Wishes that came true

Beverly Witter


May have already mentioned that I wished in high school I could have twins. And then when I saw The Henry Hilton being built, I wished it was my future home. Took a few turns but my wants were granted in both of those. Much later, I heard an awesome pianist at a Methodist joint charge conference and wished in my heart that she played at Mt. Bethel. Well she does!

Now I’m not wishing to win the lottery, or for a Challenger or a Mustang. But, did wish for a special granddaughter to get one of the few slots in a class she very much wanted to attend. She did! It’s kind of different from praying, but I think God’s in charge and knew how important that class was to my darling. (I was praying too.)

Well, it happened again. I’d set the DVR to copy the Macys Fourth of July show and also a Capital Fourth. Watched a little bit of both, and then went for my evening walk around the parking lot. As I broke into a trot, I silently wished I had been able to see a real fireworks show. Sped on around the circle and just as I loped onto Henry Street, I heard some crackling and then a big boom behind me. Stopped and turned around … WOW! Someone maybe close to McDonough Presbyterian was making another wish come true. I ran on over to my yard, stood on the front porch and watched an amazing thirty minutes of gorgeous different colored blasts of joy. And, just like my son-in-law does, the person with the lighter finished off the display with an awesome finale. I didn’t cry, nope, I looked up at the sky and grinned at God … thanked Him for what I’d just seen and heard.

Had no idea that wish would be granted almost immediately. But I do have a really BIG wish, and I’m not the only one in that mode of thought. Played back the recorded sermon from Dr. Charles Stanley and he spoke of wanting to bring the world back to church and to Jesus. WOW! Have been praying for that, along with peace for quite some time. And then, heard a sermon from Dr. Gene on WJGA and he also spoke of wanting to heal our nation via the Bible and God.

Our pastor had already mentioned the decrease in church attendance over the years as he ministered to us from the pulpit the day after our July Fourth celebrations. Guess it’s time for another sincere wish from Henry Street. Most of my wishes were mental, and I had no idea when the thoughts crossed my brain that they would, one day, come true. But, we ALL need to wish and pray for our land to have peace and to be back in the worship and Bible reading mode.

My country needs to fill those churches on Sunday mornings, but also pick up Bibles, dust them off if needed, and begin digesting His words again. Talk to Him too, not just in the morning, but throughout the day. See a need arise on Facebook? Get on your knees and send up an urgent prayer … or lay face down in the Beth Moore mode as you talk to our Father in heaven. It’s time, and we need to all come together on this important need. Prayer can do much more than wishing. The wishes I made were just sudden desires and yes I am SO grateful for my amazing family, a little brick house, and really did enjoy the fireworks show too. Time to get really serious though … let us all get back to God. Now!

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.