Our next president

Beverly Wittler


I am hoping and praying that the right person will win this election, and that it will be my best birthday ever! Yep, our final vote comes on November 8, when I’ll become 75 years old. My brain still hasn’t gotten the memo that I’m elderly but something must be wrong with the bathroom mirror because my face got the message! Come to think of it, my little purse compact has the same skewed image when I check it too.

I can still remember getting the Atlanta paper out of our front yard in Jackson, Georgia and handing it over to my Dad so he could distribute the different sections to the three Rooks kids. We always got to read the comics first, then after Dad went to work, we’d go through the rest of the big pages. No local businesses included little flyers in those fat issues and I’m pretty sure there weren’t any coupons to clip either. But we could always find the obituaries, and my brothers would check on the sports while I scanned the editorials. Loved it when Lewis Grizzard’s columns began, much later of course but still he really made the paper interesting! Read all of his books and while he was funny, he also knew how to nail a current political problem. He was almost as funny as Jeff Foxworthy.

And that’s who I wish would run for president … Jeff Fox-worthy. Hey, he’s an entertaining comedian, but he also hits the nail right on the head with his jokes. I know he started out as a computer worker so he’s got to have some smarts too. He’s also working with some charities, very quietly, but that’s the kind of man I see in the oval office. Kind of late in the game for him to start a campaign so will have to keep praying and studying.

Have written to all of our presidents over the years but now just send an e-mail. They STILL don’t get my message though; STOP THE SPENDING! Bet Bush just told his assistants to go ahead and shred my letters without even opening them as I really had to stay on him about the reckless financial movements. He did some good things though and so has Obama. I’d hate to have their job myself, because as bank president Sam Parrish used to remind us, if there’s a problem the leader at the top gets the blame since he’s the one in charge.

So, what to do! Guess I’ll just keep praying, reading, studying, and listening to the debates and outbursts. Have never cared for a person who yells all the time, and actually have considered letting Trump know he needs to take it down a notch, no several notches! Didn’t care for Bernie’s finger pointing and screeching either so glad he’s off the ballot. I honestly agree with several recent statements that this is the worst presidential election ever. I did check with several intelligent individuals who I always trust to know the right thing. Sad to say I keep getting different opinions so still not sure. My adult children aren’t all on the same page either, first time I can remember an election with this much digression. BUT, I will certainly go cast my vote, and do it early! Can’t recall when I’ve let the voting date get past without taking that very important step of being an American. Neat that my church hosts the election officials and provides a good place to park. Guess I could post my choice on our big sign just before the turn into Mt. Bethel? No, better not.

Okay America, please, please put the right one in the oval office. I’m praying.

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.