Local business promoting support for local law enforcement

Special to The Times

A spirit of gratitude was in the air in McDonough Monday, as the community gathered to show appreciation for the men and women of law enforcement. Cannon-Cleveland Funeral Directors continued the “Turn Henry County Blue” campaign with a breakfast for local police chiefs, the sheriff, mayors, county commissioners and residents. The funeral home’s owner, Greg Cannon, said he and his staff also unveiled their banner on Ga. Highway 42 supporting law enforcement. Cannon said residents lauded a recent decision to illuminate the funeral home in blue lights, in support of police. “A couple citizens in attendance were told by Walmart that all of their stores in Henry County had sold out of blue light bulbs,” said Cannon. “That, to me, speaks volumes. The citizens of Henry County have stepped to the plate to show our support for law enforcement. Thank you to everyone that accepted the challenge to Turn Henry County Blue.” The campaign began in response to the shooting deaths of police officers across the country.

L. to r.: Henry County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Howell, Dep. Chupp and Dep. Powell attended the breakfast. Photo by Seth Jackson

Henry County Sheriff Keith McBrayer said he appreciates the community’s willingness to stand with law enforcement on the heels of those incidents. “We’ve been getting lot of phone calls from the community, business leaders and churches saying, ‘We appreciate what you do, and we’re praying for you,’” said McBrayer. “I think it helps my deputies and the officers that were there know that they do support them.” Henry County Police Chief Keith Nichols echoed the sheriff’s sentiments. He said his officers primarily deal with the “negative aspects of society” every day, and that they appreciate knowing their work is valued. “It is difficult to keep from becoming jaded when exposed to these negative elements day in and day out,” said Nichols. “The events across our nation have made it even more difficult. I believe that the majority of the nation is behind law enforcement, but most of those individuals are either hesitant or don’t know how to express their gratitude. Having stated this, it is nice to know, beyond any doubts, when the public supports and appreciates the efforts that you make to keep your community safe.” McDonough Police Chief Preston Dorsey said the breakfast was a “great morale booster” for his department and all police officers in the county. “We are very appreciative of Cannon-Cleveland Funeral Directors and their support,” said Dorsey. “It shows that we do have citizens who care about law enforcement.”