Eagles Landing Research Committee hosts luncheon

Special to the Times

The Eagles Landing Educational Research Committee (ELERC) hosted a luncheon with local pastors to share ideas about how cities and churches can collaborate to address critical issues facing communities such as jobs, housing, health, education, the environment, safety, and other social concerns.

ELERC chair, Vikki Consiglio stated to the group that “It is the Committee’s goal to establish strong lines of communication and collaboration with area churches. We are very interested to hear from local church pastors as we seek methods for city government to work closely and effectively with the local church community. Working together, we can amplify our capacity to improve conditions that affect people’s daily lives.”

“The Eagles Landing Educational Research Commit-tee, Inc. values the effort that suggests churches engage locally with government– being committed to place, democracy, collaboration, equity and social justice” said Consiglio.

The meeting opened with prayer; a history of the idea for the formation of the City of Eagle’s Landing was presented along with information about the process of the formation of the proposed map area, feasibility study and legislation was discussed. Developer J T Williams presented information about the history of the Eagle’s Landing development.

Responses at the luncheon were invaluable as the community plots the course to form the new City of Eagle’s Landing. Questions about how to improve the local schools, safety of the community; addressing local gang activities; having libraries or community centers for youth to prevent crime; and to how to foster after school programs for the youth in the area were just a few of the items discussed.

“This was a very successful meeting and our plans are to host subsequent monthly meetings so that those who could not be in attendance have a chance to have additional meaningful and insightful input as we move forward with the cityhood initiative” stated Consiglio.

It is the mission of the Eagles Landing Educational Research Committee through education, research, and public meetings to find a way to help preserve, protect and enhance the quality of life for the community by providing a safe, healthy, welcoming atmosphere where people choose to live, work, eat, shop, and play.

By strategically positioning the Eagles Landing area for future businesses and creating economic vitality through planned orderly growth and development, and through cost-effective governance, we can make sound decisions that positively impact the area resulting in creating the best standard of living possible.