Aha! Moments

Brenda Nail DeLauder


(This column appeared in a previous edition.)

It is always a wonderful feeling to know God is with us. He is there through thick and thin, often when we least expect Him. It makes our hearts rejoice to know our Lord is with us in all we say and do. Yet there are times when perhaps we need a jolt to our system or an awakening of our souls, to remind us of the importance of including Him in everything. When it happens, it fills us with a joyous glow which could be called an Aha! moment.

Take a walk in the early morning and watch a beautiful sunrise where the beams of sunlight are reaching out over the hills, washing away the night. Or step outside, at the break of day or at dusk, and hear the melody of birds filling the air around you. It can do wonders for lifting your spirit, leaving you filled with joy.

On a recent cold morning I headed for the top of a big hill, so I could walk in sunshine. As I walked, I listened and watched birds arrive in a tall tree on that hill. At first I was worried for the smaller birds because the first sun seeker to arrive was a large hawk. I thought surely the hawk would feast on one of those arriving, but it did not. The branches were quickly filling, even the hawk shared his branch with cardinals, doves, and robins. The focus for all seemed to be strictly on catching the sunbeams. It was a sight to see! I often go out in the evenings to watch them gather, acting like old friends, in the treetops. Sometimes there is a surprise treat after a day of rain, to see a few beams of sun race across the earth to touch the tree tops. The birds’ chatter, particularly on those evenings, makes me feel as if they are rejoicing and it lifts my spirit, giving me that Aha! moment.

The History cable channel started a series called “The Bible” and the first part aired the third of March. While I am sure there are various opinions on it, personally I think they did an excellent job of covering vast amounts of time and books of the Bible. I hope all the episodes ahead give me the same renewing of my spirit as this first one did. It’s like getting a refresher course of the Bible, following a time line from the beginning to end, truly bringing it to life. Granted we know Moses led his people across the Red Sea safely and the sea closed in on Pharoah’s army as they raced to attack. Yet I found myself leaning forward, glued to the television screen in waiting anticipation. Not only did I enjoy how it held my attention, but the focus on God, our Creator and Lord, was “front and center” where it should be. It was refreshing to see Noah, Abraham, and Moses talking with God and doing as He directed them to do, even when the task seemed absolutely impossible. I imagine each experienced their Aha! moment when the rain stopped, the son was spared, and the sea closed over the enemy.

Nature is often my Aha! moment, but there are many ways we get a glimpse of God’s glory. We are sometimes gently, other times boldly, reminded of our Lord’s presence.

He can be found in the sound of the birds celebrating the sunshine, in the comfort of a hug from a friend, or taking us out of harm’s way in a blink of an eye. Knowing God is indeed with us, is our best Aha! moment!

Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.