Internet fun

Beverly Wittler


First thing I check once I’ve booted up my Toshiba is Facebook. Sometimes I learn news about pals or family, get another important prayer request, and enjoy at least one laugh from a couple of ‘friends.’ But, I also get to take tests now and then.

Remember me saying I was ‘over the hill?’ Well took a test a couple of weeks ago to find what my actual age is, mind-wise, and it turns out I’m … drum roll ... 19! That made me laugh out loud. A fellow Methodist posted a neat site this morning and I learned that the song that shows my soul is “Under the Boardwalk.” Hey, I actually do love that song and the title itself never came up as I was choosing options and working my way through the test. I can always find the hidden 5 concealed in the 9s puzzles, and also read those little sentences with extra letters in every word some of which are backwards.

May have mentioned I ran a stop sign several years back so decided to take the online senior driving test. I got fourteen right out of fifteen and turns out that is NOT good! So, now I take it extra careful, look both ways, twice before pulling out, and keep a careful check in my rear- view mirror in busy traffic. I was able to score fairly well on the IQ test but would have done better if there hadn’t been so many math problems presented. Hope Saint Peter doesn’t ask me to solve any complicated issues before he lets me enter into heaven. You know the ones I’m talking about … a train leaves McDonough going 45 miles an hour, another train leaves Macon going 50 miles an hour, which train will reach Flovilla first? Those are the tests I usually flunk.

Another test sent by my choir buddy shows that I am ‘gentle.’ Well that’s good, doesn’t explain the occasional vocal outbursts when I’m driving; trying to do better about that. Keep reminding myself, ‘that person might show up at Mt. Bethel one morning, so DON’T use those four letter words, just smile and ask God to bless them.’

Neat that a test once actually saved me (and the rest of my co-workers) from a l-o-n-g drawn-out class at Perimeter Center one day. The head of our mortgage department gave us all pens and pads and told us to get ready to learn more about FHA and VA loans. We all groaned, the leader asked what was wrong and one of our bolder loan officers mentioned that we already knew all about those programs. The man with the plan grimaced, then said he’d let us skip over that three hour long presentation if we all passed the test that followed. He handed out the papers, checked his watch and said we had thirty minutes and if we were right, he’d let us head back to our separate offices. All of us aced it without taking the class. He was impressed, said next time he had a question about the government programs, he’d pick up the phone instead of the manual. Neat that a written exam saved us all a lot of agony.

Turns out my 60’s nickname is ‘promise’ per another group of internet questions. Know what kind of lady I am? Liberated, well that’s what the answer was after I finished responding to all the on-line questions.

One more internet blessing; via Facebook I was able to reach many Trust Company Bank/First National Bank of McDonough retirees and we had a wonderful gathering June 6. Glad I was forced into the modern world via my supervisor/friend in Tennes-see!

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.