How we met

Beverly Wittler


I asked my new friend at Mt. Bethel how she and her husband met and she related a neat story. She worked in a convenience store her family owned, on the night shift, and every evening this non-talking police officer would come in for a soft drink on his way to work. She finally got him to speak to her, just a little, and things took off from there. Always love to hear how people became friends, or spouses, and usually it does have something to do with the work world.

Well that’s how I met Norman. First National Bank wanted to have a different ad about an upcoming event in the local paper and they nominated me to hold the large poster. I wore my best suit and high heels on the planned photo day. And the man with the camera turned out to be my future husband! He was rather shy but did have me pose a certain way, against a car fender. I knew I’d seen him before, then remembered waiting on him at our drive-in window. We got a little friendlier to each other after that but still no date. Then one Wednesday afternoon as I splashed in the cool blue out at Davis Brothers’ motel, Norman pulled his blue and white Cougar next to my 65 green Chevelle. I waved at him, then got out of the pool and we had a little chat. Already had my three sons into the ‘loves cars’ mode and they wanted to know if they could take a little trip in the Cougar. So, off we went for our first ride together. “And the rest is history.”

Just have a few best friends, and of course three of those I met through my days in the banking world. Still remember friend Debbie coming into my office in tears one day as she related how hard it was getting things taken care of at her flooded home on North Ola Road. My daughter Sam went with me to help her remove the ruined items and years later we were all three working for the same on-line company, thanks to a work-based friendship. Of course I’m on temporary leave for now but Debbie and I still chat, write each other and remember birthdays too. I wouldn’t have that wonderful buddy but fortunately we met through my mortgage loan ventures while she was a real estate agent.

Best friend Anita and I connected when she called one day checking on interest rates; we both brag we immediately clicked over the phone, and stayed connected long after the loan closing. My best friend in high school was a guy and we happened to show up at A.B.W. Chevrolet’s fall display of new vehicles in their plush showroom. We discovered we were both car nuts and began talking about engines, tires, and other vehicle preferences. Still smile when I remember us going to the senior prom together because both of our beloveds couldn’t make it that night.

Had another wonderful best friend for years; I found Josie at Mt. Bethel. Still thank Him for her, and also best buddy Pat as I lift up my morning prayers. (Of course found Pat via her daughter and my son’s short-lived relationship.) I met my first husband Douglas when he came by with my brother Charles after their latest National Guard trip. Now that’s not church related but I guess being in the same unit counts as sort of work related.

Best of all are my wonderful children who God sent down to bless my life. And they met their own dears and added all the ‘grands’ and ‘great grand’ to the flock. PTL!!

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.