The Lizards are Loose

By Jimmy Cochran


People will often ask me where I get ideas for my columns and thoughts. I know they are expecting some profound, spiritual, and Godly answer … but, the truth is that “I usually don’t have a clue what to write when I sit down.” Honestly, I just watch things around me … at home, at the library, at church, in the neighborhood and community and suddenly, a teeny thought will turn into some lesson that I need to learn about myself and I feel I should share with you.

For example, I was sitting on my beloved back deck this morning (which is full of plants and flowers and colors and windchimes and big shells) and saw some movement in the shamrocks. As my mom and I watched, a teeny little chameleon leapt onto the deck railing and scooted down to the brick column and stopped for a moment, eyeing the Boston Fern sitting on the stand. I could almost imagine him gauging the distance and wondering if he could jump into the fern for a nice cozy place to spend the morning. And he jumped. And he made it. And after a minute, his tiny little head popped out of the top of the fronds with a look of happy success.

About the same time, a much bigger chameleon came running across the railing as if he were trying to catch up with his wayward child. He climbed up the brick column and kept peering into the fern as if to say, “Don’t make me come in there and get you. Get out here right now!”

At that moment, the baby scooted down the leg of the fern stand and raced across the deck and hopped into the palm and then the wall where he apparently climbed up the side of the house. Daddy caught sight and followed him, but to no avail. For the moment, the baby had escaped. I think that we can be compared to the baby chameleon being pursued by the Dad.

Our Father God follows our every action. In the beginning, He attempts to draw us to Him so that we can let Him into our life, believe in Him, and live a more abundant life. Then throughout our lives, we all tend to stray away from the ways of God. Maybe nothing serious, but just not keeping Him first in our lives and being the example we should.

So, he gently pursues us. Watching us and trying to guide us to come back to His side and be closer to Him. He sees us playing “hide and seek” and wants us to come out, because He wants it to be our choice. God wants everything to be our choice; that’s why He gave us free will to make our own decisions. But, he watches what we do and is happy when we obey and sad when we do not. If we drift too far, we may have to undergo a period of spiritual discipline, which is not a pleasant thing, speaking from personal experience.

Just like the parent chameleon following and watching the baby, he was not wanting his baby to get lost or be hurt. God is like that chameleon (that statement probably shocked most of the theological minded people in the County) for His children.

So, for today my friends, this has been the gospel according to Jimmy and the reptiles.

Jimmy Cochran is a resident of McDonough, a musician, a minister and the author of Being God’s and Staying God’s, both available at Being God’s is also available at Moye’s Pharmacy in McDonough.