Stockbridge town hall meeting to address new initiatives

By Monroe Roark
Times Correspondent

Stockbridge residents will have an opportunity to gather information and get some of their questions answered about a few major initiatives at an upcoming town hall meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 21, at 7 p.m. at Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church, 2400 Hwy. 42 North.

One thing officials hope to get from the event is feedback from residents regarding the recent changes in city sanitation services, which were privatized and expanded to include a recycling program.

So far the new service is going well, according to Councilman Elton Alexander, who initiated the town hall meeting. “The service provider is doing a good job,” he said. “There have been a few hiccups as we educate folks about it.”

The new program was rolled out to the entire city the first week of May, including new trash cans and recycling bins for residents, with the recycling component starting the second week and proceeding every two weeks from there. Alexander said the service provider has indicated a participation level of about 32 percent on the recycling, which he said was a very high number for such a new program.

Information about the proposed Jodeco Atlanta South commercial development will also be provided at the town hall meeting. Representatives of the development companies will be on hand to make a presentation and answer questions from citizens.

“It’s going right in their community,” said Alexander. “We want to provide information so they will understand what it is all about.”

Previous announcements indicated that construction would begin on the project by late fall or early winter. Annexation issues have been addressed by the City Council, although the county has formally objected. A more recent annexation involved two small parcels to the north of the property and along Jodeco Road, and Alexander said those actions should answer any questions regarding whether the larger parcel is contiguous to other city property for annexation purposes.

“Unless something else comes up we plan on proceeding,” he said. “We are very excited about it, and most of the people we’ve heard from are excited about it.”

Another new city development is an assisted-living facility planned for the northern end of the ELFBC campus near Brannan Road. That plan was recently approved by the City Council and representatives of the company slated to build the facility will be at the town hall meeting to make a presentation.

Although Alexander initiated the meeting, he said he expects some other council members to also be on hand to participate. “It is a city event,” he said.