Special People in Our Lives

Brenda Nail Delauder


A brisk breeze blew while we took our morning walk, making the falling leaves swirl through the air. While some trees are now bare, others are filled with vibrate reds and yellows that really stand out. When I see them, I catch myself smiling because I find it hard to frown through such beauty!

When certain people come to mind, again I find myself smiling. That doesn’t mean everyone else makes me frown, it’s just that some people have a way of lighting up my mind and heart immediately upon entering my thoughts. If you start thinking of various friends and family, I’m sure you can find yourselves smiling as well. Some because they have a bubbly personality, lighting up any room. Their demeanor is kind and warming, making the atmosphere comfortable and enjoyable. Those who can always find a kind word for everybody are definitely good to be around, because it lightens even sour moods. Of course there are ones we enjoy because of their God given grace. They have loving souls and we are often drawn by their ability to uplift us. Then there are the special friends who bring on laughter. No matter what is going on, laughter will be found!

God’s gifts often come with laughter and it’s a privilege to love the people who make us laugh. You may not live near each other and may not talk all that often, yet you pick up right where you left off last. That best describes my friend Bebe. We have been friends longer than I can remember and we always pick up right where we leave off. We have an uncanny ability to sense when the other is in need of talking. It’s a friendship, I not only cherish, but depend upon. She has my back and I have hers.

A few months ago she called and we were not long into the conversation when I knew something was up. Test results were in and the news was not what anyone wants to hear. We accept tomorrow holds no promises, but that doesn’t mean we give up. Instead it makes us focus on the importance of each day. Bebe’s positive outlook makes it impossible to let go of hope. In fact, hope is growing!

Bebe’s on the right path for this journey because she asked Christ to lead the way. She placed her fears and worries in His very capable hands, lifted her head, straightened her shoulders, and began making her way along this road. By doing this she has stepped out on faith, not looking back. Of course if she did look back, she would find all who love her, which is a very large crowd, right behind her. There will be no stumbling and falling. Christ has her by the hand and we have her back for reinforcement. Her fantastic faith in God will get her where she needs to be and for that I am eternally grateful. Her attitude on approaching this challenge is so Bebe. Determined in a steady and reliable sort of way, just as she has always been.

Near the end of our morning walks, I like to lift up my face and give thanks to God. Today I thanked Him for making my life richer with Bebe’s friendship. I laughed as I ran through various memories we have shared over the years.

We are blessed by special people in life and too often we take them for granted. As we approach Thanksgiving, may we all spend time focusing on some of the many reasons we are blessed. Let us remember to give thanks because God is so good to us!

Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.