Watching Over and Protecting

Brenda Nail DeLauder


Opening up the drapes the other morning, I wasn’t thrilled to see fog so thick it was difficult to view anything clearly. Adding extra reflectors to help make us more visible, Pepper and I set out on our morning walk with both of us seeming to drudge along as we disappeared into the cloud. Then I looked up toward a streetlight and saw an almost perfect spider web in a detailed circular pattern, and I wondered how long it had taken the spider to build it.

At the next corner we passed by an island of thick shrubbery filled with numerous “catcher webs.” It looked like little dollhouse sheets placed all around as if they were hung out to dry. The fog coating them had taken out the element of surprise, which I imagine left the spiders grumbling. We passed by two more big webs hanging from the sides of houses, showing off their handiwork so clearly as the mist hung to it. Pepper had perked up along the way with the many smells damp mornings provide. The walk, which had started off with less than a sunny start, ended with smiles. It’s hard to observe God’s handiwork and not find joy in it.

On a recent trip to the farm I was ready to begin a long afternoon of mowing. The section I planned to work on is a favorite of mine and I wanted to enjoy the time with God. Yet all I had hoped to accomplish I could not. First I was delayed by the tractor not wanting to crank. Then about halfway through the area I was trying to complete, the sheer pin broke and without it the mower will not function. A quick repair and back to mowing, only it was short lived when the second and last pin broke. It was time to stop. Just one of those days where if it can go wrong, it did. I grumbled as I started back to the house, but my mood quickly changed when I looked up to see Tigger, one of the barn cats, escorting me to the shelter. He marched along in front of me only occasionally looking back to make sure I was still there. His “escort” took away my frustration and even helped me to laugh. By knocking off early, it gave me time to enjoy walking the dogs before the dark of night settled in.

During the drive back home that evening I was asking God why I had so many obstacles in my day. Because of all the rain, I’ve been running behind on fall chores and here was another delay. Yet by the time I arrived home, weariness was filling me and soon I headed off to bed exhausted. It hit me then, how I might have felt had I completed the fieldwork I had planned to do. It jolted me to realize how I could have made a dangerous error if I was working too tired to concentrate. I had asked Christ to watch over and protect me, yet it was startling to realize how He not only guarded me, but lifted my spirit at the same time.

All things happen for reasons. He took an icky, foggy morning and turned it into a fun adventure of “art by nature” I really enjoyed. Knowing I would be determined to complete a chore, He took away the danger and sent me home alive and well. When we ask God to watch over us, we should expect Him to do so. It’s not just words to pray, but words of truth to live by. We are so blessed to walk with Jesus!

Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.