Breakfast with the bards

P.J. Renfroe

Guest Columnist

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year; although not all of my family members could come due to a big in-law family gathering at Destin, Florida. However, with two of my daughters and their families, I had a wonderful time visiting and eating the traditional turkey, dressing and gravy, and, my daughter’s wonderful caramel cake and brownies. Full and content, we all played games inside and out. My son-in-law bought one of those Christmas lights that project designs on the house and the grandsons had a great time standing in front of the light, acting like monsters, and clicking selfies, making memories for another day. They are all in school and college so I don’t see them often, but it was pleasing to see them growing into such good men still full of fun.

While transporting food some spilled in the trunk of my car, and the next evening, after scrubbing it out, I left the trunk open to air dry. Naturally, I forgot and left it open. About two-thirty a.m. I was suddenly hit by an epiphany - the trunk-light is on! Since I am not mechanically entitled, I wondered if it could run the car battery down. So I jumped from my bed, dressed quickly and went outside in the still night air. It was wonderful! The air was crisp, clear, and quiet, not too cold, surprisingly wonderful. I took a deep breath, and listened for any intruders or animals but heard only quiet night sounds. Reluctant to leave such perfection of night, I closed the trunk and went back inside.

This morning, as I left for breakfast at the Senior Center in Locust Grove, there were blue jays and redbirds flying from the large bushes at the edge of the yard to the pecan tree and to the large trees in the back yard. It was a beautiful cool day, and I stood there for a few minutes just enjoying the peaceful sight. I wished the whole world could experience such peace.

At the Senior Center, I ate breakfast with the Beards, or is it the Bards? We discussed the politics of the day, and enjoyed hearing all the opinions on the national and local news. I headed home to get on the computer and work on a book in progress.

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” ~ Mark Twain

PJ Renfroe, founder of the Heritage Writer’s Group, is a native Georgian who has been writing “all her life.” She continues to try to please her nine grandchildren; her biggest fans and strictest critics.