Jodeco/Campground road project looming

By Monro Roark
Times Correspondent

Another major road improvement project for the middle of Henry County - one that has been talked about for nearly 20 years - looks to be only weeks from getting started.

Once the necessary permits are issued by the Georgia Depart-ment of Transportation and Norfolk Southern Railroad, the bid process will commence regarding the widening of Jodeco Road east of I-75 and the new extension connecting Jodeco Road with Campground Road east of Hwy. 42.

Here is how it will eventually look:

Jodeco Road will be widened to four lanes at near Meadowbrook Drive, about the spot where the widening from the I-75 bridge project ends. The new road widening will extend to just east of Peach Drive, from where the new two-lane road will veer northeast.

The new road will cut through the middle of the Winslow subdivision, which was built after the design for the project was done and the land allocated for the road. A Google map of the area clearly shows a break on Winbrook Drive and a right-of-way path that essentially splits the subdivision in half.

Current plans call for a two-lane road but a bridge will be constructed over the railroad tracks with capacity for four lanes, much like the existing railroad bridge on Rock Quarry Road, so that if the road is widened at a later date the county will not have to repeat the permitting process with Norfolk Southern.

The extension will cross Hwy. 42 a short distance north of the existing Campground Road, between the Magnolia subdivision and a power substation. It will continue east and veer to the southeast to tie into Campground Road just west of its intersection with Brannon Road.

This is a SPLOST road project, and county SPLOST road director Roque Romero said his department hopes to begin soliciting bids in January after the appropriate permits are received. Crossing the railroad tracks requires Norfolk Southern’s approval and the new intersection that will be created at Hwy. 42 requires the state DOT’s blessing.

As evidenced by the Winslow subdivision layout, this project has been in the works for a long time. Romero, who has been working for the county nearly 14 years, said the initial design on the Campground extension project was done in 2003.

“I imagine they’ve been talking about that road since the mid-1990s,” he said.

Once construction begins, he estimated that it will take two to two-and-a-half years to compete.