Cannon Cleveland unveils new emergency-response app

By Jason A. Smith
Times Correspondent

Advancements in technology are now enabling a local funeral home to take a more active role in helping to save lives. Can-non-Cleveland Funeral Directors in McDonough recently unveiled its new Vital ICE app, to help public-safety workers to respond more effectively when life hangs in the balance.

“We are excited to offer this app to the community, and feel that it will be beneficial for many reasons,” said the funeral home’s co-owner, Greg Cannon. “First it is a free service to the community, and I am certain that there are those that are not financially in a position to obtain one of the traditional alert systems that have a monthly service fee attached.

“ICE” is an acronym for “in case of emergency.” Cannon said Vital ICE will help public-safety workers by providing medical-history information – including blood type, allergies and emergency contacts – as well as a list of medications for the people they are trying to help when responding to health calls.

“The program allows the people in the field to send vital information to the Emergency Room ahead of their arrival in the event the person is being transported,” explained Cannon. “It provides a great deal of information for first responders that other devices do not provide. The device is capable of not only notifying first responders but also those family members that you list in the event of an emergency. This device is GPS-tracked to locate you within a six-foot perimeter. It’s helpful for general medical visits to provide a list of the medications that you are taking.”

Cannon and fellow co-owner Peter Thornton launched the Vital ICE app earlier this month at the funeral home’s Holiday Memorial Service for families they served during the past year. Cannon said the local response to the app has been positive this far.

“There was an overwhelming interest in getting the app,” he said. “The flyer that we have has reached some associated with the county senior centers who also want to get more information. We will also be scheduling time to visit with them as well.”

Cannon added that he is working to educate residents and public-safety workers in the area about Vital ICE.

“We will be scheduling a visit with local law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel to inform them about the service so that they can familiarize themselves with the app,” he said. “This service is new to funeral homes to provide to their communities. Cannon Cleveland Funeral Directors absorbs all expense associated with the app.”

Cannon noted that while Vital ICE does not affect the nature of his job at the funeral home, it helps him and his staff to do more than just take care of those who have passed on.

“All of us at Cannon Cleveland Funeral Directors work, worship and play in this community and this is just one more way for us to provide a service and be active in the place that we call home,” he said.

For more information about Vital ICE, call 770-914-1414.