Senior Services kicking off Adopt-a-Senior program

By Jason A. Smith
Times Correspondent

Senior residents will be able, once again, to benefit from the generosity of others in the community.

Henry County Senior Services is gearing up for its 2016 Adopt-a-Senior program, providing Christmas gifts for homebound seniors in the area.

Henry County Police Department Lt. Chuck Simmons on the left stands with fellow officers and members of the Latin American Motorcycle Association - Atlanta South Chapter, who contributed to the Adopt-a-Senior program last year. Special photo

Senior Services Special Events Coordinator, Ann Marie Quincey, oversees the program. She said Adopt-a-Senior, in 2015, resulted in 258 seniors in the county getting Christmas gifts. She looks to serve even more clients this year.

“This year, so far, it’s 278,” said Quincey. “It fluctuates as the program goes on. However many we have the last week before Christmas, every client gets a gift.”

Quincey began requesting wish lists from clients in September for Adopt-a-Senior. She said the response has been positive from those who have received gifts through the program in past years.

“They love it,” said Quincey. “We get feedback from volunteers about how excited they were. Some of them are very fortunate and have family in the area, and some of them don’t.”

She said local residents are solidly behind the effort each year, as evidenced by people and businesses who sign up annually to purchase gifts for the project.

“The clients love it, and the community loves it,” she said. “No one goes unadopted, ever.”

Quincey said the gifts that seniors have requested in recent years range from basic necessities to more unique items. An example of the latter, she pointed out, came as recently as 2015.

“We had one client last year who, all the husband put on his list was a ramp for his wife so she could get outside more often,” said Quincey.

She said participation from businesses and individuals in the community has contributed to Adopt-a-Senior’s success in Henry. Some of them, Quincey added, are “repeat Santas,” bringing gifts for the program every year.

“I usually run out of seniors by Thanksgiving,” said Quincey. “You can’t move because the presents are stacked to the ceiling. The community support is what keeps us going.”

The due date for gifts is Dec. 12. Senior Services will deliver the items from Dec. 14-22.

For more information, call Ann Marie Quincey at 770-288-6975 or