The Cowardly Lion

Beverly Wittler


That neat phrase is stuck in my brain forever. Because, it describes me to a T! Finally, FINALLY got where I could drive in the rain, unless it was coming down too hard. But even though my faith is strong, I still tend to flinch when I’m meeting another vehicle … what if they lose control and make contact with my Camry? Sometimes in the rain your tires will decide to take you on a ski trip … water skiing on the road?

And then I let Mr. Fear take over my brain if I hear there’s a tornado watch or warning for our area. But my fear isn’t just for the inhabitants of the Henry Hilton. It’s for my wonderful family, neighbors and church family. So, you know who hears my pleas for safety … yep, Our Father in Heaven gets another lengthy plea from Beverly. He’s been wonderful about helping us though, always has, always will.

Didn’t let fear take over when my doctor sent me to the kidney expert and so far by behaving have kept that little meanie at bay. I’m not afraid of growing older either, just try to stay in good physical shape and keep enjoying and learning. The library keeps me entertained with their shelves full of books and I keep meeting new authors that know how to write great page-turners. Karen Kingsbury is my latest and she not only pens interesting fiction but she also adds wonderful scriptures and sometimes a few song lyrics that uplift me if I’m a little down.

Still can’t get over my dog fear either. Just engrained in my head that they can actually bite so only socialize with Sam’s red lab Trax. Have let several people know over the years that they can’t bring their canine friends to certain sports arenas … and there’s a sign that states that fact too. They sort of shrug their shoulders and go on walking the potential aggressor past me.

Since everything inside my car was tossed several weeks ago, and then a neighbor’s home was broken into, I’m being a little more vigilant about a stranger who keeps walking up and down the street, sometimes waving his hands and talking. Told my neighbor maybe he’s got one of those phones you can wear in your ear … hope so. Anyway, back to locking the door even in the daytime … sigh. Time to go through what it takes to buy a small pistol? Will keep that on the back burner for a while and do some serious praying for ALL our safety. Can’t let Mr. Fear take over my whole life!

Do read my Bible when the edginess gets too bad. Philippians 4, verses six and seven gently ease stress and calm my worries. LOVE those words and of course they were brought to my attention during a Sunday school lesson at Mt. Bethel’s Gleaner’s class. Also love Romans 8:28 and it says that all things work together for those who love the Lord … discovered that awesome mini sermon via a sheet of music we choir members sang from years ago. So, don’t need a gun, nor a bottle of Valium, just need to remind myself to pick up that big book and study what He’s got for me, and pray. Or, turn my complete attention to WJGA and learn something new; that will move my attention in another direction. Never hear those DJs say a negative word and actually get uplifted by some of the pastors turned radio experts. Neat how they play something lighthearted or actually mention a little local excitement just when Mr. Stress is considering my brain again. Okay, Bible, radio and I’m good to go without a pill.

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.