Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

To the person in last week’s paper (12.02.15 edition) in Hey Henry who had a friend of 78 years old with crippling arthritis, who worked 60 years and was only awarded $16 per month in food stamps.

I know it seems unfair.

I worked all my life also, until I retired.

I also applied for food stamps and all I receive monthly is $15.

They figure this on your income from Social Security yearly. $15 x 12 months equals $180 per year. You can’t buy much staple food for that amount. You almost have to have $25 or less income to qualify for any greater amount, and then you won’t get a whole lot more.

To all those who have retired and want to apply for food stamps, be prepared to receive a minimal amount.

Good luck,

Wallace Randall