Somebody’s knocking at your door

Jimmy Cochran


I love my church. It is the church where I grew up as a teenager and a young man; learned to become a true man of God as I served as a deacon and also as church pianist. This is the church where I learned how to share the Gospel both here at home and across the country in various mission trips. It is home. And after many years of serving on staff at other churches, I recently knew God was leading me back home. It’s a place of healing and of friendships. A place where the people know me and I know them. Even though the numbers are far fewer than they have been in years past, God is working just as strongly through His people at that location and I feel that, once again, I have a place to serve.

I love my church. It is now a very ethnically diverse church and this makes her so much stronger than she has been in the past. To see people of different skin colors sitting side by side, hugging and greeting each other as they pass in the hallways or the sanctuary is how church should be. When worship time comes, we join together in song and praise to God … the same God for ALL peoples ... and our two churches have learned this lesson and it makes us stronger and more vital.

We recently had a series of revival services led by brothers of one of our Pastors. It was so spirit-uplifting to hear men of color preaching God’s message to me and others in our sanctuary and helping us all to realize that there is only one God. Over all. Learning that the one God loves us all, not in spite of our skin color ... not because of our skin color ... but, He simply loves us. God. Simply. Loves. Us. All ... regardless.

One evening during the altar call, people had come down to the altar to pray or speak to one of the ministers. There was no instrumental music being played at this moment and the room was filled with the “quiet hush of God’s presence.” Then, from somewhere among the people, I heard a quiet humming begin. A lovely old hymn from ages past. The hummed melody began to fill the room as more and more people joined in. Then, came the words,

“Somebody’s knocking at your door. Somebody’s knocking at your door. Oh sinner, why don’t you answer? Somebody’s knocking at your door.”

Then, still without accompaniment, the song grew in volume, intensity and in praise.

“Knocks like Jesus. Somebody’s knocking at your door. Knocks like Jesus. Somebody’s knocking at your door. Oh sinner, why don’t you answer. Somebody’s knocking at your door.”

And, as the saying goes, “The room was filled with God’s presence.” When the time came to leave, there were tears and more hugs and it was almost as if no one wanted to leave that holy place. It was God. It was Jesus. It was His Spirit holding us there.

As I think back over the years since I first walked into Bouldercrest Baptist Church in 1965, there have been many, shall we say, challenges. Churches have ups and downs and we have had our fair share. But, “for such a time as this,” Bouldercrest and First Christ Cares Church have learned how sweet a combined fellowship can be. We can move forward into our community and the areas around us as one body, unified in the Love of Christ to reach those who need what we can offer. And that is a body of believers who truly love God, love each other and love our community.

I hope you have the blessing of a diverse congregation and can learn to love all people because God loves us.

And for today, this has been the gospel according to Jimmy.

Jimmy Cochran is a resident of McDonough, a musician, a minister and the author of “Being God’s” and “Staying God’s,” both available at Being God’s is now also available at Moyes Pharmacy in McDonough.