Fourteen graduate from Stockbridge Citizens Academy

Special to The Times

Councilwoman Regina Lewis Ward spearheaded the effort to initiate a Stockbridge Citizens Academy as a way to increase citizen awareness of, and interest in, the operations of the City and to provide a channel for citizen input. The result was a schedule that spanned seven weeks of 2-3 hour classes consisting of presentations by each City department, including police, fire and EMS services provided by Henry County.

The 2015 graduating class of Stockbridge Citizens Academy. Special photo

Site visits enabled participants to see the Merle Manders Conference Center, take a tour of Public Works facilities that included the City’s water tanks and wastewater treatment facility, and view the operations of the North Police Precinct.

On Tuesday, July 28, 2015, 14 participants graduated from the Citizens Academy receiving certificates from Councilwoman Lewis Ward, along with Mayor Tim Thompson and the other Council members in recognition of their interest in the City and commitment to the program.

“This has been an outstanding and worthwhile program,” stated Mildred Reed as spokesperson for the class. “We enjoyed learning about the various departments within the City and we now have a much better appreciation for the work that is performed. I was especially impressed with the wastewater program – which is just one of many areas that most of us never get to know about. I highly recommend this class to others.”

To view all the photos from the graduation ceremony, visit City of Stockbridge Government on Facebook.