Heritage Writers Group announces Fall Short Story contest winner

Special to the Times

The Heritage Writers Group recently held a Fall Short Story contest and member, Arnetta Parker, who also writes under the name AJ Parker, won with her entry “Blue Skies.” Ms. Parker recently published her first novel, “To Love and Cherish” which is available on Amazon.com.

Arnetta Parker, a member of the Heritage Writers Group won the group’s recent short story contest. Special photo

If you enjoy writing as a hobby or as a professional author, you will find The Heritage Writers Group of interest. Their mission is to encourage the art of writing in any form, including mystery, science fiction, humor, romance, reality, fantasy, sports or poetry. Meetings include sharing reading assignments to be critiqued, writing tips, and experience with publishing.

For more information, email heritagewritersga@gmail.com. The group meets on the second and fourth Sunday of the month at the McDonough Library from 2-4 p.m.