Very capable hands

Brenda Nail DeLauder


“Lord, the task is too big for me, so please take it and let Your will be done.” For some things we face in life, this is an easy prayer. We recognize the boulder in our path is far too great for us to move, climb over or go around, and the only way to move forward is by giving it to God. We may even feel good about it because we know by placing it into our Father’s hands, it is in the best possible place. Then along comes a challenge our every heart string is attached to and our spirit is hurting, crushed by the burden. All while praying for Thy will to be done, we are running a play action through our minds. We want to be the linebacker holding the ball running for the goal line. “Lord, I want Your will to be done, but maybe I could do this, or do that, or, . . . ,” and the list goes on. Soon the “Thy will be done” part fades into the background as we try and figure out how to fix things. It happens so quickly we don’t realize what we have done.

Last night such a burden was on me. I knew it was far greater than I could handle, but I so desperately found myself searching for solutions. I would give it to God, then take it back, give it, and take it back. From the sidelines I imagine it looked like I was being continuously tackled and losing mightily. I crawled into bed still working through how to handle this problem, but finally settled down to read my nightly devotional. It started off with “God is fully trustworthy.” I’m thinking “Well, yeah.” It went on to say, “I’m finally learning His sovereign plan is the best plan. Whatever I entrust to Him, He can take care of better than I. Nothing under His control can ever be out of control.” It continues with “When I keep my hands out of things, His will is accomplished, His Name is exalted, and His glory is magnified. *

At that very moment I saw clearly how I had pushed God aside as I worked on a solution. The devotional message wasn’t anything new. It certainly wasn’t a surprise or a thought which had never crossed my mind, but it was the words I needed at that exact moment. Funny how God gets our attention, isn’t it?

Often I have found the various devotionals I read each day, feel as if they are written exclusively for me and the timing will be absolutely perfect. Haven’t we all felt that way from time to time? Of course God knows long before we do, what and when we will need those words of help, so He provides the authors with the words just right for each of us.

This particular devotional ended with 2 Thessalonians 3:5, “May the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the steadfastness of Christ.” Truly feeling His presence with us throughout each day, provides us with the strength we need to face any challenge. Sometimes we are given the weapons we need to battle forward, and at other times we are given the shelter we need to ride out the storm.

“Lord, I am asking Your hand to be placed upon our farm and all living things there. I’m seeking Your guidance and Your protection from those who poach, killing unlawfully and placing my Mom, many creatures, and so many neighboring communities in harm’s way. I lay down my burden, leaving this in Your very capable hands. Thy will be done. Amen!”

* Bedside Blessings by Charles R. Swindoll.

Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.