Victim of crash thanks Henry County firefighters

Special to The Times

“I am very, beyond all measure, thankful for these men. If it wasn’t for the firefighters behind me I wouldn’t be here today,” stated recent car crash victim, Kayla Jenkins, of Jackson, Ga.

On November 5, Jenkins publicly thanked the firefighters of the Henry County Fire Department for rescuing her from her vehicle, which landed upside down in Swan Lake in Stockbridge after crashing into a tree.

Kayla Jenkins (center) with A Shift, HCFD Squad 11 crew. L. to r.: Brian Austin, Shannon Pope, Kevin Gilham, Nick Smith and Joseph Charrier. Special photo

The Henry County Technical Rescue Team (T.R.T.) was responsible for prying open Jenkins’ 2003 Ford Taurus doors and pulling her to safety on October 27. She also credits the quick action of a good samaritan who lived in a house nearby. She said he heard the crash and then treaded the cold, murky waters to check on her. After seeing she was alive, he left to call 911 and then returned to stay with her until rescuers arrived.

Jenkins was transported to Atlanta Medical Center where she was treated for having water in her lungs. She miraculously suffered no serious injuries but claims she still suffers from nightmares about the accident.

“The moment I knew someone was coming to save me I thought, I’m actually going to get to see my family again,” said Jenkins.

She sang the praises of the T.R.T. and attributed her safety to the watchful eye of the Lord. The firefighters at Fire Station No. 11 were thankful for her visit and were happy to receive a batch of homemade cupcakes as a thank you gift.

The T.R.T. is a specially trained group of firefighters drawn from the ranks of the Henry County Fire Department. They specialize in rescuing victims from places inaccessible to fire service ladders and have been trained in swift water, dive rescue and recovery, hazardous materials and structural collapse.

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