Look for the Glitter

Brenda Nail DeLauder


Recently I had a hankering for a good jigsaw puzzle. I get lost in them and find the challenge both exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. Scenes including critters are my favorites, but I avoid those having too much of one color. I like a challenge, not insanity. When things are less busy in the winter, it’s the best time for me to allow this indulgence, because I truly lose all track of time while working on one.

The other day when Pepper and I were out on our walk, I was thinking about how I am drawn to these puzzles. It seems to fascinate me as to how all the varying shapes and sizes fit together to make one beautiful picture. Puzzles make me think of people in general and how each thing we do touches another and how if we pool all our resources or gifts together, we are able to do amazing things. While sounding lovely, life doesn’t always offer it up quite so easily.

In any given group of people, there will be many opinions and clashing ideas, so much so at times, it makes it difficult to accomplish important tasks. Recently while experiencing both sadness and irritation at someone, I suddenly remembered something from many years ago. A lady at work, whose mountain drawl I can still hear in my head, and I were having a discussion about finding the good in all things. With her clear dry wit, she said, “My mama always told me to find something good in everybody. I remember this one time I was so mad at a person I worked with, but when I saw her coming toward me, the sunshine came beaming through the windows catching hold of a piece of glitter stuck in her hair. At that moment I focused on how pretty the shiny glitter looked, and was able to smile at her. It seemed to break the tension we shared, and while I never did take to her, we were able to work together from then on.” The only good she was able to see in the woman came from a piece of shiny glitter, but because she sought something good, it was found. Over the years, I have met many who were a challenge to find a positive to focus on. Yet as soon as I was able to see something I liked, albeit the glitter in their hair, it became less of a challenge to work together.

We are each given a gift by God. No, it won’t come in a box with a big fluffy bow, and it may not be one we necessarily want, but there are no refunds or exchanges. Just to name a few, some are given the gifts of talent for music, spoken or written word, cooking, building, or creating. There are those given the ability to listen, providing comfort or encouragement, while others are gifted in finding solutions to help. Some are given the ability to organize and lead. Then there are those given the gift of being outspoken and able to see through false faces. While the latter doesn’t sound like much of a gift, it comes from God, so it is indeed. When a group applies all their given talents, the bits and pieces begin to take shape, creating an amazing picture showing the blessings from our Lord.

With everyone you encounter, find something to like and focus on it. Apply glitter if needed. Often it’s not an easy task, even quite challenging, but led by the Holy Spirit it is always worthy. Find your gift and figure out the best way to share it.

Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.