Henry Sheriff deputies recognized for helping to save a life

From Staff Reports

Sheriff Keith McBrayer recently presented life-saving awards to Deputies Michael Corley and Richard Gaouette for their life-saving efforts.

A 911 dispatcher sent out a call July 20, at approximately 3:05 p.m., regarding a 73-year-old man who was unconscious and unresponsive. The deputies were near the scene and went to the McDonough address.

L. to r.: Deputy Michael Corley, Sheriff Keith McBrayer and Deputy Richard Gaouette. Special photo

When they arrived at the victim’s home two minutes later, Corley retrieved his automated external defibrillator and Gaouette went inside the home, identifying themselves as deputies. They went upstairs and found the victim unconscious and unresponsive. Gaouette immediately began chest compressions. Corley told the dispatcher the victim’s vital signs and said they had begun CPR.

Gaouette continued chest compressions while Corley performed rescue breathing. After a few minutes, they switched positions and continued CPR until emergency medical technicians arrived. The victim was stabilized and taken to Piedmont Henry Hospital.

Both deputies helped the victim’s wife notify family members, and took her to the hospital, staying with her until a doctor and chaplain could meet with her. When they returned to duty, the victim was stabilized.

Sheriff McBrayer commended Corley and Gaouette for their efforts and professionalism.

“Their quick response and precision like teamwork shaved minutes off the time to provide life-saving aid to the victim in preparation for the arrival of the Henry County paramedics,” said McBrayer. “We acknowledge and appreciate their dedication to preserve human life and the care and support they provided to family members.”

The AED used by the deputies was one of the 120 such devices McBrayer purchased in January 2014 for his deputies’ vehicles. They were purchased with seized drug funds.

“We have had other AED deployments since we purchased them, but none that were as critical as this call,” said McBrayer. “We are thankful that our deputies were close by, and as well trained as they are, to have made a difference.”