Sights and Sounds

Brenda Nail DeLauder


There’s something about the sights and sounds of late summer that catches my attention. It’s probably the hopeful signs of cooler weather, but whatever it is, I stop and take notice.

The colors of the trees are different now, changing to new shades of green with hints of yellows and browns mixed in. Plants like privet hedge and sumac along with chinaberry trees are full of their berries. Seed pods of mimosas hang on display, while flowering weeds are drying and turning into seeds blowing loose in the wind. The once constant chatter of the bird families is quieter now. Most of the fledglings have grown up and are on their own, no longer noisily chasing after their parents to feed them. Chuck-will’s-widows have once again moved on and as with each year, I pray we will get to hear them again in the spring. Even the hummingbirds are getting ready for their long flights, filling up constantly at the feeders and battling each other to help strengthen their bodies.

A few days ago we had a brief moment of slightly cooler temperatures, offering us a glimmer of hope that fall is on the way! There is something joyful about moving into the next season. Soon it will be time for getting all the fields cut before winter. Even when the big grasshoppers hitch a ride on my cap or hang from my sunglasses, there is a sense of accomplishment gained with each pass I make on the tractor. It’s a great place to work through problems, mowing them down along with the weeds!

We all probably have a favorite season, yet even in our least favorite, there is much good to be found. We are blessed to have the various seasons with the opportunity to watch the changes God’s nature provides us. Right now we are less than a month from “official fall” and we are beginning to see birds starting their migration south. Wind through the trees has a new sound with the added rustle already there and the smell of the changing vegetation tells us the growing season is slowing down.

Once autumn arrives, we’re busy with fun activities, but also with outside chores. There’s lots of leaves to rake and fall flowers and spring bulbs to be planted. By the time winter “officially” arrives, it’s almost Christmas, so we often miss the change with our focus on bright decorations and hectic schedules. Winter is either loved or hated, but when the first hints of spring begin to show, most of us are ready to see it arrive, and usually sad to see it melt away into hot summer. By the time we get to September, we are ready to feel nips of cool in the air, especially if it’s enough to send the bugs packin’!

Whichever is your favorite season doesn’t matter. What does matter, is remembering each day, each season, is our gift from God. He blesses us so richly with the changing views. Fall brings not only colorful leaves, but some of the most magnificent sunsets we see all year. A couple of evenings ago I was at the farm and watched the clouds part in the western sky, allowing a strong beam of sunlight to burst forth, shining through the tops of the trees just before sunset. Then the clouds turned to a brilliant orange with soft touches of rose. The backdrop was a darkening slate sky that brought out the brilliant hues of color. This preview of fall was a breathtaking sight to behold! God has a way of making each day special, so be sure to take a moment and notice.

Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.