KirbyG’s hosting Adopt-A-Scarecrow fundraiser

From Staff Reports

KirbyG’s Diner in McDonough is hosting an Adopt-A-Scarecrow program designed to help raise funds for local charities.

As part of the program, selected groups – including school art departments, bands, clubs and athletic programs – will design and install Adopt-A-Scarecrows into the Annual Scarecrow Contest on the McDonough Square.

If an Adopt-A-Scarecrow wins any of the contest awards KirbyG’s Diner will match the dollar amount awarded. Kirby G’s will also donate $500 to each selected charity or school program regardless of who wins the contest. The minimum amount for a charity or school is $500 and the maximum amount is $1500 for the contest winner.

They will provide a $75 design budget for each of the selected Adopt-A-Scarecrows. Schools or programs can exceed that amount if they choose.

The restaurant will pay entry fees and be responsible for entry forms for the selected Adopt-A-Scarecrows. Each will be registered in the name of the school or entity.

Each charity or school must maintain their Adopt-A-Scarecrow throughout the contest. Donations, reimbursements, and/or prize money will be awarded when the contest ends.

To be selected for the contest, representatives from each school or charity must register at the diner by Sept. 15. Groups are encouraged to register as many ideas as possible.

KirbyG’s Diner will select 1-3 Adopt-A-Scarecrow ideas Sept. 15, at 8 p.m., based on each entry’s creativity and complexity. Winning idea(s) must meet the contest rules and must be installed by Oct. 1.