Henry Beekeepers to meet April 11

Special to The Times

It is now that time of the year you might see a large ball of honeybees hanging on a tree, bush or building. Although they may look very intimidating, unless you get aggressive with them, they normally will not harm you. Bees are pretty calm when they are swarming. They aren’t really looking to pick a fight with you. This is mainly due to them being out looking for a new home and not protecting a hive. When a bee swarm has landed on a tree or structure they are usually just taking a rest while their scouts circle the area looking for a suitable spot to build their new hive.

If you happen to run across a honeybee swarm, call the County Extension Office and they will alert a local beekeeper who can come and retrieve the bees. If you call for a beekeeper’s assistance, ask if a fee is charged as some do and some don’t.

“A swarm of bees in May is worth a load of hay. A swarm of bees in June is worth a silver spoon. But a swarm of bees in July isn’t worth a fly.”

If you are interested in finding out what the poem above means, make sure to attend their meeting as a guest. Henry County Beekeepers meet the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at Heritage Park, 97 Lake Dow Road, McDonough, GA. or by calling beekeeper Tom Bonnell at 678-983-7698.