Misher releases third poetry collection

Special to The Times

For Stockbridge poet Steaven Misher, inspiration comes in a variety of forms, and from a plethora of different places.

Steaven Misher Special photo

“I find inspiration for my writings from everywhere, from anything, from just living life,” he said. “Someone can say something, and that inspires me. I see a sign while driving, and I’m inspired. A student says something in class and I’m inspired. I look out the window one day, and I’m inspired. When it comes to writing a personalized poem, the person I am writing about inspires me. I think of who they are or what’s their legacy, and the words and the phrases come.”

Misher, 43, recently released his third of poetry titled Heaven Has Windows. The anthology contains 45 works chronicling a challenging time in his life – including the end of his 15-year marriage, the death of his brother, and his efforts to complete a doctoral degree.

“It’s important to release this collection of poetry to express the emotional and spiritual aspects of my life and my feelings on worldly events that have shaped our society,” said Misher. “The most difficult thing about assembling an anthology of work such as this is determining when it’s actually time to do it. Once my mind is made up, writing the poems and gathering previous works is easy. It’s making my mind up to do it that’s the hard part.”

Misher grew up in Albany, Ga., and in the Washington, D.C. area before returning to Georgia and graduating high school in Decatur. It was while in high school that his fascination with poetry began, as he learned to understand the power of his words.

“I knew I had a gift when I recited a poem I wrote about raising black boys to a group of grown men inside a barbershop one day,” said Misher. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. My words and delivery brought them to tears.”

Misher earned a bachelor’s degree from Morehouse College in 2000 and master’s degrees from Clark Atlanta University and the University of Phoenix, both in 2013. He recites his poetry throughout metro Atlanta and has performed for audiences in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.

Misher said he hopes to reignite people’s passion for poetry worldwide.

“I want people in other countries who speak in different languages to recite my poetry,” he said. “I want to give back and touch lives through my gift and artistry.”

Misher acknowledged that the biggest challenge in putting the anthology together has been “remaining response he has gotten from people who have read or heard his poems has been “tremendous.”

“Regardless of what I write about, whether an anniversary poem, a poem celebrating the passing of life, whatever it is, I always receive positive feedback,” he said. “I hope people get out of this work feelings of hope, inspiration, spirituality, and most of all, love.”

Misher’s poetry is available on Instagram, Twitter and on YouTube.