Hey Henry - 07.15.15

Hey Henry, thank you Tony Johnsey, store manager at the Lake Dow Publix, for many year of excellent customer service and community support. You will be missed. We all wish you well.

Hey Henry, how are you supposed to shop and keep tax dollars in the county when there is no mall or high end merchants.

Hey Henry, people are so attached to their phones now, pretty soon I expect to see two people sitting side by side texting instead of talking face to face.

Hey Henry, the recent legalization of the use of fireworks in Georgia was a really dumb idea. Did they take into consideration what it does to a dog or a war vet suffering from PTSD? No! My poor dog was stressed and panting so hard as fireworks were set off in our subdivision which sounded like a war zone. Fireworks are dangerous and should never have been legalized. Try consoling a dog for hours or talking to a vet who jumped every time a firework was set off. Stop the sale of fireworks immediately.

Hey Henry, when Andy (Davis) was a small boy around 9 or 10 years old he was always drawing something. It had to be perfect and he would ask me____ is this good? He would be on my door step with a new drawing almost every morning. This was his love at his young age. When you look to the heavens and see an angel’s face or the face of God, that’s Andy doing what he loves. May he rest in peace.

Hey Henry, the last few years the McDonough Public Library has seen decreased funding leading to reduced hours, etc. However, that does not affect the spirit of those that work and volunteer there. Debbie Zurkel and the staff on Thursday, July 9 had scores of excited kids in the library involved in a set of “Superhero” activities. Imagine having fun in the library during summer vacation! Our public library is truly a gem in our community.

Hey Henry, it is official. If you don’t like history simply change it to suit yourself.

Hey Henry, none of our schools were on the worst in the state list, a shooting in the county is still a rarity, our public safety departments do a great job and construction has begun again. This isn’t the place I moved into 22 years ago, but it is still rather nice.

Hey Henry, did you know that the city of McDonough (the only city in the county that taxes it citizens) uses the Water and Sewer fund to pay for projects not part of water and sewer? The point of water money should be improvement of the system and services for water and sewer. However, our habit is to use it for a slush fund. We are taking $500,000 from the Water and Sewer Reserves to help pay for the new court house? How many other projects are funded this way? So, you must be overpaying for water services. Since 2012 the city now raises your water rates if the county raises theirs regardless if they need the money for water. Now they want a millage rate increase. Didn’t they just raise the commercial water rates? Sounds like an increase to me.

Hey Henry, when did the Salvation Army become the designated local dumping ground for furniture no one wants, nor wants to take responsibility for. There should be cameras there and those caught dumping their trash and furniture not fit to bring in the house, should be prosecuted and fined! Large fines!

Hey Henry - 07.08.15

Hey Henry, regarding the comment about Henry becoming another Clayton, I totally agree but your second sentence said it all. How do you think those of us that were born and raised here feel? You, my friend, who moved here for your slower pace of life is exactly what started ours to decline.

Hey Henry, how about the religious organizations deal with love inside their walls before they try to define love for the nation. God loves all people and He’s the judge.

Hey Henry, it has begun; the purging of our southern history. My ancestors settled the Henry County area in the late 1700’s. I have two ancestors who fought for the Confederacy. They were poor tenant farmers and were for many more generations to come. The liberal media, social activists and left wing politicians want me to denounce my heritage and ancestors. Are they willing to denounce theirs?

Hey Henry, I don’t understand the custom of someone not understanding that a husband is proud of you as a mother and vice versa. You are raising his/your child with him. He is and should be appreciative of you.

Hey Henry, the other day I was driving to Conyers going up Hwy. 20 and apparently I was not going fast enough for the guy behind me. There was a line of traffic in front of me and they passed me on a double yellow line on a curve. Another car was coming at him so he whipped his car in front of me. Well, when that line of traffic reached the traffic light at 212 and 20, I was making a left hand turn. So I passed the guy who passed me on the double yellow line. Of course I tooted my horn as I passed the idiot and went on my merry way as he sat at the light.

Hey Henry, to the young lady who flipped me off after she almost ran into me in the Publix parking lot on Hwy. 155, you are the epitome of what is going wrong in this country today. Your self-centered rudeness and lack of respect should make your parents really proud.

Hey Henry, sure hope the BOC puts a local time limit on when fireworks can be done. I mean, 2 a.m. on holidays? Some of us have to work the next day whether it’s a weekend or not.

Hey Henry, in spite of what people are saying, I don’t believe that the cooler temperatures we had last week were the result of the McDonough Post Office leaving their doors opened all week with the AC running.

Hey Henry, I think we should use some tax money and hire a mercenary to deal with the people who leave items out in front of the Salvation Army after hours. They know it’s wrong yet they do it anyway.

Hey Henry, to all Clayton County residents pulling onto Jodeco Road from Hudson Bridge Road, that triangular-shaped, red and white sign is known as a “yield” sign. It means you have to slow down and allow oncoming traffic to proceed before you do.

Hey Henry, congratulations to the U.S. Women’s Soccer team on their victory! USA!

Hey Henry, a big thank you to the person who paid for dinner for the “old white haired lady” at a restaurant in Locust Grove on Memorial Day weekend.

Hey Henry - 07.01.15

Hey Henry, does anyone know what happened to the permanent substitute from HCMS, Mr. Rex? This would have been around 93-94. He made a profound difference in my life and I have always wanted to thank him.

Hey Henry, how is it when you have tomato plants in pots, on a second floor deck, that those big green worms are able to find and get to the plants to eat them up?

Hey Henry, the bad news is that China and India, the world’s largest polluters with 2 billion people to feed, will never cut back on industrial output--no matter what they say or sign. If the global warming people are right, then it is too late to do anything.

Hey Henry, as a white man, who was married to a beautiful lady of color, that passed in 2010, I wish the BOC would pass a resolution condemning the killings in the church in South Carolina. Also they should praise the states that have proposed the removal of the confederate flag from state property. It has become a symbol of hate and white supremacy in my opinion.

Hey Henry, I think Google is definitely a woman. It doesn’t let you finish a sentence without suggesting other ideas.

Hey Henry, I love irony as much as the next person, but to state that you moved here for the slower pace, then complain that too many people are doing the same is just ridiculous. Are you Native American? Did your house sprout from the seeds of native trees? No? You moved here from somewhere else, into a home that at some point was new construction. Either get involved in ways that improve quality of life for all, or quit complaining.

Hey Henry, if you think there are “mass killings” of any group in this country, you are a testimonial to effectiveness of what currently passes for news reporting. By the way, most of the killings of young people in this society are perpetrated by their own kind.

Hey Henry, the problem in America, is not guns, or flags, the problem is stupidity, a lack of compassion, and understanding. It is parents who bring their children up as toys, instead of responsible people, who give too much and teach too little, and pass their own prejudices down to their children. Who fail to accomplish, and blame others, and children who think they must be taught what they want to learn in school instead of learning what is taught, unable, or not knowing that they must supplement their schooling themselves by doing research in libraries on subjects they want to know about. It is not up to others to supply a lifestyle, a career, it is up to each individual to seek it out and learn on one’s own. It is not about color it is about knowledge. And, it is always the innocent who suffer the stupidity of the evil others act out.

Hey Henry, to the driver that hit our fence on North Ola Road just over the Walnut Creek bridge on June 18, we would have appreciated if you had stopped and let us know you were responsible for tearing up our fence and yard and we know there has to be damage to your vehicle as we found your mirror! Maybe driving too fast as so many people do. North Ola Road is not a race track. The speed limit is 45. Please slow down.

Hey Henry, to the folks camped at Wise Creek Landing, please read the signs and don’t put your tents in the middle of the horse trail. If you’re gonna come to the country don’t act like you’re in the city.

Hey Henry - 06.24.15

Hey Henry, one particular Commissioner loves to recognize the police department every chance he gets at meetings. How about some of the other Commissioners do the same for other departments who go above and beyond. For instance, how about the Sheriffs Office whose deputies put their lives on the line every day serving warrants and keeping the courts and schools safe. How about the DOT workers who worked through the entire weekend to repair Weems road and never closed the road while major repairs were done. Even the DOT Division Director was on site in the muddy trench with a shovel working side by side with his employees.

Hey Henry, to the person using Facebook to laugh at their “friend’s” lives, did you seriously say that? You’re using Facebook to laugh at other people who use Facebook. Wow. You need to get a life.

Hey Henry, an ounce of “prevention” should be the parents yet they are the main reason the teens are this way. They let their kids do whatever they want whenever they want, and when they are arrested, the parents say “my little angel would never do that.” Maybe we should have family detention facilities.

Hey Henry, thanks for the up-and-coming new pond in McDonough at Veterans Way. It’s going to be wonderful for all to walk around. Any idea why the block wall between the pond and the courthouse can’t be knocked down to beautify that corner as well?

Hey Henry, with all these mass killings by young people, there is obviously something very wrong in this country.

Hey Henry, I don’t understand the custom of spouses buying one another Mother’s and Father’s day presents.

Hey Henry, why has that red suv been sitting at Hwy. 138/Moseley Road broken down with no tag for 5 weeks? That is a major road so it’s not like no one saw it!

Hey Henry, I’m melting!

Hey Henry, I guess the new ‘fad’ in McDonough is to have a yard sale, cover it with a tarp and then leave it in your yard for weeks. Please put away or donate your unsold items and don’t trash McDonough!

Hey Henry, 79 years ago the temperature was 3 degrees hotter than today, selah! So much for the climate debate.

Hey Henry, when I say “the other day,” it can mean any time between yesterday and last year.

Hey Henry, I agree that Henry is quickly becoming another Clayton. Most of us moved here for a slower pace of life. But that has been changed forever by the overbuilding, influx of new residents, traffic, and higher crime rates.

Hey Henry, it’s sad when it takes so long to convict a killer that is obviously guilty. I think they should only get to file one appeal. Then it’s off to death row.

Hey Henry, I don’t think Taylor Swift is a talented musician, however she is one tough cookie when it comes to business.

Hey Henry, The Beatles said it best, “all you need is love!”

Hey Henry - 06.17.15

Hey Henry, every time I go into the McDonough Post Office, the line is out the door. It’s particularly bad at noon. I think y’all might need to hire some folks or at least stagger the lunches a bit more. There was only one person assisting customers at the main line today at noon. Just my two cents.

Hey Henry, heads up taxpayers of McDonough! A budget hearing is coming up and your tax rate will depend on the outcome. For what you might ask - Don’t be surprised to hear the two step about public safety. No one disagrees with that but what about a new municipal court building where they keep adding things. Never mind it should have been done when it was on the SPLOST list. If it wasn’t important to do it when it was on the list, why are we now doing it out of the general fund which affects your tax rate. BTW, they are placing a new water rate in place for businesses without an impact study on business or prices you pay. It is on the consent agenda which means no discussion.

Hey Henry, I would unfriend some people on Facebook ... but I enjoy laughing at their lives!

Hey Henry, has anyone else noticed how many cars never fully stop at the 4-way stop sign located at Georgia Highway 20 and Eastlake Road? It’s amazing.

Hey Henry, only in Stockbridge are tree limbs piled on the sidewalk blocking usage and the City says their chipper truck can only operate for 10 - 15 minutes and it will take several trips to clean up. So much for the “Don’t Trash Stockbridge” campaign.

Hey Henry, did anyone else see the strange lights in the sky?

Hey Henry, I understand that the police and courts are too busy to deal with misdemeanors yet the teens who continue to commit misdemeanors now will soon be adults committing felonies. An ounce of “prevention” is worth a pound of “cure.”

Hey Henry, the way the government and elected officials in Henry are bickering and nitpicking with each other, we will be another Clayton County in 5 years. I know most say it will take 10 years, but I lived through it in Clayton and I say 5 at most.

Hey Henry, I went for a jog and came back after a minute because I forgot something. I forgot that I’m fat and can’t jog for more than a minute.

Hey Henry, I attended the Memorial Day March in Stockbridge for the first time this year. It was nice to see the community come together to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Perhaps the ceremony in the cemetery could be held in the park so participants could avoid the chiggers/red bugs.

Hey Henry, working at my job is part of my get-rich-slow scheme.

Hey Henry, my biggest problem with SPLOST is that it funds new construction but from then on everything else is paid for out of the general budget.

Hey Henry, this must be the summer of mushrooms. Those things are everywhere!

Hey Henry, Rachel Dolezal must have watched Soul Man too many times.

Hey Henry - 06.10.15

Hey Henry, I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right.

Hey Henry, I want to thank Eric at Best Bank in Kroger for rescuing the chicken. You looked at the chicken as having a heart instead of being dinner.

Hey Henry, I’d like to thank all the disrespectful people at the Locust Grove High School graduation that got up and left as soon as their children’s names were announced. We missed seeing ours getting her diploma since so many people were getting up to leave.

Hey Henry, recently the tithe and offerings at our church have been down. So low in fact, that our Pastor decided not to accept his weekly salary, but to accept love offerings from the congregation. This past week he received $135. Isn’t that a compassionate “love offering” from over 700 members?

Hey Henry, a recent news report stated that Henry County employees will receive a 3% raise this July. Why doesn’t the City of McDonough follow suit? The City of McDonough folows the County on other things such as water rate increases so why not give their employees a raise? I’m pretty sure the employees haven’t received a raise in years. Wake up Mayor, Council and City Administrator!

Hey Henry, there is only one religion that regularly demonstrates “militant piety.” Christians, Hindus and Buddhists do not lock people in churches and set them on fire, behead innocents, kidnap children, forbid educating females or destroy historical relics. How narrow minded can a person be in lumping us all in the same group?

Hey Henry, I am as offended as anyone when I see the American Flag being burned by some protestor. But isn’t this exactly the kind of political “speech” our Bill of Rights is there to protect? It’s not there just to protect speech we agree with but also speech we disagree with. And as long as they only burn a flag that belongs to themselves, anyone who interferes is committing theft aren’t they? And anyway wouldn’t we rather have these folks out in the open where we can watch them?

Hey Henry, my bank has a new service where they’ll text you your balance. I just don’t think they should add LOL on the end!

Hey Henry, as I sit in the line at Ola Elementary, I just want to say: after I pick up my grandbaby and leave please don’t race in front of me. You will not get where you are going any sooner than I will. Not to mention your children are leaning from your rude actions. Don’t you think it would be smarter to teach your children manners and wait your turn?

Hey Henry, stop taking yourselves so seriously, people. If you can’t laugh at yourself, give me a call.

Hey Henry, save the earth! It’s our only source of chocolate!

Hey Henry, on Friday a person at a traffic light threw trash out of their window. They had a Spalding tag and I have most of their tag number. Please don’t litter on our roads. You never know who is watching you.

Hey Henry, poor Pluto, first it loses its status as a planet, now it has wobbly moons.

Hey Henry - 06.03.15

Hey Henry, if we’re not supposed to have midnight snacks, why is there a light in the refrigerator?

Hey Henry, McDonough/Henry County really needs a YMCA. Is there anything in the works?

Hey Henry, I hate 4-way stops!

Hey Henry, I want to thank the people of Henry county for donating money at our veterans support group’s recent “Vets4 Vets” fund drive at Town Center on Jonesboro road. They really showed their support and opened up their billfolds for a very good cause. Over 100% of what they gave goes to the cause because the group donated before asking the community. Absolutely no one in the group is paid or profits in any way except for the satisfaction and honor of helping our vets.

Hey Henry, I have nothing against bicycle riders; however, I think it should be done in a safe area and not on unsafe roads or busy highways. Two places that come to mind are Chambers Road running between Mt. Carmel Road and Hwy 81. This stretch of Chambers Road is nothing but curves. There is no safe way for a car to pass the riders. Some riders use the middle of the driving lane. It also seems unsafe for them to use Hwy. 81 since it is such a busy highway. I think this is a fatal accident waiting to happen.

Hey Henry, the truly educated never graduate.

Hey Henry, one of the most amazing developments of the twentieth century has been the emergence within every major religion of a militant piety. What is so troubling is that they seem so opposed to many of the most positive values of modern society. They have little time for democracy, pluralism, religious tolerance, free speech, or for that matter, separation of church and state.

Hey Henry, I want to wish my wife, Michelle Kimbell, a happy 40th birthday! I love you honey and I’m grateful for all you do for us!

Hey Henry, why can’t we get some lines painted on Patrick Henry Parkway. After dark or when it’s raining it’s hard to see which side you’re driving on.

Hey Henry, do you not realize that marriage used to be a ceremony administered by churches, and the state used to have nothing to do with it?

Hey Henry, anyone who thinks any politician is ‘clean as a whistle’ is out of their mind.

Hey Henry, County churches: I would be grateful if you would have more Southern Gospel concerts at your churches. I understand the expense and would not mind having to pay a required admission fee. Churches in the South seem not to have as many Southern Gospel groups as they used to in the past.

Hey Henry, a big thank you to the Henry County Police Department and Henry County Sheriff’s department for doing a wonderful job at the Union Grove Graduation on Friday night. They got everyone in and out so fast! Great Job!

Hey Henry, I agree with the reader who said if you don’t have a certain last name, you’re not accepted in Henry. Most of us “outsiders” could care less about anyone’s last name, or how long they've lived in this backward little county. I moved here for one reason only, to get out of Clayton County. As far as a “family friendly” community, the North Ga. mountains are the place to be.

Hey Henry - 05.27.15

Hey Henry, sometimes you have to burn a few bridges to keep the crazy people from following you!

Hey Henry, a special shout out to all the weathermen who blew the weather forecast last Saturday and Sunday. I cancelled plans because you called for storms on both days. And you did this for the entire week before. And it wasn’t just one forecast, it was every one I checked. Are you just guessing? Because it turned out to be beautiful both days. Not a cloud in the sky.

Hey Henry, these fast food drive-thrus where two lanes merge into one are not only useless, they are also road-rage opportunities.

Hey Henry, growing up in Henry County, if you didn’t have certain last family names, you didn’t belong. It’s the same today. Nothing changes, we just get older and never really belong. I guess it’s that way everywhere.

Hey Henry, when interstate gridlock forces you to use Jodeco Road to reach your destination, causing a similar bumper-to-bumper situation on Jodeco Road, please have mercy on the folks who live in that area. Often it is practically impossible for us to even get onto Jodeco Road from our residential streets between Noah’s Ark and Eagles Landing/Hudson Bridge Road. Your graciously taking perhaps ten extra seconds to allow us into the line of traffic would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hey Henry, I just read about the Tennessee family that used 187 million dollars intended for cancer charities for personal use. It makes you wonder with all these charities out here, how often is it just an unregulated free-for-all?

Hey Henry, thank you, Mr. President, for vetoing the pipeline to carry Canadian oil to the gulf coast to be shipped overseas, especially since the big oil spill in California.

Hey Henry, if our government forced churches to marry same sex couples (which is illegal), guess who would never recognize the reunion? Yep, God. God would never recognize the marriage. Only one man and one woman. Makes sense. But with that said, this is the USA, and our laws state that we all have the exact same rights, equal rights for all. So if same sex couples want to get married, then go for it. Just not in the church! The church is reserved for one man and one woman.

Hey Henry, the government doesn’t supervise or enforce regulations on the oil companies. Nothing gets done until the ocean is full of oil. In this case, hindsight is worth nothing.

Hey Henry, my daughter goes to Flippen Elementary and is in the 4th grade. I want to thank the teacher who bought her a set of books because she was, “excited to see her improvement in reading levels.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen her more proud or love a teacher more. We’re going to miss you next year!

Hey Henry, we need to start a Driver’s 101 campaign since it seems so many drivers have forgotten the rules of the road. Let’s begin with driving on the right side of the road!

Hey Henry, flattery is like chewing gum. Chew it, but don’t swallow it.

Hey Henry, on the subject of marriage: either God is right and man is wrong. Or man is right and God is wrong. It is not debatable!

Hey Henry - 05.20.15

Hey Henry, hey parents, there’s nothing wrong with teaching your kids about that thing called “tradition.” It should be respected, not trampled on.

Hey Henry, can we ask probation officers to stop simply requiring students to attend school? They sit here with bad attitudes and refuse to do anything. Require them to keep an 80% average in all classes so they can graduate and move on with their lives! I have too many 18+ year old students in 9th grade classes that show up only for probation purposes!

Hey Henry, I’ve stopped saying “how stupid can you be?” to my co-workers. They’re starting to take it as a challenge.

Hey Henry, I am not aware of any case where the Federal Government has attempted to force any church to marry any couples, regardless of age, sex, race or persuasion. The Federal Government is considering whether or not to force the States to recognize nontraditional marriages. I think churches are far more active getting into the States business than the other way around.

Hey Henry, during the county budget meeting this week commissioners were complaining about grass in the right-of-way not being cut and by the end of the meeting they were talking about keeping fund balance at 25% and possible elimination of employees. Well, Commissioners Holmes and Prince better get a push lawn mower and start cutting the right-of-way.

Hey Henry, I got up, put on my clothes and brushed my teeth. What more do you want?

Hey Henry, the students at Hickory Flat Charter Elementary started a fund drive a few weeks back for new playground equipment that would be added in about two years or so. Last week someone came out and condemned the playground citing safety issues. So how is an elementary school supposed to conduct recess without playground equipment for that period of time? And how many other schools are going to be in the same boat? This should be part of the budgeting process.

Hey Henry, just wanted to say a big thank you to the football team from Strong Rock Christian School, coach Tommy and Pastor Warren Green from Glen Haven Baptist Church, for donating over 60 hours to Habitat for Humanity. It’s so rare to hear about teens doing something positive for their community and helping people who can use a helping hand. It is evident that they live what they believe.

Hey Henry, let’s clean up after our dogs when we are at the Salem Baptist Church park. They are nice enough to let us use their beautiful park, let’s follow the rules. Everyone saw the jogging woman let her dog off the leash and not clean up after him in the field. She will ruin it for everyone.

Hey Henry, when did being a Democrat equate with being shiftless and not paying taxes? I am a lifelong Democrat and resident of Henry County. I worked for the government for forty years and paid taxes the entire time. I am still paying taxes and am not using “your” money. If your insurance premiums have gone up you should talk to your employer to see if the are paying their fair share and not pocketing the difference.

Hey Henry, people in Walmart must think they have traveled to England. They don’t know which side of the aisle to walk on. Hint: it’s the right side, just like driving a car.

Hey Henry - 05.13.15

Hey Henry, Kathy Henderson and other plant lovers: saw your article about those poor plants in LG. That’s not us, but Crape Murder happened on our lawn too. We didn’t do it! The lawn maintenance company will never work for us again. When we looked outside, all of the once beautiful trees had become ugly sticks. Our hearts are broken. Shame on the crew and especially their manager, who had left!

Hey Henry, I miss you. After 26 years, I moved and even though you are becoming quite crowded ... Dorothy once said “there is no place like home.”

Hey Henry, a special thank you to Community Service for picking up the discarded tires on John R Williams Road. The careless and reckless dumping of tires not only ruined the view of nature’s splendor, but put the neighborhood at risk of diseases spread by mosquitoes breeding in the tires.

Hey Henry, to the Vietnam veteran who spoke up for our flag. Just one word for you ... amen! Oh, and thank you for your service. I guess that was more than one word.

Hey Henry, in regard to handicapped parking and inadequate ramps at schools. Recommend that all with a concern take a look at the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations (on the internet) for information and then call the ADA Coordinator for Henry County. Have them look at the locations of concern. If they are not in compliance with ADA directives, they can do something about it to help make sure no one gets hurt. I fully agree, frequently jurors are disabled and need handicap parking near the Courthouse. Tell the Judge.

Hey Henry, no-one is trying to force any church to marry same sex couples. The current case would require the government to recognize same sex marriages which could be performed by a judge. Proposed legislation specifically states that churches do not have to perform same sex marriages.

Hey Henry, I think that when the court awards someone a judgement to collect money owed, if the party doesn’t pay in 30 days their name should be published in the paper. As of now their is really no recourse. People would be amazed by who owes what.

Hey Henry, went to Nashville recently. I made a stop at the Johnny Cash Museum and listened to him sing “This Grand Old Flag.” I say a big amen to the vet who wrote last week. If you don’t like this country, leave. There are flights out every day.

Hey Henry, a huge thank you to the kind gentleman who appeared out of nowhere to assist my husband who fell against the building at Captain D’s on February 24. We didn’t get his name but if he reads this he will know it’s him. Again sir, you were my Angel that day. Thanks again.

Hey Henry, the BOC is debating a driveway entrance from a site on King Mill Road. I am not an engineer, but seems to me the way to stop 18 wheeler’s from turning left would be to install a height barrier to prevent them from turning left. This talk about trucks with dual rear wheels, and making the left turn lane narrower is stupid. They are over-thinking a simple problem to fix. This isn’t rocket science! Good grief.

Hey Henry, to all the bicyclists in Henry County: you have to obey the laws of the road too. I saw one blow through the stop sign at Lake Iris Road. Didn’t even slow down. You have to share the road!