Journey into fall

Brenda Nail DeLauder


Fall. You can feel it, hear it, smell it, taste it and see it. All five senses are being made aware of the changes around us. Summer in the South is a fine thing, but it does go on a bit, which may be what makes fall more fun and exciting. The first time the temperatures dip down letting the coolness caress our skin, we suddenly feel refreshed and energized! With cooler days and nights arriving, neighbors go back outside and visit over by the fences, kids of all ages join in a game of ball, and participation in fall activities is at full speed. In most churches, fall is the start of the new year for Sunday School classes, and it’s a good time to get back to church if you were away much of the summer.

During this time of year, the hummers are moving through on their way far, far south, hungrily gulping down the liquid nectar from the feeders. Tiny hummingbirds are some of the most amazing creatures God created. They may come in a small package, but they are mighty and fierce. Every day there is usually a battle going on which helps them gain strength for their long journey. Right now they are more active and restless, and I enjoy having them buzz by and hearing the little chirp sounds they make. I know soon those sounds will be gone and it will seem strangely silent once they move on through.

Already we are hearing a change in the season. The chuck-will’s-widows have moved on, cicadas and katydids, who turn the summer nights into a symphony, are now growing silent. The bullfrogs in the neighbor’s little pond don’t have much to say on the cooler nights. Birds of all types are migrating south to enjoy their winter in warmer climates. Many of us are already listening for the sounds of large flocks of geese and cranes to fly high overhead. When they choose our area as their route, it’s a wonderful treat to witness!

Yesterday while mowing fields at the farm, I smiled when certain scents of the foliage I cut called me back to my years in the fragrance industry. So many of the ingredients making a fragrance popular, could be found by following the tractor and mower, especially in the fall. Funny how some things you think you have forgotten, come rushing back because of a simple reminder a smell brings to mind.

Ah, and don’t forget the tasting of fall. I hold fond memories of sugar cane at harvest time. It was something we looked forward to sampling and of course the first pan of roasted peanuts, fresh from the field, was so good! Now I look forward to the fall patch of turnip greens!

If I could only list one thing I love seeing in the fall, it would have to be gorgeous sunsets. The clarity of the air along with the ice crystals catching the sun rays, cast many hues of colors all around. So many are “standing ovation performances!”

With the season change, all our senses get a jingle of excitement and what better time to thank our Lord for it! We have such an amazing God who thinks of everything, especially when it comes to reasons to smile and be awed. Some ponder on how the tiny hummingbirds can fly across the large open waters traveling many miles, while others simply accept the hand of God takes care of even the tiniest of His creations. Celebrate autumn and enjoy each day of it. God gives us the gift of seasons, so don’t let this pretty one slip by unnoticed!

Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.