Evidence of His Presence

Brenda Nail DeLauder


I’ve often wondered what it must have been like to walk the path God created through the Red Sea. Granted with the enemy behind them there wasn’t much of a choice, but what a tremendous step in faith it took! To grasp the hand of your child, then hurry down the bank to walk a path with walls of water on either side, took great courage. Imagine the joyous relief they felt when they reached the other side!

Each day, storms are brewing in our lives. Perhaps there is a medical problem, a financial struggle, heartbreaking sadness, or a difficult decision to be made. It is easy to be overwhelmed if you become aware of an approaching storm and realize it’s coming quickly. Yet if you look at it and immediately ask God to guide you, or to take away the problem causing the storm, the difference is mind boggling. So often we have things we dread, sometimes so much so, we can’t see beyond the fear of what is to come. This is the time to take it to the Lord in prayer. The storm will come, but in walking with our Saviour, we are given all we need to move through it.

“A storm is simply the hem of His robe, the sign of His coming, and the evidence of His presence.” F.B. Meyer wrote these words in a devotional many years ago and as I have written before, this inspiration is on a card, now yellowed with age, taped to my desk. There is something powerful in this statement which gives me courage to step forward with faith into a time of difficulty. This morning I was having my daily chat with God, seeking guidance for the best way to handle a situation. Sitting there quietly I began to see something in my mind, which helped me gain my answer. It was time to turn it all over to Christ Jesus.

Come with me on a journey for a moment: We are on a dirt path that winds around the edges of the woods. On one side is a field and the other is lined with trees, some bending over the path providing shade. Many of the trees are regal and elegant in their shape while others are gnarly and bent. Looking up at the blue sky and the beautiful foliage of the trees, we begin to see a change. Suddenly the trees are bowing, as if they are being blown by a mighty wind, yet there isn’t a breeze stirring. In that moment we sense we are no longer alone and know His Mighty Presence is with us on this path. Like the trees, we bow down reverently before Him, but God tells us to rise and follow Him. Staying a step behind, we begin to walk with Him along this path and we watch all of nature bowing before Him.

As we approach the end of the journey, we can look back down the path we have traveled and see the trees now standing straight and tall, even those which were bent and broken before. As they bowed before Him their branches brushed the hem of His robe. Once the storm had passed by, they were made anew.

Every time we step out on faith and follow Him, we are shown amazing grace. With Jesus in control of our lives, we have nothing to fear. Whatever our troubles are, we can leave them with our Lord while we weather the storm, knowing the outcome will be exactly right, because it will be in God’s hands. Sometimes our storms are the evidence of His presence.

Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.