Cannon seeking to ‘Turn Henry County Blue’

By Jason A. Smith
Times Correspondent

Cannon-Cleveland Funeral Directors Owner, Greg Cannon, said he wanted to do something to convey his appreciation for law enforcement at a time when the efforts of police often go unappreciated. And, he’s calling on the community to help him.

Cannon Cleveland Funeral Directors have begun illuminating their business with blue lights at night to show appreciation for law enforcement officers. Owner Greg Cannon hopes that other residents and businesses in the area will begin doing the same. Special photo

“I’ve never understood why citizens complain when they see a police car obviously using a radar to identify speeders – ‘look at them trying to make their quota,’” said Cannon. “Those very people complaining would expect that same officer to stop someone speeding in their neighborhood on the street that they live on. Or be there to protect them if they had a break-in within minutes.”

Cannon and his staff, last week, launched ‘Let’s Turn Henry County Blue’ by illuminating the funeral home in blue lights. The funeral home is located at 2580 Ga. Highway 42 in McDonough.

“We discussed a way that we could show our support for law enforcement especially because of what has been happening lately. Our police departments, sheriff department, detectives all put their lives on the line every day. Their families pray for their return, and the rest of us take them for granted.”

‘Let’s Turn Henry County Blue’ comes on the heels of recent high-profile shootings, including those in Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, La. Those incidents resulted in the deaths of numerous police officers, and led to demonstrations in Atlanta and other cities nationwide.

Cannon said he hopes others in the community will not only support his project, but will show their support for police as well.

“We want to challenge businesses and citizens of Henry County to help us turn Henry County Blue,” he said. “We have posted photos on Facebook and will be posting a photo and challenge on our website.”

Cannon added that he plans to reach out to the Henry County Chamber of Commerce, to increase his reach among businesses in the area for the endeavor. He emphasized that the ‘Let’s Turn Henry County Blue’ challenge is not just for businesses, but for residents as well.

“It is as simple as putting a blue light bulb on your front porch, or a blue ribbon on the door, mailbox or tree,” said Cannon. “I hope that all will participate in supporting law enforcement.

For more information on ‘Let’s Turn Henry County Blue,’ call the funeral home at 770-914-1414.