Obey all rules

Beverly Wittler


Now you know who always said that on television, right? Yep, Don Knotts acting as Deputy Barney Fife reminded me of that SO many times! And it’s come in handy, very often.

Took a vow at a church service years ago that I would never use drugs. Move along to the early seventies, I was divorced at the time and a nice customer invited me to attend a party with him. As we drove up highway 42, he mentioned that the host was going to provide some pot to smoke. Told him I just couldn’t do that and to please take me home. He argued, gave up and turned around heading back to Henry County. But he was furious with me, and swore he’d see if he could get his company to move their account from the bank where I worked. So, the next morning when he came in to collect the cash bag he’d dropped in our overnight deposit, he had a very sheepish look on his face. He asked me to walk over to the corner of the lobby for just a moment, and then my customer confessed. Somehow the drug unit had gotten knowledge of the big party we’d missed, and they’d arrested ALL those in attendance. The happy client was very grateful I’d stood my ground and of course I was too. Glad, once again I was raised military style.

And bet you remember about the time I noticed I was running over the speed limit, put on the brakes and got slowed down just as three deer decided to play Oldsmobile roulette with me. Two got across highway 81 before the third one collided into my fender. No cell phones back then, and so I drove on home, but did call the highway patrol once I was in my driveway. (Didn’t want to get in touch with my insurance company without a report to provide.) I hadn’t meant to break the speed limit rule, but my foot just got a little heavy on its own.

Glad I immediately went to the back window at the branch just like the FBI had taught me and therefore we were able to catch the bank robbers via my vehicle identification. Obeying rules really came in handy that day!

And to my helpful healer Dr. K., I try my best to obey all the diet restrictions and still keep a log for my kidney health, thanks to Dr. B. Well, most of the time I eat correctly. Slipped up the other day and got a small order of french-fries from a nearby fast food restaurant. Oh I was going to just eat two or three, let Norman consume most of the sin food. Didn’t check my bag, got home, no fries. Glanced up at heaven, whispered a little ‘oops’ and knew He was probably the reason my order wasn’t 100% correct. Learned my lesson, and promise to do better.

As the horrors of life keep happening, I wish, with all my heart, that those harming others had been raised as strictly as my parents raised us. But perhaps it isn’t the way they were raised, but the way their heart and brain has led them since then. I watch, I shake my head, I pray and am hoping that the next shooter will be gently talked down as has happened a couple of times in the past. Or maybe their gun would jam, or they’d suddenly pass out. Not sure what the solution is for this, but will keep praying, and I ask everyone else with that wonderful connection to our heavenly Father to join me and pray this away, for good.

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.