Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Thank you to Jeff Reeves for the article about your job at Zack’s. It was a pleasure to read about my mom and dad and the memories they left behind. I, of course, worked there in my high school days but the white dress shirt and red string bow tie weren’t part of the uniform any more. It was khaki pants and a red polo shirt.

After reading, Mark and I immediately sent a text to Ben and Susie, my brother and sister-in-law, about the article and they responded with “How cool is that?” and “Is that Doc Reeve’s son?” We reminisced a bit about mama and daddy, a little who's who and the old days at the grocery store. This continued through the weekend with other family who read and enjoyed the article.

I sure do miss that grocery store. Thanks for sharing.

Traci Carmichael Carver,