Years of Blessings

Brenda Nail DeLauder


Some years ago one late summer afternoon, a car sped along Highway 155 as if it was driven by a race car driver. The road then was narrow and there were some dips along the way, especially as you neared Towaliga River. It was said I was almost born in that particular dip. Back then the closest hospital was in Griffin and even though the doctor said that very morning I wouldn’t be arriving for another couple of weeks, it seems I had other ideas.

It startles me to realize how many years have passed on by. I have very few regrets and no desire to go backwards in time, yet I find myself wondering if I have completed all I should have done by now. It’s funny how when we are kids, we imagine how our lives will unfold. Yet the reality of it seldom looks anything like how we envisioned it.

Of course there are times I wonder if I had taken a different road, how it might have turned out. I never get very far into that line of thought before realizing if anything had changed, some of the most precious parts of my life would not exist. The whole domino effect shows how there is a thread woven through our lives, each stitching another part to make the quilt we call life. It’s then I turn my focus to counting my blessings.

I’ve not kept track of them, but I can tell you the blessings are bountiful! Each one will quickly open like a flower blossom until it’s a field of flowers. Blessings can be your family, friends, pets, or strangers on the street. Our homes, jobs, and food on the table can certainly be counted. Kind words given and gained, or gestures of sweet humanity we witness rank near the top. There’s the blessing of good health, but often also found during times of illness or troubles. Some of the most amazing blessings are shared when an earthly life is coming to an end. To know and share moments with people from all walks of life, wraps us up in ribbons of joyful blessings.

For me, glorious nature overflows with blessings! It can be the beam of sunlight filtering down through the leaves until it shines on the songbird robustly singing. Or what about right before dawn, when you step outside into the morning dew, watching the night creatures starting to slip into the forest and others just beginning to stir. It can feel so reverent and holy you want to whisper as you praise God for the precious moment you are sharing with Him.

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. By opening our minds we can be astounded at how many occur in our lives. They simply overflow! Some of the richest blessings we receive in life come as unexpected kindnesses, reaching down to touch our souls so deeply, because they are true gifts from God.

While I do wonder from time to time about all the things I probably missed, I’m grateful for each day ahead where I can be of service to our Lord. Maybe it’s a kind word I can share with someone in line at the grocery store or retrieving the escaped basketball for the kids on the hill. That becomes a double blessing because they get the ball back and I get the big smiles filling happy faces.

I’m grateful my Daddy was an excellent driver and my Mama had the grit to hang on that summer evening. Life, with all the ups, downs, and shouts of joyful glee, has been good. God has blessed me well.

Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.