Prayers. Answered.

Brenda Nail DeLauder


Watching the sun rise into a crystal blue sky one recent morning was a sight for sore eyes! As long as I looked up it was beautiful, but if I looked down at our yard, I cringed. The excessive rain had really brought the leaves down, and the lawnmower was being repaired, so the cleanup chore was piling up. This morning during my devotional time, my view out the window made me dread the big job before us. I couldn’t expect Ric to do it all by himself, so I was trying to mentally rearrange my schedule to fit in some yard time.

I prayed “Lord, help me rework my schedule.” Barely out of my mouth, I heard the yard service arrive at our neighbor’s house and it suddenly hit me. This might be a time to seek their help. While sitting there mulling it over, I felt the Lord say, “Go ask.” So I did. Not only was their price fair, but they could do the work right away. In using their powerful machines, in less than an hour the work was done perfectly. I praised God for opening up the opportunity and answering my prayer in a better way than I could imagine.

Our church’s annual bazaar was not going to have sunny skies this year. This function is an important fundraiser in our small church, and the weather plays a big part in the success of it. Early on the morning of the bazaar I was awakened by the sound of torrential rain. I drove to the church before daybreak, and with the flapping sound of the wiper blades in the background I began to pray, lifting up the worries of the weather, asking Jesus to guide us throughout the day. The event was scheduled from 9AM to 3PM and the rain stopped just before nine, right when our customers began arriving. All day, the rain held off, until 3:10 that afternoon. The Lord had provided us with a wonderful break and it helped us to have a successful day. Though tired, I drove home gladly singing praises to our Lord for yet another answered prayer.

There are always prayers for those in need, hurting, afraid, hungry and abused. There are prayers lifted up for individuals facing hardships, sadness, pain and various trials. Sometimes we are blessed by witnessing an answering to a prayer for those we lift up, which gives us such an amazing feeling. But whether we see the answer or not, our prayers are worthy. God hears us when we call upon Him, and our prayers become instrumental in making a wonderful difference in lives. Each action may be so tiny we don’t notice them, but combined with others, they become mighty. Never doubt the power of prayer.

Along with the serious concerns for others we lift up in prayer, we add in “daily basics” for ourselves. “Lord, please help my back to stop hurting,” or “Lord, I could use a lift today. I would really enjoy a happy moment.” Or something along the lines of “Lord, please give me courage today.” Suddenly the balm to soothe our aches and pains works better than expected, and in the mail, we get a nice card. We feel His presence and gain courage. Prayers. Answered. We are in the care of our Lord Jesus Christ. He helps us with His awesome ability in ways we may not see.

When we bow our heads at the tables filled with food next week, be sure to thank God not only for the bountiful feast, but for all things, great and small, He provides in our daily lives. God is Good!

Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.