In my next life

Beverly Wittler


Probably wouldn’t change a thing. But I might, just might, have taken that trip to the Florida Keys, and Hawaii. Already drove a convertible and yes I loved my 1959 blue Impala, but it had no AC, nor even a tape player. Loved the car that almost became my forever vehicle ... the 65 Chevelle which had a tape player. Woke up one morning to find someone had snuck into the carport and removed that awesome piece of equipment plus did a little damage to the dash. The 87 Eurosport was probably put together in heaven by an angel who decided that just this once, he/she was going to make Beverly Rooks Wittler the perfect automobile. Eventually, the same angel printed out my 97 Maxima, and once again I was hopelessly in love with a thing, not a person.

Well we know we’re not supposed to love things, and I did go to a Bible class to perfect that belief. But of course have ALWAYS loved family the most, along with my church, and that pretty red book I read every morning. So, decided in this life I would not love another thing, just people and cats, right?

Well, haven’t become SO attached to the Camry … until she took a slam from a backing-up Traverse as I left Publix. I was very distressed, partly because I’d left Norman home alone: I always go through the ten-or-less lane and the trip never takes over 20 minutes. This time, a lot longer. We waited for an officer of the law to arrive, collect our driver’s licenses and insurance cards. The other driver’s husband arrived, took me to the Henry Hilton to check on things at home plus drop off the wheelchair I keep in the trunk for church use. Back to the parking lot and the kind police officer said I could go back home, he’d wait for the tow truck and direct them.

The nice lady gave me a ride and we swapped information for future use. But I was so stressed out! Have been rear-ended a couple of times, another car hit me head-on as he slid on a wet road, and of course the deer incident. But none of those other smash-ups bugged me like the latest. I prayed, read some scripture but it wouldn’t go away. Finally got a call from son Ron and he gave me some good thoughts to see me through.

Off to Enterprise today to rent a Sonata for at least a week, and the stress came roaring back until I got it home and parked. Thanks to kind clerk McKenzie at the car rental office, I was able to get some lights under control and the seat closer and higher. Not quite as comfy as my Camry, and am still trying to see if this is a four cylinder. I did think as I walked around the black sedan, that maybe in my next life I’ll give up driving. Perhaps the angels have some special transportation … wings maybe? We’ll see about that.

Am looking forward to seeing some favorite family and friends which I thank Him for every morning on my stroll. Also thank Him for the many times He’s saved me and helped me survive. He did it again; I wasn’t hurt nor was the other lady. (We didn’t get mad at each other, and she thanked me for that as she drove me home.)

Glad I have family I can depend on here on earth plus my collection of Bible verses to help sooth away any stress. Bet there won’t be any in heaven and probably no vehicle collisions either. You think?

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.