Where In The World Is The Times

Special photo

The Times traveled recently with Tony and Gloria Barrett of Locust Grove on a 13 day church mission trip to Galapagos Island, Ecuador. They flew from Atlanta to Quito, Ecuador, staying three nights and meeting up with missionaries from Cuenca, Ecuador. They toured the city and enjoyed a great time with the missionaries. After that they flew to the Galapagos Island, and worked with the locals. Building and painting teams started work on building the foundation for the Sunday School - pastor’s home, and painting the inside of the church. Also a medical team, consisting of a doctor and some nurses (Gloria being a RN) worked in the community. They worked and toured the island and saw a lot of wild life including sea lions, a giant tortoise and turtles, red and blue footed boobies, finches, lizards and iguanas. They both enjoyed the local food. Thanks for taking The Times on your trip!