Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

I read Jeff Reeve’s opinion column in the October 26, 2016 edition not only with interest, but also with fond memories. Jeff and I grew up together and it’s with much enjoyment that the first area I look at, after glancing at the first page each week, is Jeff’s articles.

I too remembered Mr. George and those candy bars! To this very day, I cannot pass that house without thinking of him, Jake and how everyone talked about those candy bars, because at the time, they were the largest ones in the county. The other house I can fondly remember was a house on Hwy. 155 that always had large, homemade candy apples ... and boy, were they ever good. (I just can’t remember the name of the lady who lived there.) Many times my brother and I couldn’t decide which we’d eat first -- the candy apple or the candy bar from Mr. George’s. We could only have one thing most nights because it was late and I guess our parents didn’t want us bouncing off the wall for half the night! (I didn’t understand that at the time but now that I have my own children … I truly do.)

Halloween and trick or treating, like so many other things, seems to be on its way to memory lane, as sad as that is. I suppose, like so many other things, it’s a “sign of the times” we’re living in, but it’s a shame that you can’t take your children around to houses and not worry about what the candy contains, the safety of our children, or have to go by the hospital to have it “x-rayed” before you can safely eat it. It’s slowly going by the wayside, kind of like exercising your whole body by playing outside with your friends, instead of just exercising your thumbs by playing video games!

Keep up the great work Jeff and the Times! Between the two of y’all, and the other contributors like Beverly, Brenda and the others, y’all (a southern term folks and correct “Jawga” English) bring back some great memories.

Chuck Kimbell