Miss my Tybee Island

Beverly Wittler


Bet Tybee misses us too. Ocean Plaza is probably checking their summer end total and wondering why it’s off a tad. Plus several of the local seafood restaurants are a bit puzzled too. Still thank my first in-laws for taking us there one summer to stay in their friends’ ‘cabin’ … way bigger than The Henry Hilton and two places to park under the neat structure just one street off the beach. Loved dining with them at Williams Seafood and so sad when that wonderful restaurant was destroyed by fire. As I walked this morning, and talked to The Man Upstairs, I thanked Him for that wonderful place on the corner of Georgia that brought me so much joy! Never would have found it on my own, so thanks again to my first in-laws, Kathryn and Ty Willard.

Very glad that we made so many trips to Florida, then checked out Jekyll Island, Panama City, traveling, dining and basking in the sun, walking on the beach. On our first trip to Florida, I drove my 1965 Chevelle; it had no AC so we left very early and I pulled out the vents to bring in the outside air as I headed South with my three boys sound asleep (I also popped a Valium as I’d never driven that far before!) We took the usual Indian Springs picnic … bologna sandwiches and home-made sweet tea. Made other trips to Rutledge, then Senoia; I’d get out my paper map and we’d choose the next state park destination, usually for a day trip as we seldom had the cash for a motel.

But finally we did save up enough to stay in Fernandina Beach and my youngest son who could not swim suddenly jumped into their pool … and began paddling, underwater! I think he was as surprised as I was, and also very happy he could now enjoy the cool blue with his twin brothers.

Later, after Norman and I wed, and before our daughter came along, we’d camp out at Indian Springs, in a tent, on sleeping bags. Loved it! And of course the kids did too. We’d do some fishing, swim in the lake, and then grill our supper.

Well, part of my family just spent some time at High Falls … in a yurt. Had seen those odd tents online and they are rain-safe plus have a fan, but no AC. Decided myself sometime in the nineties that I’d outgrown tents and cabins, and really needed an actual bed plus some cooler air. (Interesting that we grew up perfectly happy with just a big fan in the summer.)

Glad I’ve had the experiences and seen all the inventions and discoveries. Still praying, hard, for man with God’s help to come up with a prevention for cancer and also a cure for those struggling with that horrible disease. Don’t think we had that in the forties and fifties, but my Mom was visited twice by the C monster and the first time was around 1965. Now, what are we doing wrong? Well, she had smoked, but nearly everything we ate came out of the back yard, except the fresh meat she bought at the local A&P. No frozen foods and she never owned a microwave. We ate off Corelle, cooked with Corning Ware and my Mother always baked cornbread in a big cast iron skillet. Well let’s just all pray for the end of cancer, and to learn what might be causing that horror too. And if you can’t get to your favorite hideaway anymore either, I pray that you have as many happy memories to enjoy as I have. Love flipping through those fun times of the past. PTL!

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.