Cobb County students thank Henry County Public Safety

Special to The Times

Elementary students from Cheatham Hills Elementary School in Cobb County hosted several Henry County officials for a special thank you luncheon earlier this month, after Henry County police, fire, E-911 and county manager employees came to the students’ aid when their charter bus caught fire on I-75 while traveling from South Georgia through Henry County on their way home.

Henry County Budget Director Angie Sorrow, Assistant County Manager Cheri Hobson-Matthews, Fire Chief Nish Willis and E-911 Director Don Ash look through the many hand-made, thank you cards the county received from students at Cheatham Hills Elementary School. Special photo

On October 21, public safety was dispatched to a highway bus fire, near exit 218 in Interstate 75 after one of the bus’s tires blew out and caught on fire. All of the 51 school children and four adults were safely evacuated from the bus and transported to the Henry County Emergency Operations Center where Henry County employees made sure the students were fed and entertained until arrangements could be made for their safe return home.

Last week, the students invited Henry County officials to their school where they provided lunch and showered Henry County employees with cards of appreciation, gifts and candy, along with a banner signed by each student from the bus.

“We truly enjoyed our time with the students and staff at Cheatham Hills Elementary School,” said Assistant County Manager Cheri Hobson-Matthews. “They are an outstanding group of students and we appreciate the wonderful welcome and recognition they gave to Henry County. We’re just grateful that no one was injured during the incident and we were able to help them return home safely.”