go back to the June Cleaver days. These are the same people that continue to try to block progress.

Hey Henry, Jasmine is the best employee at the Taco Bell on Highway 81 East in McDonough. She works the drive-thru and words can’t express how much her kindness means to me. She always smiles, takes time to care and make sure you’re happy.

Hey Henry, they are not going to quit building apartments until all of Henry is filled with Democrats.

Hey Henry, no wonder today’s kids don’t follow the rules. Just look at how many parents park at the curbs and block traffic flow at our schools. So sorry if I offend anyone who thinks that they are special.

Hey Henry, Georgia seems to be on a quest to bash Delta lately. Consider the impact it would have on Atlanta if Delta moved their headquarters to one of the cities that would be glad to have them.

Hey Henry, I would like to say thanks to two of Henry County’s finest who came to my aid on February 26 outside of Moye’s Pharmacy when my truck died. Sorry, I didn’t get names but assistance came from one of Moye’s employees as well as a fireman and police officer. Thanks to you all. The county can be proud of their public servants.

Hey Henry, the I-75 Expressway is absolutely ridiculous and dangerous. So many people need to be fired for that fiasco!

Hey Henry, I’m glad to hear that President Trump has announced that he will run for a second term. Time to start the search for granite carvers and find some space on Mount Rushmore.

Hey Henry, to the person who said, more building and more money in your pocket - You must be one of those builders who pay their employees 8 or 9 dollars an hour and you pocket the rest.

Hey Henry, well the Stockbridge city council ran Tim Thompson off, then they ran Judy Neal off, and now it appears Eagles Landing’s going with them. But hey, we got the MLK Sr. Bridge, so all’s good.

Hey Henry, are the county vehicles and school buses required to yield behind Huddle House on Hwy. 81 in McDonough? I nearly hit a bus which did not even slow down.

Hey Henry, why don’t you stop building roundabouts and start fixing the roads throughout the county that are in dire need of fixing. Patching them is not fixing them.

Hey Henry, talking about quality, dependability and longevity, my Whirlpool dishwasher quit two weeks ago after 22 years and five months with no service calls, no repairs or parts replaced. I’m wondering if my new Maytag will last that long? Now that’s the America I grew up in - things lasted forever.

Hey Henry, we only think we have awful traffic and too many warehouses in Henry County right now. Just wait until the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project gets finished!

Hey Henry - 02.28.18

Hey Henry, hunters do NOT need assault rifles. Assault rifles should be reserved for military and police professionals. They are designed for one purpose - to kill people.

Hey Henry, I’m staging my own counter-protest against the clueless and uninformed progressives. I just joined the NRA.

Hey Henry, I got into politics to serve the people. How many times have we heard this tired old phrase?

Hey Henry, I sure hope Henry County Schools are on board with security at our schools. Keep all those doors locked up tight, no exceptions. Put a police officer in the hallways! How about putting a special tax on guns sold in this county, or nationwide, that goes to the schools? Not for school supplies and computers but for security for our schools and security training. How about giving teachers who have served in the military and former police officers the right to carry a concealed weapon? These folks have had a lot of practice and training already. If they choose to carry then let them!

Hey Henry, is Henry County at a saturation point for population, or could we use another 100,000 new residents? By the way, who benefits from all this growth? The attraction to move here is slowly but surely becoming a diminishing return.

Hey Henry, Harry Truman said, “no man can get rich in politics unless he’s a crook. It can’t be done.” Know any rich politicians?

Hey Henry, if the BOC and Planning and Zoning change the zoning on properties to approve of them having events then they will also be approving of having alcohol at these events. I am sure that will be the next request. Henry County residents should be very concerned!

Hey Henry, to all the women sporting yoga pants in public. Do you honestly think that everyone believes that you just came from an exercise class? Please have some pride and dignity and dress like a real woman.

Hey Henry, I have never seen so many ignorant people driving without their lights on when it’s foggy outside, much less when it’s raining!

Hey Henry, I’m glad that you’re happy with the administration because they threw you a bone while rich people and corporations got Porterhouse. Penny wise and pound foolish.

Hey Henry, can someone explain to me why the taxpayers have to subsidize free rides for residents in Fairview? There are plenty of seniors in Henry who would like a free ride. The BOC has finally crossed the line from democracy to socialism.

Hey Henry, have our local state representatives and state senators forgotten they are elected public servants? They seem to only be interested in their own political aspirations and monetary fulfillment. The county constituents have no voice.

Hey Henry, Trump needs to bring back Roosevelt’s CCC and WPA work programs. The benefit is twofold - rebuild the infrastructure and get citizens off the public dole.

Hey Henry, how long would the Democrats have put up with bashing and criticizing of President Obama if the shoe was on the other foot? President Trump is relentlessly bashed. The media just can’t let up. Sore losers?

Hey Henry - 02.21.18

Hey Henry, DACA wants the dream. I also want the dream, for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. With all this illegal immigration they may not get the American Dream.

Hey Henry, when you buy a hamburger and it says 100% beef - why do they need to reassure you? What’s the alternative?

Hey Henry, to the lowlife who stole my Chick-fil-A calendar card - Are you really that desperate? I believe in Karma and you will pay! I would also like to thank the restaurant manager for compensating me with more than you will receive from my stolen card.

Hey Henry, I’m not as “qualified” as the geniuses who decided where to place the fixed bus stops, but wouldn’t it be nice if they weren’t miles away from residential areas? Shouldn’t they be near populated areas like Rock Quarry in Stockbridge where all the apartments and doctors are located?At least make it appear like you actually want to assist the residents of Henry County with transportation needs. The stops in Fairview make no sense!

Hey Henry, let’s see: building is back, bonuses at work, more money in my pocket on pay day and several new federal judges with several more on the way. Yeah, I’m happy with the administration.

Hey Henry, how many more people have to die at the intersection of East Lake Road and Rowan Drive before something is done with this intersection?

Hey Henry, thank you to the young man that paid for my meal in the drive through at Chick-fil-A at Lake Dow, last Friday morning.

Hey Henry, thank you Beverly Hills for your thought provoking opinion column on government handouts. I too have been guilty in the past of judging. I have become aware of this flaw, becoming more self aware and consciously more sensitive and considerate of others. Knowing and accepting our faults is the first step to improvement. Your article helped to give me a reminder of how I can be more kind and understanding of others.

Hey Henry, be careful with your debit/credit cards! Twice in as many weeks, I have found cards lying on the ground. I found one in the East Lake Kroger parking lot and turned it into the customer service desk. The other was found at Tanger Outlet Center. Just saying, be more careful.

Hey Henry, there was a moratorium on immigration that ended in the 1960’s. Funny, but we somehow managed to build houses and roads and harvest crops without immigration during all that time. Foreigners have no right to become an American, especially illegally. You should be ashamed of yourself for impugning American citizens the way you did. We are the hardest working and most industrious country in history.

Hey Henry, I wonder why many of the county’s schools neglected to lower their flags to half mast following the tragic loss of a fine police officer? Does that direct order come from the Board of Education, the Superintendent, or the city government? Either way, somebody really dropped the ball. Just sad.

Hey Henry, what happened with the groundhog? Colonel Bo said we will have six more weeks of winter. The calendar is right! We will have some more frozen precipitation.

Hey Henry - 02.14.18

Hey Henry, we are invited to open house forums on future development in Henry County, but they are being held between 4-5:30 and 4-6 when most of us are at work. Can you please hold these later, like 6-8 or 7-9 so we can attend? Or do you not want very many people there who will complain. We would like to see roads widened before building anymore stores or restaurants at the South Point area. Traffic is ridiculous and getting worse. A Dave and Busters is planned and the traffic is horrible on Hwy. 81 now.

Hey Henry, I agree with the hairdresser about health insurance. I have been to so many job interviews lately (even for office type positions) and no one is offering health insurance. It’s frustrating because I will be going to work just to pay for health insurance. This is why people ask for help and it doesn’t mean they are lazy or a bad person. We just want access to medical care like everyone else.

Hey Henry, maybe we Americans are born with a silver spoon in our mouth but our fathers, forefathers and the many brave Americans who gave their lives in defense of this great country paid for this “spoon.” I would caution this writer that the illegals do not want their spoon, but do in fact want your spoon without paying the price! I hope you do realize what a high price was paid for your spoon.

Hey Henry, I work with a tone deaf co-worker who loves to sing. Help!

Hey Henry, you should have published the names of the legislative sponsors of the proposed legislation to create the City of Eagles Landing. Let the citizens know who is trying to divide their city.

Hey Henry, I have two pugs. one is named Poundcake, the other is Muffins. Muffins likes to get under the sofa, and I know why. Because my wife leaves Milky-Ways covered in hamburger helper.

Hey Henry, please, please NO more apartments.

Hey Henry, it would be good if restaurants/shops with patio seating would restrict smoking. People sit outside to enjoy the fresh air, not secondhand smoke while eating. I think this would be a good city/county policy like the City of Decatur.

Hey Henry, so you voted for Trump and are pleased with the job he is doing. What’s your name, Vladimir Putin?

Hey Henry, since when does a 504 plan mean “protections,” and not “accommodations” for a student's special need(s)? My child’s whole middle school class is disrupted almost daily due to one or two students who are “protected” from consequences of their actions. Shame on you!

Hey Henry, how can some people get away with doing day trading on the company computer continuously all day, every day, and management just overlooks it? What happened to company policy and monitoring your computers?

Hey Henry, am I just lucky or what? I never thought I would get married but I found the perfect girl about 52 years ago. She gave me three wonderful children and has loved and cared for them and me. Happy Valentine’s Day MJ!

Hey Henry, Beverly Hills - you brought this dad to tears with your last column “The last Dance.” I remember dancing with my daughter at her cotillion and her wedding. Now, I hope I can experience those days with my granddaughter. Thank you for the memories.

Hey Henry - 02.07.18

Hey Henry, everyone complains about immigration but if you didn’t have these people over here, houses wouldn’t be built, roads wouldn’t get done and most jobs that Americans are too lazy to do wouldn’t get done. The big fat builders wouldn’t get their profits off these people they work like slaves. Americans are spoiled and born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

Hey Henry, I agree that we deserve President Trump. I voted for him and I am pleased with the job he is doing. You can vote for Oprah in 2024, but I won’t.

Hey Henry, auto thefts, burglaries and now drive by shootings. It’s time we “Take Back McDonough.” The citizens can either sit back and let it happen or step up and take back our town. Who’s up for the challenge?

Hey Henry, it seems that everyone is concerned about the trouble that they “say” is coming from Clayton County. You need to keep your eyes on the East and watch what’s coming from Newton.

Hey Henry, I worked and lived in Henry County for over 40 years, I worked for HC DOT for over 16 years. I moved away after retiring. I saw on the BOC meeting that HC transit is starting a “mini” transit route. It’s a good thing and a long time coming. I hope they have success in this venture.

Hey Henry, just wondering if I am the only one that thinks the “news anchors” standing in the studio with a tablet in one hand and an iPad in the other looks ridiculous?

Hey Henry, to the person advising those without health insurance to “get a job with it,” guess what? Hairdressers? No health insurance, small restaurants? I could spend an hour educating you about hard working people who don’t have the employee option of health insurance, but you are convinced they don’t deserve it. I’d advise cutting your and your family’s hair at home from now on.

Hey Henry, it sure would be nice to have another grocery store in the Lake Dow area. I love Publix, but we really, really, need another grocery store to help out with the overflow.

Hey Henry, after the Super Bowl, did anyone collect Tom Brady’s tears in a bottle to sell on eBay? I hear they are more rare than a hen’s tooth.

Hey Henry, while people are complaining about how Henry County is today. I moved here eleven years ago and I don’t regret a single moment of it. I would like to say thank you to the gentleman who gave up his seat to me at Great Expressions Dental Center in Stockbridge. You are amazing and I wouldn’t trade this Southern hospitality, for a cold day up North!

Hey Henry, I am confused. We have a president who says one thing, then says he didn’t say it. He then changes what he says he said, then repeats what we heard him say in the first place, then accuses the “Fake News” of misquoting or lying about what he said, depending on which version of what he says he said he is presently going with.

Hey Henry, regarding turning on headlights in the rain. It may be your funeral but you have no right to cause someone else to experience one. I guess you live in the “it’s all about me world.” What is so hard about turning on your headlights? I guess you have no respect for the law or others.

Hey Henry - 01.31.18

Hey Henry, I’d like to recognize the person who gave the homeless man and his dog a bag of food on Highway 81 on Thursday, January 25; that warmed my heart.

Hey Henry, we the American people get the type of government we deserve! Guess what, we deserve President Trump. Don’t be bitter, maybe Oprah 2024. Wow, can you imagine?

Hey Henry, planning on watching the Super Bowl? Before you do, you need to read this! The NFL refused to let AMVETS (American Veterans) run an advertisement in the NFL game program showing an American Flag and the line saying, “please stand.” The NFL said it was too controversial! Still going to watch the game?

Hey Henry, to the person who commented about federal taxes, I’ve already done the research. Our school system and most only receive about 3-5 percent of funding from the federal government. The rest of the funds come from local and state funds. A shutdown would never affect schools. Learn your facts, instead of relying on cable news.

Hey Henry, can I get one of those government tags, like the white Chevrolet traveling on I- 75 south through Henry County, going at least 90 mph. You idiot.

Hey Henry, immigration woes got you down? Take a look at Iceland’s immigration policy. Now, that’s real immigration.

Hey Henry, a “well said” to the teacher commenting about parents dropping children off and cigarette smoke billowing from the car. I no longer smoke, but when I did, I never smoked in the car, in the house or around my children. My wife made it clear! I knew it was toxic not only to me, but to anyone breathing it. Yes, it is disgusting, the smell overpowers you. We are such a wimpy country in 2018, please don’t offend some parent about smoking around a child. You'll lose your job!

Hey Henry, where are we going to park when everyone has a handicapped tag?

Hey Henry, Henry County and Clayton County are one and the same. All my friends and neighbors moved here over 20 years ago from Clayton County. My brother and I were standing at my mailbox 22 years ago and I made the comment, “this will never be like Clayton County.” He replied, “yes it will, just give it time.” Now how did he know that?

Hey Henry, chalk one up for Officer Frazier and Henry County Code Enforcement. No more banging dumpsters in the middle of the night! Thank you!

Hey Henry, my cousin has had multiple open heart surgeries, beginning when he was two days old. He is in his twenties and looks perfectly normal until you get close enough to see that his lips and nails are blue. At a glance you wouldn't think he needs a handicapped parking place. And yes, he has been chased down in parking lots and scolded by ignorant, self-appointed parking lot judges. Just because he’s not limping doesn't mean a thing. Remember what the Bible says - judge not, lest ye be judged.

Hey Henry, I refuse to turn my headlights on in the rain. It’s my funeral and I’ll get there any dang way I please!

Hey Henry, Henry County becoming exactly like Clayton County is bogus hysteria. Has anyone noticed a mass exodus of citizens? Didn’t think so.

Hey Henry - 01.24.18

Hey Henry, a gracious thank you to the anonymous person who paid for the lunches of eight senior ladies who were out for their Crochet Class Christmas lunch at Outback. It was so heartwarming to actually be a recipient of such generosity. I will unselfishly pay it forward.

Hey Henry, regarding disabled and VA/DV parking spaces - when you are handicapped enough to have the tag then you have the right and the privilege to park just a little bit closer to the store. Trust me, I would rather feel better than I do and be able to walk the distance, than park in those handicapped parking spaces. I would love to be physically capable and not be in enormous pain every day but I’m not. Most of us are not lazy, we just hurt. Lay off!

Hey Henry, why do we need immigrants coming to America? We have millions of our own citizens mooching off the Government! Why do we need millions more? To make us feel warm and fuzzy?

Hey Henry, could someone please explain to me why the Henry County roads were practically shut down in the exact same places as the last ice and snow storm? This happens every single time. There must be a reason.

Hey Henry, to the motorist who struck and killed the coyote last Friday on Highway 155 near Miller’s Store - Thank you. That rascal killed my goats. I saved it’s tail for a souvenir and as a warning to other coyotes.

Hey Henry, for y’alls information - a person cannot acquire handicap stickers or tags without a doctor’s signed affidavit from DMV. Just saying if you see one on a car, it’s legal. Plus not all handicaps are visual.

Hey Henry, regarding the traffic lights going West on GA20? Try driving East from Publix to I-75! Now that needs a lot more than just synchronization! How about starting with No U-Turns at GA20 and GA81?

Hey Henry, I just read a great line in a Tom Clancy book. “Politicians of any stripe made him feel as though he’d downed a mouthful of spoiled milk.”

Hey Henry, be careful when you buy a house, because some builders use the cheapest materials and workers that they can to build it. I have a new house and you can feel the cool air coming from around the windows and other issues. The less they spend on materials, the more money the builder can put in their pocket.

Hey Henry, the election is over. It is time to take down your signs!

Hey Henry, when is “personalized learning” a hindrance to our students/children? I understand “choice,” 21st century skills, and projects to drive instruction, but this learner pathway and “houses,” etc. isn’t helpful. It’s confusing for the students, parents (and from what I hear) the teachers too. We were leaders, but now, I’m not so sure.

Hey Henry, to the people that won’t turn on their headlights when it is dark or raining - We can’t see you!

Hey Henry, I see how these fast food restaurants like to operate. They choose to wait on the drive through customers before those inside. I guess they have to meet a deadline. They need to correct this.

Hey Henry - 01.17.18

Hey Henry, if you folks don’t read the opinion columns by Jeff Reeves you need to start! Jeff, you bring back a ton of memories for us long time residents. Mr. “Casanova Killer” was caught right around the corner from our house and I remember it very clearly. Good job on the articles! Keep ‘em coming.

Hey Henry, “racist dog whistles” huh? I don’t like how many “democrat, free-loading, and liberal” comments I read in Hey Henry. Capitalism prospers not Socialism!

Hey Henry, yes, Bush recession. You know, tax cuts for the rich, less government regulation. Sound familiar?

Hey Henry, I’m a non-obnoxious UGA fan and I’m not going to give excuses. The dawgs had a great season and I’m looking forward to an even better season this year!

Hey Henry, to the person that responded about the taxes and school - do your research. There is some federal tax money that does go to the school system.

Hey Henry, I’m a local teacher and I need to vent. I’m tired of seeing parents during Drop Off opening their car doors and cigarette smoke flowing out. 1. You are affecting the breathing ability of those in my class with asthma issues. 2. Your child is the “smelly kid” and everyone notices. 3. If you cannot wait to light up, please crack a window and it won’t be nearly as bad.

Hey Henry, I recently received amazingly great service from JJ and the staff at the Cochran Library in Stockbridge! I was also pleasantly surprised at the number of programs they offer. Tax dollars well spent!

Hey Henry, I am one of “those women” who suffered sexual assault and didn’t speak up because of embarrassment and knowing that any investigation would just continue the humiliation. Women spoke out against Bill Cosby 20 years ago and were not believed then either.

Hey Henry, when you fled Clayton for Henry County, did you really think that was going to be far enough away to save you from crime, embarrassment, etc? Try Butts or Spalding County and you might get another 10 years.

Henry Henry, I’m tired of hearing about the “millions without health insurance.” Health insurance has never been provided by the government except through welfare/medicaid. Take a real look at how that’s working out. We have more people living off the government than ever before. If you want health insurance, get a job that provides it and pay for it like everyone else has always had to do. People need to stop expecting the government to take care of them. Take care of yourselves.

Hey Henry, in response to the person who is so concerned about the “Disabled and VA/DV” parking spaces - first of all, how many are truly disabled? I see a lot of people using “handicap” parking spaces, who walk better than me! All the while I see elderly people with canes or people that limp, having to park way back in the lot. So, how about all of you with “handicap” stickers or tags, save the spaces for the people who are really disabled and not just too lazy to walk, which would be good for you.

Hey Henry, have you ever heard of synchronized stop lights? Maybe the county and the State should learn from other counties in Georgia. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just try to drive west on Hwy. 20 from the QT gas station to South Point shopping center.

Hey Henry - 01.10.18

Hey Henry, to the person who said the tax break means less money for the school system: school systems don’t run off federal taxes, they run off property taxes and state taxes.

Hey Henry, sometimes I read these Hey Henrys and worry that some of you are my neighbors.

Hey Henry, way to go Mike Jones! In your letter to the Editor, you expressed the thoughts I’ve had for months now regarding sexual allegations coming forth 10, 20, 30 years later by those who are after either money or recognition. If these were true, then why did it take so long for them to open their mouths and say anything?

Hey Henry, to the reader who mentioned we are in competition with Clayton county as far as crime, embarrassment, etc. You are so right. In another 10 years, it will all be one big Clayton county. Sad to see it happen, this used to be a good place to live.

Hey Henry, I know the post office is a handy target of criticism but I think they did a great job delivering all the mail and the additional packages from the online businesses.

Hey Henry, I agree, you should have to live in the county (and pay taxes) to get nonurgent medical care. Too many out of county residents are taking advantage of Henry County!

Hey Henry, “Bush Recession?” The finance committees were controlled by Democrats (they won the 2006 Congressional elections). I guess there is a little blame to spread around.

Hey Henry, I am glad to see the new cell tower on Elliott Road. About time that area of Henry County joins the modern age, and finally gets improved cellular coverage.

Hey Henry, I like reading the Hey Henry comments just to see how many racist dog-whistles I can find.

Hey Henry, if you can’t negotiate a roundabout, you shouldn’t be driving. There is one rule: yield to the left. It literally could not be any simpler.

Hey Henry, I get so tired of drivers on Macon Street in McDonough racing by in the left lane to pass drivers on the way out of town on 42 North. Could the McDonough Police just park a cruiser right where the left lane ends to maybe deter the craziness of idiot drivers? It would be nice if they could put up barriers so drivers could not speed up just to move over in the right lane.

Hey Henry, I need a clarification. The partial vent that I read referred to the effect of the Affordable Care Act. The red herring that followed mentioned the recession. My insurance premium has trebled and my deductible is considerably higher. Is the ACA the fault of the Bush Administration?

Hey Henry, I can tell you why women sexual assault victims did not come forth sooner. Fear, corporate culture that protects people in power and values profits over people, victim-shaming, and that’s just for starters. You can kid yourself all you want, but you wouldn’t have believed them ten years ago any more than you do today.

Hey Henry, I’m not a fan of either team, but thank you Alabama for silencing the obnoxious Ga. fans. No more hype and barking, just excuses. There are a lot of Georgians who could care less about UGA.

Hey Henry - 01.03.18

Hey Henry, to the lady who surprised me by paying for my sandwich last week at Subway on Hwy. 155 and Bill Gardner - thank you very much. It was a nice thing to do and I appreciate your kindness. I wish you and yours all the best in 2018.

Hey Henry, this is to the person who suggested that Henry County drivers be patient and wait their turn. You’re obviously new here so allow me to welcome you as well as warn you that this is never going to happen. Everyone here drives like they’re in a demolition derby.

Hey Henry, to the person who keeps throwing bags of their garbage on Flakes Mill Road in Ellenwood - please note that papers were found with your name and address. It was not a pretty sight for Christmas. There are dumpsters everywhere. Please stop!

Hey Henry, regarding the flight that returned to Los Angeles with the passenger who boarded the wrong plane. Why inconvenience 200 people for the benefit of one? Send the stowaway back on another flight.

Hey Henry, stop depending on your automatic headlights when at dusk or when it is raining. How hard is it to manually turn your lights on? It is amazing how many people drive in the dark with no lights - Concerned Driver.

Hey Henry, way to go Mike Jones. In your Letter to the Editor in the December 20, 2017 edition of the Times you expressed the thoughts that I’ve had for months regarding sexual allegations coming forth 10, 20, 30 years later by those who are after either money or recognition. If these were true, then what took them this long to open their mouths and say anything?

Hey Henry, it seems that our punishments are not effective anymore - I say bring back the stocks and pillory and advertise who will be in them. The embarrassment of a couple of hours in there might be more effective than current tactics.

Hey Henry, there is just no relief when it comes to the traffic on I-75 in Henry County. Between the snowbirds up north going to Florida, dumb Georgia drivers, and the “genius,” bypass through Henry County that hasn’t done a bit of good, I believe we can call ourselves number one in the United States for traffic.

Hey Henry, we have so many Disabled and VA/DV license plates we can’t accommodate our Henry County residents. Please create more handicapped parking!

Hey Henry, when will this trend of wearing exercise clothing while not doing exercise come to an end?

Hey Henry, “eight year disaster?” You mean the 8 year clean up of Bush II’s mess. It is just amazing that anyone can claim that coming out of the Great Recession is a “disaster.”

Hey Henry, to the reader who mentioned we are in competition with Clayton county as far as crime, embarrassment, etc. You are so right. In another 10 years, it will all be one big Clayton county. Sad to see it happen, this used to be a good place to live.

Hey Henry, to the people concerned about an exit off of I-75 at Bethlehem Road - don’t worry about that. It takes just short of an act of Congress to get an exit added.

Hey Henry - 12.27.17

Hey Henry, I was wondering where our fantastic mailman had been, but now I know after seeing him in the Times! Congrats on your retirement Mr. Stevens but you will be missed around McDonough!

Hey Henry, why do county residents have to wait so long to get into the ER at Piedmony Henry Hospital. I think it is because of all the people from Clayton, Dekalb and Fulton coming here with colds and other minor issues. Why can’t they go to a doctor’s office or use the hospitals in their own counties? I am fed up. Are you?

Hey Henry, teachers need to learn to communicate verbally with parents, instead of using Infinite Campus as an excuse.

Hey Henry, I saw that they are releasing the movie Oceans 8. This is sure to be quality cinema.

Hey Henry, being in a bind should be temporary. People living off the government (taxpayers) should no longer be acceptable.

Hey Henry, if you like the tax break, more power to you. If you work for the school system, don’t plan on any raises anytime soon. Think about it, tax cuts means less taxes being paid and this is what funds the school system.

Hey Henry, to the comment about another exit being put in at Bethlehem Road, think about it. This would cut out some of the traffic in Locust Grove hopefully. Also, the exit from Locust Grove going north to the next exit, is way to far. Have common since.

Hey Henry, it was obvious who was going to win the race for Atlanta mayor.

Hey Henry, the Trump castigation sounded just like what the Democratic National Committee trained you to parrot. I was, at least, respectful of the last man in the White House who presided over the previous 8-year disaster (Check your health insurance premiums). Are you people just going to seethe for three more years?

Hey Henry, to the BOE, let’s get those politics out of education! Too many cooks in the kitchen.

Hey Henry, to the person who wrote it’s better having the Republicans and President Trump in office. I beg to differ a little. The majority of cabinet heads are multi-millionaires, the tax bill just passed will leave millions without healthcare. Even the kids and the Children’s Health Insurance Program are in jeopardy. The boost that the middle class will get is temporary, the one for the rich and wealthy is permanent. It will add trillions to the national debt. Race hating groups are on the rise, due to Mr. Trump’s dog whistling statements. I think Mr. Trump’s disapproval of our intelligent agencies is not good for people who put their lives on the line everyday for this country. His love affair with Putin is not good. Putin knows all he has to do is stroke Mr. Trump’s ego and all is well. Socialism vs dictatorship. I’m just saying.

Hey Henry, we are in direct competition with Clayton County. So far I think they are winning, but we are giving them a run for their craziness, dysfunction, crime and embarrassment.

Hey Henry, Happy New Year Henry County!

Hey Henry - 12.20.17

Hey Henry, congratulations to Jacob Bigley on his Eagle Scout ceremony at First Baptist Church in McDonough. I’m so proud of you!

Hey Henry, I see lots of “widening” projects and a new roadway in the Henry news. Crazy they didn’t think of that before the I-75 Expressway hazard and saved a lot of money for better ideas. Ah, but then considering the time it takes to get roadwork completed in Georgia, there’s really nothing to get excited about.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about daycare waivers. What if you are a taxpayer and full time worker who just needs a little help during a rough time? I pay my taxes and work a full time job, and yes, I use government help because I am in a bind.

Hey Henry, welcome to the roundabout at Old Jackson and Bethany Roads. Having driven in England on vacation years ago, I am glad to see more of them constructed. People, be patient, take your turn, and they will probably grow on you.

Hey Henry, putting an exit ramp on Bethlehem Road makes about as much sense as lining S.R. 155 with all those warehouses, the majority of which are still sitting empty. The traffic between Greenwood and I-75 is horrendous all the time, whether morning or afternoon. So, Henry County Planning/ DOT needs to check with the people who live around there before they make even more poor judgements.

Hey Henry, remember when K-2 was Math and ELA/Content-Area Reading only? With all of the wavers in-place for personalized learning, why don’t we go back to this? So much remediation, but the root of the problem begins before Kindergarten. Where’s our Kindergarten retention to help our babies from the start instead of allowing the problem to grow uncontrollably to 5th graders reading on a 1st grade level?

Hey Henry, in reference to the tailgating driver: I am comforted in believing the people who are horses’ behinds don’t know that they are. To believe otherwise would be to admit that 10% of drivers (people in general?) are made up of sociopaths.

Hey Henry, why should little old Henry county pay a school administrator $280K. More than a U.S. Congressman makes ($174K). Put it where the rubber meets the road - teachers.

Hey Henry, so Trump is putting more money in your pocket? Good for you. Meanwhile, he is removing protections from public lands, provoking our enemies, alienating our allies, stripping my friends and neighbors of legal protections, defending pedophiles, and generally embarrassing the US on the world stage. But hey, as long as your wallet is getting fatter, all’s well in your little bubble.

Hey Henry, regarding development in Henry - landowners can sell their property to anyone they want and nobody can do a thing about it. The county can’t block someone from selling their land to a certain party.

Hey Henry, I would like to say kudos to Mr. Herman Miller for giving and caring for his sister state and people. I know we need missionaries to go to other countries, but I think there is also a lot of need in our own country and back yard. As a country we do not do enough for our fellow states and people in need. When a storm or fire devastates another state we pitch in, but that does not help the day-to-day needs. So Mr. Miller, my hat is off to you for what you do. A very merry Christmas and God bless. We need more like you.

Hey Henry - 12.13.17

Hey Henry, how about we let the teachers go back to teaching? Elementary schools are still allowed, but secondary = bad news.

Hey Henry, Seriously? A roundabout at Old Jackson and South Bethany? They really think people who can’t understand a simple four way stop will be able to navigate the most convoluted type of intersection in existence? You realize these are the same drivers who couldn’t comprehend the meaning of “take gap-give gap” on the Square, right? Yeah, thanks in advance for making me have to go the long way around to and from my house to avoid this death trap every day.

Hey Henry, as a paying patron of restaurants it makes me mad to watch another customer order a big plate of food, eat it and then complain, complain, complain to get it for free and then take home the food that they thought was so terrible. Restaurant managers should refuse to comp food. If you really don’t like it, you won’t be back - which never happens. You won’t come back because you aren’t going to get food for free.

Hey Henry, to the pickup driver who tailgated and hi-beamed my poor wife and daughter on their way home on Eastlake Parkway during a rainstorm - they got your tag!

Hey Henry, six of one, half a dozen of the other - it doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican. If the complaint is legitimate - complain and continue to vote!

Hey Henry, the worst thing the county could do would be to add an exit at I-75 and Bethlehem Road. The area is zoned for housing, Eagles Brooke sits in the middle of the area, Bethlehem Elementary School traffic would be affected by all the semis, and there is a graveyard (possibly historic) located on each side of the road. The last thing needed is a steady line of semis ruining the quality of life in this area.

Hey Henry, the new school superintendent needs to make two visits to every school in the county. The second visit should be unannounced. Don’t let these administrators get away with their dog and pony shows!

Hey Henry, so your funds are growing! So were everyone else’s until the Great Recession hit. I hope that you have enough to live on without them.

Hey Henry, fair warning - if you’re going to honk at all the distracted and stupid drivers in Georgia, be prepared to honk continuously. There’s too many idiots on the roads and not enough horns. Tip: many of them have “Educator” plates.

Hey Henry, to the person that thinks having Republicans and Trump in the presidency is a plutocracy you need to wake up and stop being a sheep! For the past eight years we were heading towards a socialist government. I would rather have Trump and the Republicans than a socialist running things. By the way, you need to get your facts straight before you spout off your opinion.

Hey Henry, to the Henry County Board of Education, thank you so much for ruining my holiday time with my children for the next two years.

Hey Henry, be sure to write your legislators right now in favor of keeping net neutrality rules. Without these rules, telecommunications companies would be able to choose how much bandwidth to allow certain websites and charge us as much as they want for service. Net neutrality gives consumers rights!

Hey Henry - 12.06.17

Hey Henry, you people riding these scooters, if you can’t go more than 25 mph, stay off the road!

Hey Henry, my husband and I moved to Stockbridge six years ago. I did not know anybody here at the time and I felt so lonely until I read Don Sweetenham’s column in the Times. I found a friend, a nature and animal lover. I did not know Don, yet I knew him very well. How lucky I was in all these years! This treasure that Don gave me will be in my heart forever.

Hey Henry, concerning the comment on taxpayer supplied daycare. I am in agreement. If it weren’t for the taxpayer, most of you couldn’t afford your kids.

Hey Henry, I would much rather have my neighbor blow his leaves in the street than have neighbors that fail to: maintain their yard, pick up the newspapers in their driveway, get rid of their junk cars and play their loud rap music.

Hey Henry, dear parent, Infinite Campus is available to you throughout the entire school year and grades are entered during the grading period. It’s up to you to check it periodically. Want to know a secret? We can see how often you really check it!

Hey Henry, thank you, thank you, thank you, Trump! Our country is finally getting back on track. My funds are growing! Every time Obama came on air my stocks and funds would drop, drop, drop. Love to see the growth. Keep up the great job!

Hey Henry, in response to the question about the Henry County school bus dropping students at the private day care on Highway 81. They are dropping high schools students off that are participating in Early Childhood Practicums through the school system.

Hey Henry, when I grew up, it was in small town USA and it was a common practice/courtesy to wave at all your neighbors when you saw them whether you knew them or not. Today I live in Lake Dow and still follow this practice when I am out in my yard. However, most folks just ignore you. Whatever happened to being neighborly and just waving because it is the polite thing to do? A simple wave never hurt anyone.

Hey Henry, I totally agree with the comment about repaving Racetrack Road. I work on it and this is a major thoroughfare in the afternoons. And how about re-timing the traffic light at Zack Hinton to allow a few more cars through? Traffic backs up to Macon Street all the time when people are on the way home from work.

Hey Henry, there is absolutely no proof that putting a child in daycare makes them a better student, so why is HOPE money being used to pay for daycare. Yes, daycare, calling your facility a “learning academy” or other creative name doesn’t change the fact it’s daycare being paid for by HOPE and the taxpayer. People are tired of paying for everyone else’s kids.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about Republicans. I am a Republican and I am complaining about Democrats.

Hey Henry, why won’t they install a traffic light at McDonough Parkway and Hwy. 20/81? If any place needs one it’s there.

Hey Henry, great job by the newspapers in supporting small independent businesses. It is appreciated. Now how do we get other local organizations and elected officials involved? It’s going to take all of us and our support to take care of the backbone of our community.

Hey Henry - 11.29.17

Hey Henry, so what if Henry County Schools are starting back on January 9? They are supposed to be about education, not taxpayer supplied (and paid for) daycare.

Hey Henry, I didn’t know the county board meetings were cosplay events. Should I dress as Green Lantern when I go to speak?

Hey Henry, to those who keep complaining Henry is becoming Clayton: I hate to tell you, but there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference in the two. The concern should be how to stop the downward spiral of Henry.

Hey Henry, FYI, blowing the leaves off your yard and into the street is littering and not very neighborly.

Hey Henry, I was involved in a traffic accident on November 2 on Hwy. 42. I cannot say enough kind words about the lady who prayed for me, the police officer and the men from the fire department who helped me and took me to the hospital. Thank all of you for your help.

Hey Henry, I wish the name of the small local food store that overcharged someone’s debit card $1,500 had been identified. I’d like to shop there! Their customer service is above and beyond anyone’s expectations.

Hey Henry, Black Friday is absolutely ridiculous. It’s stupid and dangerous to subject yourself (and children) to retail hype (and scams). There is nothing I need that is that important and the best prices happen after Christmas.

Hey Henry, this is an advisory statement: if I see you driving and not paying attention, you will be honked at. Fair warning. Let’s all pay attention, people, and make it home for Christmas.

Hey Henry, looks like a local waste company is responsible for our Monday morning 5:30 a.m. wake up slams. Hopefully, one call and that’s all.

Hey Henry, does anyone know why a Henry County school bus is dropping off students at a private learning center in the morning across from the McDonough Library?

Hey Henry, a plutocracy is defined as a land governed by the wealthy few. With Trump and Republicans in power, that is what we are becoming. Our wealthiest one percent now own fifty percent of our total private wealth. Trump and Republicans want that percentage increased to seventy-five! They want us to become the world’s largest banana republic.

Hey Henry, it’s funny how everything goes up in price except your paycheck. Well, for some of us.

Hey Henry, am I the only parent sick and tired of teachers telling us to use infinite campus to keep up with our child's grades? We have to wait until the day before the end of the grading period for some teachers to enter grades. How do I know how my child is doing?

Hey Henry, it’s pretty sad when a nice, locally owned restaurant that has great food charges more than their posted menu prices.

Hey Henry, what is the hold up on widening Hampton/Locust Grove Rd? It’s way too narrow going from Hwy. 155 all the way down to Hampton High School.

Hey Henry - 11.22.17

Hey Henry, in response to the post regarding personalized learning, I completely agree. The only way this would work is if each and every student were identical and self motivated. Not every student learns well in an online environment.

Hey Henry, to the Henry DOT - I appreciate you working on our roads and everything but do you have to work on them all at the same time?

Hey Henry, to all of the fast food managers out there - customers don’t like hearing you chew out your employees. Take them out of earshot.

Hey Henry, a big thank you to Historic Downtown Hampton for promoting Small Business Saturday on November 25 in their advertisement in The Times. Small business owners need all the help they can get these days. My plans for Friday, Saturday and every day are to shop small and local first. And no, I’m not a business owner.

Hey Henry, they are looking at raising my auto insurance premiums and I have had no tickets on my record for the past 28 years. Why don’t you go after the ones who are repeat offenders and those who abuse their right to be a licensed driver?

Hey Henry, what is it with these people wearing hoodies in their car when they have heat? Is this some sort of gang recognition? Like I said, here comes Clayton County.

Hey Henry, I have noticed that North Bethany Road beside Lake Dow, where all the rich folks live, gets repaved. On the other hand, Racetrack Road which is in desperate need of re-paving and has been for years, is still not re-paved. Would a politician or some other rich person get results?

Hey Henry, when I go to the store, the people in line ahead of me take forever to check out. You know who you are. My transactions take 30 seconds. I’m just saying.

Hey Henry, please, I do not want to go to another county meeting and hear public service asking for funds, when I see drivers passing me like I am sitting still on I-75 and changing lanes without signaling. Safely home again.

Hey Henry, five years ago the county downsized the Building Department by laying off staff. Does the current volume of permits issued really justify hiring new staff at the taxpayers’ expense?

Hey Henry, what do you mean: “Mr. Trump, when will it start being great?” Things are great for him and his cronies. They are draining the swamp right into their pockets. And our elected representatives? They’re helping!

Hey Henry, If you take your dogs out on a leash you know where they are at all times. When you open the door and let your pets outside, then “you” submit them to the predators out there. Like other humans, coyotes, large hawk, owls and other large dogs. As the saying goes, “if you love your dog, then leash your dog.” A solid fence is also a great option.

Hey Henry, I want to say “thank you” to any parent, anywhere that has ever left a dirty diaper in a parking lot.

Hey Henry, why in the world are Henry County Schools starting back on January 9? Does anyone there understand working families?

Hey Henry - 11.15.17

Hey Henry, why do we need a large Jodeco Station retail shop when the small store fronts already on Jodeco remain empty of tenants? If I wanted Atlanta living, I’d move to Atlanta. Stop Jodeco from expanding.

Hey Henry, I’m surprised that there is anyone willing to teach in the public school system. It is amazing to me that kids can take videos and voice recordings of anything a teacher says and post it on social media, but the school system can’t place videos/recordings of what actually takes place in the classroom on the same social media. If they did then everyone could see just how your little brats act and keep the ones who want to learn from doing so. I feel sorry for the teachers.

Hey Henry, the mayoral election is over. My “for sale” sign is up. Will the last homeowner please turn out the lights in Stockbridge?

Hey Henry, it is amazing to me that some of the people who receive free services and aid in this county act so disrespectful, ungrateful, and mean spirited. The least you could do is act like you appreciate the services you are receiving.

Hey Henry, I live on Jonesboro road and also have to pick up dip cans and liquor bottles out of my yard where the yahoos from Clayton county throw them on the ground.

Hey Henry, a big thank you to Courtesy Cleaners on Eagles Landing Parkway for their honesty. They returned the cash that was left in my garment for dry cleaning. There are still honest people out there.

Hey, Henry, in response to the post regarding personalized learning, I couldn’t agree more! Do you choose what assignment you want to do at work? Our classrooms have become a joke. Students are allowed to sit on the floor, on exercise balls, chairs. or just stand up. They choose their assignments, take quizzes and tests when they get ready, and just have to show the teacher the grade. Stop letting children run the schools and get back to teaching in an environment where kids can learn both educational content and how to sit in a class and show respect to others (not that the last one doesn’t begin at home).

Hey Henry, what a treat to welcome the holiday season each year with the Grinch. Thank you to all the volunteers who spend their time doing things for the kids of this community!

Hey Henry, April the giraffe is pregnant again. I did not know she was so promiscuous.

Hey Henry, I don’t know what’s worse, texting and driving or women putting on makeup while driving. My God people, pay attention!

Hey Henry, Mr. Trump, when will it start being great?

Hey Henry, this past week my faith in people was restored by a small local food business owner who accidentally over charged my debit card $1,500+. The owners immediately contacted me and reversed the charge. However, knowing that this could possibly cause my family a hardship and bank fees while waiting on the credit card company to issue the credit, the owner called and offered to pay any bank charges and even let me borrow money from them until my money was refunded. The honesty alone blew my mind, but their kindness and empathy is what truly restored my faith in people.

Hey Henry - 11.08.17

Hey Henry, personalized learning is destroying our students. There’s a difference between being progressive leaders, such as the TAG program origins model, choice boards and menus and absolute stupidity because our kids have to use a document that the teachers don’t even like. Let’s fix this before our students are unmarketable!

Hey Henry, can some police/sheriff officers please hand out some tickets on Walt Stephens Road for people failing to stop? It’s especially hazardous around Red Oak Elementary School. The yield sign there is a no yield drag strip.

Hey Henry, I’m not a smart man, but I think the people from the Warm & Toasty initiative and the American Legion should team up. They could really help each other help those in need. All other non-profits should jump in too - people can accomplish more when banded together!

Hey Henry, when did middle school students and parents become unaccountable for their work and behavior? Did I miss a memo?

Hey Henry, Missing Pets in Henry County Georgia on Facebook are always posting pictures of all these poor, unfortunate dogs and cats that have been taken to Henry County Animal Control. Could the irresponsible pet owners do something nice for once in their life, and go pick up their dogs and cats? If they cannot manage this, then stop getting animals. Stop dumping your dogs and cats on others. Be responsible and don’t get them, they deserve so much better. Spay and neuter your animals, people! And please quit breeding pit bulls, the shelters are overrun with them!

Hey Henry, what can the seniors in Henry County do to get phone service and internet service that doesn’t break down all the time? I live at a local apartment complex and residents can’t even call an ambulance in an emergency! The lights in the breezeway don’t work and the owner doesn’t fix anything! The gated community gates don’t work and nobody cares!

Hey Henry, I feel like I am living on the moon. I drive around and places that were once covered in trees and wildlife, filled with fresh air and beauty are gone and replaced by dirt. Before long we won’t have clean air to breath, or for that matter, oxygen to breathe. Trees mean clean air and oxygen. Keep taking them down by the thousands and we will die on the moon. Just stop all this building and clear cutting. it will be the death of us all!

Hey Henry, Georgia drivers are so rude! They think that they are special and don’t have to wait in line like everyone else so they fly to the front of the line and force their way in. People that let them in just encourage their rude behavior.

Hey Henry, I just want to give a shout-out to all those considerate drivers who roll their windows down so the rest of us can also enjoy their loud, booming obscenity-laced, ill-conceived, “music.” Signed, a normal person.

Hey Henry, kudos to the DOT employee who just cut the right of way on LG/Griffin Road west of I-75. I have traveled this stretch of road for 30 plus years and it has never looked so good. Keep up the good work.

Hey Henry, what is wrong with the Henry country baseball fields? I went to buy boiled peanuts and was told that concession will no longer be selling boiled or roasted peanuts. Baseball and peanuts goes together just like in the song. It’s un-American not to sell peanuts at baseball field!

Hey Henry - 11.01.17

Hey Henry, congratulations to the new superintendent. I just hope she realizes that Henry County students and parents are almost nothing like Cobb County students and parents in terms of rigor and achievement, and the policies of the past several years are only widening that gap.

Hey Henry, a special thank you to the drivers who do not block intersections or commercial driveways while waiting at stoplights as well as those who don’t tailgate when I’m driving below the speed limit looking for an address and those who give a gap when I’m trying to enter a busy roadway. Your kindness is very much appreciated. I promise I will pay back the consideration in kind.

Hey Henry, why do middle school students have no consequences for being rude, disrespectful, and lazy? And even worse, why are they allowed to fight and return to class? What about the rest of the kids who want to learn?

Hey Henry, yes, teachers are grossly underpaid when you consider the amount of time they spend not only at school, but at home working on all of their duties and responsibilities. This is not the 1980’s and teaching has changed drastically! As far as a teacher’s retirement being good ... ha!

Hey Henry, Shaquille O’Neal says he’ll run for sheriff in Henry County in 2020 and bring Victor Hill with him. Please tell me this is not true.

Hey Henry, it is extremely infuriating when a smoker throws a cigarette out of their car window. If you smoke it in your car, then retain the butt in your car. If the butt is too filthy to put in your trash receptacle, is it not too filthy to put in your mouth?

Hey Henry I think it is inhumane that these businesses hire people to stand on a median with a sign. I wouldn’t buy a house from you or shop at your business for anything.

Hey Henry, so gang activity in Henry County is to the point where the Sheriffs Dept. has a Gang Suppression Unit? Just how far is the pollution of our neighborhoods going to be allowed. Suppression, really? Eradicate the vermin.

Hey Henry, I can tell that Henry County is just an extension of Clayton County by the trash I pick-up in front of my house on Jonesboro Road. Everyday the amount grows. Yesterday it was malt liquor cans and a pair of heavily used underwear.

Hey Henry, FYI - In a round-about, give one, take one is not the rule. You yield to traffic to your left until it is clear. Vehicles in the round-about have the right of way.

Hey Henry, let’s get real. Teachers are well paid for what they do. They may not be supported by their school administration, and most definitely not by parents, but they are not underpaid and have a very good retirement ... says the person who has never stepped foot in a classroom.

Hey Henry, I have just moved to McDonough. Can someone tell me where to find a telephone directory for local businesses?

Hey Henry, if you drive a tall truck or any kind of elevated vehicle, please remember that some of us short cars out there are being blinded. Please, just keep that in mind. Signed, Blinded By The Light.

Hey Henry - 10.25.17

Hey Henry, I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days gang up on me all at once.

Hey Henry I would like to say thank you to the fireman who stopped on Hwy. 155 at Judy Dr. to pick up the trash that fell off of someone’s truck and caused a traffic jam!

Hey Henry, there are reasons for crossing guards holding up a stop sign. They mean stop, instead of cutting buses off and illegally using the shoulders and sections lined off while trying to break in line.

Hey Henry, so the NFL and TV’s answer to disrespecting the flag and our national anthem is to just censor it out by playing commercials until this celebration is over? Time to “kick off” to another channel. I’m over the NFL. You’re either a patriot or a socialist. Which are you?

Hey Henry, there should be a hefty fine for people throwing cigarettes out the car window.

Hey Henry, with the traffic in the afternoon backed up from CVS to past the Post Office (in McDonough), has anyone in the county wondered how much worse it’s going to be once they open the two new schools they are building? If so, what is being done to prepare for it?

Hey Henry, the last time I looked, when two lanes merge into one, the proper procedure is staying behind the car in front of you. Yet on Westridge Parkway going to the Retreat, we have people smashing the gas pedal to pass the person in front of them before the second lane disappears. This is dangerous, especially in a residential area with a 25 mph speed limit.

Hey Henry, all of these fast food restaurants in Henry County have two cash registers, but only one is ever used. That is working America today. Let’s get by with less people, less money and more work.

Hey Henry, I am a local senior seeking someone to help me fix the antenna on my digital tv. I have looked for a company to help me, but they are all located in Cobb County. My son is out of the country or I could ask him. Does anyone perform this service locally?

Hey Henry, Ola school families, it’s time to get together. Another company is trying to build 327 homes on 220 acres. Aren’t the schools congested enough? Come out and vote no to this subdivision on November 9. Save the land, keep our privacy. I understand growth, but I moved away from that 20 years ago to raise my children in a safe environment!

Hey Henry, it would have been braver for these actresses to come forward while Harvey Weinstein was actually abusing them. But they were too busy making millions of dollars off his movie roles.

Hey Henry, can someone please fix the timing of the traffic lights on Hwy. 138 at I-675? It’s especially bad at Hwy. 138 and Davidson Pkwy. Only two or three cars get through and the rest block the intersection. It’s ridiculous how bad the traffic gets backed up. Can someone please help?

Hey Henry, let’s get real. Teachers are well paid for what they do. They may not be supported by their school administration, and most definitely not by parents, but they are not underpaid and have a very good retirement.

Hey Henry - 10.18.17

Hey Henry, thanks to whoever cut the hedges back at the exit to Uncle Sam’s. We can finally see to pull out now.

Hey Henry, to the guy in the red Ford pickup who cut me off at the intersection of Lequin Mill and S. Ola and then proceeded to ride 25 miles an hour all the way to New Hope, brake checking me and causing a line of traffic as far as you could see - I called 911 and reported your reckless driving. Oh and I gave them your tag number since you so kindly stopped in the middle of the road for me to see it.

Hey Henry, the students would get the education they need if: #1. Parents would get involved and actually participate. #2. Parents would teach some respect and #3. Teach some morals and discipline. People who think that teaching should only be done in the classroom are the problem. I invite everyone to visit a school for one day and see how it is to teach a society of ungrateful children that belong to ungrateful adults.

Hey Henry, ladies and gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants, and slide on the ice.

Hey Henry, yes, negotiations over salary for the new Henry County Superintendent should be announced to the taxpayers! There is no sense in the superintendent making as much as they do. They have four or five assistants, so what do they do? No wonder teachers, maintenance personnel and kitchen workers don’t make much. The board is too busy taking care of administrators pay!

Hey Henry, if Henry County insists on putting in all these round-a-bouts then people need to be educated on how to use them! It says yield for a reason, give one, take one is the rule of the road, not speed up and drive through it like I see everyone doing. Mainly the one at North Moseley and Hwy. 138.

Hey Hey, to to person criticizing teachers, we don’t do our jobs just for a paycheck. I’m spending 20 hours a week outside of the 50 hours I’m already there teaching and planning. Do you do that at your job without being paid overtime? We’re usually working or being trained on our breaks too!

Hey Henry, thanks for being an awesome paper with the opportunity for everyone to have their voice be heard. Henry County is so fortunate to have you. We are honored! - I just wanted to write something you would actually post. By saying you edit posts, it has become obvious that you only post things in line with your political agenda. Try not discriminating on a vent page! I’m sorry, I meant thanks for the amazing work you do!

Hey Henry, happy Fall y’all!

Hey Henry, to the person saying Henry is a perfect example of races living, working hard, and thriving together - are you crazy? Take a look at our BOC and the fight over Nash Farm. Or look at the Board of Education with the recent conflicts in hiring a superintendent. I agree it would be awesome to live as you portray our county, but get real. We are far from it!

Hey Henry, I usually drive five miles an hour over the speed limit like a lot of folks out there. When someone tailgates me and they want to go faster than that, they can pass me, take another route, or just hang back and drive like everyone else. And don’t give me that bull about them having an emergency. People feeling entitled, acting like they are special and somehow above the law is what has ruined this country.

Hey Henry - 10.11.17

Hey Henry, to the wrecker committee of Henry County. Why are the wrecker companies taking advantage of the cities of Henry County on fender bender and storage lot fees?

Hey Henry, slamming on the brakes for no reason will also get you fined there pal. I pull a travel trailer and when I have cars behind me, I always try to make room where I can in order to let them pass me. Why can’t you slow poke drivers do the same?

Hey Henry, so Washington, Jefferson, and Patrick Henry were traitors to the British Crown, but after the Revolution, the new government guaranteed the right of the states to secede, therefore, Davis and Lee were not traitors.

Hey Henry, how about the Henry county DOT pave some of the awful roads in this county? North Ola and Honey Creek have needed to be paved for over a decade now.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about people riding your bumper, some people are speeding because they have an emergency and are trying to get to a hospital. It only takes a few seconds to move over and let them pass. Even if they are speeding for no reason, let them go so the police can handle them. Slamming on your breaks only makes it dangerous for you and those surrounding you. You obviously have a case of road rage.

Hey Henry, nobody likes to see litter in or on the side of our roads - it gripes me to actually see people throwing trash from their vehicles ... that’s bad enough. But some of the biggest culprits are the companies hired to pick up our trash, using those giant compactor trucks, and safely dispose of it. Come on folks, secure that stuff - you’re picking it up, and then dumping it right back into the streets!

Hey Henry, can we stop building warehouses on and off Hwy. 155 until we have the roads to support the ever growing truck traffic?

Hey Henry, I have been teaching for more than 14 years, but I have never felt so unappreciated as a highly educated professional than I do under the current leadership of Henry County Schools. If students matter, then the teachers who educate them should also matter. However, we are underpaid, overworked, supported less then ever before. The amount of documentation required now from Administration and the County is taking teachers’ time away from their children. At some point the people of Henry County need to stand up and demand that teachers be paid fairly, and the amount of testing and documentation stop, or quality teachers will continue to exit the profession. Where will that leave our children?

Hey Henry, in regards to the comments about garbage trucks collecting in the early a.m., I must say I would rather hear that for a brief moment than the boom, boom, boom of music that is heard within a 1/4 mile radius of Miller Rd off of McGarity Road.

Hey Henry, the current fee structure for fines apparently does nothing to discourage speeding and reckless driving. Let’s increase traffic fines and hit these reckless drivers in the only place they can apparently feel - their wallet.

Hey Henry, Georgia students need all the education they can get. Evidently you haven’t looked at all the failing schools and the State of Georgia educational ranking. Georgia needs more teachers who want to teach and a lot less teachers who just want time off and to collect a paycheck.

Hey Henry - 10.04.17

Hey Henry, I am so tired of and saddened by the media’s constant portrayal of America as totally divided by race. Meanwhile, here in the real world, I think we in Henry County are a fine example of races living, working, and thriving together! Is it perfect? No, I’m not saying that. But for the most part, good, kind, hard-working people of all races are working and living side by side here without drama. I am thankful for my community and all the good people in it, of every color!

Hey Henry, to the person last week who said that slavery was legal and human trafficking is not. Do you think that traffickers just kidnap the people to relocate them? They are sold into slavery, just like the slaves were 400 years ago. The slaves were trafficked as well. Not sure what your premise of stating that one form of slavery was legal and another form was illegal. I would like to think that we all can agree that buying and selling any individual is wrong.

Hey Henry, attention all parents that homeschool their children, go get your free computers from Henry County. You have paid taxes for the purchases and you have the same justification as those in a Henry County school class. Go get your computers that are now being issued.

Hey Henry, just because traffic sucks, especially around Hwy. 155, doesn’t mean you get to make your own lanes, drive the wrong way, and break laws because you think you’re too important. The selfishness and stupidity is amazing.

Hey Henry, to anyone who hears garbage trucks before 6:30 a.m. or after 7 p.m. - please get the name of the garbage company and complain to Code Enforcement. I tried to call the garbage company and the owner told me “they can be on the roads whenever they want,” which is not true!

Hey Henry, it is an extremely sad day in America when anyone living here, and enjoying the benefits provided by men who have lost their lives, disrespects those freedoms by taking a knee during the National Anthem. Respect the flag and the sacrifices made for you, or get out!

Hey Henry, to the group of “patrons” today at La Parilla who created a tremendous mess on the floor, let their children shriek with abandon and complained about the food and lingered until the manager gave them much of it free. Then you had the audacity to ask for to-go boxes for the remainder of the food plus had the waitress bag up some fresh chips and salsa to take home. Since all your beverages (water) were complimentary and you took home food you paid next to nothing for it, leaving no tip, of course you made out pretty well, huh? But what about integrity? Ever hear of that?

Hey Henry, isn’t it past time to get a traffic light at Mill Road and Mt. Carmel? Waiting in a line that stretches over half a mile for a stop sign is just ridiculous!

Hey Henry, all the roads around Clayton County are filled with trash! How about handing out tickets for the jerks throwing their garbage and cigarette butts out of their car windows in Henry County?

Hey Henry, to the person talking about being behind someone driving the speed limit and you are the jerk riding someone’s tail. Ride my tail and shine your bright lights in my mirror and I will slams on my brakes. They will get you for following too close.

Hey Henry - 09.27.17

Hey Henry, let’s stop complaining and discuss something funny and pleasant for a change. I thoroughly enjoyed the column by Jeff Reeves in the July 26 edition of The Henry County Times. I know Jeff and love him and Miss Frances also. When I worked in Atlanta, I rode in the same car with Miss Frances. She was a nice, sweet, funny lady.

Hey Henry, to the person who thinks that Fall Break should have been canceled - lot of families take vacations during this week, like cruises or other trips that require deposits well in advance and can’t be canceled without losing their money. Besides, I think teachers need all the breaks they can get. Public school is a nightmare these days. Kids cannot be disciplined and have no respect for anybody. You should volunteer at your local school and I bet you will have a different opinion.

Hey Henry, amen on the garbage trucks! Someone has a pickup every other Monday at 5:30 a.m. where I live. I suppose I need to figure out which one. but by the time I get dressed, get in the car, and drive over, they’ll be gone.

Hey Henry, I was recently driving down 75 South from Eagles Landing to Highway 16 in Griffin. Driving is death waiting to happen. This Land Rover was in and out of lanes, not signaling, speeding like crazy, which meant that others followed. Hey Insurance Commissioner, how about some assistance, since no one else seems to care.

Hey Henry, to those who think that if Lee and Davis were traitors then likewise Washington and Jefferson were also traitors - you are right! Washington and Jefferson were traitors to the throne of England and Lee and Davis were traitors to the United States of America.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about tailgaters - speed up or move over. When there’s a line of cars behind you, you are holding up traffic. Be courteous and move or pull over and let people pass. So what if someone is driving faster than you? Don’t be a jerk and think you should control traffic. If I ever get behind you and you’re doing that, you’ll be rushing to adjust your mirrors because I’ll have my brights on. And I drive a big truck. Oh, I’ll be nice. I’ll give you some time to speed up or get out of the way. But if a few miles have passed with no change, your car will be flooded with so much light that you’ll be trying to call Fox Mulder.

Hey Henry, does anyone know what happened to the guy who was living in his car in the Lowes parking lot in Stockbridge?

Hey Henry, the parents who cannot get their children to school on time are the same parents that can’t get to work on time and think that they are an exception. Unfortunately our society is allowing more and more exceptions to the rules everyone else has to follow.

Hey Henry, I am glad they are building a Cancer Center at Piedmont Henry, but why not expand their children’s services? There is no pediatric ward at Piedmont Henry, but there is a major need for one!

Hey Henry, the status of the Stockbridge Mayor’s race spells doom for Stockbridge. Hopefully new candidates will apply and voters will continue to fight against the same government and political choices that have destroyed Clayton, Fulton and Dekalb counties.

Hey Henry, slavery was legal; human trafficking is not. If you know how to stop human trafficking, please let everyone else in on it. Law enforcement acts on tips. Some truck drivers are being trained to look for it and report it.

Hey Henry - 09.20.17

Hey Henry, thank you for the mail carriers at McDonough who delivered in the face of Irma. Also to the supervisor Michelle who motivated the clerks to get the carriers on the street. Good teamwork.

Hey Henry, let me say that Henry County and Henry County Schools, have done a great job at making sure people, both in-county and out were safe! You called it well this time, regardless of the storm’s power.

Hey Henry, after spending $10 million plus on the “new” Alexander park on Jonesboro Road that no one EVER uses, please put up a sign so folks will know what that gravel parking lot by the tracks is for, and how about some sidewalks so we can get there from town.

Hey Henry, I think after all the time off the teachers and kids had, that Fall break should be canceled and the kids and teacher can get back to class. Our kids have missed too much already, and by the looks of the school calendar, teachers and kids will get more than enough breaks this year.

Hey Henry, I am always amused when reading comments relative to the Confederate Flag and monuments. Before calling the Confederates traitors, maybe people should educate themselves. If Lee, Jackson and Davis were traitors then Washington, Jefferson and Adams were also traitors.

Hey Henry, the county needs a mandatory drivers education course for all who have never had one. It just blows my mind, how many people pull in front of me or make a left hand turn in front of me while I am driving straight down a road. Do people really want to kill themselves or others by their stupid actions? I believe they do! When a person/car has the right-of-way, you wait until they pass. It might be your own children you kill with your impatience and stupidity!

Hey Henry, businesses are leaving Clayton County at an alarming rate and none are moving in. Taxes are increasing, crime is terrible and downright scary, students are invading Henry County schools (and HC taxpayers are paying the tab for their education). Clayton is definitely not improving! Henry County better wake up and stop the spread and influx of Clayton politicians before it’s too late!

Hey Henry, people complain so much about slavery in the past and how slavery is evil yet they turn a blind eye to Atlanta being a top hub in America for human trafficking. Slavery still exists. It didn’t end when the civil war ended. If people are so offended by slavery why are are we ignoring this human trafficking epidemic?

Hey Henry, I recently took a walk at Pates Creek Park, but could not enjoy it since someone was flying a drone on school property and around the ball field.

Hey Henry, I always wonder about people who pull down lanes in parking lots in the wrong direction and then back in to park. I guess they don’t know/care how stupid they look sitting there facing the wrong direction. It always amazes me when people can’t follow even the most basic rules.

Hey Henry, why do certain trash services think Henry County noise ordinances do not apply to them? Garbage trucks are not supposed to pick up trash before 6:30 a.m. or after 7 p.m. I don’t appreciate being woken up at 5:20 a.m. by their loud trucks. I guess it’s time to make another complaint to Henry County Code Enforcement.

Hey Henry - 09.13.17

Hey Henry, I am excited about a new city of Eagles Landing. I can’t wait for our very own zip code and post office.

Hey Henry, I cant figure these people out that go to Chic-Fil-A on Highway 81 at Lake Dow. Instead of using the traffic light by Walgreens, they want to pull out at the Chic-Fil-A and turn left. Duh!

Hey Henry, can someone please explain why we pay Spalding County each year for an inmate detail? We have a jail full of inmates. Use the money to hire Henry County Deputy Sheriffs instead of paying for Spalding County Deputies to supervise an inmate detail. Keep the money in our County!

Hey Henry, you would think that once you move into a retirement community you could relax and meet new friends. At least that is what I was thinking. Instead we have people speeding, running stop signs, including commercial vehicles. No one obeys the driving laws. We pay monthly dues, so with the technology we have, I would be extra careful coming in or leaving, you could be on camera.

Hey Henry, Its funny how idiots will drive too close to your bumper while you are driving the speed limit. Let them see a cop on the side of the road and they back off. The last time that happened to me I blew my horn at the officer and pointed my hand at the vehicle behind me. Funny how they backed off for good.

Hey Henry, to the recent college graduate that says they can’t get a job without experience. Have you watched the college campuses on national news lately? Employers want people that have a purpose and a drive to make their own way in life. A degree isn’t what it used to be. Show them you have paid for a car for a few years, have a cell phone bill in your own name and an address thats not down the hall from your parents. Show responsibility and a desire to make it on your on. That employer has done that already and doesn’t need to continue supporting you and your entitled mindset.

Hey Henry, to the person venting about welfare, it is not just unmarried couples. Married couples are filing as “separated” as well to win government welfare even though they are happily married and living together. There are so many ways around the system it is not even funny. What gets me is why do people go on WIC for baby formula costing the government millions? Just use what God gave you and stop leaning on the government to feed your child.

Hey Henry, some of your submitters are still unread and uneducated. They think the War of Northern Aggression was caused by slavery. Let me simplify: if secession was right in 1776, it was right in 1861.

Hey Henry, traffic in Henry County is absolutely hideous. The I-75 Express Lanes makes it worse. It’s past time to hold elected officials accountable!

Hey Henry, like usual, people want to come from other towns and protest or complain about something. To the “Young Democrats of Dekalb County” fix your own county and don’t worry about ours. If you don’t like the Confederate statue on the McDonough Square then don’t come here.

Hey Henry, thank you to the McDonough police for putting up the speed monitor on Hwy. 42. Now cameras are needed to monitor drivers who refuse to use their turn signals.

Hey Henry - 09.06.17

Hey Henry, responding to the reader who says so many people are lazy and on welfare - I agree 1000%. People have learned how to work the system to their benefit. They aren’t married, have kids, and automatically qualify for WIC, food stamps, medicaid, the whole works. I don’t mind helping someone who truly is on hard times and needs help. What the government has done is enable these people to be sorry and lazy. We have three generations on welfare now. This needs to stop and people need to work for what they want.

Hey Henry, to people getting out of college, including myself, good luck finding a job. The majority of employers say they want experience. My question is, how can you get experience if you don’t hire that person and train them? They had to start somewhere as well.

Hey Henry, I will take news channels on cable anytime over the Fox Sports South channels that I never watch but get charged $4 a month for.

Hey Henry, how hard is it for a parent to get their child to school on time? You’re raising kids who will not be able to hold a job because as parents you’re teaching them that getting to school on time is not important. How is it possible that students can have 60+ late check in’s and nothing is done?

Hey Henry, regardless of the slavery issue how can those in favor of Confederate memorials find pride in the fact that their ancestors or Confederates in general were traitors and did not want to be a part of this great nation? We blackball and hate those who won’t stand for the national anthem, but want to honor those who raised arms against this country?

Hey Henry, what a sad person you must be when you let a statue or a flag offend you.

Hey Henry, in response to the reader who says the customer service in stores has gotten so bad. I agree and think a lot of it has to do with greedy merchants who don’t want to pay anything. They cut back hours and don’t hire anyone to replace those who leave. They can’t find qualified workers because of the low wages and fewer hours. These stores need to realize that you get what you pay for.

Hey Henry, I believe people in Henry County need a driver’s refresher course so I’ll give a free one. When it’s raining, turn your head lights on. When it’s foggy, turn your head lights on, when turning your vehicle in any direction, put your cell phone down and drive. There’s nothing that important to cause someone else or yourself to get killed.

Hey Henry, the bridge in Stockbridge is now the MLK Sr. Memorial bridge, just like VP Pence said, “We build monuments, we don’t tear them down.”

Hey Henry, I wish the the residents who lived in Heron Bay would follow the posted sign that says ‘yield to oncoming traffic.’ Someone is going to be seriously hurt at the intersection just because people won’t follow the law. Oh, and it’s really nice when they try to drag race you. Impressive!

Hey Henry, to all the bird lovers out there. If your backyard bird feeders have been taken over by small brown and gray birds, they are probably House Sparrows. These little birds are a non-native species that kill indigenous songbirds, especially Bluebirds. Google House Sparrows or English House Sparrows to see what you can do to fight these pests.

Hey Henry - 08.30.17

Hey Henry, say they remove all the Confederate statues, then what? What’s next?

Hey Henry, I would like to invite all Henry County residents to the intersection of Ga 20/81 and Old Industrial near McDonald’s and Arby’s to witness the 10th annual 9/11 memorial ceremonies with the Henry County Fire Department, Henry County Police Department, American Legion Riders, Patriot Guard Riders, Gold Wing Riders, Marine Corp’s League and McDonough Fire Department at 8:30 a.m. Four ceremonies will be held at the exact time the four planes changed our lives forever on September 11, 2001. It will be a ceremony to remember. “May we never forget.”

Hey Henry, the landscaping at the municipal building in Locust Grove is beautiful. Great job!

Hey Henry, when has “personalized learning” gone too far astray? The paperwork and restrictive format for unit/lessons for my child’s teacher is crazy!

Hey Henry, removing Confederate monuments is an attempt to erase history? Really? Most people learn history from books, not statues. Monuments are a way of honoring people, including their ideals, goals, and accomplishments. Honoring Confederate generals and soldiers implies that fighting to keep people enslaved was something worth dying for, even when it meant rebelling against your own country and fighting and killing your own relatives. The only place the Confederate flag and monuments belong are in museums dedicated to preserving history. They do not belong in public, especially on government owned land. Sedition is not something that should be honored, and the idea that it was ever honorable to own other people is heinous.

Hey Henry, first it was the “collapse” of the bridge in Atlanta. This week it was the “totality” of the eclipse. If I heard these two words once, I heard them used a million times. Come on news media, please use some different words to explain what’s going on. Do you have a thesaurus?

Hey Henry, thank you to the wonderful and kind person who picked up the tab for my nursing home residents and staff at Red Lobster. You made us feel so special. What a wonderful way to pay it forward. Thank you so much!

Hey Henry, the notion that the average Confederate waged war to preserve slavery is a tenuous one at best. Only six percent of Southerners owned slaves, and three percent of those owned the majority. Recruits themselves referred to the war as “a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.”

Hey Henry, no one is condemning the poor. Everyone is tired of supporting lazy people who would rather live off the government than get a job and support themselves! Men and women having children and not getting married so they can get government benefits and freebies has got to stop. Consider what will happen when nobody works anymore because it’s more profitable to live off the government.

Hey Henry, am I the only one that wishes they could remove CNN, MSMBC and all the major news networks from their cable bill?

Hey Henry, anyone noticed how customer service is going to the dogs at big box stores? And not the UGA dogs. These stores are cutting folks hours and you have no one help you with questions. When you do get help the people are either rude or do not have a clue what they are doing. There are still some really nice, helpful people but they fast becoming a minority.

Hey Henry - 08.23.17

Hey Henry, the First Amendment affords us the right to “peaceably assemble.” That means we can march and protest “peaceably.” It does not gives us the right to hurt people and break things. I don’t understand why the police just stand by while people are tearing down statues, spray-painting memorials, throwing rocks, etc. Is it ok to break the law these days?

Hey Henry, Seriously? Who closed two I-75N lanes for construction on a Saturday afternoon? Does anyone think ahead?

Hey Henry, it’s really sad when Henry County teachers get together socially to discuss the second round of superintendent search, and come to the conclusion that the best candidate will never get the job because he is too well liked and respected by teachers and administrators.

Hey Henry, you know, maybe these attempts to eliminate all history of The Confederacy, as some minimize it to simply a slavery issue, may not really be all that bad. As the Theory of Relativity exemplifies, with this eradication so also goes the importance of the Selma March, the importance of Martin Luther King, Jr., the need for the NAACP, Black Panthers, the Black Lives Matter movement and all other validations of racial suppression and inequality. Be careful what you ask for, you might get it. What a nice, fresh start for this nation. Keep it up.

Hey Henry, it’s time to slow it down and put the phone down. I have lived 26 years with head and spinal cord injuries that have very lasting effects. I see so many people that have the most precious cargo in the car just texting away. You don’t want to hurt yourself or someone else.

Hey Henry, if you believe that everyone in America has the same advantages, I have some swamp land upon which I’d like for you to build your house. If your foundation is damaged, it is much harder to achieve success. Kudos to those who start with that faulty foundation and achieve success!

Hey Henry, the retention of students for the eclipse for the learning experience was not the motive. The fact that so many kids being unsupervised is the issue. How many lawsuits do you think would be placed against the school systems for kids being blinded or incurring eye damage because they looked at the sun while on the school bus or walking home? As we all know, kids do not listen and you have to watch them every minute.

Hey Henry, when is someone going to do something about the garbage problem the people in Henry county are having since we no longer are allowed to use the Clayton County dump. I live on King Mill Road and have noticed a lot of garbage being left on side roads. It isn’t just on my road. I notice garbage on Peeksville and Keys Ferry roads just to name a few. We pay enough taxes that I would think we could afford our own garbage dump.

Hey Henry, why are free and reduced lunch students exempt from our new $35 laptop fee, yet those of us who are not have to pay the fee? Just because we’re above the “poverty line” does not mean we’re able to pay an extra $35. That said, thanks for catching up a bit with other progressive counties who supply an iPad or laptop to their students to use as they go through school.

Hey Henry, I seriously hate my generation. A bunch of weak and uneducated kids who don’t know truth from lies. I am tired of seeing statues toppled and history destroyed. I am embarrassed and ashamed of my generation and also worried because this is the future.

Hey Henry - 08.16.17

Hey Henry, to the person who hit my silver 2016 Toyota Tacoma and broke the right, rear tail light and dented and scraped the tailgate. I guess you are real proud of yourself to get away with damaging my property without paying. I believe it happened at either the Lake Dow Publix or Baby Janes restaurant. If anyone witnessed this, please get in touch with me through the Times.

Hey Henry, why do people think they can walk in any public service building and expect the staff to fax documents and then have the nerve to put an unfavorable review on their web site? There are places that will send faxes for you at a cost. The health dept., environmental services and the counseling center are not here to fax things for you. Faxing costs money which is why office supply places charge for it.

Hey Henry, does the blue roll off dumpster which has been sitting in one and one-half metered parking spaces on Macon Street get tickets everyday or are they exempt?

Hey Henry, ugh! School is back in and the traffic is insane because of helicopter parents taking their children to school instead of letting them ride the bus.

Hey Henry, can we get the police, sheriff, and GSP to crack down on tractor trailers in the area? They are in the fast lane (which I thought wasn’t allowed), and tearing up the bridges and back roads to avoid the even worse traffic created on the Interstate by the new Express Lanes. Hand out some tickets!

Hey Henry, I would like to see the county come and put a new stop sign at the Ingles on Fairview Road in Ellenwood. The stop sign at the Flakes Mills Road side has been there so long it is all white with no letters.

Hey Henry, to the person who responded to my comment regarding mass transit. You, having lived in DC and Chicago, explains it all. You are used to crime, I’m not. And by the way, I’m a woman - not a guy. And you can identify my car, because I support firefighters and police officers and I don’t have a problem telling anyone that I don’t support public transportation.

Hey Henry, you will attract attention if wearing a skirt on a windy day. This is doubly true if you are a man.

Hey Henry, people don’t condemn those that are poor. Not at all, and how about “you can’t help those who don’t help themselves.” And don’t tell me about being poor. I grew up with seven siblings, no heat, no air and an outhouse, yet we always had food on our table and a roof over our heads. The same roof. We didn’t bounce around and we never lived off the government, we made do with what we had. And guess what? I chose to live a better life than the way I grew up. I just don’t live beyond my means and don’t agree with self-entitlement. Everybody in America has the same advantages. It depends on you, not what happened as a child or how you grew up. You can change and better yourself or do nothing with your life and be poor.

Hey Henry, the change of a school day to learn more about an eclipse is about the dumbest thing I have heard recently. The sun and moon pass each other. Two minutes, over and done.

Hey Henry, Henry County doesn’t need a county dump. Just drive down Peeksville and Ellistown Roads. That’s where people are disposing of all their liter and trash. Pitiful!

Hey Henry - 08.09.17

Hey Henry, I want to give a shout out to the firefighters/EMT’s responsible for the job well done at Station #11, (A-shift) Chad Palmer, Rodney Brooks and Donnie Scarborough. Thank you to all our firefighters/EMT’s and paramedics for their sacrifice and service to their communities. Stop by a station sometime and thank them in person. Let them know how much you appreciate them!

Hey Henry, when did it become okay for tractor trailers to drive in all lanes of traffic? It seems to be every time I am on the interstate they are in the far left lane. Just curious.

Hey Henry, to the person who suggested we shouldn’t use the Snapper plant for mass transit because of the crime it will bring. Please put that on a bumper sticker on your car so we can identify you as the guy helping to hold up rail. Get into the 21st century. Rail, buses, etc are the way to move people faster and cheaper. I have lived in both DC and in Chicago and commuting by rail or bus saves eons of time, emissions, money. Never mind a collapse in the infrastructure or did you miss that!

Hey Henry, do the county and city leaders of Henry travel everywhere by helicopter? You’d think that if they had to drive in this ungodly traffic they might take some real steps to improve the road system.

Hey Henry, schools being out from Memorial Day to Labor Day was great! Some changes aren’t for the best. The calendar change has not helped most students retain more. I’m sure some parents will not agree, however the summer break is just too short!

Hey Henry, solutions for texting and driving: install sensors on the steering wheel that check to see if both hands are on the steering wheel. If a hand comes off for more than five seconds, an annoying alarm sounds until both hands are back on the wheel. Another way would be to use GPS or the phone’s accelerometer to see if the vehicle is moving. If it’s moving, turn off the messaging apps on the phone.

Hey Henry, Donna here. I’m drinking pink Moscato, listening to Elton John, and having a good chuckle at y’alls comments. Y’all, how cute do I look?

Hey Henry, has anyone else noticed clouds laid out in straight line patterns zig-zagging across the sky more and more frequently? This looks completely unnatural and I have a hard time believing this is a natural occurrence.

Hey Henry, Henry County police needs to be sitting at the new roundabout on Highway 81 at Snapping Shoals and Jackson Lake Road stopping people who do not yield! There’s going to be a serious accident or road rage incident because of this!

Hey Henry, in response to the “Hey Henry, well it looks like Clayton County is almost in Henry County!” Henry is well on its way to being worse than Clayton ever was. Clayton is moving up while Henry is rapidly declining.

Hey Henry, thanks for all the new roundabout being put in the county. I no longer have to take my grandkids to Six Flags. Wheeee!

Hey Henry, I love how people condemn those with less money. They act like these people choose to be poor. They never look at all the advantages they had in their lives. Without these advantages they might be poor too. Judge not lest ye be judged.

Hey Henry - 08.02.17

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about “another performing arts center,” the “new” one is replacing the old one, since the Henry County High School campus (where the PAC is located) is being sold to several universities as part of the Academy for Advanced Studies. Attend your school board meetings people!

Hey Henry, every day people cross over Hwy. 155 on King Mill Road, then turn left through hotel parking lots to get back to Hwy. 155 as opposed to waiting their turn in traffic. This causes traffic to back up more on both of those roads. Seems like the McDonough Police could easily teach these people the error of their ways while collecting revenue at the same time.

Hey Henry, wait a minute. The County gets the bulk of LOST funds and the bulk of SPLOST funds. Now they want to raise their assessment to fund projects. Just because their assessment goes up doesn’t mean my income goes up. Give me my sales tax back.

Hey Henry, the old Snapper plant can stay empty or another business can open in its place. We don’t need Marta, Amtrak, or Commute Buses. Henry has enough crime, we don’t need to invite more.

Hey Henry, what is up with all the tractor trailers going through the Square and down Hwy. 20? It sure has increased since last year. Something needs to be done.

Hey Henry, what is happening to all the tax dollars we pay for schools. My daughter is a teacher at a local school and she has to buy her own copy paper if she needs to make copies. She also has to provide her students with supplies if they don’t bring them at the beginning of school. What am I paying taxes for if teachers can’t get what they need to do their jobs? Why is it left to the teacher to cover this cost out of their pockets? They don’t get paid enough as it is, with what they have to put up with.

Hey Henry, well it looks like Clayton County is almost in Henry County! There was a smash and grab at Tanger Mall. You never used to hear about that.

Hey Henry, kudos on the improvements made to Phillips Drive! Now if some improvements could be made to Hwy. 81 and Jonesboro Road between the railroad tracks and the Square!

Hey Henry, to all of Henry county: quit voting yes for SPLOST!

Hey Henry, so when are all these businesses/jobs coming to Locust Grove? There are already plenty of empty warehouses on S.R. 155, Westridge and Greenwood, yet they were allowed to build more. Henry is becoming more and more an awful place to live. And yes, we are ready to move.

Hey Henry, please add my thanks to the McDonough city leaders for the improvements to Phillips Drive. I travel that road a couple of times each week and it looks great. My small part of taxes went to a good cause.

Hey Henry, politicians care only about themselves. They could care less about taxpayers and what is best for the county.

Hey Henry, no, people can’t understand a simple yield sign much less ‘left turn yield on green.’ I had someone nearly run me over by not yielding just behind the HCBOE building.

Hey Henry, instead of more wasteful spending, how about they build a dump in Henry County?

Hey Henry - 07.26.17

Hey Henry, to the person who called about the donkey on Wilson Drive. You are a good person! Thank you.

Hey Henry, I just wanted to say thank you to the guys at Fire Station # 11. The station looks great. Makes you smile when you go by. A job well done!

Hey Henry, why does the county need another performing arts center? Henry should receive an award for being the county with the most tactics for wasteful spending. One performing arts center is all that is needed. Clayton County only has one performing arts center, and it supports a county larger than Henry. We need the “watch dogs” to watch our out-of-control county!

Hey Henry, it looks like Hampton will be the dumping ground for the surrounding areas. Time for some changes on the city council.

Hey Henry, cities, counties, states, and even countries are staring down the bankruptcy gun barrel because our elected representatives, at all levels of government, are addicted to spending on “nice to have” stuff to buy votes. When they’ve dug themselves into a bottomless debt hole, where will the money come from for essential services?

Hey Henry, with all the sidewalks being made around town and other areas, why do people still walk and jog on the road? Use the sidewalks!

Hey Henry, Henry County parents, it’s the time of year to review manners and proper respect for teachers with your children. Their behavior and attitude are a direct reflection on your parenting skills. Teachers need to teach and parents need to parent! Make sure they know if a teacher calls then you will be right up at the school to handle it!

Hey Henry, if my property value increases 10% and the millage rate increases 22%, that is a 34% property tax increase. How do you justify that, Board of Commissioners? Surely you were aware of how much the assessor increased property values before the proposed millage rate increase.

Hey Henry, in response to the comment about pawn shop security. I’m the manager of one of the four pawn shops in Henry County which are owned by the same person. We remove all firearms each and every night placing them in 5000 pound bank safes. Come in and identify yourself being the one who wrote the witty remark for being stupid and we will explain the seriousness of how we handle firearms and you can even see one of the safes from the counter. The door alone weighs 1000 lbs. I can’t speak for the rest of the shops in the county that sell firearms, but I’m sure most secure the weapons in some kind of way. If not, you might have a point.

Hey Henry, I was just told that it would take 1 1/2 weeks to get my telephone line repaired. Is this the normal delay for the phone company? I thought it might be a couple of days at the most. Is anyone else having this problem?

Hey Henry, does anyone have a solution to texting and driving? I’m tired of witnessing near misses. I’m truly open to any suggestions.

Hey Henry, it is too bad leaders in our community have made assumptions on what they have heard instead of doing a thorough investigation on their own. The leadership of Henry County schools is an incredibly dedicated, well-respected, passionate, and diverse group of people. I love this county and am proud to live here.

Hey Henry - 07.19.17

Hey Henry, has the Board of Education lost their minds? First they offer the job of Superintendent to a person involved in the APS cheating scandal, now they want to put the new performing arts center in Ellenwood. Really? An area that is inconveniently located and has heavy traffic. Wake up BOE, it should be located in the middle of the county.

Hey Henry, to the person responding to my comment about wifi. I’m not surrounded by family. I live by myself, so, I have a right to look at my phone as the man does reading the newspaper he paid $2 for. Why would I pay for a paper when I can read it from the phone. I bet you have a TV, so why don’t you turn it off and spend quality time with your family!

Hey Henry, can someone explain to me why everything Elton Alexander and Bruce Holmes are involved in is always a “world class destination?”

Hey Henry, thank God the board of education turned down the running superintendent, Dr. Gadson. What a joke he is! He was wanting a $900,000 salary, car allowance, etc.

Hey Henry, what kind of heartless soul is upset at getting amber alerts? I for one appreciate that the system is in place to help alert such a large group quickly. Heaven forbid anything happen to your child then I would like you to explain to the police that you don't want an amber alert going out on your missing children you might wake someone up! I seriously hope you're not a parent.

Hey Henry, it is that time of year again. Parents teaching their children how to be panhandlers, instead of working for what they want.

Hey Henry, regarding the article on dam safety in the June 20, 2017 edition of the Times. One would expect that things like expenditures for upkeep and repairs of crucial items like dams would have been thought out and planned out when the structures were originally funded and built wouldn’t one? So why is Henry county just now deciding to “study” what would be necessary for upkeep and how to pay for it? This is like waiting until your kid graduates from high school to start thinking about how to fund college. If you ain’t done it by now, you’ve been a little irresponsible don't you think?

Hey Henry, to the insurance commissioner, public services, and the Board of Commissioners. Please get together and do something about the traffic on 75 from Locust Grove to the Clayton county line. If you put a unit 24/7 on that stretch of road, with the number of tickets you issue, it will pay for the added officers. These idiots are not going to slow down unless each one of you join in and take appropriate steps.

Hey Henry, has any consideration been given to turning the old Snapper plant into a multi-modal transportation hub? Not necessarily MARTA, but maybe Amtrak, commuter express buses, and ride share. It’s a big property with potential for a lot of parking.

Hey Henry, thank you to all of the City leaders for the new sidewalks and improvements to Phillips Drive. The citizens that live in the area and travel the road daily and nightly want to express our appreciation. It makes our neighborhood look so much better.

Hey Henry, I’m continually amazed that we still have so many pawn shops and gun stores with glass doors and glass cases full of guns left overnight. I’m totally pro-gun but having a heck of a time wondering why these business owners don’t get it. I’m beginning to wonder which side of the door stupid is on.

Hey Henry - 07.12.17

Hey Henry, our politicians used to be about what’s best for the community, at least more-so than not. The last couple of years, though, we seem to be just like our surrounding counties in terms of misuse of tax money, school leadership, and what’s best for the common good. Let’s go backwards in this way, so we can move progressively forward.

Hey Henry, does anyone on the south side know what “left turn yield on green” means?

Hey Henry, so now they’ve added a bunch of snazzy new street lights and fancy new street signs on Phillips Drive too! What's next? Paving the street with gold? Why has so much money been spent on the massive redecoration of this one little side road? The citizens who paid for it have a right to know.

Hey Henry, I wish everyone would shut up about the Confederate Flag and monuments. If you don’t want to acknowledge them or look at them then look the other way. They don’t offend everyone. Equality for all.

Hey Henry, Henry County is the Bermuda Triangle for accidents and traffic on the interstate. It’s always from the Locust Grove exit to Hudson Bridge exit.

Hey Henry, “The South committed treason by rebelling against the U.S. government.” Really? Can you name anyone tried for treason after the war? There wasn’t anyone tried, because there was no treason.

Hey Henry, instead of complaining about the free wi-fi at a restaurant, put your phone down and enjoy a meal with loved ones. We do not need to be online 24-7.

Hey Henry, involvement in the APS cheating scandal doesn’t disqualify anyone from being hired by the school system. There are several teachers from the cheating scandal in schools across the county. My daughter was taught by one of them last year.

Hey Henry, I am tired of getting amber alerts. Women complain about their children’s deadbeat dad, but whenever their dad tries to spend time with their child they call an amber alert on that missing child. If you ever actually look into it, most of the time the child is related to the guy kidnapping them. Come on women give men a break. If they want to see their children letting them see their children is not that difficult. It's not right that you ruin a man’s life just because he wants to see his children. I also hate being dragged into family drama as well and getting amber alerts at 3 in the morning is getting old.

Hey Henry, driving on any baseball/softball field should be prohibited. Shame on the group that didn’t use common sense. They should be paying for the damages that they created due to their ignorance. It’s not hate - it’s called being responsible citizens.

Hey Henry, to the person who is disgusted by this vent. I think we have to accept that Hey Henry is just like life and the idiots are always the loudest. It proves the point that most people would rather complain than offer an idea. Compromise and civil discourse are dead, that much is obvious. America: land of “my way or the highway.”

Hey Henry, to the owner of the pasture on Wilson Road. I called animal control concerning the welfare of the donkey in the catch pen. Put your signs up, call me what you want, but he/she got food and shelter. Mission accomplished. Thank you!

Hey Henry - 07.05.17

Hey Henry, if God wanted us to touch our toes, he would have put them on our knees.

Hey Henry, some of us residents don’t want to live in a landfill so could the people who keep dumping their old mattresses, broken televisions, and other assorted junk all over the place please take it to be disposed of properly? And legally? It’s really not that difficult and it’s the right thing to do.

Hey Henry, can the police please put a stop to off road vehicles racing and using the street as a drag strip on Mandarin Lane in Stockbridge? We don’t care if you don’t want to take their toys away. We want the law enforced, even if you have to impound their toys, charge the adults and charge the parents of the ones who are minors.

Hey Henry, I just wanted to give a big shout out to The Henry County Times for all the coverage you have given the special needs community over the past 15 years! We appreciate each of you and all your hard work every week to bring a great newspaper to all of us!

Hey Henry, news flash! The U.S. Constitution does not protect you from being offended. It does protect “we the people” from having our speech limited by the government. Additionally, “public property” belongs to the public not the government. After all, our tax dollars purchased that property.

Hey Henry, a shout-out to the Henry County dispatcher who offered to pay for my two tomatoes, instead of letting me write a check! (She didn’t realize I had already done my shopping but had failed to tell the clerk I wanted cash back my first time through the line.) The dispatcher also let me ahead her fully loaded grocery cart. She certainly went “beyond the call of duty” to look after a senior citizen!

Hey Henry, why so much concern about the improvements on Phillips Drive? The great looking mailboxes at each house, the fancy inlay in the sidewalks. I guess you are saying the residents don’t deserve all of this. Evidently you have all this and more and want us to do without as we have over the years. Well, we pay taxes year after year and so did the residents before us. Give us a break! Wait a minute. Streetlights? Oh my gosh!

Hey Henry, I was recently stranded in the Lowe’s parking lot with a dead battery. A thank you is not adequate for the kind gentleman who jumped me off, but I want Henry County to know there are wonderful angels among us. Thanks!

Hey Henry, why on earth would the BOE consider hiring a superintendent that was involved in mass cheating in APS? Is that the best we can do?

Hey Henry, the wifi in most of the restaurants around here is worthless, just saying. No wonder it’s free.

Hey Henry, the South committed treason by rebelling against the U.S. government. The South lost. The Confederate flag is a traitor’s flag and a loser’s flag. The U.S. does not fly the British flag. Texas does not fly the Mexican flag. Louisiana does not fly the French flag. Government properties should not fly flags of countries they have fought wars against. I am white, born and raised in the South. My allegiance is to my country, the USA. Thank you, Dee, for raising the issue of the flag at Nash Farm. It does not belong flying on county property.

Hey Henry - 06.28.17

Hey Henry, I want to thank the Henry County motorcycle police. My husband died in March and I was just so impressed that they took time to pray for him. My husband was a former NYPD officer who died in a nursing home after having several strokes. Thank you so much officers! You have been a blessing to my family.

Hey Henry congratulations to Union Grove High School for their “A” rating under the Governor’s school ranking system! Unfortunately this is the only good news I saw in reviewing the whole Henry County school system. There is no other school in Henry County with an “A” rating. There are a total of 38 schools in Henry County and of these 38 schools, 20 schools have a “D” or “F” rating. Over 50% of our schools in this county with a grade that would have to be considered unacceptable. Of interest, 51% of Henry County students are in the “free” lunch program. This is exactly the same as the makeup of our students. I certainly feel the taxpayers, students and parents deserve better. You will find this data at https://schoolgrades.georgia.gov.

Hey Henry, it was heartbreaking to hear about the 16 year old who was killed by a car while crossing Hwy. 81 in McDonough. I hope that parents take this opportunity to reinforce the seriousness of looking before crossing the street. No one should just dart out into traffic and expect motorists to see them and stop.

Hey Henry, how long is it going to take to stop semi-trucks from using Mt. Carmel Rd. as a through road? This road is not designed for these types of vehicles.

Hey Henry, everybody knows you don’t park vehicles, cars, trucks or SUV’s on a baseball field for cryin’ out loud.

Hey Henry, to the person who thinks the Stars and Bars is the Confederate Battle Flag need to learn their history. The Confederate Battle Flag is the Saint Andrews Cross. The Stars and Bars is the first national flag of the Confederacy from 1861-1863. The Georgia flag of today has the Stars and Bars incorporated into it. Georgia just put their seal into the center of the Stars. This person needs to read and learn more before they talk.

Hey Henry, the more I read this section the more disgusted I get. I’m ashamed to admit to anyone that I live in Henry County. I’m beginning to feel the same as my spouse, “can’t wait until retirement, so I can leave this ugly place!”

Hey Henry, does the Turning Point Church on Old Jackson have special privileges for donating $20,000 to the Henry County Police Department? They have two or three police cars directing traffic every Sunday morning.

Hey Henry, I recently saw a person on the corner of the McDonough Square taking money from people stopped at a red light. Across the street at PJ’s there was a help wanted sign hanging in the window.

Hey Henry, regarding your opinion of the Stars and Bars symbolizing slavery, it’s just that, your opinion. Period.

Hey Henry, I am seeing a lot of people stopping at crosswalks like it is a regular stop sign. The State Law stop sign displayed means you stop if a person is in the intersection. Just another example of people not understanding or completely ignoring driving laws.

Hey Henry, I witnessed my first miracle. The McDonough Walmart actually had a register open in the garden section. I nearly fell on my face!

Hey Henry - 06.21.17

Hey Henry, they approve warehouses like mad, no one shows to fight it and traffic increases. They approve apartments and high density housing, no one shows to fight it and crime increases. “Dey tuuk er flahg” and tons of people show up to complain. A commissioner acts unilaterally to do this, but no one seems to care about that important bit.

Hey Henry, looks like we will be electing a new sheriff in six months after the BOC makes him an offer he can’t refuse to be HCPD chief. Sheriff McBrayer is a good man and I hate to see him go.

Hey Henry, how about a separate exit just for people who shop at Tanger Mall? That would make traffic less congested.

Hey Henry, so the 2-mill tax for the HCWA can’t be done away with until 200 million in debt is erased but the general manager makes over $300,000 a year? Smells rotten to me!

Hey Henry, what is really going on in Henry County? Where are our county leaders? And what are they really doing with our tax money? Nothing, absolutely nothing, is getting done.

Hey Henry, before Commissioner “smokinghotboss” gets any ideas about the monument on the McDonough Square, it’s protected by the state.

Hey Henry, “Only the president of the United States or the governor of the state may order the flag to be at half-staff to honor the death of a national or state figure. In addition to the traditional half-staff salutes, the United States Flag Code mentions the use of our flag for honoring leading citizens such as Martin Luther King, Jr.” - Rules for Display of The U.S. Flag. While it’s a nice gesture, I fear we are trivializing the significance of flying our flag at half mast.

Hey Henry, I attended the June 12 Board of Education meeting and was shocked, again. I witnessed the most unprofessional, degrading, bully-like behavior by two Board Members and their following. I witnessed them disclose things that should not yet have been disclosed, threaten an administrator’s chances for promotion because she did not like his answer and insulting our Superintendent just short of bullying. I must say I was so proud of our administrators for their professional and respectful response. I think one more thing should be mentioned. During a remarkable performance of a middle school concert pianist, these two Board members left their seat on stage and came back with a bottle of water. How rude and disrespectful. I was afraid as I left the building. Can something be done before they destroy our county?

Hey Henry, am I the only one seeing the skeletal white mare in the pasture next to Tractor Supply on Hwy. 81? Who owns this poor creature, and who owns the pasture she is starving in?

Hey Henry, why is the Henry County BOC giving away the taxes on 390 acres of land in Henry County to the City of Lovejoy in Clayton County? This is simply a plan for Lovejoy to be able to re-zone this property. Lovejoy will always give the developers the zoning they want and everyone know that. So why should Henry County do this? There is no logical reason.

Hey Henry, stars and bars symbolizes slavery - period. Just like the swastika was the logo of the Nazi party. It offends me.

Hey Henry, in regards to ‘who paid for the great looking mailboxes on Phillips Drive?’ We, the taxpayers, did.

Hey Henry - 06.14.17

Hey Henry, just wondering who paid for the great looking mailboxes on Phillips Drive?

Hey Henry, the eyes of the nation are on 6th District congressional race. There’s a lot at stake. Ignorance is not bliss, it’s just ignorance.

Hey Henry, to the people who park in their front yards, as close as they can to the front door, because your garage or driveway is to far away, why don’t you just pull into your living room? It wouldn’t look any worse. When you park in the front yard, it makes the neighborhood look trashy. Geez, we wonder why Americans are so fat. It’s because a lot are lazy.

Hey Henry, I have seen the mess dumped at the Salvation Army located on Race Track Road. There is an answer to the problem. Security cameras and a sign posted stating ‘photo recorded.’ End of problem. Do it and you will see.

Hey Henry, being Georgia born and bred, it is a crying shame that anything to do with the Confederate is being removed. One person should not have the right or ability to remove signage of our history. Our history is just that - our history. If you see something you don’t like, don’t look at it or visit Nash Farms, etc. People need to quit wearing their feelings on their shoulders.

Hey Henry, I think that the booths in front of the playground at fast food restaurants should be reserved for parents, grandparents and guardians of the children playing on the playground. Everyone else should sit in other seats. The people with children need to be able to keep track of them.

Hey Henry, the Nash Farm flag controversy is secondary to a bigger issue: does an individual commissioner have the authority to bypass the chain of command and direct the work of low-level county employees? If not, the BOC needs to take action against the commissioner in this case. If so, we can expect a lot of chaos, but think of the money we’ll save when we don’t need a County Manager or department heads to tell the rest of the county staff what to do!

Hey Henry, with all the money we have to pay this county in taxes, can they at least cut the grass in the parks?

Hey Henry, “Everything faded into mist. The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.” 1984 by George Orwell. We can tear down monuments and statues, rip down and burn flags, and the past will change will it not? After all, ignoring history is the best way to avoid being offended. That seems to be the modus operandi of today’s progressives.

Hey Henry, way to go Locust Grove. We needed another million square foot warehouse. The county definitely doesn’t have enough warehouses. Now there will be even more semi trucks tying up the roads.

Hey Henry, while I understand paving Phillips Drive, were the new matching mailboxes for every house and the fancy brick inlay in the sidewalks really necessary? I can’t help but believe that there were more pressing matters the money could have been put towards.

Hey Henry, I suggest Dee Clemmons go and visit the Tara Museum in Jonesboro. It has a lot of Confederate history and the ladies running it are very proud of this history. A neat place and interesting to see how they are preserving the history of the Confederacy.

Hey Henry - 06.07.17

Hey Henry, why should the entire state be subjected to the 6th District Congressional race bombardment of political ads? Don’t we have technology in place where only the zip codes that are interested see this stuff? We had enough TV political ads with the past presidential elections. Enough is enough.

Hey Henry, look out Stonewall Subdivision, they will want to remove the General and Confederate flag off your entrance next!

Hey Henry, smart lights in Henry County are not very smart.

Hey Henry, why is the new walking track that was trashed, locked up and closed to the public? Didn’t our taxes pay for it?

Hey Henry, if they are taking down a flag from a museum because it is offensive, that should justify other people having to stop doing what offends me too just to make it fair. Stop cursing in front of kids. Stop blaring hateful music in your car for everyone to hear. Stop shaming. It is funny that the people who complain about racism are the most racist people I have ever met. Stop offending me and I will take down my Dixie flag. Until then, my heritage stays.

Hey Henry, regarding illegal dumping in front of the Salvation Army. I don’t believe that the dumping is legally on the Salvation Army’s property, but instead on the right-of-way. I’m curious if the City is just going to go out there and pick up all this trash every time? Will a police report be completed every time someone drops off their junk and will it be investigated? I’m just curious as to what action will be taken. I doubt it will be much. Just sending a city truck out there once or twice a week to pick the garbage up would be my bet.

Hey Henry, instead of a separate entrance to Tanger Mall, how about widening the existing Tanger Blvd. for turn lanes? The real problem is cars making left turns into businesses.

Hey Henry, on a recent trip to Kroger, as we were checking out, my 92 year old husband discovered that he had forgotten his wallet. We went out to the car, ready to go home, get the wallet and return to the store. But before we left, Kathy at the checkout came out and handed us our groceries saying “the women behind you paid the bill for you, you don’t owe anything and here are your groceries.” We do not know the name of this good Samaritan, but want to give her a big thank you!

Hey Henry, now that Henry has plenty of restaurants, gas stations and liquor stores, can we please have just one Christian book store?

Hey Henry, to the Henry County BOC. Please do not go forward with the T-SPLOST tax. Henry County residents are already taxed enough. T-SPLOST was soundly defeated when it was voted on in 2012. Please respect the will of the people and do not go forward with this.

Hey Henry, to the individual complaining about express toll lanes. I love them! It’s the best 50 cents I’ve ever spent. 10 - 12 minutes for 12 miles with no traffic versus 30-45 minutes of ‘killer’ traffic.

Hey Henry, I have spoken to a lot of people, black and white, over the Nash Farm debacle and have yet to hear one single opinion that agrees with Dee Clemmons. Nash Farm Military Museum reflects the history of everyone, not just a few, and certainly not because of skin color. I hate to think one woman has the power to change history, but then again, look at Madeline O’Hare.

Hey Henry - 05.31.17

Hey Henry, they need to make another entrance to Tanger Mall for people getting off the interstate. All of that traffic jams up the one intersection terribly.

Hey Henry, enjoy your traffic and your “Lexus lanes” - I’m avoiding Interstate 75 for the foreseeable future.

Hey Henry, I find it odd that the new Hampton aka Bear Creek Recreation Center would have a plaque dedicated by individuals who had no involvement in getting the center to Hampton. How could they since the politicians just took office in January. How about Henry County recognizing those who truly deserve the credit for this long awaited Hampton Senior Center!

Hey Henry, I read the article about the Henry County Water Authority. What a mess. So, here is the question - who sets the salaries for the WA? It is the board who appoints them or the Authority itself?

Hey Henry, has anyone thought of having a (police) officer stationed near the Salvation Army store on Racetrack Road overnight to catch these people who use the entryway as a dump? There is garbage out there every morning. It’s a disgusting thing for people to do and it needs to be stopped.

Hey Henry, Commissioner Dee Clemmons - take note - the Smithsonian has a German Nazi flag in their museum as well - you wanna go after them too? You are ridiculous - McCarthyism much?

Hey Henry, can we ban tractor trailer trucks from the secondary roads in Henry County? They are tearing up the roads. Are the roads, bridges, and culverts even rated for the weight of tractor trailers?

Hey Henry, the new Express Lane on I-75 is an embarrassing disaster! What a waste of time and money! Additional lanes in both directions would have been far better. It was never about alleviating traffic. It was about making money.

Hey Henry, maybe Dee Clemmons should work on the platform she ran on instead of removing a historical flag from a museum. Where are the high tech jobs, where are the road improvements to fix Hwy. 155 traffic? Crime is on the rise, schools are declining but Clemons is worried about a flag at a Dept. of the Interior designated historical battlefield. She is dividing people with her ignorant remarks that the battlefield meant nothing to that board. The word recall is sounding pretty good.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about technology and instant satisfaction. I suppose you walk to work because cars will get you there too quickly. When you submitted your comment, I know that you submitted it via snail mail. Surely you didn’t use the website to post it because that gets submitted instantly. If you ever break your leg at home, that’s going to suck for you because you’ll have to wait for your letter to reach emergency services via USPS. Don’t be a hypocrite. You take advantage of instant services every single day. Please don’t say or think otherwise.

Hey Henry, we do not need to look to Fayette County for a new school superintendent. We need to look to other states that are killing GA. Enough with this “good old boy” system we have in place. Our last three superintendents didn’t last for more than three years. Start looking at states that rank in the top 10!

Hey Henry - 05.24.17

Hey Henry, to all you flip floppers. Go barefoot and avoid those ugly strap marks.

Hey Henry, where are the part time jobs for seniors in McDonough and surrounding areas?

Hey Henry, May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Look twice, save a life! Motorcycle riders - don’t drink and ride, it can cost you your own life, the life of your precious passenger or someone else’s loved one.

Hey Henry, we need another on/off exit ramp for people in Butts County and Jackson. They are making Locust Grove a traffic nightmare!

Hey Henry, yes, we all are paying tax dollars to fund the new express lanes. It would have been so much better to construct two HOV lanes so that autos with two or more riders could utilize the lanes. As it stands now, those who can pay ... get to play ... and I-75 remains just as congested as before.

Hey Henry, I agree with the post from last week. I live in Kelleytown and do NOT want a Quicktrip at Hwy. 155 and Kelleytown Road.

Hey Henry, after attending the recent BOC meeting, I’m glad that public comments have been limited to five minutes at the end so real business doesn’t have to wait for 45 minutes of stammering.

Hey Henry, I am still wondering why the Keys Ferry Fire Station perpetually flies their flags at half-staff.

Hey Henry, Henry County Schools should be actively recruiting someone from Fayette County Schools to fill the Superintendent position here. Fayette schools are so much better and are a huge reason why people leave Henry to go there. We should be using their practices as a model, and importing one of their leaders would be great.

Hey Henry, I think the biggest disservice that technology has done for the human race is leading people to expect everything instantly. It spills over into every area of life. Impatient people driving, walking, talking and interacting with others. It affects so many from the very young to the very old. Technology has improved some areas of life, but it has absolutely destroyed others.

Hey Henry, I attended the Geranium Festival last weekend and I just have to point out that parking was a disaster. They should have designated lots and shuttle service to avoid the long walk some of us old folks had to take to get to the Square. Editor's Note - There were 3 shuttles running from designated parking locations during the festival.

Hey Henry, what does it take to get Speed Enforcement in the Stonewall Subdivision? We made a request weeks ago and have yet to see any Speed Enforcement. But we continue to video tape numerous speeders doing between 20 to 40 mph over the posted 25 mph speed limit.

Hey Henry, I worked for Henry County for over 16 years and retired. Why is it every time I call HR about my insurance no one answers and when someone does they say the person is in a meeting and can't answer a simple question like am I going to receive something about my insurance? It has been like that for years. The BOC needs to investigate. Somebody isn’t doing their job.

Hey Henry - 05.17.17

Hey Henry, why does our country fight over healthcare rights? This county has the worst group of doctors and hospitals. Between nasty environments and nasty attitudes. Doctors just don’t seem to care about their calling anymore. I’d rather fight over having good doctors.

Hey Henry, what happened to the law regarding blocking intersections? Do the police just look the other way? Does no one care anymore? This is becoming a big problem in Henry County.

Hey Henry, yes, my hard earned tax dollars paid for the express lanes and I still pay $.50 to drive on it. I save time and money by avoiding the hour long ride every Saturday to go 12 miles down the interstate. If the interstate is not backed up I don’t use it. I am sorry you feel the need to protest the new lanes. I guess you have nothing better to do than sit in traffic. P.S. My tax dollars paid for all the beautiful states parks around Georgia and I still pay for a yearly parking pass and fees to camp! Maybe if you get through the traffic you can enjoy a nice day at the park.

Hey Henry, can someone please fix the timing back for the traffic light at Old Jackson and Hwy. 81? Since the recent road work, the light now stays red on the Old Jackson side forever until about 15 to 20 cars back up and then, when it finally turns green, it only stays that way long enough for about 3 or 4 cars to go through.

Hey Henry, why can’t we get a restaurant like “Sweet Tomatoes” in McDonough or Locust Grove. Sure would be a wonderful change of pace! I wouldn’t have to risk my life driving all the way into Atlanta to enjoy it. It is dangerous, driving into Atlanta!

Hey Henry, alright, so now we are moving on to feminism and feminist issues? Is that the way you treat your mother? You’re shallow and sad, sir. Whether you’re being sarcastic or not it’s just plain wrong. Also, to the woman who admitted to discriminating, I bet that all of those “feminine men” you met are so much better people than you are. You both need to grow up and open your eyes to the real world.

Hey Henry, why wasn’t a left turn lane installed in front of Tractor Supply on 81E? Two young died in a wreck in that very spot a few years ago. If I were the parent of either of those two kids, I would be irate!

Hey Henry, I think they should open a Picadilly Restaurant and a Golden Corral in Locust Grove instead of more hamburger joints.

Hey Henry, I am tired of people just throwing trash on our roads here in McDonough. You must not have been raised right.

Hey Henry, how come the county can’t widen Highway 81 east from Lemon Street all the way to Ola? Traffic is a nightmare and those turning lanes are doing nothing to ease the congestion on that road. It takes me 40 minutes to get home sometimes from work! It needs to be a divided highway. Meanwhile the county is letting new businesses move in, creating more congestion.

Hey Henry, as if the pressures of the Milestone testing wasn’t enough, now kids have to complete Map Testing (2-4 extra tests) and then final exams. At what point do we say “enough is enough?”

Hey Henry - 05.10.17

Hey Henry, why do we have a Comprehensive Land Use Plan when a request is made to rezone to Planning and Zoning and a denial is recommended by the planner, then a request is made to amend the Future Land Use Map in order to get it done? Please read your mission statement! We do not want a QT at the corner of Hwy. 155 and Kelleytown Road.

Hey Henry, to the person who throws trash out so “work release” people have something to do. Why don’t you post your address here so we can give them a full time job in your front yard? As a bonus you get to visit with your family all day while they perform your “job creation” contribution to society. At least something good would come from your life!

Hey Henry, feminine men, huh? What about masculine women? You’re probably single because you wear pants and tennis shoes rather than the skirt or dress and heels that you should be wearing. You probably wouldn’t even have breakfast and dinner ready for your man every day during the week, plus lunch on the weekends. Your man should never see you without your makeup on. Never. Since you shouldn’t be working (that’s a man’s job), you’re expected to keep the house clean and organized. If you do a good job, you might even get an allowance. Yep. A man doesn’t want a woman. He wants a lady.

Hey Henry, it isn’t the responsibility of the BOE to investigate alleged unethical conduct by teachers or coaches. That falls to the Professional Standards Commission. Yes, the county conducts some actions, but not all.

Hey Henry, do people around here not know that there are “Headlight Laws?” When it’s raining, Georgia law requires you to turn on your headlights. When driving a dark colored vehicle in the pouring rain other responsible drivers have a hard time seeing you! Get off your stupid phone and turn on your lights. Got it?

Hey Henry, be aware that there is a female scammer out there claiming to be from a company called Home Security Systems. The caller ID shows a fake local number. They have tried twice with my home phone and each time, a different number appeared. Editor’s Note - we receive these calls also.

Hey Henry, why didn’t they put a turn lane in front of Tractor Supply going east on Hoy. 81, but they put one 200 yards down where it’s not as busy?

Hey Henry, when did it become a reward to misbehave in school? Kids cussing at teachers, calling them names, throwing food in their face, not following directions, spitting at teachers. Then, when a teacher calls to have them removed, it’s 2-3 hours later before someone shows up to get them. Their “punishment” is to help do tasks in the office, or they are sent back to class with a toy or candy. Really? Call the parent and tell them to pick their child up and don’t return until he/she has learned some respect. Parents would be amazed at what their children are exposed to everyday in elementary school. The behaviors are awful and learning is significantly hindered. Come spend a day in your child’s class and see; it’s starting as early as kindergarten. Or better yet come at lunchtime.

Hey Henry, wow! The new county website really brings our county into the 21st century. The colors are great and it is so easy to navigate. Kudos to those who made this happen!

Hey Henry, enough of the burger joints in Locust Grove, how about a real restaurant like Cracker Barrel or LongHorn?

Hey Henry - 05.03.17

Hey Henry, I recently visited the Department of Driver Services in Locust Grove. I was in and out in about 25 minutes. They have a modern, clean, spacious building, computerized forms, customer service people to assist with forms, and about seven customer service people on a Monday morning. I was quite surprised at how good an experience it was.

Hey Henry, to any parent concerned about their child’s welfare due to a coach’s or educator’s unprofessional actions within the Henry County school system. The internet is a wonderful thing and it is easy to find out someone’s personal and criminal history, plus some other things you might not want to know. Shame on schools that keep these coaches and educators employed and you know who you are! So what has happened to the code of ethics? I would love to have some answers from the Board of Education.

Hey Henry, to the person who responded to my comment on too many feminine men. Well, it seems like being transgender is a trend. As a straight female I want a manly man, no sissy boys. I’m discriminating, but just curious as to where all these girly boys are coming from. There is no hope for straight, single women. There are even men wearing makeup now and giving advice while shopping for makeup in stores. Come on now, how about men go play in the dirt and be rough. Leave the girl stuff for the girls.

Hey Henry, to the wise one that loves traveling on the new express lanes, explain how smart it really is that you are having to pay to drive on a road that was built with your hard earned tax money? Is that what they mean by the saying, “they have more money than sense?”

Hey Henry, so if everyone is “entitled” to basic health care, who has to pay for it? The rich? Middle class? It’s not free. Somebody has to pay for it – give up part of their own life to pay for somebody else’s welfare. I suggest you try reading Atlas Shrugged or maybe the U.S. Constitution.

Hey Henry, l think it is time for our county to establish a Boys and Girls club or YMCA for the kids in this county. There are a lot of kids in the county and this would be better than them walking the streets. Please consider this.

Hey Henry, while on the Square for Confederate Memorial Day I noticed something out of place. The Confederate monument on the Square has U.S. military flags and plaques around it. Don’t those belong at the Veterans Wall of Honor? I don’t see Confederate flags and plaques at the Veterans Wall of Honor so shouldn’t the opposite situation prevail? And by the way, lest someone be “offended” by my comments, I served 20 years in the U.S. military so I have the right to make this statement.

Hey Henry, to the person who litters to keep inmates busy. Who cares about inmates’ free time? Care about keeping your county clean and beautiful. Littering is ugly and it’s against the law. I can’t wait until you get caught and fined!

Hey Henry, thank you to McDonough Mayor Billy Copeland and The Sons of Confederate Veterans for another respectful Confederate Memorial Day service on the Square last Saturday. Very nicely done.

Hey Henry, regarding the comment that Trump hasn’t found the matches to set the country on fire. He has found them ... in North Korea!

Hey Henry - 04.26.17

Hey Henry, to the person who complained about litter. I litter so that inmates on work release have something to pick up. Keeps them busy. Remember an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. So litter up and keep inmates busy and working for the free time they get.

Hey Henry, congratulations to Diana and Bob Johnston, Sr. who are celebrating 49 precious, wonderful and blessed years of marriage.

Hey Henry, it seems like those people holding the mattress signs have been doing that for over a year. Isn’t that place ever going to close?

Hey Henry, as a country turning into a third world country, we need to pull our missionaries from other countries and fix our problems at home.

Hey Henry, President Trump said he was going to set the country on fire during his first 100 days in office. The problem is he can’t find the matches.

Hey Henry, to the person who believes that everybody has become one gender, you are basically disrespecting the transgender community and implying that they are not worth who they are because of the gender they feel most comfortable in. How would you like it if you didn’t feel right in your own skin? There are plenty of masculine men in the world and it’s not doing you any harm if they choose to act feminine. You say to be what you are born as, and that is who they are, so deal with it.

Hey Henry, how do you have a wreck at a 4-way stop? Please do tell! Another wreck at McGarity and Airline Road which seems to be a monthly occurrence. Maybe we need a giant red blinking light to let the people know that all drivers have to stop completely. Not a New York/rolling stop. Get off your cell phones, especially if you are not familiar with the roads you are driving.

Hey Henry, who is responsible for lowering the altitude of commercial aircraft over Henry County? I have lived here for the past 16 years. A year ago it started dropping, now the noise is horrible. When are our state representatives going to address this?

Hey Henry, I would like to wish my wife, Stacy, a very Happy Anniversary, 22 years and counting. I love you with all my heart and I am so glad that I am able to share my life with you on this earth!

Hey Henry, why is it that so many new roads are being built, but we aren’t focusing on improving the ones we have?

Hey Henry, I sure am tired of my taxes funding hand ups for people who only want handouts.

Hey Henry, when you say the “government” owes health insurance to citizens, what you are really saying is that some citizens have an obligation to buy health insurance for other citizens. Nope. Nowhere in our Constitution was such a “right” granted. My money is the same thing as my time (my life). And I’m not a slave to anybody.

Hey Henry, employers say they like to hire young people, but there are plenty of older people that “need” jobs. We have bills to pay too. We will be there for you and give excellent customer service. Try finding that at any fast food spots. We will welcome you with a smile, not a frown. We will welcome you with life experiences. Please quit discriminating against older folks. Your establishment will be better off and your customers will be a whole lot happier!

Hey Henry - 04.19.17

Hey Henry, the toll lanes are a great addition to Henry County. I also appreciate that most Henry County residents are not smart enough to use them. This means that I have the express lanes all to myself most of the time. My kids have fun smiling and waving at all the cars sitting packed like sardines while we zip by at 65 mph.

Hey Henry, yes, everyone is entitled to basic health care. However, basic health care should not include paying for abortions, lap-band surgery, drug rehab, maternity benefits for senior citizens, and a host of other nonsense. It is not the responsibility of the government to keep us healthy. That is up to each individual.

Hey Henry, I agree that parking is horrendous at the probate court. I work for a funeral home and go there regularly for vital records and frequently have to circle the building for 5 to 10 minutes waiting for a space to open up. Surely there is a solution to this?

Hey Henry, who are the amateurs paving Hwy. 81 East? They did the worst job ever and really messed up my driveway. I thought they were going to widen it from Lemon Street to Bethany Road. Why the expense of doing this now?

Hey Henry, where are all the masculine men? Going through store magazines and advertisements, it seems all the men are so feminine. What happened to manly men and ladylike women? We can’t all be one gender. Even in public I have to question whether to say yes sir or yes ma’am. Enough is enough. Everyone stop trying to be the other gender and just be what you are born as. Goodness.

Hey Henry, I see the flip floppers are raring the ugly fight already. If they only knew how many nasty germs they get on their feet. Their feet are crusty and dirty. All I can say is, yuk.

Hey Henry, what are the county rules regarding neighborhoods maintaining the buffer zone between the neighborhood and the main road? The buffer zone between Smithfield Estates and Eastlake Road is such an eyesore full of overgrowth, weeds, and brush. For the sake of your own property values and the community, please clear it and maintain it! On a positive note, the Melrose subdivision on Hwy. 155 N. does a beautiful job of maintaining the buffer zone between the road and their fences the entire length of the neighborhood. Kudos to you Melrose!

Hey Henry, the drivers who speed through the school zones on Fairview Road past Austin Road Elementary and Fairview Elementary should be disciplined, but they won’t be. The cops never enforce the school zone.

Hey Henry, PSA: If you choose to text and drive and your car drifts into my lane; I will blow my horn at you. I hope it scares you enough that you will put your eyes back on the road. I will not feel sorry if you overcorrect and crash because you obviously have no concern for the safety of my family.

Hey Henry, the only thing more frightening than a four-way stop in Henry County is a round-about.

Hey Henry, I am looking for suggestions (other than moving) on how to deal with nearby rental tenants deliberately blasting their car stereos on Westridge Parkway at 2 a.m.

Hey Henry, I am confused as to why people are so confused by round-abouts. If a car is approaching, you yield. If no car is coming, you go.

Hey Henry - 04.12.17

Hey Henry, let’s please carry a trash bag in our cars and use it instead of throwing trash on the roads so we can enjoy our scenery and enjoy the ride! Editor - Amen!

Hey Henry, I heard a Jim and Nick’s was coming to Henry county. Does anyone know where it is to be located and a possible opening date?

Hey Henry, to all the people who get an animal, cat or dog. When you get a pet, it is for life. Don’t put them on a chain or in a fenced-in-yard or worse, one of those 12 x 12 pens. Dogs and cats are loving and want to be with their people, for their entire life. You wouldn’t throw your kids away, don’t throw your pets away. And quit dumping your dogs. They are not wolves or coyotes, who are able to fend for themselves!

Hey Henry, can the next “Youth Job Fair” exclude young people that are thirty years old or more?

Hey Henry, I lived in Florida for several years, where roundabouts are very common. However, after reading the explanation that was printed in a previous comment, I was very confused.

Hey, Henry, in response to the firework comment. They are legal but that does not mean you can use them whenever and wherever you want. Your neighbor does not need to move to get away from your inconsiderate noisemaking. They just need to contact the proper authorities because there are ordinances in place to protect them from people like you. Maybe you should be the one to move. Perhaps far away from any other people since you seem to have a problem with respecting neighbors.

Hey Henry, so I heard that all students will be given computers. They need to add one more item to the expense list, repair and replace. Kids will be kids. Maybe you should give the parents one also.

Hey Henry, I’m so sick of Yankees moving down south and then complaining it’s not like up North. If you want your gluten free bakeries and organic cafes, stay above the Mason Dixon.

Hey Henry, speaking of turn lanes, why was one not built for people turning right onto Flippen from Jodeco? They worked on that intersection just a few years ago and somebody didn’t see a need for it? Traffic frequently backs up to the school. Do I have to think of everything?

Hey Henry, in regards to the government providing insurance to all. Virtually every civilized nation in the world today accepts that its government does in fact have that responsibility to its citizens. Americans clearly believe that government has a responsibility to provide our citizens with at least basic education, and security in the form of police protection, and a judicial system for the resolution of disputes. Isn’t basic health care just as important as basic education and basic security and dispute resolution?

Hey Henry, “All of us are equal but some of us are more equal than others,” (A loose paraphrase from George Orwell in Animal Farm) and the feeling of some elected officials.

Hey Henry, nothing like having a nearby neighbor running a bed and breakfast out of her house. Take a gander at Airbnb to see what I mean.

Hey Henry, so how are the toll lanes working? I still see traffic backed up to Locust Grove. It would have been better to use the space to add lanes on each side from Mount Zion to Locust Grove.

Hey Henry - 04.05.17

Hey Henry, our roads are falling in and bridges collapsing in Atlanta. But hey, we have a brand new multimillion dollar Braves and Falcons stadium. Yay for great priorities. #hotlanta

Hey Henry, commuter rail in Henry County would be a great thing. Much better for the people than building more interstate lanes. However, more highway construction equals more political contributions.

Hey Henry, piggybacking on the comments made regarding the necessity of a traffic light at Jodeco and Oak Grove Roads. The vehicle that is waiting in the new right turn lane blocks the line of view for the vehicle making a left turn onto Jodeco. At least before the addition of the new turning lane, we could see the oncoming traffic.

Hey Henry, in response to Clayton County grabbing Henry County land and the District 2 commissioner doing nothing, this is the same commissioner that believes high tech jobs are going to come to the county.

Hey Henry, to the person who tried to explain the roundabout on Lake Dow Road, I’m still confused.

Hey Henry, so much empty space on the Square. We need more businesses there. But parking is awful, two-way isn’t lawful. And so we’re just left with thin air.

Hey Henry, I am absolutely flabbergasted that they would put a left turn lane to Rosser Road from Hwy. 81 East before they would put a left turn lane in going to the McDonough Public Library. I certainly hope that a turn lane into one of the county’s most-used facilities is planned for the very near future.

Hey Henry, can anyone tell me when it became the Federal Government’s responsibility to medically insure every single American? My Mom and Dad both worked two jobs just to cover the cost of “out of pocket” expenses for medicine and treatment for my sister, who was terminally ill. Now people are getting free health care and in some cases, better health care than I can afford on Social Security.

Hey Henry, FYI the post office no longer sends renewal notices for PO boxes. They said sending renewal notices was a courtesy. They closed my box and returned all my mail. That’s courtesy?

Hey Henry, making Eagles Landing a city will not bring high end shopping or restaurants to the county. You will have the same income base that is already living in the area.

Hey Henry, it is becoming ever more stressful to find parking in the McDonough Square. How do you expect the city to thrive when it is impossible to find parking, especially on the west end? The garage is too far to walk if you want to enjoy the visit. I know several businesses that are considering shutting their doors. A two hour meter time is not long enough to do a little shopping and have lunch. And the meter guy is relentless! It is as if he enjoys writing tickets. I guess I will go to Hampton or Locust Grove.

Hey Henry, am I the only one tired of TV commercials where a female talks through her nose to women? It’s almost baby talk!

Hey Henry when is something going to be done about the traffic mess on Highway 20 (Conyers Road) at the Lawrenceville Street, McGarity Road and Hwy. 20 intersection? A roundabout was put in on Lake Dow Road, where it was not needed, instead of fixing problems that are desperately needed.

Hey Henry - 03.29.17

Hey Henry, I’m a 28-year resident of Henry County who’s just discovering the parks system. Reeves Creek Trail is only four miles from our home. I love the quiet of the J.P. Moseley trails. Tax dollars well spent.

Hey Henry, to the zoning board member who is working so hard to cherry pick income levels to make Eagles Landing a wealthy city and cross her “T’s” in her own words. That will not bring high end restaurants such as Flemings to Henry County. Learn your economics. If the rest of the county is, as you say, so beneath you, then you lack the economic support for $300 steak dinners.

Hey Henry, when will GDOT remove the last 1/4 mile of cement barriers between exits 221 and 222? Enough!

Hey Henry, the person who lives on Airline Road who complains about someone setting off fireworks needs to get over it. Fire works are legal. If you don’t like it then move and take your sissy dogs with you.

Hey Henry, the new turn lane on Oak Grove Road is great. Sadly, it is not a full solution to the nightmare of traffic at the Jodeco intersection. We need a traffic light for left turns onto Oak Grove and left turns onto Jodeco. Traffic was backed far down Oak Grove this morning. So many people needed to turn left that those who were turning right still had to wait a long time just to get up to the entrance for the right turn lane.

Hey Henry, a very special thank you to the Henry County DOT crew for the removal of the deceased deer on Coan Road. It was such a gruesome sight.

Hey Henry, the toll Peach Pass Lanes on 75 were just a distraction to eventually place Marta rail. Surprise.

Hey Henry, the roundabout is finished on Lake Dow Road, thank goodness! So, people, here is a lesson on how to drive one. When you are coming up to the roundabout, you are to yield. That means, you have to yield to the person who is in the center circle. It means you do not have the right of way. Yield can also mean stop! Once the person in the circle passes you, then you can go as long as it is safe to do so! When I say the person in the circle, that means when they are right there at you, yield. If they are on the other side of you, then by all means keep going. Remember, it is not all about you!

Hey Henry, how can our commissioners stand by and do nothing while the city of Lovejoy annexes over 200 acres and 100+ homes in Henry County? This is not the way for the District II Commissioner to help the people who elected her.

Hey Henry, to the person who commented about local governments giving pay raises to employees “because they show up.” Henry County hasn’t given pay raises in nearly a decade. The cost of living pay increases are immediately offset by increased insurance premiums and increased pension deductions. People in highly technical positions are making far less than their counterparts in the private sector. So, I don’t know where you see that they are even remotely competitive in the job market. Many county employees stay because they love their jobs, the people they work with, and the community they serve. But trust me, they do not stay for the pay. Of course, there are exceptions where certain people are way over-paid compared to their job descriptions. I guess they are better at playing politics than the others.

Hey Henry - 03.22.17

Hey Henry, the Henry County Probate Court located on Hwy. 155 North has a severe parking shortage. Our County Commissioners need to wake up and realize this facility services our entire county and needs more space.

Hey Henry, I was so excited to get a Steak n’ Shake in Locust Grove, until I went there a couple of times. If you’re really hungry don’t go there. Expect to be in the drive through line at least 20 minutes and check to make sure your order is right. Three times there = three strikes. I’m out!

Hey Henry, does this county have a D.O.T department? As bad as these roads are around here I would say no.

Hey Henry, I wish McDonough had a Chip and Joanna from HGTV. We have some great old homes. If they were renovated they would be stunning.

Hey Henry, the proposed City of Eagles Landing is a huge wake-up call for the City of Stockbridge. Stockbridge has been becoming an extension of Clayton County (crime, demographics, politics) for years and no one has done anything. Stockbridge has a huge hole (possibly impossible) to dig out of now if they don’t want to become obsolete and broke. Houses are already on the market hoping to bail before this becomes final.

Hey Henry, to the young lady named Shannon, that works at PANERA, you are a remarkable young lady! I was having a bad day and you really brightened my day. I am glad that my two young daughters were able to encounter someone as pleasant as you are. You displayed excellent customer service and you did everything while wearing a big, warm, and affectionate smile. I hope the manager that was working that day knows just how special you are. Keep up the good work! From a proud Henry county resident.

Hey Henry, does anyone know why the parking lot behind Scarlett’s Retreat has been closed?

Hey Henry, I live on Airline Road and I don’t know who in my area is setting off fireworks, but they need to knock it off! You are scaring my dogs! It isn’t New Years or the 4th of July! If I am having problems with terrified dogs then others around here are also. So stop, just stop!

Hey Henry, please get with the GDOT and replace the traffic signs on I-75 N. and S. that were removed for construction. Including “no trucks over six wheels allowed in left lane and “slower traffic keep right.”

Hey Henry, the proposed City of Eagles Landing would get a lot more needed support if it included the unincorporated areas close to Stockbridge in their proposal.

Hey Henry, when a wrecker is called to get a wrecked car, I thought they were suppose to take all of it. I have noticed that some of them leave the front or back bumper at the scene. What’s the deal? Insurance shouldn’t pay unless all of the car is taken!

Hey Henry, it was great to hear that the Board of Commissioners took action to rid our county of a recently appointed official. Way to go HCBC!

Hey Henry, can we get a new zoning board? We need a board that understands, no more warehouses. It is ruining the southern half of the county and now they want to put them on Bill Gardener Pkwy. by I-75.

Hey Henry - 03.15.17

Hey Henry, I agree with District II Commissioner Clemmons and with the comments made by other readers that high tech jobs will never come to Henry County because we lack the lifestyle attractions that bring college graduates needed to work at these jobs. On a second note, enough with the warehouses, we do not have the infrastructure to accommodate the traffic.

Hey Henry, I’d like to thank the lovely waitress I had at the Stockbridge IHop, Kansas. She made me and my family’s visit wonderful.

Hey Henry, educators, before you submit your resume, please check your heart. If you hate kids, don’t sign it. I understand that you’re tired and the kids are tough, but your negativity is only making it worse!

Hey Henry, I just read about the Eagles Landing community wanting to be a separate city from Stockbridge. I don’t see a valid reason for it. They don’t have anything more to offer. The only restaurant in the area is Outback and the usual fast food chains. They have Eagles Landing Country Club so I guess they feel like they have more status than other communities. Just what we need, another group of city officials who claim to have the people’s best interests at heart.

Hey Henry, please get with the Georgia DOT and enact some speed limits through the East Lake and Hwy. 155 intersection before some school kids get hurt or worse. People think the East Lake extension is a racetrack and they fly over the blind hill at the light between Shanes and JP. That whole intersection should be 35 mph, not 60.

Hey Henry, thank you to the firemen and policemen who help protect us every day and night. I pray over ya’ll every day for your safety and with thanksgiving that God gave us people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for us. We appreciate ya’ll.

Hey Henry, I was dining the other night at a local pizza joint during Trivia Night. As each question was presented I watched two different groups where the mom immediately got the answer from her phone, the kids write the answer down they were given, then rejoice at how smart they were when they got it right. And this is our next generation? Boy, are we in trouble!

Hey Henry, has anyone noticed that local governments like to raise the wages of their employees in order to be competitive in the job market, but many do not have performance based work evaluations or benchmarks. So, I guess we pay them because they show up. I’m not saying they don’t deserve one, but everyone? What are the chances that all their performances are outstanding?

Hey Henry, I am a 63 year old female in need of dental care. I can pay $100 a month, but no one will give me a chance. I have three teeth that need to be pulled and no dental insurance, just medicaid. Can someone please help me?

Hey Henry, those who litter are putting an undue burden on Community Service who picks it up. We should all remember that there are only three Community Service vans doing the actual work. They have many other responsibilities such as cleaning county buildings, moving items for county offices, cutting grass, cleaning at some parks and washing county vehicles. They do all this while working with dilapidated vans and equipment.

Hey Henry, Stockbridge is against the proposed city of Eagles Landing? All the more reason we hope it becomes a reality.

Hey Henry - 03.08.17

Hey Henry, I just want to say that I really appreciate previous generations and think that they don’t get enough credit. They grew up during rough times, yet still had beautiful music and morals that make me embarrassed to be a millennial. There are younger people who love your wisdom, style, music and stories.

Hey Henry, we drivers in Henry County are going to get awfully dizzy with all of the roundabouts going in.

Hey Henry, to the writer who challenged women making half the money - why would you keep a job where you were only worth half. Talk to your boss - it is already against the law. Find a new one if they don't comply. Stop whining and do something about it.

Hey Henry, in regards to the article on the Trump demonstrators. The protest groups should take note - what goes around comes around. If those are the tactics you use when you lose, don’t be surprised when people gather to do the same. The politicians involved can only stay involved because they have ensured their district boundaries are safe by lobbying to do so. It is time people participate in local government and take them to task. Local elections are coming up.

Hey Henry, so you moved to a city and you don’t like the city. Am I the only one who thinks the obvious solution is to move? Seems a lot easier than trying to force an entire community to be something it’s not.

Hey Henry, amazing ... the Democrats lost the Presidency and both The House and Senate. Yet, they still think people want to hear what they have to say. It’s over folks; you lost. And to those who find so much time to protest in the streets, take a bath, put your clown suit back in the closet, get a job ... and, this will shock you ... actually vote in the next election!

Hey Henry, until the Stockbridge City Council does away with the old at-large representations, we will continue to have the same issues. Until they come into the 21st century and have to be accountable to a district with certain needs and issues, it will be cronyism on a citywide level. For now it’s just a citywide popularity contest with the best interests of the city at the bottom of the list.

Hey Henry, to the woman venting about men making more money. How about more women stop complaining and put that energy into their work? And maybe men make more money because they sacrifice their time and family life to make more money to support their ungrateful wife.

Hey Henry, this message is for single males in their 50’s who have given up on love. How about noticing the single female in your age range. She stands next to you in the line at the grocery store or sees you at the gym. She is young for her age, a little shy, loves sports, enjoys the outdoors and is always laughing. She is my sister and I am amazed that she is still single. Her husband is deceased and she needs to move on with a new love in her life. Wake up guys and pay attention. Check out those beautiful blue eyes when she smiles and tries to start a conversation with you. I would like to see the sparkle back in her eyes.

Hey Henry, good luck to the proposed city of Eagles Landing. We hope you are successful and most people in our neighborhood look forward to getting away from Stockbridge.

Hey Henry, can something be done about the slum lord motels that don’t clean for the people that pay monthly? There is no way they would pass a health inspection.

Hey Henry - 03.01.17

Hey Henry, for the second year in a row we attended the Sentimental Journey/HCHS Jazz Band concert at the Performing Arts Center last night. Awesome performance! More people should attend next year. Mr. Reed Lukat, you are an inspiration to those lucky students!

Hey Henry, how can our commissioners nominate someone to the Henry Development Authority who is currently under investigation by the FBI in Georgia and Mississippi for her business and political dealings? In the Times article on February 8 Commissioner Holmes stated that she would take the county in a new direction. And she really will, and it will be straight down.

Hey Henry, to the board of Swan Lake or whoever is responsible for lowering the lake, we homeowners chose this property because of the beauty of the lake. We are now looking at a swamp. It is very frustrating when nobody tells us anything about why they are draining it. There is no construction on our side of the lake, which is the beach side. So please, let the water back up or change the name to Swan Swamp!

Hey Henry, with all due respect to District II Commissioner Clemmons, the 1,650 people who work at the warehouses are earning a paycheck and are not on welfare or unemployment. The reason high-tech companies won’t locate to this are is because we do not have a trained workforce. Get together a coalition of local colleges and technical schools to train people in these high tech skills. Then these types of companies would locate here. Until then, let the warehouse employees earn a living and leave them alone.

Hey Henry, I really enjoy the wonderful columns by Jeff Reeves. He’s the real deal, and thanks to the Times for telling us local stories each week. Y’all are great!

Hey Henry, I just want to say thanks to the driver of the old ‘53 GMC truck that took the courage to step out into traffic and attempt to rescue an injured animal. I wanted to do it, but had a lot of pressure from traffic behind me and their arrogant pursuit to force others out of their way. Thank you for your efforts, we need more people like you!

Hey Henry, I don’t understand why there’s a new fire station going up on Hampton-Locust Grove Road when the road itself is posted “No Trucks.” Wouldn’t it have been a good idea to widen this heavily traveled road first? There are schools on this road, and yet the buses are also too wide to travel it.

Hey, Henry, to the young woman who is happy that men and women aren’t equal: maybe you’d be “whining” too if you were barely scraping by on half the salary that a man makes doing the exact same job as you. Why would any woman in her right mind be happy about that?

Hey Henry, in January, the Henry County BOC adopted a policy limiting public comments and setting a standard that does not allow personal attacks or slander. At the February meeting, one of the Commissioners at several points launched into lengthy rants at another board member, including personal and insulting comments. Apparently he doesn’t feel like he should be held to the same standard. It was shameful.

Hey Henry, a big thank you to the gentlemen who cleaned up an entire box of nails in the middle of the road in the roundabout at East Lake and Hwy. 20. An off duty police officer and fireman stopped traffic to start clearing the road, they were then helped by a plumber and the firemen from the station nearby. They didn’t want anyone’s tires to get messed up.

Hey Henry - 02.22.17

Hey Henry, my elderly mother living in McDonough recently received a call saying that she owed $500 to the public library. I looked up the phone number (812-280-2147) and it was flagged as fraud and a scam. This number has received over 35,000 complaints and is located in New York.

Hey Henry, we want to thank Red Lobster on Jonesboro Road for making our Valentines so great. We did have to wait but didn’t mind because everyone was so friendly. It was a perfect day for us ol’ folks!

Hey Henry, whatever happened to the idea of putting a left turn signal at the intersection of McDonough Parkway and Jonesboro Road? The cars from McDonough Parkway turning left onto Jonesboro Road are sometimes backed up to the school. When that happens in the morning and the afternoon it takes at least 3 times for the light to be green. In the meantime cars just sit. A lot of cars are going through the Kroger Parking lot and that is getting worse too. What gives?

Hey Henry, to the person commenting about losing money because of a small business closing. Not all businesses have this issue. What you should consider is how long have they been operating; what are their customer policies all of the time - not some of the time. So don’t write all small businesses off. Many have been here awhile, are great and have spectacular customer service.

Hey Henry, a lot of parents aren’t teaching their kids much, except to be rude, ungrateful, spoiled brats. And if you look at those kids with the tablets or phones, usually the parents are just as bad. They don’t get off their phones to shop, drive or watch their kids playing sports. Kids do as they see.

Hey Henry, I have news for the District 2 Commissioner. No high paying companies are going to locate to Henry County. The traffic, rise in crime, box construction homes, lack of high end restaurants and shopping will not attract high tech companies that require college degrees. Zoning needs to put a moratorium on all warehouse construction until the roads can accommodate all existing traffic.

Hey Henry, when are they going to put a roundabout or traffic light at the intersection of Highway 138 and Hemphill Road in Stockbridge? It is very difficult to see traffic coming around the curve.

Hey Henry, as a young woman, I am tired of hearing how women in politics and media are saying they aren’t treated equal. This is not the 1920’s, we are treated just fine. I don’t want to be a man and I am tired of women whining for equality. I am a female and I love it. I love having differences between men and women. I am not equal to men. They are not equal to me either. I can’t lift 200 lbs, men can't have babies. Life is not fair. Women, stop making other women look bad!

Hey Henry, since so many people do not follow even the most basic laws of driving, like using their blinkers, I think we should get the state insurance commissioner involved and mandate the maximum number of points on their licenses. Also, fine them to the highest rate to help pay for the roads they abuse.

Hey Henry, Stockbridge, when are we going to get out of the spotlight with the news regarding continued scandals and legal actions against each other with our leaders? Yet again we hire, at the expense of the taxpayers, an outside firm to resolve an ethics dispute within our own council members. If the so-called Ethics Board cannot make the call, let's replace them. It appears that it’s just another case of not wanting to go against “our own.”

Hey Henry - 02.15.17

Hey Henry, it sure would be nice if they put a stoplight off the back entrance of the Walmart shopping center in Locust Grove. It would help take some of the traffic congestion off of the Bill Gardner/Hwy. 42 intersection.

Hey Henry, does anyone know if they plan on resurfacing I-75 north and south between Henry and Clayton county? Seems a shame to have a nice new express lane and only partial repaving in spots while leaving the rest in such poor condition. Potholes could cause an accident with us trying to dodge them! It’s horrible trying to drive to work and home. I drive in the left fast lane just to avoid the bad road condition north and south. Maybe we should all bombard the DOT with requests to get it done.

Hey Henry, I love the town of Stockbridge. I just wanted to say that.

Hey Henry, people collecting money at intersections should be required to have signs that say who they are collecting for, along with contact information for verification.

Hey Henry, I suppose an older person looking for a second job is pretty hopeless. Most companies want to hire young people.

Hey Henry, it baffles the mind how many people are in public places with their phones or tablets on full blast. Have these people never heard of headphones? It is usually toddlers or elderly people, but it could be any aged person. I’ve experienced this at my kid’s ballet class and at kid sporting events. At a recent game, a family did not have their kid get off his tablet for the National Anthem nor the prayer. What are we teaching our kids?

Hey Henry, when is the senior center/recreation center going to be open in Hampton and will it be two separate facilities?

Hey Henry, why don’t you build some more warehouses in Locust Grove, to sit empty with the rest of them. Obviously there’s not enough already.

Hey Henry, if you don’t like the new express lanes, please do me a favor and stay out of them. I like them, for 24 of my 90 mile round trip commute each day I have piece of mind that a semi will not swerve into my lane and considering the low volume of cars compared to the regular lanes, I consider myself safer because there are less people texting, Facetiming, doing whatever in the cars around me. And it is saving me about 30 minutes in the afternoon. So, while you sit in traffic and Facetime, I will be at home seeing my family in person.

Hey Henry, thank you to the reader who commented about the gift certificate she purchased from a local business, then they closed before the recipient was able to use it. Same thing happened to my nephew a couple of years ago. He was out the money and his brother and wife were without the dinner they were using it for. One of many reasons I don't support local businesses. You never know when they’ll just close and never be seen again. Hope this helps others when gift giving occasions arise.

Hey Henry, I can’t wait for spring to be here!

Hey Henry, Stockbridge needs to take the $2 million and fix Thurman Road and East Atlanta Road. Our roads have been neglected for too long and this is more important than sidewalks in Fairview.

Hey Henry - 02.08.17

Hey Henry, I want to thank the women who turned in my purse at the J.P. gas station. I had a lot on my mind and just left without it. Thank you for showing that there are still honest people.

Hey Henry, now that the express lanes are open, can DOT please remove the cement barriers at exits 221 and 228. They are a safety hazard since the boulders eliminate the shoulder lanes.

Hey Henry, on Hwy. 20/81 going past the B.P. station there is an obvious path where people walk. I’ve seen small children and even strollers on that path. Clearly it needs a sidewalk.

Hey Henry, for the person who said they don’t use a turn signal when driving, you fit right in with the other idiots that don’t use it.

Hey Henry, re: really wow! Who does pay the taxes on empty warehouses?

Hey Henry, why should I obey the speed limit of 35 on Iris Lake Road heading into town, when the two school buses ahead of me are going 45 to 50?

Hey Henry, what happened to the Wild Wing Cafe? There is a huge “For Lease” sign out in front of the building.

Hey Henry, City of McDonough public service, we really need your help. Actually, we could all benefit through safety and revenue. Going north on Macon Street the speed limit is 35 and this is often ignored. The three-way-stop sign past the court house, right before your station is located, gets run constantly. The left lane ends, and these idiots know it, so they speed up to move over, always without using their blinker. Thanks for all you do for us.

Hey Henry, why doesn’t Henry County enforce the 30 day out of state vehicle registration? There are all kinds of out-of-state vehicles in the county who are refusing to register their vehicles in Georgia because of TAVT. Law enforcement should be issuing tickets.

Hey Henry, how does one of the largest and growing counties in Georgia not have a landfill? I have lived in Henry for 33 years. When I first moved here we had a landfill. I guess it has been closed now for 20 years. Clayton County allowed us to use their landfill, up until a few months ago. I have trash pick up, but there are times when we clean the garage out or have a lot of items we need to dump. I get it, no one wants a landfill by their house, but there has to be a large enough track of land somewhere in the county away from residents. This is going to become a huge problem within a short amount of time. I am already seeing it, with people driving down dirt roads away from traffic and just dumping their garbage. Does anyone have any knowledge that this is an issue with the powers to be?

Hey Henry, with all the gender confusion and political correctness, will they do away with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? (Announcer’s voice) Coming this fall on ABC, The Gender Neutrals - It’s Anyone’s Game.

Hey Henry, you know when you live on social security every penny counts, right? And we all know it is good to shop local, right? Well, I did this in December by purchasing a gift certificate at a local restaurant, and before my family could use it the business was closed. I tried calling the owner to let him know I had a gift certificate I wanted to sell to him, but he would not return my call. This is just wrong to sell gift certificates for Christmas and then close your establishment without refunding the money.

Hey Henry - 02.01.17

Hey Henry, why did they pave one side of I-75 and not the other when they put the new express lane in? Going north bound, lanes are terrible!

Hey Henry, to the lovely woman I met at the Locust Grove Walmart who gave me money to buy ten blankets to take to South Georgia storm victims, thank you and God Bless you. I took them to the Perry fairgrounds where they are loading the semi trucks that will head to Albany. Again, thank you for your kindness and help for your fellow Georgians.

Hey Henry, the names of the democrats who boycotted Trump’s inauguration has been published, just the same as Republican House member, Representative Joe Wilson, who shouted, “You lie” during President Obama’s initial health care speech to Congress was published.

Hey Henry, did you ever stop to think that I don’t want to understand much less respond to your point of view?

Hey Henry, when are we going to do something about the burnt, abandoned house on Tunis Road behind the gas station? I’ve seen students from the high school ducking in there after school. It is an eyesore, safety hazard, and a breeding ground for crime!

Hey Henry, why are stores putting their handicap parking nowhere near the ‘closest’ parking spot to the store entrance?

Hey Henry, how is it that drivers get away with towing utility, etc. vehicles without proper lighting or even a tag? I’m behind a Ford van towing a homemade trailer, from Locust Grove all the way to McDonough Parkway. No lighting whatsoever. Are you kidding me people, I’m sure you know the laws. Oh, you must not care. Maybe insurance companies should take note of this.

Hey Henry, in response to “why is it that people can’t figure out how to use their turn signals?” I do not use my turn signal to keep you from turning in and slowing my trip. So I drive on at my leisure, and do not worry about what you think.

Hey Henry, scam alert - in order to obtain a Peach Pass, you must start your account with $20 in advance. After that, they automatically renew your credit card when it drops below $10. They could have set it up to charge your credit card when you used it, but instead they had to make sure they always have some of your money.

Hey Henry, one of the biggest problems in America is that we are sensitive to every little need and whim. It has made us incredibly soft as a nation.

Hey Henry, to the person asking “who pays taxes on a warehouse that has become vacant?” Really? Wow!

Hey Henry, as a local city supporter of McDonough, when are they going to do something about the parking on the McDonough Square? I try to support local businesses but there is no handicapped parking available when I try to bring my grandmother to town. They want us to park in the parking deck and this is not feasible for my grandmother. What are you going to do?

Hey Henry, Keith Richards we get it, you’re old but you can still have children.

Hey Henry - 01.25.17

Hey Henry, the biggest communication problem today is ... we don’t listen to understand, we listen to respond.

Hey Henry, okay Lays potato chip brand, enough with the air in bags. I believe you are taking advantage of consumers. I don’t think they need that much air to maintain freshness.

Hey Henry, I think Stockbridge should ban blue shoes next. That would be something else that is impossible to enforce along with the smoking ban for cars with kids in them.

Hey Henry, please publish the names of the Democrats boycotting the Trump inauguration. Hopefully they will be voted out of office when their time for re-election comes up.

Hey Henry, last Wednesday the EBS siren went off here in McDonough. Nowhere could I find a reason why, other than a warning not to call 911 to ask why. There should be a website to tell you if it is a real danger or just a test.

Hey Henry, when a warehouse becomes empty who pays the property taxes? Or do they actually pay taxes?

Hey Henry, political preference does not determine a wife’s character: Judge not, that ye be not judged.

Hey Henry, can anyone tell me what is the circle doing on the corner of Hwy. 81 and Snapping Shoals Road? It was a two-way stop, and worked good. Then it was a 4 way stop, (bad idea) and now it is a circle. With the trucks and a lot of drivers cutting across it, the truckers have no choice but to run over it. It is not going to last. Why was this done, and please don’t say safety.

Hey Henry, well it’s once again time to check the Henry County schools ratings! To do so visit https://schoolgrades.georgia.gov. henry. Unfortunately, not much has changed over the last two years. There is one “A” rated school, several “B” rated and mostly “C” and “D” rated with two “F” rated schools in our county.

Hey Henry, when did it become acceptable to lie on your resume and job application? Evidently college and job experience is no longer needed, just make it up! No one checks. Even when HR knows you lied, they won't fire you (even though the application says lying is grounds for immediate termination). Oh and be sure to lie, exaggerate and be very creative on Linked-In too. Evidently “everyone does it.”

Hey Henry, I was in a store today waiting to check out and there were three registers open, and one closed. The person in front of me was told to move to next register. Out of nowhere, there were two females asking if they could check out, and, you guessed it, they checked them out. That was so wrong and it’s the last time I spend my money in that store.

Hey Henry, I’m over 70 and as I watched President Trump take office, I have never been more saddened as I am now. The media is going nuts about the anti Trump demos and boycotts. These people were elected to represent the citizens of America, all citizens. The people that stirred all this hate are sitting back doing nothing to help this great country. Someday they will get their due, God willing, I hope so.

Hey Henry, don’t you just love the idea of “alternative facts.”

Hey Henry, to the person talking about the FAQ on the GDOT website: If it’s on the internet it MUST be true!

Hey Henry - 01.18.17

Hey Henry, obviously you are the parent or spouse of one of the accused firefighter recruits that were at the Taco Bell. Because the person that posted last week was nothing but polite. What is wrong with the world today? You can’t condone bad behavior whether it is your family or not. Everyone makes mistakes. Admit the mistake, apologize, and move on!

Hey Henry, how many more thieves will be allowed to simply roll shopping carts full of expensive electronics out of the Hudson Bridge Walmart without paying before the store has to close down?

Hey Henry, residents, stop dumping your dogs and cats! If you’re not going to take good care of your pets, then do not get them. The lost and found pages on Facebook are full of found dogs. Your dogs. Stop dumping them. Dogs are pack animals and they consider you their pack. Leaving them on the side of the road destroys them. Have a heart and please do not get an animal!

Hey Henry, when did headlights become more about how they look than helping us drive in the rain and at night? Some of the new headlights look like they are on bright when they aren’t.

Hey Henry, if you want to do anything about crime, it starts in homes and neighborhoods. Please, let’s work together and not harbor criminals. If you can identify them, do so. We will not stop crime until we take care of our own. You can report crimes without being identified. Don’t let someone you might know or care about be killed or hurt if you could have prevented it. Please support law enforcement and we can rid our streets of much of this.

Hey, Henry, to Dale: if she doesn’t appreciate a meal at the Waffle House and wants to tell you how to vote, throw her back for she is not a keeper. Anyone that supports Hillary is not fit wife material for a southern boy!

Hey Henry, to the person who “guarantees” Henry County will receive a portion. You are dead wrong. Do a little research. This issue is addressed on the FAQ on the GDOT website: How will money raised through tolling be used? Toll revenue will pay for the project’s capital costs and tolling operation, maintenance, renewal and replacement costs. What will be done with any excess revenue? Once all debt repayment is complete, any toll revenue above and beyond the amount required to fund ongoing operation and maintenance of the I-75 South Metro Express Lanes will be available for other transportation purposes.

Hey Henry, so because I didn’t choose a career as a first responder I shouldn’t get a raise? Just because I do something else for the county doesn’t make what I do any less important. You act like the county would run just fine if all of the non-first responders just dropped off the face of the earth. Trust me you wouldn’t like to live here without DOT, Code Enforcement and many many other county departments. No one is saying first responders shouldn’t get a raise, we are just saying that they shouldn’t be the only ones to get raises nor should they get raises at other’s expense. How would you like it if wherever you work decided to give one department a huge raise at the expense of others?

Hey Henry, the people who retired from Ford and General Motors are fortunate and somewhat lucky. These types of jobs hardly exist anymore. With someone being paid some ungodly amount to screw in a bolt on an assembly line. Our younger generation won’t have that opportunity thanks to greed. Yes, I admit, that is too much for that type of job when there are technicians and college graduates making nowhere near what they were getting paid.

Hey Henry - 01.11.17

Hey Henry, for the people we often forget ... on December 30 a fire got away from me on New Hope Road. I called 911. Station 12 on Old Jackson Road along with Capt. Phillips responded in a matter of minutes and put it out. They stayed and made sure it was all out, and made sure I was ok. I can’t say enough about these brave men who responded so quickly to my situation. I just wanted to say thanks and commend them all and hope I can do something to repay them in some small way.

Hey Henry, people talk about gun control, but how about phone control? Texting and driving is just as dangerous. The number of people dying in accidents while texting will soon or later surpass the amount of people killed by guns.

Hey Henry, I lived in Henry County many years and worked for Henry County DOT for over 16 years. I saw many chair persons during that time. I watched the first BOC meeting of 2017 and I must say, unless the current Chair changes, she will be the best one yet.

Hey Henry, in response to “sorry, we are not all in this together as you stated.” Technically we are all alive now at the same time. I’m not so oblivious that I don’t see how people act. My suggestion was that we pass on kindness instead of hate.

Hey Henry, the old Elections Office on Phillips Drive is up for discussion on whether to fix or demolish it. Fixing the building would cost an estimated $240,000. Demolishing it would cost $48,220. Then they will want to build another building that will probably cost a million dollars or more. I think that $240,000 is a bargain!

Hey Henry, have you seen the dumping grounds that have sprung up at the old Chevron station on Jodeco Road in I-75? It’s making the area look like a slum. What do you think we can do to get the county to take care of it?

Hey Henry, regarding the comment about the firefighters being rude and disrespectful at Taco Bell, who are you to talk about them? Listen to yourself, you are rude and disrespectful to them. I think Henry County has fantastic firefighters.

Hey Henry, to the person talking about the express lanes in Henry County: yes, it may be a GDOT project, but I guarantee that Henry County gets a cut of it.

Hey Henry, why is it that people just can’t figure out how to use their turn signals? I counted 30+ cars in one day that didn’t use them. Come on people, use your blinker, that’s why they are there. Hey Henry, where is this pig everyone keeps writing about? I want to see him! I love pigs.

Hey Henry, what’s the point of having elected officials if they don’t have the back bone to take care of their department and their employees?

Hey Henry, to the county employee “wanting a raise,” I’m sure you get annual raises, like any other county employee. Don’t even compare yourself to our first responders. What you need to realize is that firefighters and police officers deserve a bigger increase in pay for putting their lives on the line everyday to respond, protect and serve Henry County residents. Thank you to all first responders and I hope you get your long overdue raise.

Hey Henry - 01.04.17

Hey Henry, this is Dale. Peggy did say “yes” to me, but I had to propose to her outside the Hwy. 138 Waffle House, which is not her favorite, so y’all can all imagine how annoyed she was with me. But after eating the last bite of my patty melt, I knelt down on the ground, looked into her eyes, and said, “Baby, you make me happier than NASCAR. Will you marry me?” She finished her diet coke (she’s on a diet) and said, “I guess, but if you vote for Trump again, we are done.”

Hey Henry, I am thankful for Hey Henry as it gives me a place to vent even if what I say never makes it in the paper.

Hey Henry, why are so many concerned with another persons business? For example the pig in the office and the comment about a women bringing her kids to work. Why don’t you concentrate on your life and stop worrying about other people.

Hey Henry, as a Henry County employee, I certainly hope I get yearly raises. But I also accept the fact that law enforcement and fire personnel are in a much more dangerous job than I in my paper pushing. They deserve a bit more money.

Hey Henry, sorry, we are not all in this together as you stated. Most people only care about themselves and no one else. Just get out and drive around to shops and even the work place. I see it everywhere.

Hey Henry, what’s with all the cars running around Henry with headlights and tail lights burned out, then turning on their bright lights to compensate. This seems like good revenue if the police would enforce it. I’m all for reinstating the state annual vehicle safety inspection requirement.

Hey Henry, to those complaining about the I-75 express lanes, that is a state DOT project, not county. Contact GDOT with your concerns and maybe the more they hear the more they will listen.

Hey Henry, I hope the guy who cut down a cedar tree on Keys Ferry Road private property to top it out for a Christmas Tree is happy. We’ve enjoyed that tree for years. And when people ask “where did you get that nice tree,” tell them you stole it.

Hey Henry, I am sad to say I had to personally watch a display of disrespect by 4 HCFD recruits at Taco Bell. It’s one thing to be rude, but another to be rude while wearing your yellow HCFD hoodie. Standing with your dirty foot on the wall and being rude to the cashier because she didn’t pronounce your name correctly is totally uncalled for. If this is the best HCFD can get, I strongly suggest you start over.

Hey Henry, while leaving the Walmart in Locust Grove, I took the side road that goes to Hwy. 42. We got in the left hand turn lane and it was backed up, of course. But the problem was that people in the right lane were cutting into the left turn lane and to make matters worse, driving up to Hwy. 42 and making a left turn while in the right turn lane. This caused the people in the left turn lane not to be able to see and not to mention it is illegal. I would suggest that a couple of traffic cops sit in front of this intersection and write tickets to all those rude people. Maybe this will put a stop to it, and also help to avoid accidents there!

Hey Henry, to the person inquiring about the raises for all employees. Amen! If they did a salary study for all positions, they would realize there are a lot of underpaid and overpaid employees in this county. Directors are making six figures while the little guy barely gets by. And don’t get me started about the differences in male/female salaries.

Hey Henry - 12.28.16

Hey Henry, people don’t ever have to worry about replacing their turn signal bulbs because they never use their turn signals. Henry County has so many people who don’t know how to drive.

Hey Henry, so blessed to live in a town that values and remembers its senior citizens - particularly at Christmas. Many thanks to our Mayor, Robert Price, City Council, and Locust Grove Staff for the fruit basket that was delivered by one of our city councilmen. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

Hey Henry, I sure hope the incoming County Manager realizes that there are more employees than just police and fire when raise time comes. A loaf of bread costs every employee the same amount.

Hey Henry, yes, tattoo parlors are inspected by the Health Department and issued a business/occupational tax license by the Henry County Tax Commissioner. Call them if you have a concern.

Hey Henry, I cannot believe the number of idiots driving in the rain and fog without using their headlights, which is the law. Wait, yes I can, because they are idiots and don’t care about anyone but themselves.

Hey Henry, Henry County Water Authority: are we supposed to rake our leaves into the sewer? Just wondering as I saw two teenagers whom a few people claim are “good boys” putting them into the sewer at the intersection of Greyton and Parador.

Hey Henry, with all the money being spent on the express lanes on Interstate 75 in Henry county, you would think a few dollars could be spent to repair the potholes on the on ramp from Eagles Landing Parkway north bound to the interstate.

Hey Henry, when is the County Courthouse going to be pressure washed/cleaned? It needs it badly. Or do we need to have another SPLOST vote to afford the upkeep?

Hey Henry, I think it’s time we older people stand up and speak out about age discrimination. Most employers seem to like hiring younger people so they don’t have to pay them as much. I say this is age discrimination.

Hey Henry, if you throw cigarettes out the car window, you should be charged with a $1000 fine. I’ll bet these people wouldn’t want someone to throw trash in their yard. I don’t care if they are biodegradable or not, it still takes a while for cigarettes to break down. Shame on you, put an ash tray in your vehicle!

Hey Henry, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Prince, Alan Thicke, John Glenn, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Gene Wilder, David Bowie - who’s next?

Hey Henry, regarding the express lanes here in Henry County: I think those who live in Henry County should be given a free pass. If the State wants to gouge out-of-staters, so be it. Me? I’m going back roads and encourage all travelers to do the same. Let’s make this boondoggle go belly up.

Hey Henry, you never know what other people are going through. A kind word or act can go a long way. I think in this busy world, we forget that we are all in this together.

Hey Henry, happy New Year Henry County!

Hey Henry - 12.21.16

Hey Henry, the first laws a child sees broken by adults are usually traffic laws. How will they learn to obey laws if adults/parents don’t show them right from wrong?

Hey Henry, why wouldn’t the person inquiring about the county employee and the pet pig just ask someone in charge? Or, could it be they did but didn’t get the response they wanted so they tried another avenue. Now that’s disgusting!

Hey Henry, does anyone inspect tattoo parlors or are they under any regulations? If not, they should be!

Hey Henry, a shout out to one of the best middle schools in the county where the faculty and staff participate in fun festivities planned by the administration the entire month and feel truly appreciated. Proud to be a Mustang!

Hey Henry, Fusion restaurant, you guys should move to the McDonough Square. You would be a great addition!

Hey Henry, to the person behind me at the traffic signal at Keys Ferry and Zack Hinton Pkwy. who laid down on the horn the minute the light turned green. Did you not notice there was a pedestrian crossing the road? If you had been where I was, would you have kept driving? I hope not.

Hey Henry, talking about the county employee bringing a pet pig to work, well, if they are a tax paying citizen, then they should be able to bring the pig.

Hey Henry, people shouldn’t have to call the police to have them issue tickets for illegally parked vehicles in handicapped spaces. Police should be driving through parking lots checking for illegal vehicles in the spaces. The elderly and disabled aren’t going to call.

Hey Henry, is it okay for a county worker to use the office as a babysitting service for her kids while she’s at work?

Hey Henry, the I-75 “South Metro Lanes” are supposed to open January 28. Expect disaster. What prevents drivers from getting on them going the wrong way, and then unable to get off to avoid an accident? The lanes are incredibly hard to see at night. The planning reduced the “free” lanes for pay lanes and huge walls (which take up lanes). If it wasn’t just about money and was truly about relieving traffic congestion, they would have just added more lanes in both directions. Hopefully it’s a big failure and they’ll get it right in the future.

Hey Henry, it’s big tobacco all over again; a new study shows that the government sugar guidelines are “not trustworthy.” And who paid for the study? Answer: the sugar industry.

Hey Henry, nobody cares about the stupid looking reindeer antlers and red nose on your SUV’s. Please take them off, they are ridiculous!

Hey Henry, road closed, it really doesn’t apply to you or the other 481 people who turned around in my neighbors driveway yesterday on Old Conyers Road!

Hey Henry I would like to take this time to wish all my former students from 1995 to 2009 a very Merry Christmas! I wish I could give each one of you your favorite Jelly Bean. Love to each of you, “Miss” Judy.

Hey Henry, the City of McDonough does have crosswalks. Use them!

Hey Henry - 12.14.16

Hey Henry, aw Miss Peggy! Congratulations. Did you say yes to last week’s proposal? I would like to see a continuance on what happened! And to the man writing the proposal, what a cute idea! I hope ya’ll are happy.

Hey Henry, so Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft and YouTube will be banding together to remove terrorist content. This should have happened a long time ago.

Hey Henry, it is a large stretch to turn who “lives” in your subdivision into who “belongs.” The former is a fact; the latter is a judgment. “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

Hey Henry, Henry County police will come out and issue a ticket if you call and report illegally parked vehicles. Shame on the person who parks daily in handicapped spaces at the Stockbridge Park-n-Ride and jumps off the bus in her workout gear and gallops to her vehicle.

Hey Henry, to make America great again, we need to make Americans great again.

Hey Henry, I was extremely disappointed that the Ole Country Church Cruisers were not in the parade this year. I heard that they hand-delivered their application in June of 2016 and it was evidently lost according to the staff. Ole Country Cruisers worked hard in the past to be active participants in the parade, both with their antique cars and many people riding on their float, plus the church family spectators and I hate that they were not allowed to participate. Just my two cents because I love watching the old cars!

Hey Henry, regarding school bus monitors. Please. They barely pay to be a bus driver and only special education gets monitors now. They are still looking for drivers because the conditions are so awful. Seatbelts: let’s think about this. If there are sixty kids on a bus and there is an accident, the bus driver may or may not be able to help get kids out quickly. The kids are now trapped on a bus. No thanks.

Hey Henry, petty and ugly? Are we talking NASCAR or the president-elect?

Hey Henry, since when is it okay for a county employee to bring a pet pig to work at a government facility everyday? This is just plain disgusting!

Hey Henry, I truly hope our 2017 group of Commissioners focuses on curbing crime and controlling our growth. If they do not, it won’t be long until all the law abiding, tax paying citizens flee the County. I love living here and don’t want to move, but if property values go down and the crime rate goes up, why stay? People say - stay and fix it. Well, community involvement can only go so far. Citizens have jobs and lives to lead and can’t spend all of our time “fixing” our community. I want a community I can enjoy and be proud of.

Hey Henry, could the city of McDonough please inspect their sidewalks and make a report on needed repairs so walking in town could be a safer experience for those of us that walk in town? This would be a good time to do as they do not have to cut grass in December.

Hey Henry, I would like to acknowledge Aamco and especially Jerry and Shane for their superior customer service. I took my van there for repairs and they exceeded my expectations.

Hey Henry - 12.07.16

Hey Henry, I work in McDonough and would like to know what is going on with Hwy 155? There are several warehouses being built, and the traffic on this two lane highway is awful. Am I missing something, or are there any plans to widen this highway to accommodate the influx of traffic. With the growing businesses on this stretch of road, did anyone think this would generate more traffic? I totally understand progress, but with the tractor trailers, and dump trucks that will be entering and exiting onto this highway, my question is, what is being done by the county to help those who travel on this road?

Hey Henry, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to the community service crew that cleaned up the car tires dumped on Davis Road. There is no doubt that the tires were dumped by a heartless evildoer with careless disregard for the safety of wildlife and people.

Hey Henry, to the most certainly grumpy, scroogish person: then keep your lights off and save money. But trying to figure out who “belongs” in your subdivision is petty and ugly. Next year? Lights off.

Hey Henry, it would be really be nice if more citizens displayed support for our police and firefighters by flying the Thin Blue Line flag.

Hey Henry, you people with these loud, new, pea thrasher Mustangs, you’re not impressing any one by driving in first gear so that your car will be loud.

Hey Henry, does Henry County law enforcement issue tickets for illegally parking in handicapped spaces? Everywhere I go in Henry County I see cars illegally parked in handicapped spaces and I’ve never seen or heard of a ticket being issued? Please start issuing tickets. Those of us who are truly handicapped can never find a space.

Hey Henry, I sure do enjoy it when Georgia Tech beats the Bulldogs and silences their obnoxious fans.

Hey Henry, the Federal Government is going to ban smoking in public housing over the next 18 months. Yeah, that should go over well.

Hey Henry, in regards to the ideals of personalized learning and 21st century skills, as well as our CCRPI focus, why are principals allowed so much reign on what the legal term free and appropriate education means in the case of gifted students? Our kids are being put in heterogeneous classes in elementary school that are third-third-third. This does not help. Tons of research, both in-county, and national, shows this. Shame on you!

Hey Henry, I was told by a man who cleans vacated houses that when he goes into these homes, he will find cats and dogs left behind with no food or water. One house had dogs tied up and a few cats. One dog he thought was dead. It was skin and bones lying by the window. He walked up, the dog lifted it's head and wagged it’s tail. The pound came and got the animals. The sweet dog who was left to starve to death, died! I hope that these monsters get what they deserve. When you leave your homes because you cannot afford them anymore, take your pets to the pound! It is far kinder to have them put to sleep, than to let them starve!

Hey Henry, Peggy, will you marry me? I know I said I’d propose to you at the Highway 20 Waffle House, but I got cold feet. Please don’t go back to your ex-husband.

Hey Henry - 11.30.16

Hey Henry, let’s start rationing water now before we are forced to. Let’s use common sense on this!

Hey Henry, thank you to all the citizens that pulled over on the side of the road as the funeral procession that we rode in drove by. A special thanks to the HCSWA employee that noticeably stood in respect as the procession passed. Your kindness and respect were truly appreciated.

Hey Henry, people amaze me by paying high prices at Starbucks when you can make that stuff at home. They have all kinds of coffee machines for that.

Hey Henry, to the person expressing concern for runners on Kelleytown Road. You are absolutely right. I’ve witnessed near accidents, when the runner was oblivious to the danger he was causing. Runners, for your own safety and the safety of our families, please use Bud Kelley Park. It’s a safe and scenic place to run.

Hey Henry, I wish developers would quit clear cutting all of trees! I have driven down roads in my area where the roads are nicely shaded and cool. It makes for beautiful scenery and color in the fall also. Then the developer comes in, clear cuts all the trees and boom, sun baking down on the once beautiful shaded roads. It then becomes like an oven while driving and the beautiful fall color is history. Just like the human race will one day be when every square inch of space is barren and burning!

Hey Henry, so, Roddy White, you don’t think that you scared the other drivers around you, speeding like that, and with an expired tag. If you were in Henry County your vehicle would have been towed. The officer approached you cautiously, what do you expect, speeding with an expired tag? You should have been locked up for stupidity.

Hey Henry, I would just like to give a thumbs up for the new roundabout at East Lake Rd. and Hwy. 20. People are still getting the hang of it, and that extra turn lane off of Hwy. 20 onto East Lake is a bit confusing for folks. But overall I think it will help. I really appreciate having the street lights there. I hope they plan to install some nice landscaping to complete it.

Hey Henry, the neighborhood does not need to know that you missed the garbage pickup after Thanksgiving. Please remove your trash pile from the street until the next pickup date instead of leaving it there for days so it can scatter across the neighborhood.

Hey Henry, to the City Council of Stockbridge, Please don’t assume the people who live on Davis Rd. want a sidewalk that practically runs through the middle of their front yard. We don’t! We are prepared to go the distance to stop this. You need to go back to the drawing board, because no one has any answers for the questions asked. Who knows what is going on?

Hey Henry, to the guy at the Board of Commissioners meeting who wanted to build a school on the Cotton Fields property, I feel very sure parents don’t want a school on property located next to the jail.

Hey Henry, with regard to the recent incident of the bus accident in Tennessee, I think all buses should have a driver and a monitor on all buses. All buses should be equipped with seat belts from front to back. Our kids’ safety should be the main priority.

Hey Henry - 11.23.16

Hey Henry, my wife and I attended the recent Veteran’s Day ceremony at the Veteran’s Wall of Honor in McDonough. After that we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. A man came up to me and said his four-year-old son would like to ask me a question. I obliged and he asked if he could buy our lunch. Me being a NAVY veteran said it was not necessary, but he insisted. The cashier asked us what we wanted and I jokingly said since he was buying we would have one of each. We placed our order and he paid for it. Now how is that for a Veteran’s Day surprise. Thank you to four-year-old Hudson. God Bless America!

Hey Henry, it would be nice if the City or County would fix that huge pothole at the entrance of The Salvation Army facility in McDonough so drivers don’t risk breaking an axle trying to donate goods!

Hey Henry, Scrooge? Grump? Hardly. Just another retiree on a fixed income faced with rising costs. Since you apparently have unlimited funds, I will be happy to direct people to your houses next Halloween.

Hey Henry, maniacs on motorcycles. Hey, we call them organ donors.

Hey Henry, can the people that run everyday at rush hour in the Kelleytown area please use the park? That road is very narrow and often the runner can’t be seen until the last minute. If you are running on the pavement toward oncoming traffic and someone is coming toward the driver in the other lane where do you expect that person to go so they don’t run over you? Several times I have had to completely stop because I can’t swerve into the other lane to avoid you. The park is beautiful. Take advantage of it before you cause a serious accident.

Hey Henry, what’s going up between the Bojangles and Sherwin Williams on Jonesboro Road?

Hey Henry, there is a reason we have turn signals in cars. It’s so dangerous to just sit in the road with no signal, people can’t read your mind. Someone not paying close attention might just hit you.

Hey Henry, there are so many entitled, ignorant and selfish people out there. It makes me weep for the future. A lot of parents didn’t take the time to raise their children.

Hey Henry, do you think we can let Clayton County’s road crew borrow our road crew to get Anvil Block Road finished. They finished Orchard Hill Road and Rex Road while nothing was done to Anvil Block. ClayCo really needs the help.

Hey Henry, why did the HCWA make it harder on its customers by adding a service charge when you pay online? Another fee by a county agency when they charge the same for water coming into your home as it does for going out. Maybe people should say something about this!

Hey Henry, if you kill your clone, is the charge murder or suicide?

Hey Henry, I fly my American Flag proudly. I fly (lower) my Confederate Flag proudly and I fly my Thin Blue Line Flag proudly. No hate. No ill feelings. Just pride in America, my Southern Heritage and our Police that risk their lives every day.

Hey Henry - 11.16.16

Hey Henry, every year some scrooge has to complain about people coming into their neighborhood to trick-or-treat. What are you doing, carding people to check their addresses? Not everyone lives in a neighborhood with sidewalks. Some live in more rural areas and others are not lucky enough to live in areas where it’s safe to walk after dark. If you don’t want to participate, leave your lights off and lock the doors. It’s really that simple.

Hey Henry, how about adding a thumbs up or thumbs down button to each Hey Henry? Some I want to agree with and some I want to thump on the forehead.

Hey Henry, in order to make traffic better in Atlanta, do what Mayor Kasim Reed does. Get blue lights and a siren and you’ll have it made. If he can do it, why can’t anyone?

Hey Henry, the roundabout they are constructing on Hwy. 81 and Snapping Shoals Road will never work. The speed limit on Hwy. 81 is too fast. Driver error, not traffic control, is the cause of accidents. It is also a vast waste of tax money, like everything in Henry County.

Hey Henry, there is a suicidal/homicidal motorcyclist who flies down McGarity Road every afternoon between 2-5. Help us, police! Please park somewhere discreet and try to catch this maniac before he kills someone.

Hey Henry, one problem in Henry County, especially on the side roads, a lot of people seem to be living in the 1950’s and are used to going 25 miles per hour. You don’t have to speed, but just do the posted speed limit and you won’t be tailgated. Some of us don’t have the time to take a leisurely drive during the week. Save it for Sunday afternoon!

Hey Henry, why are more apartments being built in the Eagles Landing area off of Rock Quarry Road? No more apartments! We have enough in this county already. We must make better growth decisions! Our commissioners are all talk when it comes to controlled, quality growth. Commissioners, when are you going to update the FLUM as promised? Continuing to allow North Henry to become overgrown with apartment complexes and cheap housing only invites more crime and more voters who will support that kind of irresponsible, undesirable overgrowth. What happens in North Henry affects the whole county. Wake up people!

Hey Henry, yes, I would like some cheese to go with that wine. What kind do you have?

Hey Henry, I bet if Hillary the crook had won the election, not one single person would have been out all night protesting and destroying property. Nope, conservatives don’t do that!

Hey Henry, as a veteran, I want to thank the Henry County Times so much for honoring veterans in last week’s issue and especially the final page. In these times, it is so important to remember and thank those who’ve served. Our responsibility never ends. May God bless our country.

Hey Henry, can the powers that be revisit the idea of getting a hockey team and arena based here? And/or minor league basketball?

Hey Henry, to the grump complaining about trick-or-treaters: there have never been any rules about who comes to your door. Next year, keep your light off.

Hey Henry - 11.09.16

Hey Henry, when did it become acceptable to trick or treat in neighborhoods where everyone is a complete stranger to your family? Last night we had kids from subdivisions a half-mile or more away. No wonder we ran out of candy in about 90 minutes.

Hey Henry, regarding growth in the county, I remember back in the 60’s when the old families wanted more business and more growth. They even went as far as to get I-75 changed to come through Henry county. Well, they got what they wanted. How are you enjoying it?

Hey Henry, regarding the comment “Clayton County Crime is spreading like wildfire,” what proof do you have that crimes in Henry County are committed by people from Clayton County? It is very ignorant and rude to make such a comment. In one of the crimes you mentioned all of the suspects were from Henry County. Believe it or not, there are still good law abiding people living in Clayton County!

Hey Henry, to the person judging the motorcycle rider parked at Huddle House in the handicapped spot. Honestly, you people amaze me. My best friend rides his Harley, and sports a prosthesis on his right leg from the knee down. Get a life and mind your own business.

Hey Henry, whoever decided to move the McDonough polling place to a block off the Square should have their head examined. What a mess with traffic backed up onto Atlanta street and not enough parking for voters!

Hey Henry, for all the whiners in Henry county, do you want some cheese with that whine?

Hey Henry, yes, a motorcyclist can be handicapped and have a permit. I am one of those. I have limited mobility, but once I’m on, there is no pressure on my leg. The painful part is walking to and from my motorcycle.

Hey Henry, excuse me, but having a minimum wage job doesn’t automatically count as a bad choice in life. Some people may have to take care of sick family members, couldn’t afford to go to college or had other issues going on. Unlike some people, maybe yourself, they weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth or some family member to get them a high paying job.

Hey Henry, suck it up. When you and you alone pay for the construction and maintenance of the roads in your neighborhood, you can decide who gets to drive there. As long as my tax dollars are part of the funding, I’ll drive on any public road I see fit. Be sure to wave as I go by!

Hey Henry, the gas stations have something up on fast food restaurants. At some restaurants everything is constantly broken including drink machines, broilers, ice cream machines. You restaurants either need to get a grip on things or better management!

Hey Henry, to the person ranting about minimum wage ... well, not everyone who makes a low salary made bad life choices. I have a college degree in law and have not been able to find a job. What bad life choices did I make besides deciding to go to college and rack up student loans? Look at the economy that your generation messed up. It is easy to judge people on income but you don’t know where they have been. People are doing the best that they can do. That’s very ignorant to think that just because someone does not make a lot of money means they made a bad decision.

Hey Henry - 11.02.16

Hey Henry, thank you to Jim and the veteran’s that helped me at the Heritage Park Veterans’ museum last week to identify medals and emblems of my uncle’s from WWII. My thanks to all Veteran’s for their service.

Hey Henry, what is going on with people’s driving habits? Some people literally don’t care. I live in a 55 and over community and drivers run stop signs all day long. This is a community where people walk their animals daily.

Hey Henry, I wish everyone would stop complaining about growth in Henry County. Who wants to keep driving to the north end of town for everything! We need to keep the money here in the local economy. Growth is a good thing, believe it or not. Nothing stays the same!

Hey Henry, isn’t it way past time the police and sheriff's office got a handle on all the crime in Henry County (especially Stockbridge/McDonough)? The Walmart on Hudson Bridge Road is ripped off seemingly on a daily basis, an armed robbery off Walt Stephens Road, three killed, one critical in a shooting in McDonough; enough is enough! Clayton County crime is spreading like wildfire through Henry County.

Hey Henry, so who won the pumpkin contest?

Hey Henry, I think all cars that are being made now should be a stick shift. Maybe this would stop people from texting and putting make-up on while driving.

Hey Henry, when are the road crews who resurfaced and widened Airline Road coming to pick up their orange barrels and road work signs? By the way, you need to put a thick white line at the four way stop on Airline and McGarity Road.

Hey Henry, to the young lady wearing yoga pants that was standing in line in front of me at the Varsity truck, thank you!

Hey Henry, I saw something at Huddle House in McDonough that I’ve never seen before. A motorcycle parked in a handicapped parking space. Really, can you qualify as handicapped and ride a motorcycle? I wouldn’t have the gall!

Hey Henry, one of God’s beautiful creations met its date with destiny via an automobile on Coan Road. A special thank you to Henry County DOT for the quick removal. Just seeing the carnage on the roadside brought me great despair.

Hey Henry, minimum wage is for students, it was never intended as a living wage. If you are an adult making minimum wage you made some bad choices along the way.

Hey Henry, to the person responding about parents who drive their children to school rather than ride the bus. Sounds to me like your kids may be some of the ones who are throwing things at the bus driver’s, bullying other kids and cursing on the bus. This has nothing to do with toughening up a kid, they has to do with kids being brats and mean. I'll drive my kids to school up through high school rather than put them on the bus with these delinquents who have no respect for authority or other children who have no choice but to ride the school bus.

Hey Henry, please address the insane traffic on the side roads of Henry County. Everyone bails off of I-75 to avoid the mess there (and just out of habit) causing chaos on neighborhood roads with bumper to bumper traffic. Enough is enough!

Hey Henry - 10.26.16

Hey Henry, in single occupancy restrooms, the polite thing to do is lock the door behind you. (It’s that little button in the middle of the door knob). That way others don’t walk in on you.

Hey Henry, it’s trick or treat, not trunk or treat. Quit trying to cover up the trick to make it not sound so bad.

Hey Henry, I figured it out. People are not bad drivers, they are just majoring in Creative Driving.

Hey Henry, for those of you wondering how people drive new cars, buy groceries every week and take vacations. Well, it’s called not living beyond your means. We do all of those things every year and do not get welfare or food stamps. We just work very hard!

Hey Henry, I heard that all the coffee trees are dying in Brazil due to drought. How in the world am I going to wake up?

Hey Henry, I’m the first to say Henry County has very little going for it, but one thing very positive is the Board of Elections Office. Early voting was so fast and easy. It is set up in such an efficient way that it took about ten minutes total. Good job!

Hey Henry, the reason why custodial workers are no longer eligible for HERO awards in Henry County Schools is because they were all relieved of their jobs when custodial work went to a private company. Many had to apply for their jobs at a much lower rate of pay. They are no longer employees, and as such, aren’t eligible anymore for HERO awards.

Hey Henry, a wonderful Saturday evening on the historic McDonough Square enjoying the Scarecrows with my honey. What a great way to get in the Fall spirit. Thanks McDonough.

Hey Henry, to the person responding to how they are able to save and spend less, go on vacation, etc. I’m glad you’re able to save because you probably make a lot more money than we do and don’t have the medical bills we do so we can’t save like you.

Hey Henry, I thought utilities were required to restore private property back to its original condition after installing cables. I am still waiting for AT&T to water the sod and clean the clay off the sidewalks and streets before it stains them.

Hey Henry, great early voting experience at 40 Atlanta Street! Traffic directors are in full force and I got rapid assistance from the staff inside.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about Harley Davidson motorcycles and the tattooed men who ride them. In this day and time is this all you can come up with to complain about? Have you ever heard to each his own? Many tattooed bikers give generously of their time and money to many charities. I feel sorry for you, looking down your self righteous nose and passing judgment on another. I have no tattoos, drive an 18 wheeler for a living, and a Yamaha Roadstar for pleasure. Best of all, I am a female. Now pass judgement on that, pretty sure you will. Who gives a rat’s behind what you think anyway.

Hey Henry, just a reminder, Georgia Code says that employers are required to give their employees up to two hours to use to vote. As they said when I was younger, “Choose or Lose.”

Hey Henry - 10.19.16

Hey Henry, I have decided that I am going to be a shining light in these troubled times. If I don't feel like giving a smile and kind word everywhere I go, I stay home. Being an introvert, there are many days I try to keep to myself. You never know what a kind word or glance may do to make this world a better place. Why don’t you join me?

Hey Henry, have you noticed how many posts are regarding the driving habits of others? It seems to me that drivers are getting more and more impatient, careless and selfish. And to the person complaining about someone taking too long to make a turn, I’m probably speaking about you. The few seconds you save driving carelessly are not more important than the lives you are risking.

Hey Henry, I’m thrilled that the Henry Promenade development is a no-go. Now, I wish the same fate on that Jodeco-Atlanta South fiasco. The majority of the people didn’t want either development! Are you listening, Henry County and Stockbridge officials?

Hey Henry, the woman on the news this summer who let her dog die in the summer heat without a shelter or water was let off without paying a fine. Shows how much the courts care about pets.

Hey Henry, to the person responding back about the HERO awards for teacher. I was talking about maintenance workers.

Hey Henry, what is the plan for Hwy. 155 at I-75 once the new warehouses are up and running? The traffic is bad now and there does not appear to be a plan in place to address future traffic issues. The new warehouses are sure to bring hundreds more trucks to supply these warehouses. I think they should keep them off the road between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. so those of us who commute can actually get to work on time!

Hey Henry, North Loop Road is also used as a dump. I recently saw a washer, dryer, and some other machine left in the edge of the woods. Can we get Henry County Code Enforcement to make the property owners clean up since no one is catching and reporting the dumpers in the act?

Hey Henry, please stop all the tractor trailer traffic on secondary roads because of the I-75 mess. The roads are already backed up with people who do not live in the area cutting through neighborhoods to avoid the interstate. Something needs to be done!

Hey Henry, let’s keep Henry County beautiful, let’s build another warehouse.

Hey Henry, to the person responding back to what I said about $7 or $8/hour jobs and people having to make a living. Hello, that is a job and that may be all that some people can do. You probably got your job because of a family member or a buddy.

Hey Henry, two intoxicated people leave a bar and have a terrible accident.The passenger knows they are riding with a drunk driver. Are they both at fault or just the one that is driving?

Hey Henry, I buy groceries, new cars, go on vacation and I’ve never taken a dime from anyone. Some of us actually spend less than we make and can save for the things we want. I assure you, you’ve never paid for anything I have.

Hey Henry, what is the protocol when you have morons tailgating you, even though I know I am doing the right thing by driving the speed limit. I am really getting frustrated, don’t know how long I can control this.

Hey Henry - 10.12.16

Hey Henry, to the biker who commented last week, I had to laugh when I saw your remark about stick figure family decals on minivans. They crack me up, especially when they have one for their dog or cat. I don’t ride motorcycles, but I can appreciate the freedom you must feel when riding.

Hey Henry, a big shout out to the McDonough Youth Association Softball for recognizing October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month by painting the bases pink on the field at Alexander Park.

Hey Henry, regarding the teacher of the year comment, we do have other school workers nominated and win in their category. They are in the “Hero” category. Our school’s cafe manager is currently a Hero. At a former school, the lead custodian was.

Hey Henry, to the person who wanted to know how people can afford to buy groceries and go on vacation and buy new cars, well think about it, we are paying for it. These people are getting food stamps and all kind of government assistance. I work too and I too can't go on vacations. I feel where you're coming from.

Hey Henry, in regards to the comment about Henry being on a crash course to being just as bad as Clayton County. Sorry, it’s too late. Clayton is turning around and Henry is taking its place.

Hey Henry, why are fast food places obsessed with creating two drive thru lanes? They still merge into one lane and do not speed things up because they still only have one pick up window. It only creates confusion for drivers trying to jockey for position and figure out who was first.

Hey Henry, bicyclists should obey all traffic laws. Stop at stop signs, don’t blow through them!

Hey Henry, what kind of rude, inconsiderate neighbor has a carpet cleaning van come at 9 p.m.? I’ll tell you who, it’s an absentee landlord in Connecticut. It is bad enough that you fail to maintain the property and bring down our home values. Do you have to disturb the peace, too? Thank you to the Henry County Police for quickly shutting them down.

Hey Henry, when are we going to get a traffic signal on Jonesboro Road at Mt. Olive Road? This is a very dangerous intersection!

Hey Henry, just wondering if Korans and hijabs will be banned from Henry County schools along with all of those Christian religious symbols. My guess is not!

Hey Henry, it was bad to hear of the fee increase at the Clayton County landfill since residents of Henry County have to use it. But the intersection of Nail Road and Nail Drive is not the local dump. Please respect our community and our county roads and put your garbage where it belongs.

Hey Henry, my name is Cody and I’m 8 years old. I went to Southern Bell Farms this weekend and had a great time!

Hey Henry, it’s fall ya’ll!

Hey Henry, I think it is amazing how much support was given to people who were affected by Hurricane Matthew. There are a lot of good and caring people out there!

Hey Henry, all of these people who act so shocked by locker room talk and say they don’t do it are a bunch of hypocrites.

Hey Henry - 10.05.16

Hey Henry, if I received $10 for every speeding vehicle on Westridge Parkway behind Publix, in six months I could move and pay cash for the house.

Hey Henry, to the person hating on bikers ... don’t be mad. Some people prefer freedom and doing what they want to do over driving a mini van with stick figure family decals. Merica.

Hey Henry, to the dark colored Toyota throwing your trash out on Hwy. 42, right in front of Kirby G’s, shame on you, disrespectful citizen. I could not get your tag number, hopefully someone did.

Hey Henry, I want to express my appreciation to the wonderful firefighters at the Fairview station for assisting me Tuesday night. I left the gym feeling ill and stopped by their station and explained my situation. They checked my blood pressure and made sure I was okay before returning home. Henry county please thank firefighters for their service when you see them. These people put their lives on the line for us every day. Thank you.

Hey Henry, I checked out usps.com for jobs on 9/29. They showed 13 jobs available in Georgia in Rabun Co., Alma, Macon, Manchester, Atlanta, Albany, Sugar Valley, Moultrie, and Augusta. Nothing in Henry County.

Hey Henry, it seems that right or wrong, 95% of the folks shot by police are not complying with an officer’s order. If a cop tells you to do something, do it, stupid. You can always sue later, everyone else does.

Hey Henry, why does the City of McDonough continue to block the placement of a sign on 81 East at Southern Crescent College? Enough with the politics. The roundabout excuse is lame.

Hey Henry, news flash: $8 and $9 an hour jobs were never meant to be a living wage.

Hey Henry, how about that nice speed trap on Iris Lake Road going north? It begins with a speed limit of 45 and drops down to 35 after a little while. I wonder how many have been caught by not paying attention?

Hey Henry, don’t think for a minute that the warehouses on Hwy. 155 are bringing jobs to the county. They will be fully automated and require minimal staff to operate. Not to mention the tax breaks that these big box stores will get, reducing the County operating budget by millions and raising our property taxes! Do you want to pay to have these big money-making businesses to stay in our county for free? Not me. Contact your local government!

Hey Henry, maybe it's me, I don’t know, but both my wife and I work full time jobs and overtime and still can’t make ends meet. I don’t see how people do it. New cars, buying groceries every week, going on vacations, etc. Where is the money tree that these people pick from?

Hey Henry, can the County DOT or someone please fix the light at Red Oak/Monarch Village on Walt Stephens Road? The light stops the traffic on the main road if a car pulls up on the side street, even if the car is turning right. One car stops all the traffic on the main road.

Hey Henry, if you didn’t attend Groovin’ in the Grove last Saturday you missed an awesome evening!

Hey Henry - 09.28.16

Hey Henry, to the one who is talking about “specialness” of children and their “Mommy” having to take them to school. Did you ever think the reason someone has to take their child to school is because they have equipment that is not allowed on a bus and that is why they cannot ride the bus!

Hey Henry, the Department of Driver Services in Locust Grove needs to have new lines painted in their parking lot.

Hey Henry, Henry County is on a crash course to being just as bad as Clayton County. Stop the corruption. Vote wisely in November.

Hey Henry, while eating recently at the Chick-Fil-A on Highway 81, an enlisted man and his young daughter came in. He was met with several “thanks for serving our country” statements. The soldier was very appreciative and responded with thanks. Way to go, Henry. We need more of that.

Hey Henry, what is the rumor about people from out of town making large donations to politicians?

Hey Henry, vote with your wallet. Apparently the Walmart in McDonough thinks that a thin blue line cake is racist. Well at least one employee and three managers think that. Call the Walmart corporate office as I have.

Hey Henry, to the dark colored Hummer with the Falcons decal on the passenger side speeding on McDonough Pkwy. to Hwy. 20/81. I do not appreciate you tailgating me. I hope your day comes, I think you know. Of course driving that type of vehicle, I’m sure you can afford it. Hope your insurance company drops you.

Hey Henry, I love my mom. I never knew she'd become my best friend and mentor. She’s so beautiful and strong. I’m a very lucky daughter to have her in my life. Love, your little poopsy.

Hey Henry, If you ride a Harley Davidson is it a rule to have tattoos, a sleeveless shirt, or muscle shirt to look like you’re a tough guy. You’re not so tough! Cover up and get rid of those ugly tattoos! You all look the same and your bikes all sound the same, so quit revving up your motors at a traffic stop!

Hey Henry, thank you to the person in the white SUV that was in front of me at Hardees and paid for my breakfast. I had to choose breakfast or lunch that day.

Hey Henry, I hope the police will be sure that the citizen who chased the criminals until apprehended will get the reward he deserves.

Hey Henry, what is Henry County becoming, a warehouse community? Hwy. 155 near Summit is really becoming ugly with all of those warehouses. We don’t need anymore, there are several vacant ones. Just more $8 to $9/hour jobs. People can’t live on that.

Hey Henry, to the person talking about fast food restaurants in Henry County not being friendly. Well, they need to come to Ellenwood Village on the northside and visit our Zaxby’s. I think that we have the best one anywhere.

Hey Henry, I am so tired of hearing that people cannot find a job when the Post Office cannot find people who will work for $17.02 per hour. Apply online at usps.com.

Hey Henry - 09.21.16

Hey Henry, I travel on Hwy. 155 North from Kelleytown Road up to Hwy. 138 each morning and for some reason turkeys have decided it’s time to cross the road at the same time that everyone is heading to work and school. These birds don’t appear wild, they seem to be well fed. Could the person who owns these turkeys possibly corral them and keep them off the road?

Hey Henry, I appreciate what the teachers do, I really do. We have teacher of the year, why can’t we have maintenance man of the year or kitchen lady of the year.

Hey Henry, not sure if the sign on 675 north that is lit up for traffic info is Clayton or Henry County. It always says 6-8 minutes to Interstate 285. To me these signs should only be turned on if there is important traffic or amber alerts. That section of the highway is always backed up from people slowing down and reading that sign. Help keep the traffic moving by turning it off if nothing is going on.

Hey Henry, yet another to prove my point about the “specialness” of certain children, or should I say their parents, over other people. You tell me to get over you blocking my way to go make a living just because your child can’t handle the bus? Maybe you need to tell your child to toughen up or they may have a really hard time once mommy isn’t around to drive them everywhere.

Hey Henry, what’s with the all the gas stations in Locust Grove? It seems every two week the new one is the leader; raises its price by twelve cents or so and they all follow and two days later it drops a penny or two and for the next two weeks; this has gone on for about a year. But the gas stations in the surrounding area are cheaper.

Hey Henry, Woodland Elementary has the best office staff of any of the elementary schools. They are always so nice and helpful!

Hey Henry, now that Airline Road has been repaved and widened, they might want to get a few cops out here. I swear it has turned into Daytona 500! Just pull up a chair, get a soda and watch the cars, trucks and motorcycles fly by. Heck, I think I even saw a jet take off!

Hey Henry, I see a lot of people today who seem to think they are somehow special and can do whatever they want. Their kids pick up on that and act the same way.

Hey Henry, people, when you see a sign that says “lane ends in 1/2 mile,” why do you have to be that idiot that waits until the last minute to move over. I had to deal with it on Saturday. Come on public safety, pull back a few hundred feet, watch these idiots, they don’t care about anyone but themselves.

Hey Henry, shame on those who disrespect the farmer on the tractor on Hwy. 81. East. And shame on the policeman for pulling this innocent man over when there are many other drivers he should be pulling over. You need to thank this farmer and all other farmers because without the farmer you do not eat. Now stop it before he gets hurt by your impatience.

Hey Henry, regarding the school schedule. We went to school the same number of days. The breaks are good for kids. It’s simple. End school in mid-June and start at the end of August. It’s the same number of days. The real reason is football. They want it done by Christmas.

Hey Henry - 09.14.16

Hey Henry, to all the fast food restaurants in Henry County, please train your employees to greet people like they do at Chick-fil-A. It will pay off for your business in the future.

Hey Henry, I can understand letting a dog ride in the back of a pickup truck on a dirt road out in the country. But on busy county roads? If you get in a wreck that is basically a death sentence for the animal. Use some sense!

Hey Henry, regarding the new Dollar General store going in at Key’s Ferry Road and Stroud Road. I never saw any notices or rezoning for this. But the store is going up just the same. There are four of them within four miles of each other. What are they trying to do, have one on every corner?

Hey Henry, September to May? That is a pretty short school year even with fewer days off. Maybe that worked when parents needed their children as field hands during the summer yet that is not the case anymore.

Hey Henry, why do we need more warehouses when there are several of them sitting vacant? More seven and eight dollar an hour jobs I guess. When is America going to wake up and realize that kind of pay doesn’t cut it anymore. This isn’t the seventies.

Hey Henry, does anyone realize how large our school district is? We serve over 40,000 students yearly and are one of the few districts to have coordinators for every academic department. There are other districts in the Metro area that do not support their teachers, students and staff the way that Henry County does.

Hey Henry, I have seen a man riding a bike up and down Hwy. 155. He sometimes sleeps at the local park. He is very nice and looks young. He has a beard which may make him appear older. Who is this man? What is his name? I don’t see many homeless people in Henry county so I am just curious about who he is. A veteran?

Hey Henry, why is Brett Farr doing commercials for razors that are manufactured in Germany, not in the US. We would appreciate it if you support products made in the USA.

Hey Henry, if I am a legend in my own mind, does that make me a celebrity?

Hey Henry, responding to the person about more kids need to ride the school bus, maybe they would if there was some behavior control on the buses. Kids are disrespectful and like to fight in buses. As long as I can drive my child to school, that’s what I’m doing, so get over it.

Hey Henry, why is conditional use zoning allowed within 5 ft. of the property line of a $200-$250k house that houses herbicide and pesticides and across the street from 49 others on Wilson/N. Ola/Upchurch road? Why is there a commercial sign? That’s not conditional use!

Hey Henry, a big thank you to SPLOST, Henry DOT and Blunt Construction Company for their fast work on the recent repaving of Simpson Mill Road. The whole job was done in a week with a minimum interruption to traffic. And it rides great!

Hey Henry, Hardees stopped selling the loaded omelet biscuit. These are dark times indeed.

Hey Henry, the County needs to fix the crater near Chic-fil-A on Hwy. 20/81 before it becomes a sink hole!

Hey Henry - 09.07.16

Hey Henry, Henry County Special Olympics recently took a trip to Warner Robins for a weekend bowling tournament. Being very budget conscious, the meals are usually prepared by the coaches. On Saturday, one of the sponsors wanted to surprise everyone with a buffet dinner. She went to the restaurant to let them know the group size and approximate time of arrival. That night she arrived to pay and was told that a customer had heard her say it was for the Special Olympics and had already paid for the meal. What a great gesture! The coaches and athletes are such a great bunch of people. We have no idea who it was that opened up their heart and wallet to this great group. What an awesome surprise.

Hey Henry, what has happened to our Recycling Center? It used to be so neat and clean, now it looks like a dump with all the dumpsters overflowing and trash everywhere.

Hey Henry, as of today I refuse to have a conversation with anyone who is, at the same time, talking or listening on their cell phone. How rude!

Hey Henry, the Henry BOE is fast becoming the most bloated around. They just named an Assistant Superintendent for Technology, and are now looking for a Coordinator of Technology, Director of Technology and Director of Technology Services. Sounds like four names for the same job, each one earning over 100K.

Hey Henry, to the person responding to what I said about the school year starting in September, this could be done if the school year would go back to a regular schedule like it used to be. We didn’t have all these extra days off when I was was growing up. School was out in May and we went back to school around the first of September.

Hey Henry, a drug dealer is finally off the street - good job HCPD! Now if our judicial system can just keep him there (under the jail preferably) so another family doesn’t lose a loved one!

Hey Henry, to the Henry County Sheriff’s Deputy that found my cellphone in the road on Hwy. 81 by Taco Bell, Thank You! You took time out of your busy day to return my phone. I call that above and beyond!

Hey Henry, with all of the complaints about the roundabout at Hwy. 138 and N. Moseley Dr., I sure hope they are using different plans for the roundabout being built at East Lake & Hwy. 20. Also, when is the East Lake roundabout going to be completed? That project is taking absolutely forever.

Hey Henry, I think it would be great to have a walking/biking /golf cart path going down Airline Road from Kelleytown into the Ola area, maybe connecting the new Bud Kelley Park to Heritage Park. That would be a nice community feature to have.

Hey Henry, thanks to the Henry County policeman who stopped the loud music so I can sleep at night!

Hey Henry, we lost another long time “Icon” recently. Randy Rivers, Sr., former Pastor of Bear Creek Baptist Church in Hampton who also worked as a Deputy for the Henry County Sheriffs Department, as a Radio Announcer for WSSA Radio in Morrow, Georgia and operated a Recovery Center for Recovering Alcoholics in Hampton passed away on his birthday, August 17, 2016. Randy had his faults, as we all do, but was loved and respected by many in Henry and Clayton Counties. RIP my friend!

Hey Henry - 08.31.16

Hey Henry, Henry County citizens need a lesson in funeral procession etiquette. Pulling over as a funeral procession goes by is considered to be a show of respect and a common courtesy. With the amount of traffic I can understand sometimes that can’t happen. When cars are pulled over out of respect, you should not go around them, but pulling into a funeral procession is just plain rude! Funeral processions have the right of way.

Hey Henry, I was very impressed with the kids in our county after tragedy struck the Locust Grove High Class of 2017 with the loss of Summer Lee. Watching kids from other schools all across the county put aside rivalries to show love, solidarity and support for LGHS was awesome!

Hey Henry, the person who commented on the school schedule obviously has no idea how long it runs. School in Henry County for 2016-17 runs from 8/1 – 5/26. If you shift the schedule 2 months to the right to avoid the heat in August and September, then school runs until the end of July. Your suggestion changes nothing.

Hey Henry, the County Commissioners are spending all this money for drones, but cannot spare any for the library system? I’m fed up with them, and when all the libraries close, I hope they are happy with their little drones to play with.

Hey Henry, I don’t put my kid on the school bus because it comes through our neighborhood at 6:45 a.m. Why put her on the bus an hour before school starts, when I live only 5 minutes away?

Hey Henry, to the thoughtful school bus driver who found my wallet on New Hope RD and brought it to the HCPD who returned it to me. A great big warm and sincere thank you. What a fine example of character and integrity. I am proud to live in a community with people like you. Also, thanks to the smiling and very professional HCPD officer who delivered it. Both professions are greatly under appreciated.

Hey Henry, the residents of Henry County are very fortunate to have several beautiful parks where their children can play or practice sports. Having just observed one of the athletes throw trash on the ground, I thought “wouldn't it be a good idea to teach kids to pick up their trash, before leaving the fields after practice.” The Boy Scouts teach kids to respect the environment. There’s no reason why coaches can’t do the same thing.

Hey, Henry, in response to the question of why parents don’t put their kids on the school bus, it’s a time and safety issue. First, I see no reason for my child to get on a bus an hour before school starts, just to get to school early and sit in the gym. Second, there is no supervision on regular buses. The driver can’t watch a load of kids and the road, too. I removed my child from the bus in the afternoons because other kids were throwing things at the driver, using profanity and fighting.

Hey Henry, the crosswalks on Hwy. 42 in Locust Grove do not mean “step out here into traffic one foot in front of a car and make them slam on brakes” or “stop here in the middle of the street and converse with your friends.” They’re designated areas for you to use to cross the street when it’s safe and keep moving. Use some common sense, people.

Hey Henry, why don’t they send out prisoners to pick up trash along the roadside before they mow? Chopping up the trash just makes it look worse.

Hey Henry - 08.24.16

Hey Henry, just received my Yellow Pages from the Yellow Pages opt out website. It does rain on occasion in Henry County, so next time you deliver them, please put it where it will not get wet. Here’s one for the recycle bin.

Hey Henry, please make sure you inform yourselves regarding the OSD amendment. I promise you it will not stop at 100 schools. The state is using faulty CCPRI Data and Henry County schools will be next on the list due to that. Our schools are some of the best, yet will be deemed failing, due to faulty data.

Hey Henry, if you zip tie a child to a chair, beat her and call her “idiot” so often she thinks it is her name, you should no longer be on this earth. Just my opinion.

Hey Henry, this is my second time sending this comment. Do you people know how dangerous this is, or even care. You must not, if this must be posted again. I was recently behind a county vehicle towing a landscape trailer with lawn equipment on it. The trailer had no brake lights or blinkers and I could not even see the vehicle’s tail lights. I really don’t care if this is a government vehicle. Obey the laws people, don’t be another idiot.

Hey Henry, for the life of me I cannot understand why parents can’t let their children ride the school bus! The amount of traffic created at the schools in this county when school starts is out of control. What is normally a 17 minute drive when school is out turns into a 30 minute drive because of all the people dropping their children off at the schools. Please put your kids on the bus and let those of us that need to get to work have less traffic!

Hey Henry, a big thank you to a young couple who made an old couple happy when they found out their breakfast had been paid for. I call that being Sweet Beans :)

Hey Henry, why is Henry County Fire Department using an out of state billing company? Kentucky to be exact. With unemployment stats being what they are in Henry County, why are the powers that be sending work out of the County. We have employees that should be doing this. Just saying.

Hey Henry, I believe I-75 is more dangerous than ever before thanks to the new toll lane. It isn’t going to do a bit of good when you have snow birds and a ton of yankees going to Florida.

Hey, Henry, if the schools had any sense, they would start classes in late September. That way it isn’t 98º inside the buses and the kids and school bus drivers wouldn’t burn up.

Hey Henry, to the person calling me narrow minded, which I’ll take as a compliment - thank you, but I haven’t been called immature or a brat in over 40 years. But don’t call me totally irresponsible, I have a home, a job, 5 great kids, a husband and don’t live off the government, so I’m very responsible! Actually I thought my response was pretty good. Point being: judge not, that ye be not judged (Matthew 7:1). So don’t bash someone for running over geese, when you kill an animal for being a nuisance or let someone else kill it because it’s tasty to eat.

Hey Henry, thank you to the two kind and strong men who helped my 78 year-old husband who fell in front of Studio Red and to the helpful and swift thinking crew inside the establishment. And thanks to Mrs. Thompson at Moye’s who immediately knew what medical supplies were needed. Much appreciation from our entire family to these fine people of McDonough.

Hey Henry - 08.17.16

Hey Henry, I saw a sign at a local preschool that said, “Turn off the TV and love your neighbor.” I tried several times but he is not friendly.

Hey Henry, I just wanted to say thank you to the young lady who helped me get into the beauty shop. I am in my 80’s and have a hard time walking and it made it so much easier with her help. It’s good to know there is still kindness and goodness in the world.

Hey Henry, to the person who is trying to find an American flag to buy. Visit www.medalsofamerica.com.

Hey Henry, the intelligence of a community is known by the library it supports.

Hey Henry, is there a dome over Luella, Georgia because it seems storms and rain go right around us. Anyone else feel the same way?

Hey Henry, this county will never be a serious county with regard to culture and now we might lose PINES because of horrible funding choices? Great. Can’t take kids to do research or check out books. Retirement = leaving here.

Hey Henry, to the inconsiderate, uninformed driver concerned about rear-ending a car on a curve or on a hill. Other drivers should, and do, slow down so as not to hit a school bus, a child, a downed tree or another driver, like you, who was just involved in an accident. I bet you have no idea what a stale green light is either! Happy motoring.

Hey Henry, it doesn’t matter how much college you have anymore, it’s who you know, or who you’re related to.

Hey Henry, My husband and I recently had a great meal at Los Avina’s. When we were ready to pay our bill, the waitress told us it had already been paid. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much whoever you were. You made a completely perfect day for an old couple! God Bless you!

Hey Henry, it was ridiculous and unnecessary to lower the speed limit on Keys Ferry Road to 45, but now that you have, I expect to see daily enforcement.

Hey Henry, to the person who criticized the request for county curbside recycling, we both have a voice to speak from our own pockets. I spoke from mine and you spoke from yours. Your opinion and mine have now both been heard.

Hey Henry, there are so many nonprofit groups created every day and a lot are devoted to similar causes. If people would join an existing group instead of creating a new one, more people would be helped. Unless you’re just in it for the money.

Hey Henry, I am unsure which is worse on Westridge Parkway behind Publix: the vehicles doing 40-60 m.p.h. in a 25 m.p.h. zone or the semi trucks looking for a shortcut who pass the tractor-trailer turnaround sign that the County posted after the turnaround.

Hey Henry, I just love how people going towards the McDonough Square in the morning get in front of the long line of traffic by driving in the left lane until they get right to the Square and jump over in the right lane like they forgot to be in that lane or something. Everyone knows you are trying to get ahead of everyone else because you don’t have the patience to wait.

Hey Henry - 08.10.16

Hey Henry, some inconsiderate person drove past our house last night near midnight with their car stereo so loud that my body vibrated while in bed more than 100 feet from Westridge Parkway. If they are not deaf already, they will be very soon.

Hey Henry, while trying to replace my American flag I was told by retailers that this is a seasonal item. Are our brave men and women who serve only seasonal? I know they are not as they protect our freedom daily. Legislators, please step in. Retailers sell guns daily, why are we not selling American flags daily?

Hey Henry, a special kind of genius must have designed the roundabout at Hwy. 138 and Moseley Drive. It is smaller than a fast food drive through. Tractor trailers pretty much have to go straight through it and over the curb. Buses have to go over the curb taking a left out from Woodland schools. You knew it was too small because I saw you tearing up brand new concrete. Admit defeat and start over. This time hire someone with at least three non-government brain cells.

Hey Henry, a big thank you to Sheriff MacBrayer for the great breakfast and get together at Heritage Park on Saturday morning.

Hey Henry, to the person driving the four door F350 diesel with a Newton county tag and the fire department logo, did you have a legitimate reason for not stopping at the three way stop at Hwy. 42 and Lawrenceville Street? Then you sped off and braked after passing the McDonough Police Department. Of course that did not slow you down once you passed it. If you work for the fire department, we support you, however we do not support your disregard of the driving laws.

Hey Henry, in regards to the Henry County courthouse. Kill the chime and fix the time!

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about having an aquatic center built, have you made a sizable donation? Also, when is the last time you’ve driven by a public pool? No thanks!

Hey Henry, I don’t know what part of Henry County you live in, but in Locust Grove I haven’t seen rain every day - we only get a few rain drops once in a while. We are definitely in a drought!

Hey Henry, to all the drivers who brake and slow down considerably when they come upon the slightest curve or hill, I bet you either replace your brakes very often or you are the ones that squeak when you come to a stop. I hope you don’t vacation in the mountains, you’d probably get rear-ended!

Hey Henry, Clayton County libraries are open regular hours Monday through Saturday. My Henry County Library card works there and I can still turn the books in at the Henry County book drops. Instead of complaining, I just took advantage of the PINES library system on the way from work.

Hey Henry, you don’t have to win the lottery to quit driving. You can just start walking everywhere, it’s free.

Hey Henry, in regards to the response on 7/27 about the person who ran over the geese. This sort of answer really shows everyone what a narrow minded, immature, and totally irresponsible brat you are. Grow up!

Hey Henry, a traffic light should be installed on Hwy. 20 at the corner of Rooms to GO, Five Guys, Hardees and Sears appliance store. No one can make a turn if cars are blocking the interstate.

Hey Henry - 08.03.16

Hey Henry, a special thank you to the Henry County DOT employee whose heroic efforts helped divert a catastrophic event. He spotted a smoldering fire in the back of a service truck parked at a residence. After spotting the smoke he sprang into action and extinguished the fire saving a vehicle, a home and possibly the beginning of a massive wild fire in our little Ola community. Not to mention the compressed gas cylinders in the truck that could have caused a horrific and devastating explosion putting countless lives in peril.

Hey Henry, one reason I would love to win the lottery, would be to not have to drive anymore. I am so tired of idiots tailgating me. I go five miles over the speed limit, but that’s still not fast enough. You people are going to catch me on a bad day, so keep on, you know who you are.

Hey Henry, what is the latest on making Hemphill Road and Highway 138 in Stockbridge safer? Traffic light, roundabout, etc.

Hey Henry, in regards to Councilman Alexander of Stockbridge and his suggestion to use our tax dollars to subsidize the county library hours by opening on Saturday ... are you serious? Just another redistribution move. Why is it our responsibility to fund the county’s obligation? The library is already open two days a week until 8 p.m.! You can’t fix a failed education system with private funds. Concentrate on the real problems and quit trying to mask it with temporary solutions with private funds of the Asset Class. Use your own money, sell donuts as a fund raiser, but don’t assume we as taxpayers are liable for everyone else’s problems.

Hey Henry, why are the county libraries closed on the weekend and only open until 8 p.m. two days a week? If this was designed to be a profit based business - wouldn’t they be open when the public could actually use their services?

Hey Henry, I would love to see more sidewalks and/or golf cart paths in the County. Even the few sidewalks we do have are super narrow and right on top of the traffic. It would be nice to have sidewalks that are wide enough for at least 2 people and usable for bikes. It would promote physical activity and, if near the schools, it would be great for middle and high school students who could walk to school safely. That would save on car and bus expenses and help with traffic. It would be a nice community improvement in many ways and would enhance our enjoyment of and the value of our community.

Hey Henry, thank you to Greg Cannon at Cannon-Cleveland funeral home. You are “spot on” in last week’s article regarding law enforcement. Every business and household across the United States should have blue lights supporting our police officers and to let them know how much we appreciate them.

Hey Henry, why is it that the bus drivers for Henry County Schools can drive their bus home, but the maintenance department that works in plumbing, heating and air, electrical, can’t drive their work vehicles home. We are the ones on 24 hour call, not bus drivers.

Hey Henry, this is the first drought I’ve ever seen where it rains every day.

Hey Henry, I think the county and school system should make sizable contributions to the Kensley Grace Aquatic Center. We don’t have a single public pool for residents to use in this county nor anywhere for our schools’ swim teams to practice or hold meets. That is ridiculous. Let’s get this aquatic center built!

Hey Henry - 07.27.16

Hey Henry, we are in an extreme drought yet there are no watering restrictions. How much sense does that make?

Hey Henry, Henry County Police need to have a patrol car sit up at the UPS Store at Lake Dow. So many people park in the fire lane. They could write a lot of tickets.

Hey, Henry, a special thank you to the individuals that assisted me when I fell outside of Target recently. My wife and granddaughter thank you for all your help. All x-rays were negative and I am feeling much better. Thank you and God bless you.

Hey Henry, I think we should be seeing a blue light in the White House, and even the Governor’s mansion. Let the people that protect you know that you are thinking of them.

Hey Henry, still laughing about sighting of zombies at Heritage Park!

Hey Henry, I find it hard to believe there was no traffic on Lake Dow Road when the geese got ran over. To the person who responded, so you have never killed mosquitoes, ants, spiders, roaches, mice, snakes, squirrels, possums or armadillos who have gotten in your house or yard? They are all Gods creatures. I’m also assuming you don’t eat fish, chicken, pork or beef. My oh my, don’t some of us have such double standards!

Hey Henry, to the person who wants curbside recycling so much, those salaries, benefits and actual costs to collect and dispose of this stuff have to be paid. I can barely pay my bills now, and can’t afford an increase in my taxes or service because you find it inconvenient to use the recycling center. Speak from your pocket, not mine.

Hey Henry, the large blighted homes on Jonesboro Road east of 75 between Willow Lane and Kroger really need to be addressed. How long can they sit there like that? They look awful and sit right on the main thoroughfare into downtown. The Welcome to McDonough sign there really could use some updating and improved landscaping too. While the landscaping in the islands is beautiful, the eyesore houses and pathetic welcome signage are not giving a good impression.

Hey Henry, police officers are being unjustly targeted trying to do their job. The shootings by these “thugs,” of any race, would stop - if they would respect and obey law officers. Police officers’ lives matter too! A big thank you to all law enforcement and first responders.

Hey Henry, to all of the people who own pickups. The bed of your truck is not a garbage can for you to go down the road at 55 mph and watch your rear view mirror as trash flies out all over Henry County. I have even seen whole trash bags fly out. Have some respect for yourself and for where you live.

Hey Henry, I want to thank Mark at a local auto parts store in Locust Grove. He went above and beyond in the massive July heat to make sure my daughter’s battery was working properly. While I know this is their job, he cleaned the corrosion off of it, tightened the cables and checked the alternator. Thank you for giving me piece of mind as I’m getting ready to send my daughter off to college.

Hey Henry, the other day I saw a pack of dogs fighting and tearing up trash in someone's yard. I didn’t think much about it at first, but now I’m thinking they were just protesting being left out in the hot sun all day. Dogs lives matter.

Hey Henry - 07.20.16

Hey Henry, Henry County kids, remember that it’s time to turn in your reading logs to your local library for a reading certificate and a free book. Do this before school starts!

Hey Henry, whoever takes down the last remaining yellow dividing stick in front of RiteAid on Hwy. 155 at Eastlake Road gets 10 bonus points. If they are put back up, how long will it take to knock them down again?

Hey Henry, now that the Clayton County landfill has raised its rates, I’m already seeing mattresses on the side of Henry County roads.

Hey Henry, to the person that is tired about hearing about animals left in hot cars, glad you got the message.

Hey Henry, I witnessed that black Jeep Wrangler hitting those geese on Lake Dow Road. There was no oncoming traffic, there was no one behind him. There was not a car in sight as far as I could see both ways. It was just a heartless gesture. A person who does not have any regard for God’s critters does not have any regard for themselves or any other living being. Shame on you!

Hey Henry, if the county and/or city did pick up recyclables, we would pay for it with salaries, benefits and retirement. This is a small price to pay so that future generations will not pay environmentally.

Hey Henry, what’s up with all the trash, furniture and litter along our roadsides that people expect to be carted off? There are outreach organizations in our county that take furniture donations that can be given to people having hard times. As far as the trash and litter, quit being lazy and dispose of it properly. Take some pride in our county!

Hey Henry, in response to the person asking “why are people not reporting unprovoked shootings of Caucasians?” that is the rub. I am positive everyone would know if it ever happened. All lives matter and that includes black lives.

Hey Henry, I didn’t read or interpret anything I read that made me think people care more about animals then children. It must be your mindset that makes you submit a comment like that. Sad.

Hey Henry, to the gentleman in Ola who noticed the Combat Veteran sign in my son’s yard and cut his grass free of charge as a gesture of thanks. God bless you. Your kind deed did not go unnoticed. Our son is a humble man, who works tirelessly to provide for his young family. Their mower bit the dust last year and he stresses over getting the grass cut. Just last week, they had a tree fall in the front yard, so that didn’t help matters. Your kind deed took away some unnecessary stress from this young father and husband. I am forever grateful! From a proud combat veteran’s Mom.

Hey Henry, I just got back from walking my dog at Heritage Park where I saw the strangest thing. There was a bunch of young people walking around looking at their phones. I swear it looked like the Zombie Apocalypse. They were moving around in a daze. When I asked what they were doing, they responded, “Pokemon.” I kept on walking my dog, passing zombies along the way. Thank God they were friendly zombies.

Hey Henry, they need to mount a camera at the Salvation Army in McDonough to catch these after-hours “donators.”

Hey Henry - 07.13.16

Hey Henry, are you kidding me? Mateen 41 cops 9? What if the cops decided to set up a command post and wait out the shooter? How many more would have died? If you travel overseas, all officers carry automatic weapons, not assault weapons. I was always told by my employer if they started firing to hit the floor until the situation was resolved. The Orlando Police Department did a great job and no, I’m not an officer, I’m just glad someone took the situation for what it was.

Hey Henry, I am tired of hearing about animals being left in hot vehicles or hot patios. It’s a shame when people care more about an animal than a child.

Hey Henry, to the person who wrote Mateen 41, cops 9. What the heck? I don’t think so. And who said anyone was interested?

Hey Henry, why is the Tax Commissioner’s annual report two years behind on their website? 2014, really?

Hey Henry, aren’t cooks required by law to wear a beard net to prevent hair from falling in the food?

Hey Henry, to the idiots still shooting off fireworks, enough already!

Hey Henry, to the person ranting and raving about the geese getting run over. It wasn’t me, but I would rather run over an animal than to swerve into oncoming traffic and hit a vehicle and kill someone else or myself. I tell you what, next time you see geese crossing the road near you, why don’t you get out and direct traffic. And by the way, I sleep pretty well at night thinking this way.

Hey Henry, did you know that driving a heavy truck over grass after a rainstorm is apparently good for it? I never thought so until I saw a well-known professional landscaping company do just that yesterday afternoon.

Hey Henry, I miss the South Side diner!

Hey Henry, the county’s recycling program is wonderful for those who want to make a weekly or monthly trip, but weekly recycling programs work better because of the convenience.

Hey Henry, to the misinformed person who wrote the haiku: we speak naively, home invasions destroy lives, that could have been saved.

Hey Henry, given the severe drought we are in, we are lucky that people with fireworks did not burn down houses. I saw several launched in the neighborhood that were landing on roofs or in trees for four straight nights.

Hey Henry, instead of building so many Dunkin Donuts, why can’t we get a Captain D’s?

Hey Henry, why is it that when getting onto I-75 North from GA-20 Hampton area drivers in the turn lanes always get in the inside lane when the outside lane has space. This blocks the traffic crossing I-75 and GA-20! Dumb idea to make the turning lane longer. Is it against the law to use the outside turning lane?

Hey Henry, I understand that race is a sensitive subject these days and no upstanding citizen should ever be worried about being shot by authorities. That being said, why are people not reporting unprovoked shootings of caucasians?

Hey Henry - 07.06.16

Hey Henry, news flash: if the county and/or city pick up recyclables, you pay for it. With salaries, benefits and retirement you pay more for it and pay it forever.

Hey Henry, please, please make sure your animals are taken care of during this hot summer. I saw on the news that a person from Henry County left their dog out in a small pen on her hot patio and the animal died. Animal control took the other dog and gave her a ticket which she plans to fight because she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. You better hope I am not on that jury, I would certainly find you guilty!

Hey Henry, when are the entrances to the Henry County Administration Building going to be paved? One of them is gravel and the other has been blocked for months now.

Hey Henry, for anyone who might be interested, of the 50 killed in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the score was Mateen 41, cops 9. Serving and protecting.

Hey Henry, is it just me or has anyone noticed that the prices have gone up at Zaxby’s and the chicken has become smaller. Also, Burger King hamburgers and whopper juniors have gotten to be the size of a sausage biscuit.

Hey Henry, we have a recycling program run by the county. You can drop off your recyclables on 20/81 between Industrial Blvd. and McDonough Pkwy.

Hey Henry, I was overjoyed to read in the Times where the McDonough City Council refused to give the proposed park on Jonesboro Road a blank check. Too many times we have seen things like this turn into a black hole that sucks taxpayer money. Keep up the good work City Council.

Hey Henry, legalizing fireworks was one of the stupidest things Georgia has ever done.

Hey Henry, a Dunkin Donuts is going in next to Bojangles on Jonesboro Road.

Hey Henry, recently I was out clothes shopping for the grand kids. Several people were also shopping, for teens and adults. I just hope they were purchasing belts or different kind of pants. For the parents that allow their kids to dress that way, you’re the idiot.

Hey Henry, I see some parents paying more attention to their cellphone than to their children. No wonder so many kids go on to shoot up their schools.

Hey Henry, I have said it before, but Henry County needs a website that lists all the money that deadbeat businesses owe. Even if you get a judgment from the court, there is nobody to ensure you will collect what you are owed. Maybe a little public embarrassment would force these people to be more honest.

Hey Henry, I applaud Tommy Smith’s comment (regarding the District 2 Commission seat) that neither of the candidates should be eligible for the interim position, if it is filled before the election.

Hey Henry, whoever’s bright idea it was to legalize fireworks in Georgia again, needs to have a roman candle put where the sun doesn’t shine and have it go off from 8 p.m.-2 a.m. Thanks for all the sleepless nights. You give people an inch and they take a mile.

Hey Henry - 06.29.16

Hey Henry, to the person suggesting banning trucks from Hwy. 20, you are laughable! What happens when you get to Publix and there are no groceries? Or the gas station has no gas? What if that package you ordered doesn’t get to you. How do you think all of these things happen? By magic fairies? No, it’s all brought to you courtesy of ... you guessed it, trucks! And no, I’m not suggesting all those trucks have local business, but they have to get their cargo to where it goes somehow and they have only so much time to make that happen.

Hey Henry, if you think you can do a better job running our school district or teaching, then quit your current job, go back to school, get a degree in education, and either run for a school position or get hired into one. Otherwise, attend the Board meetings or remain quiet.

Hey Henry, you’ve been here since 1995 but evidently have never been to a Chick-fil-a. It may cost a bit more but it’s well worth it. The young people that work there are always polite and friendly. A Georgia company that takes pride in customer service.

Hey Henry, to the person driving the black Jeep Wrangler who hit the family of geese that was crossing Lake Dow Road in front of Highland Park subdivision, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I couldn’t see your tag number or I would have reported you. Thanks to the wonderful sheriff’s deputy and residents of that neighborhood who came together to get them out of the road. These geese cross that highway everyday and the community always stops to let them. They usually have their babies with them, so thankfully this time was different. Pretty heartless, if you ask me. I don’t know how you slept that night. This speaks volumes for your character.

Hey Henry, when is that dangerous mammoth pothole by the railroad tracks on Jonesboro road ever going to get fixed? My guess is the next vehicle to fall in will be a semi truck and no one will see the missing truck until the next vehicle falls on top of it!

Hey Henry, anyone but me ever wonder what happened to the turn signal in automobiles? It’s almost impossible to keep one hand on the steering wheel, hold a cell phone and turn their blinker on too. They really have a problem if they are smokers!

Hey Henry, it’s a downright shame when high schools in the county have to get the permission of the entire Board of Education to use their parking lot for a fundraiser on a Saturday morning when they are closed for business. They don’t give out special funds for sports and clubs so the students have to raise the money themselves. Yet, we as taxpayers can’t even use an empty lot. Shame on them!

Hey Henry, why doesn’t McDonough have a recycling program that is run by the county? We shouldn’t have to pay someone to pick up recyclables.

Hey Henry, what are they constructing adjacent to Bojangles on Jonesboro Road?

Hey Henry, if you want a self-driving car, you might have to deal with the fact that it is programmed to kill you as an effort to save other driver’s lives in a collision. So much for Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics.”

Hey Henry, a haiku for yet another massacre: we pretend to care, as more mothers mourn their young, gun love is madness.

Hey Henry - 06.22.16

Hey Henry, why is it taking so long for a traffic light to go in at the intersection of Hemphill Road and Hwy. 138 in Stockbridge. It was approved months ago.

Hey Henry, I have lived in McDonough since 1995. The service at fast food restaurants here is anything but fast. The employees have gotten worse over time. Now in 2016, you go in, and no one is at the register, or someone is standing there and they just look at you. They don’t say, “Hello, may I help you?” Whatever happened to service? Don’t tell me that it is because they want $15 per hour. Back in my day, the kids and adults made much less and still gave you great service.

Hey Henry, so let me get this straight, when kids get a grade in Henry County Schools it’s because of their work or lack of work. When the Board of Education or the school gets bad grades, it’s the kids fault or a bad test or just someone else’s fault?

Hey Henry, to the person that commented about too many warehouses and trucks, unfortunately that area was zoned for warehouses years ago, but the county failed to put in the infrastructure to handle the trucks before building.

Hey Henry, may God bless those wonderful people who left frozen drinks in their mailboxes for the mailmen during this heat wave and forgive those who thought more of their grass than a human being trying to deliver their packages. How do they maintain their grass without stepping on it?

Hey Henry, we have trivialized the significance of flying our national flag at half staff. There is a U.S. code which dictates that practice. It used to mean something. Now, not so much.

Hey Henry, it makes my heart swell with pride when I take my grandchildren to Memorial Day events in Henry County. I tell them this is how we honor those who died for us. Each event is different and I especially like taking them to the Stockbridge Memorial March as they have the opportunity to be part of the event. However, each year we have come away with chigger bites because the ceremony ends in an old grave yard that is full of red bugs. Couldn’t the ceremony be held in the park, which is also at the end of the parade route?

Hey Henry, what is happening to our kids having fun at recreational ball fields? A couple of weeks ago at Alexander park, a group of girls age 5 and 6 had to forfeit a game because of unruly parents. Recently in North McDonough, a group of 7 and 8 year olds had to forfeit a baseball game at Hidden Valley due to the parents’ language. Come on parents, show respect and set an example of good sportsmanship or stay at home.

Hey Henry, you have to give respect to get respect and I don’t see a lot of respect out on the road today. I guess their parents never taught them to care about anyone but themselves.

Hey Henry, I believe that all law enforcement databases from city to the federal level should be linked. I know we have the technological capability to do this. Maybe then, terrorists and other criminals would be stopped in time.

Hey Henry, to the person that thinks too many jobs have been brought to Henry that is not the problem. Too many of the wrong types of jobs have come to the county such as warehousing that requires little or no job skills. We have no high tech or pharmaceutical jobs like those located in Newton and Greene Counties with average salaries of 75k. These jobs would attract college graduates and raise the quality of living.

Hey Henry - 06.15.16

Hey Henry, to the people criticizing the Board of Education: Henry County is still a great school district. Many of the failures are occurring because kids fail to show up, schools using poorly designed standardized testing, or parents are not involved in their children’s education. Don’t blame the Board or teachers.

Hey Henry, Nathan Deal got it right again and the elephant is in its coffin.

Hey Henry, they need to work on the timing of the light at Zack Hinton and Postmaster Lane. It stays green forever, even when no one is turning off of Postmaster Lane.

Hey Henry, the “picking up the tab for our own demise” comment was priceless.

Hey Henry, has anyone noticed the increase in tractor-trailer traffic on Hwy. 20 between McDonough and Conyers? It is tearing up the roads and it is a safety concern when people try to pass. How can we get this to stop?

Hey Henry, a pickpocket group is working McDonough shopping centers, so be aware.

Hey Henry, why is it that road construction finishes but the remnants of it remain? The barrels, work zone signs, etc., never seem to be removed.

Hey Henry, effective July 1, Henry Piedmont Hospital and the doctors connected to the hospital are out-of-network for United Healthcare customers. But don’t worry, they sent a list of hospitals and doctors we can use, you will just have to drive at least 40 minutes on a good traffic day to Atlanta. Hope I don’t have an emergency.

Hey Henry, people driving on McDonough Parkway are idiots. The speed limit is 35 mph, but I get tailgated there everyday. To the people driving with respect, thank you. To the others, may the worst luck happen to you.

Hey Henry, I want to thank the churches and landowners in the Eastlake area for maintaining such beautiful properties. You are beautifying our community through your lovely churches, landscaping, and well-kept fields. It is appreciated!

Hey Henry, I believe most places top out employees in 10, 15, and 20 years. The Henry County Board of Education is the only place that I know of that takes 30 to top out. So, by the time you retire or die, you might make it and be able to buy a loaf of bread.

Hey Henry, I’m glad they finally moved the roll-off container on L.G. Griffin Road by the post office. It was really hard to see when exiting there.

Hey Henry, I think Henry County has brought too many jobs to the area as it is, but here you go again allowing more warehouses to be built on Hwy. 155. It looks like at least four going up right now in Locust Grove. Why not use the ones that are already vacant? There are plenty in Westridge and Greenwood, for sale or lease. Traffic is already bad enough over there in the mornings. In the afternoon it is like a parking lot there. Are you trying to make Henry County look like Atlanta? No thanks! Crime here is already bad enough! What’s next, MARTA?

Hey Henry - 06.08.16

Hey Henry, with all the news about the Zika virus and mosquito prevention, it would seem that the mud hole on Nail Drive that runs parallel on the west side of the TSYS facility on Loop Road would be a major concern. Water has been standing on this site for at least four years. Along with the standing water the area is being used as a dumping ground.

Hey Henry, I just returned from New York City and will never complain about the traffic in McDonough again!

Hey Henry, did you vote for a school board member? We all should have looked at the Governors school rankings for Henry County before voting! Of the 10 High Schools in Henry County only 2 have a B rating. The other 8 are rated C’s and D’s. There are no A rated High Schools in Henry County. The 10 high schools have an average Grade of 72.65 which is a low C. There are several Grammar and Middle schools that actually have an F rating! You can find this data at https://schoolgrades.georgia.gov/

Hey Henry, if they really want drivers to stop at the crosswalk in downtown Locust Grove, they should install some brighter lights to come on after dark. It’s hard to see pedestrians crossing the street at that intersection at night.

Hey Henry, to the teacher and office staff going back and forth. How about the Maintenance Department that removes the apple from toilet, keeps your classroom a cool 72º, and brightens your day with a well lit classroom? We all have a responsibility, that’s why we are paid. Suck it up and do your job without whining about it!

Hey Henry, we’re picking up the tab for own demise.

Hey Henry, to the person wanting a “Do not block intersection” sign. I feel your pain. Even if there was one, the idiots would still block the intersection. Better management of the traffic lights there would be much nicer and could possibly stop these fools from blocking the intersection. I am talking about the intersection at 155 and Keys Ferry Street.

Hey Henry, the Wendy’s in Locust Grove needs to hire more people and open up both cash registers so people don’t have to wait in line forever. There are too many snow birds going up and down the highway that visit there, so open up the lines.

Hey Henry, Stockbridge annexed 300 acres for a mall project. McDonough is building Big Springs Park. Locust Grove is building a multi-million dollar police complex. Hampton is laying off utility personal. Does anybody else see a problem here?

Hey Henry, to Sgt. J. Banister. Good luck on your wedding, and thank you for your service.

Hey Henry, I noticed that they have painted stop lines at the Ingles in Locust Grove. Good for them! People drive too fast through that parking lot.

Hey Henry, just what the county needs, more warehouses on Hwy. 155. Who would want to visit Henry County? There’s nothing here but warehouses, strip malls, traffic, nail shops, and gas stations. We need more places with entertainment.

Hey Henry, there is a big pothole that needs to be repaired on Jonesboro Road by the railroad tracks.

Hey Henry - 06.01.16

Hey Henry, congratulations to Rufus Brantley, a World War II veteran, on being honored. God bless you, and thank you for your service.

Hey Henry, if the Georgia Benchmark tests were ruled invalid because of all the “glitches,” why are Henry students who “failed” being told they have to retake them? If the first results were invalid, aren’t the retests? Opt out!

Hey Henry, kudos to the Henry County Board of Education. I am proud that they are aware that there has never been a “free” lunch!

Hey Henry, who is responsible for the park that used to be maintained by Stockbridge City Hall before they moved to the new facility? The police precinct is now located in that building. No new flowers planted, fountains have no water and are cracked on the bottom. Such a shame. Someone needs to step up!

Hey Henry, may God bless Henry County and its police and firefighters.

Hey Henry, why is it that when you are driving and there is no one behind you for miles, someone always pulls out in front of you? Generally they are driving slower than you. The worst is when they decide to make a left hand turn. Traffic is coming in the opposite direction. They stop, which makes you stop! Still no one behind you, but this fool just had to get out in front. People! Use the brain that God gave you. If someone is coming and there is absolutely no one behind them, wait! Once this person passes, then pull out and drive as slow as you want and make that left hand turn. Gees!

Hey Henry, DOT, you need to get some speed limit signs up to slow people down at the intersection at East Lake Extension and Hwy. 155 North. It’s a blind hill and home to one of the largest school systems in the county.

Hey Henry, thank you to Beverly and Amanda who run Blessings Thrift store. Their hard work and dedication support the Haven House and the community as a whole. No one works harder and takes as much pride in helping others as these two dedicated amazing individuals!

Hey Henry, our school does not celebrate anything but teacher appreciation week. If you really believe that secretaries don’t interact with the kids you are so wrong! Teachers may teach but I’m the one who comforts your child when they get sick, wet their pants, lose their lunch box or gets in trouble with ISS (elementary schools don’t have anyone to watch kids in ISS except us).

Hey Henry, to the person sympathizing with the homeless (van) family. First of all, the Wal-Mart parking lot is not for housing. Second, they shouldn’t have been traveling if they were in a broken down van and didn’t have money. Don’t bash others for complaining about them when you obviously haven’t provided them with new living arrangements.

Hey Henry, why is there not a Do Not Block Intersection sign at the corner of Keys Ferry Street and Zack Hinton Parkway traffic turning left off of Keys Ferry Street? People block the intersection and when the light changes the people turning left onto Hwy. 81 East can’t go anywhere. Please do something about this!

Hey Henry - 05.25.16

Hey Henry, Henry County haiku: Kids toss cherry bombs. Boat sinks, beer lost, children laugh ‘til Pop swims ashore.

Hey Henry, the homeless family living in their van near Wal-Mart are stuck because their vehicle is beyond repair. They are from out of state and cannot get jobs without a local driver’s license. They can’t get a license without a permanent address. Several individuals and groups have been working with them to find a solution. Where do you want them to go?

Hey Henry, in response to the Henry County Board of Education, I couldn't agree more! Some of our board members are giving Henry County a bad name. It’s embarrassing and unprofessional when a board looks so divided and combative. Please, do as the previous writer suggested and visit a board meeting, let them know Henry County will not stand to be embarrassed and that our students and teachers deserve better.

Hey Henry, why does road construction take so long in this county? What kind of contractors do we hire that they can’t get any job done in a timely manner? Why doesn’t the county and city make more noise and see to it that our projects are given adequate and expeditious attention? They seem asleep at the wheel allowing projects to drag on forever.

Hey Henry, I’m getting married in 25 days! I love you so much Sgt J.Banister. I can’t wait to be your Mrs.

Hey Henry, in North Henry on Panola Road near the intersection at Hwy. 155, there are several trees that need trimming. I have seen tall trucks hitting the trees and they are leaning so badly. They have been leaning for years, but this year it is getting critical for the county to do some cutting. Is the county waiting for a tree to fall on a vehicle?

Hey Henry, to the person talking about “Teacher Appreciation Week.” Secretary’s week was the week prior and you may deal with the parents, but not the children.

Hey Henry, are the Commissioners working on updating the Future Land Use Map? They said they would, but will they take action? Meanwhile, high density apartments and housing are being approved by the Zoning Board. We must update the FLUM to control growth. We do not have to allow high density, undesirable housing here. The FLUM needs to be updated now. Get busy Commissioners!

Hey Henry, Mr. Teti the band director at Ola Middle has done it again. A majority of his students entering the 6th grade have never picked up an instrument. Hearing his students in 7th and 8th grade perform was breath taking. It is no wonder that he has over 400 students in band. Both Mr. Teti and his kids are amazing. Visit the Ola Bands Facebook page to hear them.

Hey Henry, can anyone tell me which restroom we are supposed to use. Oh, the government already has.

Hey Henry, why do Clayton and Butts counties’ have free lunch for all students yet Henry County Schools keep raising their lunch prices? I am pretty sure that Henry County does not have better food.

Hey Henry, to the lady that was working at the thrift store, thank you for paying for my items! You made me very happy. Words can not express to you the thoughts and feelings that I had going on at the time. Thanks again!

Hey Henry - 05.18.16

Hey Henry, who really needs an anger management class? The person speeding down Lake Dow or the person threatening to wrap the speeder’s teeth around their steering wheel? Mood or not, that's a pretty violent statement there pal.

Hey Henry, the County needs to pressure wash the county judicial buildings in downtown McDonough and the McDonough library. Those buildings really look rough and need cleaning up!

Hey Henry, with all these angry comments, I guess I should be angry about something. I’m trying to think of something. Well, maybe next issue.

Hey Henry, why are the vagrants allowed to squat in the Office Depot/Walmart parking lot in McDonough? They’ve been there for weeks, if not months.

Hey Henry, it makes me sad to see so many missing animals in Henry County. If you love them, leash them. Too bad people haven’t figured that out yet. Don’t open your doors and let your pet out to run loose. There are too many bad people out there that can make a profit on your so called beloved pet. If not selling them, they use them for bait dogs and cats.

Hey Henry, Nathan “Veto” Deal has gotten nothing right. He couldn't even support our Georgia Fire-Fighter’s Bill, which was very much needed by fire fighter’s and their families. How deep are your pockets or have they already burst at the seams, Nathan?

Hey Henry, I encourage everyone to go to the next Henry County School Board Meeting. The behavior of some of our board members is embarrassing and unprofessional. This is not how our County should or deserves to be represented. The next study session meeting is June 8 at 4 p.m. and the next Board Meeting is June 13 at 7 p.m.

Hey Henry, when celebrating teacher appreciation week don’t forget the office staff. We deal with the parents more than the teachers most days!

Hey Henry, across the country, companies are replacing older, more experienced, higher paid workers (some in their 50’s) with younger, inexperienced, but lower paid workers. The age discrimination laws offer little protection from the subtle ways companies accomplish this, leaving workers far from Social Security retirement age without good options. Yet there is little action regarding this discrimination.

Hey Henry, it would be nice to put a roundabout, or traffic lights up at the dangerous intersection of McGarity Road and GA-20, before someone gets killed.

Hey Henry, please Georgia State Patrol, help out Henry, Clayton, and Atlanta. They can’t control the stupidity of the not-so-caring drivers. If they would join in and put unmarked vehicles on the road with cameras on the front, rear, right side and left side, you will see. Hey insurance companies, join in, you do insure us. Someone please help us drivers that are trying to obey the law, as we all should.

Hey Henry, a big thank you to the HCPD for being named Agency of the Year with MADD. You guys are great! Thank you for keeping our roads safer.

Hey Henry, I am loving this cold snap!

Hey Henry - 05.11.16

Hey Henry, dear Henry County Commissioners - Henry doesn’t need to attract retailers and eateries that create more “jobs.” It needs to attract companies that create career opportunities. Don’t make Henry as much a transitional county as Atlanta is a transitional city.

Hey Henry, to the jerk who came into Lake Dow Subdivision in an H3 and didn’t have the respect to slow down and let me out of the car to cross the street, you need anger management. It’s a good thing I wasn’t in one of my moods or I would have wrapped your teeth around your steering wheel.

Hey Henry, is there anywhere to kayak or go tubing in Henry County? The Porterdale Yak Club is fun, but just wondering if we have anything like that here?

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about the roof of the little farmers’ market. How many times have you stopped and donated to their shingle campaign?

Hey Henry, the residential streets around Stockbridge are being torn up (cracks, huge pot holes, etc.) by tractor trailer trucks and excess traffic avoiding the Interstate 75. Why isn’t a weight limit enforced? Surely something can be done.

Hey Henry, guess who’s not coming to dinner?

Hey Henry, just wondering why they have police directing traffic at the Peachtree Peddlers Flea Market and Sky Zone on the weekend and never at the intersection of Hwy. 81 and Mill Road? It is a parking lot at that intersection all of the time.

Hey Henry, hey drivers, when it rains, turn your lights on. It’s the law. Also, use your blinkers, that’s also the law. Maybe some of you need to go back over the drivers hand book. Or do you just not care?

Hey, Henry, a final message to the person(s) who caused me to break my left foot and left wrist this past October. My foot and wrist have healed but my thumb and fingers are messed up from being a cast for so long. Nothing to heal but time. I forgive you but will never forget as I have constant pain and I’ll be paying medical bills until the cows come home.

Hey Henry, you’d think with Nash Farms hosting all the events and being such a “historic landmark” they would take better care of it. I drove by the other day and the pretty white fence that used to be out front by the highway is an eyesore of brown rust! For such a location of “pride” for the County, why does it look like such an eyesore?

Hey Henry, Democrats are excellent at sin. When they don’t agree they switch the subject, ignore the facts, then if that doesn’t work they name call.

Hey Henry, does anyone in Henry County know how to yield? I always seem to be behind or turn in front of those who don’t.

Hey Henry, other side of the tracks. Amen.

Hey Henry, what about these church groups who have their church gatherings at their residences, inconveniencing the neighbors when their church has lots of space for the event.

Hey Henry, Nathan Deal got it right again and the elephant is in its coffin.

Hey Henry - 05.04.16

Hey Henry, shout out to Relay for Life of Henry County and Hampton High School. What an amazing event! Also, thanks for being proactive considering the weather issues for that night.

Hey Henry, Henry County drivers, I am so tired of people tailgating me when I am doing at least 5 miles over the speed limit. When I can get your tag, my phone will be ready to take that picture. To the black mustang with the fishing poles protruding out the passenger window that passed me on a solid yellow line on Jonesboro road: you’re an idiot with no respect for others. Someone like you does not deserve to carry a drivers license.

Hey Henry, before we have a fatality or serious injury on the McDonough Square, could the City please post a sign on the crosswalk in front of our beautiful Welcome Center stating “no crosswalk,” add an arrow, bright yellow or red colors? It would be so helpful for the people trying to cross, not noticing no crosswalk lines on the road.

Hey Henry, to the very inconsiderate and uninformed yankee who personally insulted my ancestors and my family, several points: 1) Confederate veterans are American veterans by U.S. law, 2) If secession was right in 1776, it was just as right in 1861, 3) I-95 will take you back to that wonderful, spotless, sinless dreamland of New York City.

Hey Henry, we really enjoyed and appreciated the somber Memorial service hosted by the Col. Charles T. Zachry Camp of the SCV and the UDC at the monument on the McDonough Square. Very nice and respectful.

Hey Henry, I thought it was the law that you have 30 days to register your vehicles in the state of Georgia when you move here (even renters) with the exception of military obligation? The amount of revenue (TAVT money) being lost because this is not enforced has to be huge. Such a huge loss to County and State revenues for failure to enforce.

Hey Henry, what ever happened to country music? Listening to the country music that plays on the radio today, I miss the twang, the deep voice. Where is Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Marty Robins?

Hey Henry, turn the Cotton Fields Golf Club into a Top Golf, Malibu Grand Prix, or a Tree Top Obstacle/Zip Line place. Something fun and outdoorsy. Please don’t let it sit and go into decline and don’t turn it into more industrial space!

Hey Henry, I want to say thank you to the two gentlemen at McDonald's who helped me when my car died. They pushed it out of the way and waited until the tow truck came. It’s nice to know there is still kindness around us when an old person needs help.

Hey Henry, at the April 18 McDonough City Council Meeting both a city council member and a guest insinuated that the problem in the subdivision under discussion was because they live on the “other side of the tracks” and had it been on the Lake Dow side it would be taken care of by the city. New News - on the “other side of the tracks” the city has spent $11M on green space (nowhere else in the city has that kind of investment been made). Out 81/20 on the “other side of the tracks” the business community has invested millions to create retail, restaurant and services like no other place in McDonough. Never mind if you live on the “other side of the tracks” you don’t have to drive through the Square to get to the interstate. Looks like “the other side of the tracks” IS the place to live.

Hey Henry - 04.27.16

Hey Henry, to the person questioning the World War II Army Ranger. First of all, you should be honored to have even talked to him, there’s not too many left. Second, just because you didn’t see his name on a website, doesn’t mean he wasn’t there. I would take his word over the internet. And third, shame on you for calling out a WWII veteran. He, along with all our military, are heroes to me.

Hey Henry, who is the man in the third floor window of Eagles Landing Family Practice in Locust Grove?

Hey Henry, why does the County continue to rehire people that have left the County and do business with people that are known to have shady business dealings? Our leaders need to do the right thing for a change! Stop lining your pockets and do what you are supposed to do - take care of your citizens and employees!

Hey Henry, to the person who said that the woman standing in line didn’t deserve kudos while waiting with her sleeping baby because that is her job, you are ridiculous and obviously a man. If you are not a man, you’ve got some other issues going on. Yes, that is a mother’s job, but it is not an easy one. I think every mother who chooses to keep and take care of a child deserves kudos for it all. Give us all a break! Editor’s note - Amen!

Hey Henry, to the person who was offended by the use of the word trained, I would recommend that you first learn the meaning of a word before you become offended by it. The definition of train is to teach a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior through practice and instruction over a period of time.

Hey Henry, what a country we live in. This past weekend, I attended a friend’s wedding, and spent the better part of the reception drinking with my friend’s dad, grand dad, uncle and brothers. Did I mention that my friend’s family is from Saudi Arabia and she married a Catholic from N.C.? America has always been great!

Hey Henry, I don’t think Governor Deal gave in to the dollar. There was no reason for that bill. Our lawmakers pass too many bills where common sense should be used instead!

Hey Henry, it’s bad enough when people throw out trash along the roadside, but a person actually threw out a whole toilet on Bethlehem Road in Locust Grove. Not only should you be fined, but jailed too, for being so nasty!

Hey Henry, the little farmers market building just east of the McDonough Square continues to loose its shingles. Surely we all have driven by and done nothing. What does that say about us?

Hey Henry, if I pay taxes to be put towards some sort of road improvement that has never been completed and a pothole that I have called on numerous times pops my tire, can I get that money back from the County to pay for it? Of course not. What a joke.

Hey Henry, if the local driver who is better than everyone else and a “lunacy” expert in southern history were competing for Henry County’s most obnoxious, it would be a dead heat.

Hey Henry, not all the residents in McDonough wanted more jobs to come here. It’s been crowded enough for the last 10 years.

Hey Henry - 04.20.16

Hey Henry, I have worked in the banking industry through two financial crises and companies are still as unethical as ever. Put people first, do the right thing, be honest, stand for quality and integrity. How about walking the walk instead of just talking the talk?

Hey Henry, McDonough Police Department, want to boost your revenue dollars? Place a camera at the back side of the department. You will be guaranteed to catch drivers running the stop sign, cutting others drivers off, and since the left lane ends, oh, that means they are also, without a doubt, speeding to merge over.

Hey Henry, beware when shopping and eating on Jonesboro Road. My truck and four other vehicles were broken into on a Saturday afternoon in broad daylight. The police officer said it was pretty common. When is the county going to catch up to the traffic and crime? The county apparently is quick to allow residential and business growth for revenue dollars. It’s pretty obvious the county needs more law enforcement.

Hey Henry, if you drive like you are the only car on the road then you are the problem.

Hey Henry, Governor Deal has sold out. Remember this when the Opportunity School District Amendment comes up this fall. He got everything he wanted with religious liberty and still vetoed it.

Hey Henry, to the Henry Transit driver telling another driver that “she has her people (seniors) trained.” What kind of animals is she transporting?

Hey Henry, I became aware decades ago that the southeastern U.S. is a madhouse. Any sane society would be ashamed over something like this region’s 1861-65 bout of lunacy and treason. Now, the SCV proves me right again by flaunting this terrible interlude and the ensuing 150 years of oppression with Confederate Memorial Day. Give it up, you nice, misguided people. You make us laughingstocks to the rest of the world.

Hey Henry, what a great country we live in, where any lowly Chicago “community organizer” can run for president? He has created a land of in-opportunity!

Hey Henry, in the past couple of years, Henry County Schools have added several dozen county office jobs, and now plans on adding two assistant superintendents among others, positions undoubtedly to be filled, per usual, with incompetent teachers and administrators. I would hate to have to create an organizational hierarchy chart.

Hey Henry our governor is a traitor to every God-fearing person in this state. He gave in to the almighty dollar.

Hey Henry after what I saw an officer do today they do not deserve what they make, much less a raise. By the way, I retired after 37 years in law enforcement.

Hey Henry, oops, Nathan Deal can’t run for re-election. His 2 terms are almost over. Can I get an amen?

Hey Henry, to the bus drivers that speed through these neighborhoods, slow down. You have our kids on the bus!

Hey Henry, thank you to the Storm Water Dept. for cleaning up in the Kelleytown area in February!

Hey Henry - 04.13.16

Hey Henry, if a child breaks or damages someone else’s property, shouldn’t the parent pay for it? That’s the way it worked for my generation anyway.

Hey Henry, no Nathan Deal, along with other governors in the past, gave the Conservatives, who put him in office, another slap in the face. Seems like everybody’s opinion matters except those who try to live by God’s word. I'll remember this when he comes up for re-election.

Hey Henry, to the two comments regarding driving. Obviously neither of you can read. I never said anything about speeding, I said at least ‘drive the speed limit.’ If that’s considered an aggressive driver, then you two must be stupid drivers. I am grown, thank you, and know how to drive.

Hey Henry, residents in McDonough wanted more jobs in the area, which is creating more people and more traffic. How is McDonough going to handle the situation, that is constantly growing rapidly.

Hey Henry, no, Nathan Deal has not done something right. He is a sellout on this one. He wants to claim that “Georgia doesn’t need this bill; and that is what the 1st Amendment is for.” Why doesn’t he tell that to the people who own bakeries who have been fined and sued? All I have to say is, Mr. Deal, how’s that 30 pieces of silver?

Hey Henry, this one goes out to the ones responsible for our traffic nightmare called “I-75” through Henry county. When you planned this little gem to “improve the flow of traffic,” did it occur to anyone that eliminating the emergency lanes would create more problems in the future?

Hey Henry, why was another set of sidewalks plus an awning installed mainly for State Court Clerk’s office employees to enter the building? Truth is, this was done for the sake of employees avoiding going through the main entrance. I work at the Judicial Center and I believe it was a waste of SPLOST funds that could have been utilized elsewhere. Court Clerk employees did not need another entrance because they were too lazy to walk another 25 feet and enter properly. What is good for the public is good enough for employees.

Hey Henry, kudos to Locust Grove DDS office. My wife got her license renewal done in less than fifteen minutes. That is efficiency!

Hey Henry, to the man who told me he was an army Ranger who went ashore on D-Day at Normandy, you said you climbed that cliff at Omaha Beach under fire. I recently found a web site listing every World War II Ranger. No one with your initials and last name is listed. A clerical error, I’m sure.

Hey Henry, to the person who said ‘if you are being tailgated you are probably driving too slow.’ That is baloney. Plenty of times I am going the speed limit or better and still people will tailgate.

Hey Henry, why doesn’t the City (of McDonough) and County use prisoners to clean up our roadways? It looks like a giant garbage dump in McDonough. Shameful! To those throwing out their trash, just stop. Take some pride in your town!

Hey Henry, what a great country we live in, where any lowly billionaire reality-show host can run for president. This truly is a land of opportunity!

Hey Henry - 04.06.16

Hey Henry, to the lady that complained to me that all she saw in the most current issue of Senior Spirit was black people (with my mouth dropped). First of all, my husband and children are black. Second of all, the featured story is Heritage holding the 9th annual African American fashion show.

Hey Henry, I know its the interstate, but slow down on I-75. The speed limit has been lowered to 60 for a reason. The accident between a dump truck and car last week should be enough incentive for you.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about riding bumpers, you sound like a person who regularly drives over the speed limit. Stop making excuses for yourself.

Hey Henry, Henry County haiku: Bigger house? No, girl. With this trailer and that barn, we’ve got lots of room.

Hey Henry, Nathan Deal finally got something right.

Hey Henry, I attended the Sunrise Service on the Square again this year. I enjoyed the old time gospel music, and the opportunity to share in praising our Lord Jesus. I was a little taken aback that the offering plate was passed around. I don’t remember that being done in years past.

Hey Henry, to the idiot giving all the poor excuses for his being an aggressive driver. You are a good example of what is wrong with today’s society. In your opinion, it is all about you and there is always someone else to blame. Grow up!

Hey Henry, I’ve been going to a lot of McDonough City Council meetings for the past three years and it’s clear who our next Mayor should be. If you have been paying attention you know exactly whom I’m talking about. Encourage them to run next year!

Hey Henry, have you noticed all the trash and debris on the side of our roads. Some is from garbage collection trucks and some is from people just throwing their trash out to keep from paying for garbage pickup. If you see this occur make sure to report it and get tag or truck numbers. We are becoming a trash heap like some of our close counties.

Hey Henry, we recently had our second child at Piedmont Henry Hospital and wow, what an experience. We were able to hold our baby as soon as he was born. I tried to breastfeed my first but lived in another state (military family) and did not have help. I feel so blessed to have experienced my son’s birth here. The staff was so caring and helpful in everything and the Lactation Department is tops! Did you know they offer outpatient services?

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about Clayton County cars picking up their children at Henry County Schools, have you ever paid attention to how many out of state cars pick up children at Henry County and Clayton County Schools? Why hasn’t something been done about that? Not only do you not know if they live in that jurisdiction or not, but the state requires those moving here to obtain a GA registration within 30 days of moving. Not 30 months.

Hey Henry, well it's that time again to hear people whine about how tight money is and how bad the economy is. Nevertheless, these same people will take two or three vacations, spring break and summer. I don’t want to hear how tight your money is, go ahead and admit that you have it.