Hey Henry - 07.20.16

Hey Henry, Henry County kids, remember that it’s time to turn in your reading logs to your local library for a reading certificate and a free book. Do this before school starts!

Hey Henry, whoever takes down the last remaining yellow dividing stick in front of RiteAid on Hwy. 155 at Eastlake Road gets 10 bonus points. If they are put back up, how long will it take to knock them down again?

Hey Henry, now that the Clayton County landfill has raised its rates, I’m already seeing mattresses on the side of Henry County roads.

Hey Henry, to the person that is tired about hearing about animals left in hot cars, glad you got the message.

Hey Henry, I witnessed that black Jeep Wrangler hitting those geese on Lake Dow Road. There was no oncoming traffic, there was no one behind him. There was not a car in sight as far as I could see both ways. It was just a heartless gesture. A person who does not have any regard for God’s critters does not have any regard for themselves or any other living being. Shame on you!

Hey Henry, if the county and/or city did pick up recyclables, we would pay for it with salaries, benefits and retirement. This is a small price to pay so that future generations will not pay environmentally.

Hey Henry, what’s up with all the trash, furniture and litter along our roadsides that people expect to be carted off? There are outreach organizations in our county that take furniture donations that can be given to people having hard times. As far as the trash and litter, quit being lazy and dispose of it properly. Take some pride in our county!

Hey Henry, in response to the person asking “why are people not reporting unprovoked shootings of Caucasians?” that is the rub. I am positive everyone would know if it ever happened. All lives matter and that includes black lives.

Hey Henry, I didn’t read or interpret anything I read that made me think people care more about animals then children. It must be your mindset that makes you submit a comment like that. Sad.

Hey Henry, to the gentleman in Ola who noticed the Combat Veteran sign in my son’s yard and cut his grass free of charge as a gesture of thanks. God bless you. Your kind deed did not go unnoticed. Our son is a humble man, who works tirelessly to provide for his young family. Their mower bit the dust last year and he stresses over getting the grass cut. Just last week, they had a tree fall in the front yard, so that didn’t help matters. Your kind deed took away some unnecessary stress from this young father and husband. I am forever grateful! From a proud combat veteran’s Mom.

Hey Henry, I just got back from walking my dog at Heritage Park where I saw the strangest thing. There was a bunch of young people walking around looking at their phones. I swear it looked like the Zombie Apocalypse. They were moving around in a daze. When I asked what they were doing, they responded, “Pokemon.” I kept on walking my dog, passing zombies along the way. Thank God they were friendly zombies.

Hey Henry, they need to mount a camera at the Salvation Army in McDonough to catch these after-hours “donators.”

Hey Henry - 07.13.16

Hey Henry, are you kidding me? Mateen 41 cops 9? What if the cops decided to set up a command post and wait out the shooter? How many more would have died? If you travel overseas, all officers carry automatic weapons, not assault weapons. I was always told by my employer if they started firing to hit the floor until the situation was resolved. The Orlando Police Department did a great job and no, I’m not an officer, I’m just glad someone took the situation for what it was.

Hey Henry, I am tired of hearing about animals being left in hot vehicles or hot patios. It’s a shame when people care more about an animal than a child.

Hey Henry, to the person who wrote Mateen 41, cops 9. What the heck? I don’t think so. And who said anyone was interested?

Hey Henry, why is the Tax Commissioner’s annual report two years behind on their website? 2014, really?

Hey Henry, aren’t cooks required by law to wear a beard net to prevent hair from falling in the food?

Hey Henry, to the idiots still shooting off fireworks, enough already!

Hey Henry, to the person ranting and raving about the geese getting run over. It wasn’t me, but I would rather run over an animal than to swerve into oncoming traffic and hit a vehicle and kill someone else or myself. I tell you what, next time you see geese crossing the road near you, why don’t you get out and direct traffic. And by the way, I sleep pretty well at night thinking this way.

Hey Henry, did you know that driving a heavy truck over grass after a rainstorm is apparently good for it? I never thought so until I saw a well-known professional landscaping company do just that yesterday afternoon.

Hey Henry, I miss the South Side diner!

Hey Henry, the county’s recycling program is wonderful for those who want to make a weekly or monthly trip, but weekly recycling programs work better because of the convenience.

Hey Henry, to the misinformed person who wrote the haiku: we speak naively, home invasions destroy lives, that could have been saved.

Hey Henry, given the severe drought we are in, we are lucky that people with fireworks did not burn down houses. I saw several launched in the neighborhood that were landing on roofs or in trees for four straight nights.

Hey Henry, instead of building so many Dunkin Donuts, why can’t we get a Captain D’s?

Hey Henry, why is it that when getting onto I-75 North from GA-20 Hampton area drivers in the turn lanes always get in the inside lane when the outside lane has space. This blocks the traffic crossing I-75 and GA-20! Dumb idea to make the turning lane longer. Is it against the law to use the outside turning lane?

Hey Henry, I understand that race is a sensitive subject these days and no upstanding citizen should ever be worried about being shot by authorities. That being said, why are people not reporting unprovoked shootings of caucasians?

Hey Henry - 07.06.16

Hey Henry, news flash: if the county and/or city pick up recyclables, you pay for it. With salaries, benefits and retirement you pay more for it and pay it forever.

Hey Henry, please, please make sure your animals are taken care of during this hot summer. I saw on the news that a person from Henry County left their dog out in a small pen on her hot patio and the animal died. Animal control took the other dog and gave her a ticket which she plans to fight because she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. You better hope I am not on that jury, I would certainly find you guilty!

Hey Henry, when are the entrances to the Henry County Administration Building going to be paved? One of them is gravel and the other has been blocked for months now.

Hey Henry, for anyone who might be interested, of the 50 killed in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the score was Mateen 41, cops 9. Serving and protecting.

Hey Henry, is it just me or has anyone noticed that the prices have gone up at Zaxby’s and the chicken has become smaller. Also, Burger King hamburgers and whopper juniors have gotten to be the size of a sausage biscuit.

Hey Henry, we have a recycling program run by the county. You can drop off your recyclables on 20/81 between Industrial Blvd. and McDonough Pkwy.

Hey Henry, I was overjoyed to read in the Times where the McDonough City Council refused to give the proposed park on Jonesboro Road a blank check. Too many times we have seen things like this turn into a black hole that sucks taxpayer money. Keep up the good work City Council.

Hey Henry, legalizing fireworks was one of the stupidest things Georgia has ever done.

Hey Henry, a Dunkin Donuts is going in next to Bojangles on Jonesboro Road.

Hey Henry, recently I was out clothes shopping for the grand kids. Several people were also shopping, for teens and adults. I just hope they were purchasing belts or different kind of pants. For the parents that allow their kids to dress that way, you’re the idiot.

Hey Henry, I see some parents paying more attention to their cellphone than to their children. No wonder so many kids go on to shoot up their schools.

Hey Henry, I have said it before, but Henry County needs a website that lists all the money that deadbeat businesses owe. Even if you get a judgment from the court, there is nobody to ensure you will collect what you are owed. Maybe a little public embarrassment would force these people to be more honest.

Hey Henry, I applaud Tommy Smith’s comment (regarding the District 2 Commission seat) that neither of the candidates should be eligible for the interim position, if it is filled before the election.

Hey Henry, whoever’s bright idea it was to legalize fireworks in Georgia again, needs to have a roman candle put where the sun doesn’t shine and have it go off from 8 p.m.-2 a.m. Thanks for all the sleepless nights. You give people an inch and they take a mile.

Hey Henry - 06.29.16

Hey Henry, to the person suggesting banning trucks from Hwy. 20, you are laughable! What happens when you get to Publix and there are no groceries? Or the gas station has no gas? What if that package you ordered doesn’t get to you. How do you think all of these things happen? By magic fairies? No, it’s all brought to you courtesy of ... you guessed it, trucks! And no, I’m not suggesting all those trucks have local business, but they have to get their cargo to where it goes somehow and they have only so much time to make that happen.

Hey Henry, if you think you can do a better job running our school district or teaching, then quit your current job, go back to school, get a degree in education, and either run for a school position or get hired into one. Otherwise, attend the Board meetings or remain quiet.

Hey Henry, you’ve been here since 1995 but evidently have never been to a Chick-fil-a. It may cost a bit more but it’s well worth it. The young people that work there are always polite and friendly. A Georgia company that takes pride in customer service.

Hey Henry, to the person driving the black Jeep Wrangler who hit the family of geese that was crossing Lake Dow Road in front of Highland Park subdivision, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I couldn’t see your tag number or I would have reported you. Thanks to the wonderful sheriff’s deputy and residents of that neighborhood who came together to get them out of the road. These geese cross that highway everyday and the community always stops to let them. They usually have their babies with them, so thankfully this time was different. Pretty heartless, if you ask me. I don’t know how you slept that night. This speaks volumes for your character.

Hey Henry, when is that dangerous mammoth pothole by the railroad tracks on Jonesboro road ever going to get fixed? My guess is the next vehicle to fall in will be a semi truck and no one will see the missing truck until the next vehicle falls on top of it!

Hey Henry, anyone but me ever wonder what happened to the turn signal in automobiles? It’s almost impossible to keep one hand on the steering wheel, hold a cell phone and turn their blinker on too. They really have a problem if they are smokers!

Hey Henry, it’s a downright shame when high schools in the county have to get the permission of the entire Board of Education to use their parking lot for a fundraiser on a Saturday morning when they are closed for business. They don’t give out special funds for sports and clubs so the students have to raise the money themselves. Yet, we as taxpayers can’t even use an empty lot. Shame on them!

Hey Henry, why doesn’t McDonough have a recycling program that is run by the county? We shouldn’t have to pay someone to pick up recyclables.

Hey Henry, what are they constructing adjacent to Bojangles on Jonesboro Road?

Hey Henry, if you want a self-driving car, you might have to deal with the fact that it is programmed to kill you as an effort to save other driver’s lives in a collision. So much for Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics.”

Hey Henry, a haiku for yet another massacre: we pretend to care, as more mothers mourn their young, gun love is madness.

Hey Henry - 06.22.16

Hey Henry, why is it taking so long for a traffic light to go in at the intersection of Hemphill Road and Hwy. 138 in Stockbridge. It was approved months ago.

Hey Henry, I have lived in McDonough since 1995. The service at fast food restaurants here is anything but fast. The employees have gotten worse over time. Now in 2016, you go in, and no one is at the register, or someone is standing there and they just look at you. They don’t say, “Hello, may I help you?” Whatever happened to service? Don’t tell me that it is because they want $15 per hour. Back in my day, the kids and adults made much less and still gave you great service.

Hey Henry, so let me get this straight, when kids get a grade in Henry County Schools it’s because of their work or lack of work. When the Board of Education or the school gets bad grades, it’s the kids fault or a bad test or just someone else’s fault?

Hey Henry, to the person that commented about too many warehouses and trucks, unfortunately that area was zoned for warehouses years ago, but the county failed to put in the infrastructure to handle the trucks before building.

Hey Henry, may God bless those wonderful people who left frozen drinks in their mailboxes for the mailmen during this heat wave and forgive those who thought more of their grass than a human being trying to deliver their packages. How do they maintain their grass without stepping on it?

Hey Henry, we have trivialized the significance of flying our national flag at half staff. There is a U.S. code which dictates that practice. It used to mean something. Now, not so much.

Hey Henry, it makes my heart swell with pride when I take my grandchildren to Memorial Day events in Henry County. I tell them this is how we honor those who died for us. Each event is different and I especially like taking them to the Stockbridge Memorial March as they have the opportunity to be part of the event. However, each year we have come away with chigger bites because the ceremony ends in an old grave yard that is full of red bugs. Couldn’t the ceremony be held in the park, which is also at the end of the parade route?

Hey Henry, what is happening to our kids having fun at recreational ball fields? A couple of weeks ago at Alexander park, a group of girls age 5 and 6 had to forfeit a game because of unruly parents. Recently in North McDonough, a group of 7 and 8 year olds had to forfeit a baseball game at Hidden Valley due to the parents’ language. Come on parents, show respect and set an example of good sportsmanship or stay at home.

Hey Henry, you have to give respect to get respect and I don’t see a lot of respect out on the road today. I guess their parents never taught them to care about anyone but themselves.

Hey Henry, I believe that all law enforcement databases from city to the federal level should be linked. I know we have the technological capability to do this. Maybe then, terrorists and other criminals would be stopped in time.

Hey Henry, to the person that thinks too many jobs have been brought to Henry that is not the problem. Too many of the wrong types of jobs have come to the county such as warehousing that requires little or no job skills. We have no high tech or pharmaceutical jobs like those located in Newton and Greene Counties with average salaries of 75k. These jobs would attract college graduates and raise the quality of living.

Hey Henry - 06.15.16

Hey Henry, to the people criticizing the Board of Education: Henry County is still a great school district. Many of the failures are occurring because kids fail to show up, schools using poorly designed standardized testing, or parents are not involved in their children’s education. Don’t blame the Board or teachers.

Hey Henry, Nathan Deal got it right again and the elephant is in its coffin.

Hey Henry, they need to work on the timing of the light at Zack Hinton and Postmaster Lane. It stays green forever, even when no one is turning off of Postmaster Lane.

Hey Henry, the “picking up the tab for our own demise” comment was priceless.

Hey Henry, has anyone noticed the increase in tractor-trailer traffic on Hwy. 20 between McDonough and Conyers? It is tearing up the roads and it is a safety concern when people try to pass. How can we get this to stop?

Hey Henry, a pickpocket group is working McDonough shopping centers, so be aware.

Hey Henry, why is it that road construction finishes but the remnants of it remain? The barrels, work zone signs, etc., never seem to be removed.

Hey Henry, effective July 1, Henry Piedmont Hospital and the doctors connected to the hospital are out-of-network for United Healthcare customers. But don’t worry, they sent a list of hospitals and doctors we can use, you will just have to drive at least 40 minutes on a good traffic day to Atlanta. Hope I don’t have an emergency.

Hey Henry, people driving on McDonough Parkway are idiots. The speed limit is 35 mph, but I get tailgated there everyday. To the people driving with respect, thank you. To the others, may the worst luck happen to you.

Hey Henry, I want to thank the churches and landowners in the Eastlake area for maintaining such beautiful properties. You are beautifying our community through your lovely churches, landscaping, and well-kept fields. It is appreciated!

Hey Henry, I believe most places top out employees in 10, 15, and 20 years. The Henry County Board of Education is the only place that I know of that takes 30 to top out. So, by the time you retire or die, you might make it and be able to buy a loaf of bread.

Hey Henry, I’m glad they finally moved the roll-off container on L.G. Griffin Road by the post office. It was really hard to see when exiting there.

Hey Henry, I think Henry County has brought too many jobs to the area as it is, but here you go again allowing more warehouses to be built on Hwy. 155. It looks like at least four going up right now in Locust Grove. Why not use the ones that are already vacant? There are plenty in Westridge and Greenwood, for sale or lease. Traffic is already bad enough over there in the mornings. In the afternoon it is like a parking lot there. Are you trying to make Henry County look like Atlanta? No thanks! Crime here is already bad enough! What’s next, MARTA?

Hey Henry - 06.08.16

Hey Henry, with all the news about the Zika virus and mosquito prevention, it would seem that the mud hole on Nail Drive that runs parallel on the west side of the TSYS facility on Loop Road would be a major concern. Water has been standing on this site for at least four years. Along with the standing water the area is being used as a dumping ground.

Hey Henry, I just returned from New York City and will never complain about the traffic in McDonough again!

Hey Henry, did you vote for a school board member? We all should have looked at the Governors school rankings for Henry County before voting! Of the 10 High Schools in Henry County only 2 have a B rating. The other 8 are rated C’s and D’s. There are no A rated High Schools in Henry County. The 10 high schools have an average Grade of 72.65 which is a low C. There are several Grammar and Middle schools that actually have an F rating! You can find this data at https://schoolgrades.georgia.gov/

Hey Henry, if they really want drivers to stop at the crosswalk in downtown Locust Grove, they should install some brighter lights to come on after dark. It’s hard to see pedestrians crossing the street at that intersection at night.

Hey Henry, to the teacher and office staff going back and forth. How about the Maintenance Department that removes the apple from toilet, keeps your classroom a cool 72º, and brightens your day with a well lit classroom? We all have a responsibility, that’s why we are paid. Suck it up and do your job without whining about it!

Hey Henry, we’re picking up the tab for own demise.

Hey Henry, to the person wanting a “Do not block intersection” sign. I feel your pain. Even if there was one, the idiots would still block the intersection. Better management of the traffic lights there would be much nicer and could possibly stop these fools from blocking the intersection. I am talking about the intersection at 155 and Keys Ferry Street.

Hey Henry, the Wendy’s in Locust Grove needs to hire more people and open up both cash registers so people don’t have to wait in line forever. There are too many snow birds going up and down the highway that visit there, so open up the lines.

Hey Henry, Stockbridge annexed 300 acres for a mall project. McDonough is building Big Springs Park. Locust Grove is building a multi-million dollar police complex. Hampton is laying off utility personal. Does anybody else see a problem here?

Hey Henry, to Sgt. J. Banister. Good luck on your wedding, and thank you for your service.

Hey Henry, I noticed that they have painted stop lines at the Ingles in Locust Grove. Good for them! People drive too fast through that parking lot.

Hey Henry, just what the county needs, more warehouses on Hwy. 155. Who would want to visit Henry County? There’s nothing here but warehouses, strip malls, traffic, nail shops, and gas stations. We need more places with entertainment.

Hey Henry, there is a big pothole that needs to be repaired on Jonesboro Road by the railroad tracks.

Hey Henry - 06.01.16

Hey Henry, congratulations to Rufus Brantley, a World War II veteran, on being honored. God bless you, and thank you for your service.

Hey Henry, if the Georgia Benchmark tests were ruled invalid because of all the “glitches,” why are Henry students who “failed” being told they have to retake them? If the first results were invalid, aren’t the retests? Opt out!

Hey Henry, kudos to the Henry County Board of Education. I am proud that they are aware that there has never been a “free” lunch!

Hey Henry, who is responsible for the park that used to be maintained by Stockbridge City Hall before they moved to the new facility? The police precinct is now located in that building. No new flowers planted, fountains have no water and are cracked on the bottom. Such a shame. Someone needs to step up!

Hey Henry, may God bless Henry County and its police and firefighters.

Hey Henry, why is it that when you are driving and there is no one behind you for miles, someone always pulls out in front of you? Generally they are driving slower than you. The worst is when they decide to make a left hand turn. Traffic is coming in the opposite direction. They stop, which makes you stop! Still no one behind you, but this fool just had to get out in front. People! Use the brain that God gave you. If someone is coming and there is absolutely no one behind them, wait! Once this person passes, then pull out and drive as slow as you want and make that left hand turn. Gees!

Hey Henry, DOT, you need to get some speed limit signs up to slow people down at the intersection at East Lake Extension and Hwy. 155 North. It’s a blind hill and home to one of the largest school systems in the county.

Hey Henry, thank you to Beverly and Amanda who run Blessings Thrift store. Their hard work and dedication support the Haven House and the community as a whole. No one works harder and takes as much pride in helping others as these two dedicated amazing individuals!

Hey Henry, our school does not celebrate anything but teacher appreciation week. If you really believe that secretaries don’t interact with the kids you are so wrong! Teachers may teach but I’m the one who comforts your child when they get sick, wet their pants, lose their lunch box or gets in trouble with ISS (elementary schools don’t have anyone to watch kids in ISS except us).

Hey Henry, to the person sympathizing with the homeless (van) family. First of all, the Wal-Mart parking lot is not for housing. Second, they shouldn’t have been traveling if they were in a broken down van and didn’t have money. Don’t bash others for complaining about them when you obviously haven’t provided them with new living arrangements.

Hey Henry, why is there not a Do Not Block Intersection sign at the corner of Keys Ferry Street and Zack Hinton Parkway traffic turning left off of Keys Ferry Street? People block the intersection and when the light changes the people turning left onto Hwy. 81 East can’t go anywhere. Please do something about this!

Hey Henry - 05.25.16

Hey Henry, Henry County haiku: Kids toss cherry bombs. Boat sinks, beer lost, children laugh ‘til Pop swims ashore.

Hey Henry, the homeless family living in their van near Wal-Mart are stuck because their vehicle is beyond repair. They are from out of state and cannot get jobs without a local driver’s license. They can’t get a license without a permanent address. Several individuals and groups have been working with them to find a solution. Where do you want them to go?

Hey Henry, in response to the Henry County Board of Education, I couldn't agree more! Some of our board members are giving Henry County a bad name. It’s embarrassing and unprofessional when a board looks so divided and combative. Please, do as the previous writer suggested and visit a board meeting, let them know Henry County will not stand to be embarrassed and that our students and teachers deserve better.

Hey Henry, why does road construction take so long in this county? What kind of contractors do we hire that they can’t get any job done in a timely manner? Why doesn’t the county and city make more noise and see to it that our projects are given adequate and expeditious attention? They seem asleep at the wheel allowing projects to drag on forever.

Hey Henry, I’m getting married in 25 days! I love you so much Sgt J.Banister. I can’t wait to be your Mrs.

Hey Henry, in North Henry on Panola Road near the intersection at Hwy. 155, there are several trees that need trimming. I have seen tall trucks hitting the trees and they are leaning so badly. They have been leaning for years, but this year it is getting critical for the county to do some cutting. Is the county waiting for a tree to fall on a vehicle?

Hey Henry, to the person talking about “Teacher Appreciation Week.” Secretary’s week was the week prior and you may deal with the parents, but not the children.

Hey Henry, are the Commissioners working on updating the Future Land Use Map? They said they would, but will they take action? Meanwhile, high density apartments and housing are being approved by the Zoning Board. We must update the FLUM to control growth. We do not have to allow high density, undesirable housing here. The FLUM needs to be updated now. Get busy Commissioners!

Hey Henry, Mr. Teti the band director at Ola Middle has done it again. A majority of his students entering the 6th grade have never picked up an instrument. Hearing his students in 7th and 8th grade perform was breath taking. It is no wonder that he has over 400 students in band. Both Mr. Teti and his kids are amazing. Visit the Ola Bands Facebook page to hear them.

Hey Henry, can anyone tell me which restroom we are supposed to use. Oh, the government already has.

Hey Henry, why do Clayton and Butts counties’ have free lunch for all students yet Henry County Schools keep raising their lunch prices? I am pretty sure that Henry County does not have better food.

Hey Henry, to the lady that was working at the thrift store, thank you for paying for my items! You made me very happy. Words can not express to you the thoughts and feelings that I had going on at the time. Thanks again!

Hey Henry - 05.18.16

Hey Henry, who really needs an anger management class? The person speeding down Lake Dow or the person threatening to wrap the speeder’s teeth around their steering wheel? Mood or not, that's a pretty violent statement there pal.

Hey Henry, the County needs to pressure wash the county judicial buildings in downtown McDonough and the McDonough library. Those buildings really look rough and need cleaning up!

Hey Henry, with all these angry comments, I guess I should be angry about something. I’m trying to think of something. Well, maybe next issue.

Hey Henry, why are the vagrants allowed to squat in the Office Depot/Walmart parking lot in McDonough? They’ve been there for weeks, if not months.

Hey Henry, it makes me sad to see so many missing animals in Henry County. If you love them, leash them. Too bad people haven’t figured that out yet. Don’t open your doors and let your pet out to run loose. There are too many bad people out there that can make a profit on your so called beloved pet. If not selling them, they use them for bait dogs and cats.

Hey Henry, Nathan “Veto” Deal has gotten nothing right. He couldn't even support our Georgia Fire-Fighter’s Bill, which was very much needed by fire fighter’s and their families. How deep are your pockets or have they already burst at the seams, Nathan?

Hey Henry, I encourage everyone to go to the next Henry County School Board Meeting. The behavior of some of our board members is embarrassing and unprofessional. This is not how our County should or deserves to be represented. The next study session meeting is June 8 at 4 p.m. and the next Board Meeting is June 13 at 7 p.m.

Hey Henry, when celebrating teacher appreciation week don’t forget the office staff. We deal with the parents more than the teachers most days!

Hey Henry, across the country, companies are replacing older, more experienced, higher paid workers (some in their 50’s) with younger, inexperienced, but lower paid workers. The age discrimination laws offer little protection from the subtle ways companies accomplish this, leaving workers far from Social Security retirement age without good options. Yet there is little action regarding this discrimination.

Hey Henry, it would be nice to put a roundabout, or traffic lights up at the dangerous intersection of McGarity Road and GA-20, before someone gets killed.

Hey Henry, please Georgia State Patrol, help out Henry, Clayton, and Atlanta. They can’t control the stupidity of the not-so-caring drivers. If they would join in and put unmarked vehicles on the road with cameras on the front, rear, right side and left side, you will see. Hey insurance companies, join in, you do insure us. Someone please help us drivers that are trying to obey the law, as we all should.

Hey Henry, a big thank you to the HCPD for being named Agency of the Year with MADD. You guys are great! Thank you for keeping our roads safer.

Hey Henry, I am loving this cold snap!

Hey Henry - 05.11.16

Hey Henry, dear Henry County Commissioners - Henry doesn’t need to attract retailers and eateries that create more “jobs.” It needs to attract companies that create career opportunities. Don’t make Henry as much a transitional county as Atlanta is a transitional city.

Hey Henry, to the jerk who came into Lake Dow Subdivision in an H3 and didn’t have the respect to slow down and let me out of the car to cross the street, you need anger management. It’s a good thing I wasn’t in one of my moods or I would have wrapped your teeth around your steering wheel.

Hey Henry, is there anywhere to kayak or go tubing in Henry County? The Porterdale Yak Club is fun, but just wondering if we have anything like that here?

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about the roof of the little farmers’ market. How many times have you stopped and donated to their shingle campaign?

Hey Henry, the residential streets around Stockbridge are being torn up (cracks, huge pot holes, etc.) by tractor trailer trucks and excess traffic avoiding the Interstate 75. Why isn’t a weight limit enforced? Surely something can be done.

Hey Henry, guess who’s not coming to dinner?

Hey Henry, just wondering why they have police directing traffic at the Peachtree Peddlers Flea Market and Sky Zone on the weekend and never at the intersection of Hwy. 81 and Mill Road? It is a parking lot at that intersection all of the time.

Hey Henry, hey drivers, when it rains, turn your lights on. It’s the law. Also, use your blinkers, that’s also the law. Maybe some of you need to go back over the drivers hand book. Or do you just not care?

Hey, Henry, a final message to the person(s) who caused me to break my left foot and left wrist this past October. My foot and wrist have healed but my thumb and fingers are messed up from being a cast for so long. Nothing to heal but time. I forgive you but will never forget as I have constant pain and I’ll be paying medical bills until the cows come home.

Hey Henry, you’d think with Nash Farms hosting all the events and being such a “historic landmark” they would take better care of it. I drove by the other day and the pretty white fence that used to be out front by the highway is an eyesore of brown rust! For such a location of “pride” for the County, why does it look like such an eyesore?

Hey Henry, Democrats are excellent at sin. When they don’t agree they switch the subject, ignore the facts, then if that doesn’t work they name call.

Hey Henry, does anyone in Henry County know how to yield? I always seem to be behind or turn in front of those who don’t.

Hey Henry, other side of the tracks. Amen.

Hey Henry, what about these church groups who have their church gatherings at their residences, inconveniencing the neighbors when their church has lots of space for the event.

Hey Henry, Nathan Deal got it right again and the elephant is in its coffin.

Hey Henry - 05.04.16

Hey Henry, shout out to Relay for Life of Henry County and Hampton High School. What an amazing event! Also, thanks for being proactive considering the weather issues for that night.

Hey Henry, Henry County drivers, I am so tired of people tailgating me when I am doing at least 5 miles over the speed limit. When I can get your tag, my phone will be ready to take that picture. To the black mustang with the fishing poles protruding out the passenger window that passed me on a solid yellow line on Jonesboro road: you’re an idiot with no respect for others. Someone like you does not deserve to carry a drivers license.

Hey Henry, before we have a fatality or serious injury on the McDonough Square, could the City please post a sign on the crosswalk in front of our beautiful Welcome Center stating “no crosswalk,” add an arrow, bright yellow or red colors? It would be so helpful for the people trying to cross, not noticing no crosswalk lines on the road.

Hey Henry, to the very inconsiderate and uninformed yankee who personally insulted my ancestors and my family, several points: 1) Confederate veterans are American veterans by U.S. law, 2) If secession was right in 1776, it was just as right in 1861, 3) I-95 will take you back to that wonderful, spotless, sinless dreamland of New York City.

Hey Henry, we really enjoyed and appreciated the somber Memorial service hosted by the Col. Charles T. Zachry Camp of the SCV and the UDC at the monument on the McDonough Square. Very nice and respectful.

Hey Henry, I thought it was the law that you have 30 days to register your vehicles in the state of Georgia when you move here (even renters) with the exception of military obligation? The amount of revenue (TAVT money) being lost because this is not enforced has to be huge. Such a huge loss to County and State revenues for failure to enforce.

Hey Henry, what ever happened to country music? Listening to the country music that plays on the radio today, I miss the twang, the deep voice. Where is Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Marty Robins?

Hey Henry, turn the Cotton Fields Golf Club into a Top Golf, Malibu Grand Prix, or a Tree Top Obstacle/Zip Line place. Something fun and outdoorsy. Please don’t let it sit and go into decline and don’t turn it into more industrial space!

Hey Henry, I want to say thank you to the two gentlemen at McDonald's who helped me when my car died. They pushed it out of the way and waited until the tow truck came. It’s nice to know there is still kindness around us when an old person needs help.

Hey Henry, at the April 18 McDonough City Council Meeting both a city council member and a guest insinuated that the problem in the subdivision under discussion was because they live on the “other side of the tracks” and had it been on the Lake Dow side it would be taken care of by the city. New News - on the “other side of the tracks” the city has spent $11M on green space (nowhere else in the city has that kind of investment been made). Out 81/20 on the “other side of the tracks” the business community has invested millions to create retail, restaurant and services like no other place in McDonough. Never mind if you live on the “other side of the tracks” you don’t have to drive through the Square to get to the interstate. Looks like “the other side of the tracks” IS the place to live.

Hey Henry - 04.27.16

Hey Henry, to the person questioning the World War II Army Ranger. First of all, you should be honored to have even talked to him, there’s not too many left. Second, just because you didn’t see his name on a website, doesn’t mean he wasn’t there. I would take his word over the internet. And third, shame on you for calling out a WWII veteran. He, along with all our military, are heroes to me.

Hey Henry, who is the man in the third floor window of Eagles Landing Family Practice in Locust Grove?

Hey Henry, why does the County continue to rehire people that have left the County and do business with people that are known to have shady business dealings? Our leaders need to do the right thing for a change! Stop lining your pockets and do what you are supposed to do - take care of your citizens and employees!

Hey Henry, to the person who said that the woman standing in line didn’t deserve kudos while waiting with her sleeping baby because that is her job, you are ridiculous and obviously a man. If you are not a man, you’ve got some other issues going on. Yes, that is a mother’s job, but it is not an easy one. I think every mother who chooses to keep and take care of a child deserves kudos for it all. Give us all a break! Editor’s note - Amen!

Hey Henry, to the person who was offended by the use of the word trained, I would recommend that you first learn the meaning of a word before you become offended by it. The definition of train is to teach a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior through practice and instruction over a period of time.

Hey Henry, what a country we live in. This past weekend, I attended a friend’s wedding, and spent the better part of the reception drinking with my friend’s dad, grand dad, uncle and brothers. Did I mention that my friend’s family is from Saudi Arabia and she married a Catholic from N.C.? America has always been great!

Hey Henry, I don’t think Governor Deal gave in to the dollar. There was no reason for that bill. Our lawmakers pass too many bills where common sense should be used instead!

Hey Henry, it’s bad enough when people throw out trash along the roadside, but a person actually threw out a whole toilet on Bethlehem Road in Locust Grove. Not only should you be fined, but jailed too, for being so nasty!

Hey Henry, the little farmers market building just east of the McDonough Square continues to loose its shingles. Surely we all have driven by and done nothing. What does that say about us?

Hey Henry, if I pay taxes to be put towards some sort of road improvement that has never been completed and a pothole that I have called on numerous times pops my tire, can I get that money back from the County to pay for it? Of course not. What a joke.

Hey Henry, if the local driver who is better than everyone else and a “lunacy” expert in southern history were competing for Henry County’s most obnoxious, it would be a dead heat.

Hey Henry, not all the residents in McDonough wanted more jobs to come here. It’s been crowded enough for the last 10 years.

Hey Henry - 04.20.16

Hey Henry, I have worked in the banking industry through two financial crises and companies are still as unethical as ever. Put people first, do the right thing, be honest, stand for quality and integrity. How about walking the walk instead of just talking the talk?

Hey Henry, McDonough Police Department, want to boost your revenue dollars? Place a camera at the back side of the department. You will be guaranteed to catch drivers running the stop sign, cutting others drivers off, and since the left lane ends, oh, that means they are also, without a doubt, speeding to merge over.

Hey Henry, beware when shopping and eating on Jonesboro Road. My truck and four other vehicles were broken into on a Saturday afternoon in broad daylight. The police officer said it was pretty common. When is the county going to catch up to the traffic and crime? The county apparently is quick to allow residential and business growth for revenue dollars. It’s pretty obvious the county needs more law enforcement.

Hey Henry, if you drive like you are the only car on the road then you are the problem.

Hey Henry, Governor Deal has sold out. Remember this when the Opportunity School District Amendment comes up this fall. He got everything he wanted with religious liberty and still vetoed it.

Hey Henry, to the Henry Transit driver telling another driver that “she has her people (seniors) trained.” What kind of animals is she transporting?

Hey Henry, I became aware decades ago that the southeastern U.S. is a madhouse. Any sane society would be ashamed over something like this region’s 1861-65 bout of lunacy and treason. Now, the SCV proves me right again by flaunting this terrible interlude and the ensuing 150 years of oppression with Confederate Memorial Day. Give it up, you nice, misguided people. You make us laughingstocks to the rest of the world.

Hey Henry, what a great country we live in, where any lowly Chicago “community organizer” can run for president? He has created a land of in-opportunity!

Hey Henry, in the past couple of years, Henry County Schools have added several dozen county office jobs, and now plans on adding two assistant superintendents among others, positions undoubtedly to be filled, per usual, with incompetent teachers and administrators. I would hate to have to create an organizational hierarchy chart.

Hey Henry our governor is a traitor to every God-fearing person in this state. He gave in to the almighty dollar.

Hey Henry after what I saw an officer do today they do not deserve what they make, much less a raise. By the way, I retired after 37 years in law enforcement.

Hey Henry, oops, Nathan Deal can’t run for re-election. His 2 terms are almost over. Can I get an amen?

Hey Henry, to the bus drivers that speed through these neighborhoods, slow down. You have our kids on the bus!

Hey Henry, thank you to the Storm Water Dept. for cleaning up in the Kelleytown area in February!

Hey Henry - 04.13.16

Hey Henry, if a child breaks or damages someone else’s property, shouldn’t the parent pay for it? That’s the way it worked for my generation anyway.

Hey Henry, no Nathan Deal, along with other governors in the past, gave the Conservatives, who put him in office, another slap in the face. Seems like everybody’s opinion matters except those who try to live by God’s word. I'll remember this when he comes up for re-election.

Hey Henry, to the two comments regarding driving. Obviously neither of you can read. I never said anything about speeding, I said at least ‘drive the speed limit.’ If that’s considered an aggressive driver, then you two must be stupid drivers. I am grown, thank you, and know how to drive.

Hey Henry, residents in McDonough wanted more jobs in the area, which is creating more people and more traffic. How is McDonough going to handle the situation, that is constantly growing rapidly.

Hey Henry, no, Nathan Deal has not done something right. He is a sellout on this one. He wants to claim that “Georgia doesn’t need this bill; and that is what the 1st Amendment is for.” Why doesn’t he tell that to the people who own bakeries who have been fined and sued? All I have to say is, Mr. Deal, how’s that 30 pieces of silver?

Hey Henry, this one goes out to the ones responsible for our traffic nightmare called “I-75” through Henry county. When you planned this little gem to “improve the flow of traffic,” did it occur to anyone that eliminating the emergency lanes would create more problems in the future?

Hey Henry, why was another set of sidewalks plus an awning installed mainly for State Court Clerk’s office employees to enter the building? Truth is, this was done for the sake of employees avoiding going through the main entrance. I work at the Judicial Center and I believe it was a waste of SPLOST funds that could have been utilized elsewhere. Court Clerk employees did not need another entrance because they were too lazy to walk another 25 feet and enter properly. What is good for the public is good enough for employees.

Hey Henry, kudos to Locust Grove DDS office. My wife got her license renewal done in less than fifteen minutes. That is efficiency!

Hey Henry, to the man who told me he was an army Ranger who went ashore on D-Day at Normandy, you said you climbed that cliff at Omaha Beach under fire. I recently found a web site listing every World War II Ranger. No one with your initials and last name is listed. A clerical error, I’m sure.

Hey Henry, to the person who said ‘if you are being tailgated you are probably driving too slow.’ That is baloney. Plenty of times I am going the speed limit or better and still people will tailgate.

Hey Henry, why doesn’t the City (of McDonough) and County use prisoners to clean up our roadways? It looks like a giant garbage dump in McDonough. Shameful! To those throwing out their trash, just stop. Take some pride in your town!

Hey Henry, what a great country we live in, where any lowly billionaire reality-show host can run for president. This truly is a land of opportunity!

Hey Henry - 04.06.16

Hey Henry, to the lady that complained to me that all she saw in the most current issue of Senior Spirit was black people (with my mouth dropped). First of all, my husband and children are black. Second of all, the featured story is Heritage holding the 9th annual African American fashion show.

Hey Henry, I know its the interstate, but slow down on I-75. The speed limit has been lowered to 60 for a reason. The accident between a dump truck and car last week should be enough incentive for you.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about riding bumpers, you sound like a person who regularly drives over the speed limit. Stop making excuses for yourself.

Hey Henry, Henry County haiku: Bigger house? No, girl. With this trailer and that barn, we’ve got lots of room.

Hey Henry, Nathan Deal finally got something right.

Hey Henry, I attended the Sunrise Service on the Square again this year. I enjoyed the old time gospel music, and the opportunity to share in praising our Lord Jesus. I was a little taken aback that the offering plate was passed around. I don’t remember that being done in years past.

Hey Henry, to the idiot giving all the poor excuses for his being an aggressive driver. You are a good example of what is wrong with today’s society. In your opinion, it is all about you and there is always someone else to blame. Grow up!

Hey Henry, I’ve been going to a lot of McDonough City Council meetings for the past three years and it’s clear who our next Mayor should be. If you have been paying attention you know exactly whom I’m talking about. Encourage them to run next year!

Hey Henry, have you noticed all the trash and debris on the side of our roads. Some is from garbage collection trucks and some is from people just throwing their trash out to keep from paying for garbage pickup. If you see this occur make sure to report it and get tag or truck numbers. We are becoming a trash heap like some of our close counties.

Hey Henry, we recently had our second child at Piedmont Henry Hospital and wow, what an experience. We were able to hold our baby as soon as he was born. I tried to breastfeed my first but lived in another state (military family) and did not have help. I feel so blessed to have experienced my son’s birth here. The staff was so caring and helpful in everything and the Lactation Department is tops! Did you know they offer outpatient services?

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about Clayton County cars picking up their children at Henry County Schools, have you ever paid attention to how many out of state cars pick up children at Henry County and Clayton County Schools? Why hasn’t something been done about that? Not only do you not know if they live in that jurisdiction or not, but the state requires those moving here to obtain a GA registration within 30 days of moving. Not 30 months.

Hey Henry, well it's that time again to hear people whine about how tight money is and how bad the economy is. Nevertheless, these same people will take two or three vacations, spring break and summer. I don’t want to hear how tight your money is, go ahead and admit that you have it.