Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Many of those in the county have complained recently about our board of education. How-ever, there is an amendment to the Georgia Constitution being proposed by Gov. Deal. It is known as the Opportunity School District. However, the only opportunity it provides is for the state to seize power from local communities in education.

A fellow state, Tennessee, has tried a similar measure with thirty schools. They saw little improvement in those schools. Governor Deal wants to take over one hundred schools. Does he think he knows better than our local boards and the parents, teachers, and mentors of our students?

If you vote for this amendment, you might as well stop complaining about education, because Governor Deal will make sure that our schools won’t get any better.

Remember what Thomas Jefferson said, “The government closest to the people serves the people best.” Keep our schools local if you even remotely care about the kids in Henry County. We are all Henry County.

James Woodfin,
Locust Grove

Dear Editor,

Words cannot express the appreciation our Post (55) has for those who’ve already contributed to our need and to Mike Elrod for pushing this forward. I attended my first dance there at 10 years old and now am their Commander. Wow! We were very lucky thanks to a vigilant person and first responders from fire and police and Serve Pro. We can’t thank the community enough for helping us restore this building to it’s past importance to our community. Thank you Mike, and McDonough!

Rick Berry, Commander