Swapping favors

Beverly Wittler


Had a technical disaster day at the Henry Hilton. First couldn’t access my Yahoo mail … kept trying and would get a message there was no such address. Figured it must be a computer malfunction so decided I’d call my tech-savvy grandson Matthew. Have his cell phone number in my list of ‘contacts’ on my simple Samsung Knack. But, got my phone out of my purse and it was hung on the last call it had received, from ‘unknown number.’ Also noticed the battery was low and I’d just charged it that morning! But, couldn’t get it to turn off so I could attach it to the charger. What to do, what to do! Decided I’d make a quick run to Publix and get one of the talented teens there to take the battery out for a few seconds.

When I’d have computer issues while working on my laptop, if nothing solved the problem, the kind soul from India would tell me to take the battery out for ten seconds, and that always worked. Hopped in the car but too much traffic coming from town and I turned and headed up Lemon Street so I could reach Publix another way. Then, saw two teens leaning up against a good looking red Chevy pickup outside Advance Auto Parts, one on his phone. Stopped, asked them who was most talented with telephones and immediately one smiled and said he was. I asked him if he’d remove the battery and with just a minimum of energy he had it out, waited a few seconds and replaced it, and, yep the phone was back to normal. Neat he knew exactly what to do. Oh I know what to do, just can’t make my not-so-strong fingers accomplish that simple task. Thanked them, and then as I started to leave, they walked over and asked me if I’d take them to Publix. The owner of the red Chevy pointed out it had a flat tire and that his friend’s truck was parked at Publix. Barely thought about it a second, then told them to hop in and off we went. Introduced ourselves to each other, and then I apologized for my retro cell phone saying “but it’s all I need.” They laughed about how phones had changed over the years and had really never seen one like mine. (Our pastor and I once had a challenge about who had the simplest phone … we took ours out and smiled when we saw they were almost identical.)

As I pulled into the Publix parking lot, they pointed me toward another good looking truck, this one a silvery gray and we discussed how neat it was that I’d needed them, and then was able to return the favor. (One called it team work.) They’d been trying to reach friends and relatives to give them a lift when I drove up looking for technical assistance. I always give God credit for these neat times in my life, and am SO glad I had to turn right out of Henry Street. And then changed my mind about where to go when I saw the two teen leaning up against a Victory Red Chevrolet beauty next to my favorite auto parts store. (Used to buy tire black there for Max, but not as picky with the Camry.) Knew I could trust them, and glad He was leading me in the right direction, again. Still remember giving a hitchhiker a ride as I drove to church one morning. He did ask me if he could have my car radio as he needed something to carry around with him on his walks. Uh oh! Glad I wasn’t harmed and thanks again to God!

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.