Hampton City Manager resigns

By Monroe Roark
Times Correspondent

Changes have come rather unexpectedly to Hampton City Hall in the past two weeks.

City manager Daryl Dotschay submitted his resignation after just under one year on the job. In a letter to Mayor Steve Hutchison and the City Council dated Aug. 4, he said his last day would be Aug. 24 and he would be pursuing “other professional opportunities.”

Dotschay emphasized in later correspondence with the Times that he has enjoyed his experience working for the city “and am taking away a greater sense of civic responsibility and needing to be a more involved resident.” He said his decision was in no way a reflection on anything going on at City Hall. His predecessor, Tommy Engram, resigned last year and suggested that ethical problems in dealing with certain council members contributed to his decision.

Dotschay said that as a city resident he will continue to be involved in what is happening in Hampton.

“Even though I will no longer be a part of the city staff, as a city resident, I look forward to encouraging and supporting the next city manager, and being a more involved resident,” he stated. “I will continue to assist in any way I can for a smooth transition.”

This action came just days after Councilman Chris Moore announced that he was stepping down effective immediately. Moore, who won his seat in the fall of 2015, also served several months as mayor after winning a 2013 special election to complete the term of the late R.W. Coley.

“All is well with my family and my health,” he wrote in an email statement to the Times. “I just had to do some soul searching about the balance between my responsibilities verses my desire to serve the community. I take full responsibility for stretching myself too thin.”

Moore said he would focus on his family and support them the same way they have supported him.

“This is my home and I love everything about Hampton. I respect and honor those that work so hard to make Hampton the great place it is,” he wrote. “I am growing as a person and I truly appreciate the chance to serve. It has been an honor to represent the city in two capacities (councilman and former mayor).”

Moore had planned to serve a few more months but stepped down immediately so that the special election to fill his seat for the remaining two years of his term can take place Nov. 7 in conjunction with the regular municipal election.