5th Annual Geranium Drop

Special to the Times

Thousands of local residents packed the streets of downtown McDonough on New Year’s Eve to get 2016 off to a great start. Approximately 3,000-3,500 people gathered around the Square Thursday night for the city’s fifth annual Geranium Drop festivities, according to Christy Collier, Tourism Director for McDonough Hospitality & Tourism.

Photo by Donny Cotten

“It was very successful,” said Collier. “The restaurants were busy all night long, we had three wonderful bands, and the people that came were very much entertained.” The City of McDonough increased safety measures to celebrate the new year. Collier also noted that a flagpole was used to drop a large geranium from the sky at midnight, replacing the 600-pound ball that dropped from a crane in previous Geranium Drop celebrations. “I have to thank the City of McDonough, and especially the Public Works Department, because they made the flagpole and everything possible for us this year,” said Collier.