Ensuring success for each student

Rodney Bowler

Guest Columnist

Welcome to Henry County Schools for the 2016-17 school year! We look forward to working with you to ensure academic success. On the next page, I provide several important hints for student success as well as some suggestions for parents to support student learning. Perhaps the most important key to learning, however, is to become a lifelong reader, starting right now.

Students, if you are already an avid reader, keep up the great work. If you do not read daily, then find topics and books that interest you and read, read, read. Parents, if your child does not read daily, then encourage and require daily reading. Read aloud to your children, regardless of their age, and make family reading a way of life.

Research shows that the most important step to a powerful education is a steady diet of reading. Abraham Lincoln became one of the most eloquent speakers and influential leaders in history by reading regularly as a child and adult. In his words, “The things I want to know are in books.” A former Henry County Schools student who scored a perfect score on the SAT stated that the most important advice he could give any student is to read as much as possible, starting as early as possible. Read and succeed!

Students, your future dreams and goals begin now. The decisions you make today determine what your tomorrow will look like. Make decisions today that help you learn and grow, and day by day you will reach closer to your dreams. I believe in you – you CAN succeed in school, you CAN reach your goals. I look forward to a great school year together, and I want you to reach the end of the school year with the opportunity to look back and say, job well done!

Thank you for this opportunity to work with you in our journey to academic excellence. It is an honor to have each student and each family in our schools.

The Superintendent’s Top 10 Hints
for Student Success

10. Be on time for every class every day.
9. Get organized and stay organized.
8. Get to know your teachers and their expectations.
7. Get to know your classmates - make friends and be a friend!
6. Listen and pay attention in class.
5. Ask for help as soon as you need it.
4. Get involved-find a club or activity that is right for you.
3. Take care of yourself-get plenty of rest and good nutrition.
2. Take challenging courses-and study hard!
1. Read, read, read!

The Superintendent’s Top 10 Hints
for Parents and Families

10. Teach appropriate use of T.V., cell phones, computers, and other electronics.
9. Help your child get organized.
8. Make sure your child gets to school on time.
7. Set clear limits on behavior.
6. Help your child understand that all decisions have consequences, either good or bad.
5. Talk with your child daily, about school and life in general.
4. Communicate with teachers early when you have a question or concern.
3. Help your child find strengths and interests, and encourage creativity.
2. Take care of yourself-it is easier to be a thoughtful parent if you reduce your stress.
1. Read to your child-then read some more!